Dear NFL – Up Yours.

Dear NFL,

Since plenty of time has past and you are indicating by your complete lack of action that overpaid kids can have an acting-out display during the National Anthem, I think maybe you need some ‘reminding’ of a few things:

1) They are your employees.

2) Employees are usually forbidden from actions that cast their employer in a bad light while at work. (Sometimes even when not at work).

3) Their sitting / kneeling / whatevering-to-show-disrespect-and-anger during the anthem is putting YOU in a very bad light.

4) Viewers and ticket buyers are there to be a customer and buy entertainment. This isn’t entertaining.

5) Your customers can go elsewhere for entertainment. Lots and lots of elsewhere…

Now ponder those bits for just a while, and think up the rational conclusions. I’ll wait…

So here’s the deal. I don’t watch football to have reality thrust in my face. I watch it to ESCAPE all the crap in the world. Your employees are shoving crap in my face. Someone making more money per game than I will make in a lifetime, complaining about how he is discriminated against? Really? What a bad joke by an overpaid adolescent personality that hasn’t learned to grow up and be an adult. He plays GAMES for a living, after all.

So here’s the rest of the deal:

Since I don’t tune in to be preached at, nor have realty shoved in my face, but to watch a quite NON-POLITICAL game, and since you are not providing it anymore, I’m not going to tune in. Nor buy a ticket. As long as you are fine with the crap, my hard earned money can go for a tailgate party at the park, a wonderful minor-league game (where so far they still know to entertain, not make “political statements”) or even just a great get together with friends at the BBQ / pool / whatever. I’ll catch the score later, maybe…

Now, since sometimes you end up on a broadcast via channel flipping and before you can leave realize you’ve seen an advertisement, or it pops up on the nightly news, I’m also going to stop buying any product I happen to stumble on as advertising at NFL games (or any other sport stupid enough to let their employees insult their customers and make “political statements” while at work).

I don’t know what those are at the moment, but since GM and Bud seem to always advertise at NFL games, those are off the buy list from the start. GM is easy to spot, since they ditched a lot of their brands. Bud is harder, since they are a ‘roll up’ of many other beer makers. Just to make it easy for others who might want to join in on this, I’m going to list the Bud brands that I know of below.

When will I come back? Who knows. Maybe never if I find out I like some other sport better. When I hear on the nightly news that this whole farce of political games is done and someone got their ass fired, I will likely tune in at least once just to check the truth of it.

The Bud Bunch

Dear Budweiser:

I know you are not American anymore, so don’t give a damn about things like our National Anthem. But do realize that we ARE still American, and some of us (a lot of us) do care. You have chosen to endorse and supply an agency that is deliberately using national TV to push a political agenda and a point of view that is intended to antagonize most of the audience. I don’t think that reflects well at all on your company and your company ethics. I buy beer from beer making companies, not from political action committees nor from ‘community organizers’.

Since you are electing to support (and in fact make money from) such activities, that do annoy me, and millions of others, I see no reason to support you (and thus indirectly fund this annoyance) through buying your product(s).

It is really a very easy thing to do, as there are many beers as good or much better on the market. Oh, and since I won’t be in the bleachers, your local monopoly in the stands is not going to help you any.

Sam Adams is a small, all American, beer maker. Widely distributed and with a load of variety. They also make really good real beer. So my ‘default’ will be Sam, for the duration. Perhaps even longer. Once a habit gets set, well, it tends to stay a long time. I’m also fond of Coors (no, not the Lite crap, their normal lager – though harder to find sometimes). Though your recent purchase of SABMILLER (which includes them) makes it uninteresting too. Finally, if worse comes to worse, there are some truly wonderful imports (real imports, not the “used to be imports now made in the Bud Mega Factory near me and no longer quite the same” from your rollups). Lagunitas is a local micro-brewer with very good Pilsner (that tastes a bit closer to IPA to me, but I like IPA) and Pilsner Urquel is to die for (though sometimes hard to find). (It looks like Miller bought them at some point, and now Bud bought Miller. Damn. Well, Radeberger is just as good.). In short, not a lot of hard times finding a beer not made by you. Heck, I’ve even liked the occasional can of Pabst, despite the low price on it!

So for now at least, you and GM are on the top of the “Not Buying It” list of my “don’t fund people who hate me” process.

