Trump, The Press, and Veterans Donations

Today in the news we had the spectacle of The Press, having indulged in their favorite game of “Who me? I’m just asking…” Gotcha Set Ups, getting a snoot full of what they deserved.

Now I can’t say if it is just because the folks who go into journalism have very little other real life experience, have never had to actually deal with budgets and money, or are just generally clueless (but look good on camera and can read any lie with conviction, not having the skill to notice lie from truth), but for whatever reason, they felt compelled to toss rocks at Trump for their own imaginings.

The Basic Problem: Some months back, Trump skipped a Fox Debate (or some such) to host a fund raiser for Veteran’s Groups. Then, within weeks, the press began nagging, then hounding, “Who got the money?” and “Who GAVE the money?” and “How Much?”…

Any failure to do what they demanded when they demanded it, resulting in Grave Doubts, and murmurs of misconduct and rumors of fraud in the claimed amount raised.

Now, having had Trump rip some of them a new one, and having gotten a detailed list of exactly who and how much; they have turned to Dark Innuendo about “many of the donations” and “many of the checks being sent out” only AFTER the press started “looking into it” (or “hounding Trump”, depending on the station and how left they are…)

Well, a small bit of Clue for those in The Press devoid of life experience or any real germane understanding of fund raising:

(Hey, off stage! Ready the Clue Stick!…)

Time To Whack

I have run fund raisers. Not nearly as large as Trump’s. But also for a non-profit.

1) When folks “pledge” money, they do not hand you cash. Maybe for the $10 folks they will give a credit card, but for the Whales, it is a “pledge”.

2) Sometimes it takes a while to collect on the pledges.

3) Rich Folks, contrary to popular opinion, do not have a vault full of cash and rarely have a checking account full of it. Typically they have “Investment Advisers” (or, if a company, a Finance Department) who’s job is to assure that money is not “idle” in cash, but ‘working’ in investments. It takes time to select what investment to sell, pick the best time to sell, sell, wait the settlement period, collect the money, deposit it to the right account for donations, then issue a check, that must also then clear…

4) Typically, the donor must “vet” the 501c3 charity prior to the donation actually being made. This takes times.

5) Once money is showing up: Grant Writers get a notice to write a grant request. The Grant Requests get sent in. You wait until the request period ends and then review the requests as a group to decide who gets how much of the pot; so as to be fair to all.

6) Typically, the 501c3 must “vet” the groups they send money to, prior to the donation actually being made. This takes times.

7) It is a very bad idea to hand out money before you get it.

Now roll all those together.

Got Clue yet?

Simply put, it takes time to make the cycle happen. That it was all done and wrapped up inside a few months is spectacular performance. The Press is either entirely clueless about this kind of thing, or deliberately obtuse to “make a story”. Either one is bad.

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7 Responses to Trump, The Press, and Veterans Donations

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    A little info on collecting pledges. Seems non-profit fund raisers typically fail to collect between 2% and 10% of pledges. As you said this all takes time and you can’t really book the pledge until you have some concrete proof it will be collected (check in hand, letter of intent etc.)

    Meanwhile they fail to ask any questions about millions in emergency aid funds that magically disappear between the time the funds are approved by congress, and the government gets done throwing money at a problem.

    Where is their effort to audit and report progress on other fund raisers?

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    Or the Clinton Foundation charity

  3. Gail Combs says:

    Thanks, E.M. And Larry.

    I had a broad understanding of what was going on (pledge vs actuall money in hand, vetting recipient..) but I missed some of the finer details.

    Oh and NOW the story is:

  4. gallopingcamel says:

    This time the MSM (Main Stream Media) got it right. Donald Trump failed to raise the $6 million. Two weeks ago the total was only $4.5 million.

    This week the total rose to $5.6 million and within a week or two the $6 million target will be exceeded. Don’t expected a fanfare of congratulations from the MSM when that happens.

    So much for the “Source of Funds”. Here is the list showing the “Use of Funds”:

  5. Gail Combs says:

    GC, This time the MSM (Main Stream Media) DID NOTget it right.

    The MSM is playing mind games with the public and doing it DELIBERATELY.

    Conservativetreehouse was following the Trump’s Veteran Fund Raiser in real time. This is from the comments.

    squid2112 says:
    January 28, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    YUGE event! … AWESOME!

    Over $6 MILLION raised for our veterans in less than 24 hours!…..

    Plain Jane says:
    January 29, 2016 at 12:38 am

    Why does the donations link show $570,000? Where are you seeing the $6 mil?

    lumoc1 says:
    January 29, 2016 at 1:14 am

    He announced several large donations including at least 3 of 1 million each.
    1,299 older comments

    SO there was, at the time of the fund raiser only $570,000 in hard cash (Cash, checks, credit cards and pay pal from us little guys) PLUS the big money pledges TO PAY IN THE FUTURE large donations including at least 3 of 1 million each. As the pledges turned into hard assets (checks or written pledges) the numbers reported will go up that is why “Two weeks ago the total was only $4.5 million.” AND why Trump said it looked like the full total will be over 6 million.

    The whole badgering by the press was all about playing on the ignorance of normal people about the nature of pledges and it was done DELIBERATELY to give Hitlery a hammer to smash Trump with. Reporters cover big fund raising events all the time and therefore should be well aware of

    (1) Auction fever
    (2) The necessity of keeping the energy up
    (3) Verbal pledges given during a fund raiser sometimes evaporate.

    How many times have you seen the press ‘cover’ another fund raiser in this way and badger the organizers HMMMMMMmmm?

  6. cdquarles says:

    They do if it is their enemy at the time doing the fund raiser and don’t if it is their friend at the time doing the fundraiser. A friend turned enemy may get the airbrush treatment and drop down the memory hole.

  7. cdquarles says:

    Oh, GC, if you are not familiar with how the US ‘mainly not mainstream’ media work, they almost always get it wrong by: 1. reporting too early with sketchy details that fit a narrative, 2. selective editing, 3. loaded language, and a combination of the above. When they are forced to admit an error, it never gets top billing and publicity.

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