Modern Educayshun – a hoot and a half…

I found this video a hoot and a half… It reminded me greatly of the one “Social Science” class I had back in the ’70s (I’m sure they are much worse now, but then it was substantially a “why men are evil, whites are horrible, and everyone must hate them” class.) I’d, mistakenly, expected something more akin to Cultural Anthropology… OTOH, it did prepare me for a lifetime of “cultural assault” from “others” for being both white and male. I knew where they had been indoctrinated, why the crap was flowing so deep and fast, and that there was nothing at all ever I could do to “fix it”. No amount of “sucking up” to it would ever make me acceptably non-male and non-white. So, armed with that understanding, I could simply confront it as Bull Shit and move on.

At one “Company Mandated Indoctrination Session” at Apple, we were all required to have ‘sensitivity training’. While the instructor was in full “evil whites training mode” pointing out all the injustices done by White Men to “minorities” I had the joy of sticking up my hand during Q/A and bringing up my Irish Ancestors and the historical discrimination heaped on them with “no Irish need apply” signs in windows in New York City as they got off the boat… and asked just why I as a historically discriminated group with “indentured servant” being only theoretically different from “slave” ought to feel guilt or pay reparations? (“Black Slave Reparations” being one of the topics). It was fun to watch the collective heads spin ;-)

Common Core is infested with crap like “social justice in math problems”, so I found their use of math as the example in the video particularly fun. The Common Core attempt to turn math into an English Essay on Social Issues just harms all the Asian and Hispanic kids who had poor English skills, but could excel in math class where it was not English… Oh Well.

With that, here’s the video:

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8 Responses to Modern Educayshun – a hoot and a half…

  1. gary turner says:

    Scary. Kinda like UCLA.

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    That sort of nonsense was starting to appear in government in the early 1990’s. It drove me nuts that they were expending so much time on minutia. One of the basic assumptions of the low cost mortgage programs were that Blacks and Hispanics were getting rejected for home loans at a higher rate then their representation in the population — ergo — there must be discrimination against them due to their race.

    Never the less at the same time, Asians were getting approved for home loans at a higher rate than did whites in proportion to their racial representation. That little fact was curiously ignored.

  3. animated video along the same lines, heterosexual white male comedian takes the stage …

  4. JS Howard says:


  5. tom0mason says:

    Yep, my background is Welsh/Irish with the Welsh strengthen with some Greek/Turkish dilution a two and three generations back, the Irish side originates from French/Spanish borders of the old Basque region.
    Humm, I’m also a cultural dog’s diner from a family of blond/red/auburn headed, independently minded individuals.

  6. hillbilly33 says:

    It’s only laughing that can stop one crying at what the world has become! Australia is also in the grip of the politically ‘correct’. Have a look at the latest clown they’ve saddled us up with in the now totally discredited but supposedly lofty position of Australian of the Year, a position once held by Professor Tim ‘Flim Flam’ Flannery in 2007, which gives you some idea of the mindset of those who do the selection!.

    I’m afraid if the current AOTY gets his way, all you American “guys” will be stopped at the Airport if you try to visit us!

    Some background and the latest edict issued by this loony. Stormin’ Norman he ain’t!

  7. spetzer86 says:

    It’s getting worse as time goes on. The Federal Government is now getting into the act to help the kids become “workers of the future”, but not really “thinkers of the future”. They’re playing with word meanings in many programs to obscure the intent, but the direction is becoming obvious:

  8. Gail Combs says:

    Robin at Invisible Serfs Collar should be required reading for all new parents. And hour a day instead of the Boob Tube propaganda should have them ready to deal with Modern Edumcaysum when the kid is school age.

    Note the Elite kids get a CLASSICAL Education at places like Andover.

    Did someone say discrimination???

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