F.Y.I.: I have a code in my node…

Just an FYI that I’m not being very prolific at the moment due to a bug up the schnoz, a code in my node, a… well, you get the idea.

The spouse loves to work with small special needs children. As a professional teacher of decades scale, you would think by now she would have “had it all”, yet things change. So she brings home the newest thing “making the rounds” and “shares”. From about Friday to Sunday she was “not well”. As of Sunday about noon it was trying to set up shop in my nose…

Last night was spent essentially not sleeping. Partly because I am often a ‘night person’ anyway, and partly due to the need to {snivel, snort, BLOW, next paper towel} on an ongoing basis. Not liking the idea of a nose dribble into the pillow, I tend to just not sleep when I’ve got the “everything is fine for an hour and then a sudden dribble”…

This morning I was doing pretty well. I often “throw it off” in a 24 hour mad dash, especially if it is a bug where “we’ve met” before. It seemed to be on the way toward “all gone”, but for the occasional sniffle.

So I kept my appointment with the dentist. (Yes, I gave them a heads up and it was their choice to proceed… seems ‘sniffles’ are the least of the infective agents they worry about and “Universal Precautions” are in force at all times anyway…).

Then home again… I had an hour or two ‘twilight nap’ in the afternoon. That’s where you let yourself go to sort of a “lucid sleeping” stage with quasi-dreamish-not-alert and pretend to sleep. I can “get by” on that for a few days.

But this evening has been more “sniffle and blow”. And tired.

So I’m “slaving over a hot computer” at the moment, but in a less than stellar mood and function. The Dribbles are slacking off, but not yet enough to just go to bed and sleep the night through. Yet I’m also a bit stuffy and dull witted from the cold and lack of sleep. So don’t expect any great flashes of insight from me right now…

Usually about the end of the 2nd night I’ve either killed off the bugs, or it has moved into the throat / lungs as a sore throat / cough. In this case it seems to be just dying in place. In either case I am usually OK with that whole pillow thing once the dribbles are gone. Then fill up my ‘sleep hump’ with a couple of days asleep… ( I’ve stayed up for 36 to 48 hours straight so many times I hardly notice anymore… and toss in naps it’s nearly trivial to do. Driving 40+ hours straight, now that’s hard. )

At the moment, the jury is still out. It could go either way, but is leaning toward “all better soon”. Warm tea helps, but also tends to leave me awake… which is a good thing when the nose is not being polite and in ‘high maintenance’ mode.

So I’m continuing to work on a Gentoo chip / install to keep me busy in a ‘not much inspiration needed’ kind of way. IF I’m lucky, and aware enough, I’ll try to make a posting about that sometime in the next 24 hours. ( I had thought to just slap a Gentoo ‘user land’ onto a Raspian kernel in a NOOBS formatted / loader chip as a great shortcut, and I’ve found a site that did exactly that and has written up the steps! Oh Boy!)

Now you know. Nothing horrid causing me to not post. No great political shift, hacker back room meet, nor grand event. Just a stuffy nose, that every so often turns into a sudden ‘dribble and blow’.

With that, I’m going to prop myself up on the couch with the TV on low, an afghan pulled up to my chest, and festooned with papertowels under my chin, and see if I can “lucid snooze” a while. It’s been a long (roughly) 40 hours and I’d could use a semi-nap before I try putting Gentoo onto a NOOBS chip…

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8 Responses to F.Y.I.: I have a code in my node…

  1. andysaurus says:

    Get well soon. Your posts are a ray of sunshine in an almost irredeemably dour landscape. Please keep them up. It could be made brighter by a) Conservative win in Australia and replacing current leader with an actual conservative; b) Trump as president; and c) Brexit. See, I’m an internationalist!

  2. omanuel says:

    Good luck with recovery. We miss you. While bored with recovery, please consider new insight and perhaps only viable explanation for humanity’s unwillingness to “see” evidence of NEUTRON REPULSION, indelibly recorded in rest masses of the ~3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter: FEAR OF NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION IN THE REPTILIAN BRAIN.


    On my home computer, but not my I-phone, you can see the three main sections of the human brain clearly.

  3. Unlike code in your computer, a code in your doze is a sign that your body’s immune app is functioning as intended. Best to give it all the help you can: plenty of good sleep (8-10 hours + naps), lots of (non-alcoholic) fluids, etc. Mom knows best. Chicken soup, intravenously.

    A fever is your CPU heating up as it works. Best to let it function and trust the fan to keep it at optimal operating temperature.

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    I understand the lack of and miss your normal productivity and the mental stimulation you help us all achieve. I personally attack that problem with a mega sleep, a heavy dose of vitamin A (which is important to health of the mucosa ) and then a marathon sleep episode getting up only long enough for occasional biological function breaks and re-hydration. Usually knocks it in about 18 hours for me, but every once in a while I suffer through the not a full on cold but not really well conditions you describe.

    Wishing you (and your wife) a quick recovery and return to normal.

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    I hope you and your wife get well soon. I agree with andysaurus above “Your posts are a ray of sunshine in an almost irredeemably dour landscape”.
    I can’t agree that a conservative win here in Oz is guaranteed, nor that the leader will be replaced if he wins (unfortunately). The advantage we have over the USA is that our election cycle is shorter, although we’ve had an undeclared campaign all this year and still have 7 weeks to go. We do share with you that neither ‘leader’ inspires enthusiasm, and both sides are arrogant and out of touch with the common voter. Oh! and the conservative???? one is rich and the other is corrupt. I had better stop, its making me feel ill.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Just a quick note that I’ve stopped having the Dribble Surprise, so can actually sleep now. Got a few hours this morning. At that point, as soon as I feel sleepy again I’m likley to go down for a Big Sleep… I like to also do what I call an artificial fever. Hot beverage (tea, coffee, cocoa) and cover up with too many blankets until you start to sweat. At that point you can get out from under and cool down if needed. For lunch had Oyster Stew. IMHO better than Chicken Soup. 1 8 oz can oysters in pan with can juice. 2 to 3 Tbs (30 ml) of butter. Medium heat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. When it simmers, toss in 1 can of milk and bring back just to the edge of simmer, serve. Crackers help.

    Love it, and the heat in it soaking through the roof of the mouth feels like it cooks some of the bugs in the sinuses… so swallow slowly ;-)

    As of now, it looks like this is not going to progress to sore throat or lungs, just sinuses and done. If things keep on as now, I figure 2 more days max. Better every day. (We will see if things still feel that good when the sun goes down…)

    OK, with that, I’m going to bundle up and contemplate dinner…

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    I also do the artificial fever thing, one of two ways. Like you get a bit to eat like chicken soup, dial up the thermostat a couple degrees above normal and go burrow into the covers. The other I have used is to turn the car into a sauna, turn the heater on max, bundle up and sit the car in direct sun or drive around if you have to get some things done. You can easily get the car up to sauna temps with even a little winter sun and heater on full blast.

    It in my experience definitely does “burn out the bug” much faster.

    There appears to be some scientific basis for that (and obviously for natural fever)

    So it appears the best way to fight a cold is to breath in air that is at core body temp or above to shift the balance back in favor of the immune system.

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    My lady brought the same affliction home a month ago and shared it with me. Yuck! had to sleep in the recliner for most of the week. “Artificial fever” push on top of the low grade fever of the infection seemed to help me break it. Kind of strange “cold”, sinuses would clear and then plug, drain and then dry up for a time and then pour out again. Lie down in bed and drown, so sleep, catnap, sitting upright and work at staying warm. Sometimes sharing Everything with your significant other has it’s down side…pg

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