A remarkable JFK speech

In a “tip” here:


and with a h/t to Larry Ledwick for it, there is a link to an article here:


the article had an embedded youtube video of a speech by JFK. (Sound recorded, ‘video’ a set of photos of JFK…)

It reminded me, once again, that the policies of JFK which make me a “JFK Democrat” would, now, brand me a radical Conservative Right Wing-nut… I’m for free markets, tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and a defense against creeping global socialism. So was JFK. (He did get a tax cut passed, and the economy did grow…).

The article puts this in the context of some kind of worry about a conspiracy today. I see it in the context of then (through which I lived, and remember) of a Cold War against a large USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) that was expanding and had ruthlessly taken over parts of Europe, among other places.

In my opinion, today, that threat of Global Socialism has not gone. It has just gone underground. Yes, Eastern Europe was freed from tyranny and the USSR is in the “dustbin of history” (as I think Reagan called it), but the socialists did not go away. They now work on ever more secret subversion via infiltration (as JFK states in his speech… yet saying it today gets that ‘wing-nut’ rant hauled out…) It now tries to pass itself off as a kind of New Capitalism, often called “Progressive” or “3rd Way”, hoping no one left alive remembers or points out that “Progressives” were steeped in the Socialism of the 1920’s and ’30s and supported the first “3rd Way Socialism” of Fascist Italy. (Yes, Mussolini was a clear Socialist, it is a history they would like to erase, but will not go away… He invented both the concept and the term “3rd Way”.)

In any case, the video was a reminder of fond memories, long buried. One wishes the Democrats of today would study the speeches and policies of JFK and advocate for them. Sadly, too, I remember the discussions in later years by Democrats about how to advocate for Central Authority and Socialist policies without being labeled as Socialists (back when most folks from the Greatest Generation remembered the destruction of W.W.II fought largely between the three main branches of Socialism… International Socialism in the USSR, National Socialism in Germany, and Fascist Socialism in Italy). Today, with few remembering, Democrats might actually run an open Socialist for President (to replace the closet Socialist we have now… who studied Socialism and embraced it, but with secrecy of a sort…or at least obfuscation…)

So watch the video, and ask yourself: In today’s terms, Republican or Democrat?…

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6 Responses to A remarkable JFK speech

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    One of JFK’s gifts was his ability to draw out a sense of duty and get people to see a higher purpose other than day to day concerns.

    I have for sometime commented that JFK is probably the best benchmark that conservatives have not moved to the right, but that the Republican and Democratic parties have both shifted dramatically to the left leaving those citizens behind.

    I’m not sure how much of his talent to motivate came from his time on and command on PT boats. He was in the same PT boat squadron as my father although his encounter with a Japanese destroyer in PT-109 came prior to my fathers attachment to the squadron.

    The men who manned those boats were by nature men who felt a higher duty and personal responsibility and were innovative and smart tacticians who used what they had to the best advantage they could. Being all volunteers they were where they were because they wanted to take on the tough assignments and make a difference and expected all to give their fair share, and some far more.

    Somehow JFK brought that attitude to the Presidency and coaxed it out of the general public. Those old enough, will remember “Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country”. They will remember his 50 mi walk challenge which 10-12 years later probably had much to do with the running and fitness fad.

    If only we had Presidents today who could inspire like he did for the best instincts rather than the most base instincts!

  2. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    In my view of history, JFK was probably the last President of the United States who clearly put our national interest ahead of that of the united nations.

  3. philjourdan says:

    Actually more a pragmatist – Clinton (Bill) could be considered a JFK Democrat when he was president. But none of the rest of the crowd. They are left of McGovern now. Even McGovern admits that.

  4. Another Ian says:

    Been thinking of putting this in as seems appropriate and mtb’S gives a link

    Try reading John Steinbeck’s “Once there was a war”

    I only found it by accident so it mightn’t; be easy

    Oh dear E.M. more reading, but it is a bit hard to paraphrase. And I know you’ll handle it if it looks like of interest. That’s how we of enquiring minds are supposed to be.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Maybe after morning tea the brain will make the leap…

  6. Another Ian says:

    Motor torpedo boats

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