Democrats to Make History, But Not The Kind They Think…

In my opinion, the Democrats are about to make history today. It is almost certain that madam Hillary will get enough delegates to be their presumptive nominee (since New Jersey will likely break for her, and California, given the proportional allotment, will likely hand over about 200+ more where only 60 are needed).

The news is very full of the “Historic” nature of this, as it will be the first time a major party has had a woman as their nominee for POTUS.

Yet I don’t see that as very “historic” at all. IMHO we are supposed to select the most suited person for the job, without really caring at all about gender. I know I don’t. (God what I’d give to have a Maggie Thatcher clone on the GOP side… of any gender.)

No, IMHO, the historic part is that this will be the first time a major party has selected as their nominee someone under Federal Indictment (yes, it’s only an investigation now and it is a race condition on when the indictment comes, or if Obama grants a blanket pardon instead…) and up to their neck in (asserted) charity fraud.

But at least we will know, for certain, what the majority of Democratic Party Members think about fraud, deceit, lack of morality, lawlessness and criminality in office.

At about 6 minutes, there’s an interesting statement of “epic charity fraud” ; then at 11 minutes an assertion that about $100 Million ‘went missing’ between sender of the funds and what arrived inside the Clinton Foundation. I’ve not vetted the site, or the author. I’d not gone looking for this. I had installed Opera Mini on the tablet and this was in the “suggested” or trending batch of stuff, so I clicked it.

The guy claims the data he uses is “in the public domain” and available on public web sites, so ought to be easy to cross check his cross-checking of the Clinton Foundation. Here’s his site:

I found these comments to the video interesting too:

Feel The Bern22 hours ago
WHAT ! Charity fraud and the Clintons. boy, what a huge surprise

JokerMouce2 hours ago
This guy better be careful he doesn’t have a clintonesque “accident” or end up in the news as a suicide.

I suspect that Bernie is staying in the race to the end out of a strong sense of what is right… unlike the Clintons who are in it for the power, money, and “top cover” for apparent criminal activity (per what the FBI is investigating and the video asserts).

Final note: Disclaimer: I have no special information source, all this is only one person’s opinion of what other news sources have reported. I could easily be wrong in my opinion and it is subject to change if any actual facts show up, like the missing emails or that the video is not correct. Disclosure: I donated above the average amount to Bernie. I donated $30, so I am somewhat biased about Bernie. I’m an “ABC” voter. Anyone But Clinton.

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So anyone wanting to paint me as a Right Wingnut will have to chew on that first… IMHO, either Trump or Bernie would shake up D.C. enough to get some of the rot out, and I’ll take either of them before Hillary. I’m a registered Independent for a reason… I tend to choose honesty and integrity over any particular political philosophy. I believe honest, moral, intelligent folks govern fairly.

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2 Responses to Democrats to Make History, But Not The Kind They Think…

  1. Gail Combs says:

    I agree, it will be interesting to see if sizzle instead of steak is what sells especially when the ‘steak’ is rotted maggot covered roadkill.

    What is interesting is even Trump and the rabid Trump supporters halfway support Bernie and think he has gotten a raw deal from the DemonRat political apparatus. At least Bernie sees TPP and the other trade deals have been bad for the USA worker. He is considered faily honest but hopelessly niave.

    As far as the “Trump wall” goes, no one mentuions that NAFTA was also very bad for the Mexicans since it wiped out the Mexican independent farmers driving them to the cities where there was not much work for them and driving down wages.

    …. as hoped for by designers of NAFTA, has been ‘modernisation’ – a sharp decline in the share of agriculture and allied sectors in the workforce. From nearly 27% in 1991 it declined to slightly less than 15% in 2006, losing more than 2 million jobs[18]. Again small and marginal farmers and agricultural labour bore the brunt, as evidenced by very sharp decline in the number of rural households. According to a study by Jose Romero and Alicia Puyana carried out for the federal government of Mexico, between 1992 and 2002, the number of agricultural households fell an astounding 75% – from 2.3 million to 575, 000[19].

    There has been a significant increase in migration out of rural areas as livelihoods are lost and farms have been abandoned. The hope was that this migration out of low-productivity agriculture would be absorbed into higher-productivity non-agrarian urban employment. But anemic employment growth in the post-NAFTA period, particularly in manufacturing[20], put paid to that. And what little employment there has been has largely been in the informal sector. As a result there has been a change in the pattern of rural out-migration. In the 1980s the likelihood of migrating to urban Mexico was higher than that of migrating to the USA. Today, as a result of anemic employment growth, the likelihood of migrating to the USA is significantly higher[21].

    The winner of course was the transnational corporations and not the people of either country.

  2. Richard Ilfeld says:

    When my brain is fried by something, and there is no place else to speak the unspeakable, i come here. Gee, H is making history due to gender. Gee, DT has committed and unforgivable sin by referencing the ethnicity of a judge. Gee, those excoriating him and praising HJ’s hisrtoriocity forget that a decision rendered by a wise latina woman is clearly better than that rendered by an old white man, while her compatriat on the bench was a clown in blackface.

    Journalistic malpractice denies average folks the tools to make good decisions, in spite of some evidence they can do so if there is a segment of the “news” containing information rather than the concensus view of the coastal urban elites.

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