Last Week Tonight – Debt Buyers

I’ve done the deed of a hard reset on my lockout hung Samsung tablet.

In the process of rebuilding the world, I’ve had to find out what applications work, and install them. A surprising number of applications now “require” an ‘account’ to install or use them. Some want a Samsung account (where it has a privacy policy that basically says ‘we can do anything we want with your personal information’ phrased as something like ‘any business purpose’… or a Google Account (i.e Android is the OS so Android apps want a Google Account) where they have a policy of using any information whatsoever that they can collect to be used against you. So many “apps” were essentially non-usable for me.

One surprise was Firefox. I’d had it installed before, but now it wants a Google Account. I’ll be searching more to see if there is a bypass via some unlocked Firefox somewhere…

But along the way, the Youtube App worked. Nice that. So it came up with this video by default in the top panel (likely ‘trending’ things).

It is a wonderful video. Biting, funny, and yet informative. At the end, he does a truly nice thing for hundreds (thousands?) of folks. Does contain strong language. Well worth watching:

So watch and enjoy. 20 minutes more or less.

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4 Responses to Last Week Tonight – Debt Buyers

  1. Serioso says:

    That was wonderful!!! Thank you! Half a cent on the dollar is simply amazing…

  2. BobN says:

    It seems like you could make a living from buying the debt with the information and then selling it to various data-bases. Write a book, give seminars and next thing you know you are rich. LOL

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    He should set up a crowd source setup where the general public funds forgiving debt.
    At $5 a thousand a crowd sourcing page could wipe out a few million dollars of old debt every few months.

  4. Jason Calley says:

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