Enjoy your day… I have to go beer shopping for later… when the NHL Hockey channel is having a ‘countdown’ of their best historical games. Chips, dips, Sam & Hockey. Works for me!


A hopefully exhaustive list of Budweiser labels in the USA. I’ve not gone down the whole South American list, as I don’t drink South American beers anyway. Corona is the big one in that group, and being made with corn causes me “issues” due to my corn allergy. They claim these are different beers, but many of them have little difference.

Their main site claims:

portfolio of well over 200 beer brands continues to forge strong connections with consumers.

So they have a well consolidated near-monopoly in many parts of the world. (IMHO, ought to be broken up… oligopoly is not good for consumers). I’m not going to list their less common brands, but if not sure, make sure your beer is from some other stock ticker or microbrewery by checking their ownership.

List from:

Budweiser Family
Bud Light Family
Michelob ULTRA Family
Bass and Boddingtons
Bud Ice
Bud Light Lime Lime A Rita Family
Chelada Family
Goose Island
Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider
Landshark Lager
Malt Liquors

Hurricane Malt Liquor
Hurricane High Gravity
King Cobra

Regional Beers

Michelob Golden Draft and Michelob Golden Draft Light,
ZiegenBock, brewed especially for Texas,
Kokanee is a Canadian Pilsner style Lager brewed in Western Canada.

Rolling Rock
Select Family
Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe
Shock Top
Specialty Beers

Redbridge is a sorghum/gluten-free beer
Wild Blue is a specialty fruit-infused lager.

Sorry to see Kirin on the list. I was a good beer once… Oh Well, Sapporo is just as good or maybe better.

The SAB / Miller / Coors set:

Since they run all of them together, I’m not sorting out the S.A. ones.

Arany Aszoc
Beez Neez
Blue Moon
Bohemian Pilsner
Bohlingers Lager
Brutal Fruit
Club (several varieties)
Coors (sob… mergered with Miller with the argument it was so it could compete with Bud, now mergered again)
Crown Lager
Di Kiok
Debowe Mocne
Dirty Granny
Fat Yak
Flying Fish
Fosters (another sad one. Once loved it. Last time I had it, just another bland lager…)
Golden Light
Great Northern
Green Mill Cider
Grolsch (that’s a hard one to not buy… but I’ll do it.)
Hamm’s ( I wondered what ever happened to Hamm’s… )
Haywards 5000
Henry Weinhard’s
Indus Pride
knock out
Kobanya Sor
Lazy Yak
Melbourne Bitter
Miller (many types)
Milwaukee’s Best
NT Draught
Olde English 800 Malt
Pilsen (as a brand)
Pilsner Urquel (GASP! It’s gone to the dark side! I’ve updated the body of the posting!!)
Port Royal
Pure Blond
Regia Extra
Rhino Lager
Royal Challenge
San Juan
Sheaf Stout
Skelter’s Straight
Smadny Mnich
St. Louis
St. Stephan’s
Strongbow (ciders)
Ursus Premium
Victoria Bitter
White Bull
Wojak Jazny

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24 Responses to Dear NFL – Up Yours.

  1. philjourdan says:

    I have boycotted NBC NFL for the past couple of years (Costas). if the Raiders are on that network, I turn off the sound and stream the audio over the internet.

    I also did not watch the SF game last night. I did not want to be subjected to irrelevant grandstanding.

  2. craigm350 says:

    You should leave the fizzies and try some (local?) American ales. As I’m sure you know American beer has always been laughed at over here (strange when at the time we were importing tasteless continental and Auz beers alongside the Bud etc) but many pubs have now started importing ales from American microbreweries. From those I’ve tried I have to say they are pretty much up there with the English beers (I usually support quite local brewers but dabble now and then).

    I found this interesting…Steve Jobs as well;

    This isn’t bad either;

    Anyway battery on last legs…Happy drinking Chiefio :)


  3. Bulaman says:

    Fat tire brewery in Fort Collins…great place , excellent brews!

  4. Glenn999 says:

    I’m done with the NFL this year. Let’s boycott any NFL sponsors as well. Hockey season starts in a few weeks. Also my local college team is in a rebuilding year with a new coach, so it should be exciting watching these kids play.
    If everyone in the country sent a message to the NFL, it would stop immediately.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Always happy to try local (and do!). The “problem” is that Bud has bought brands all over the world and markets some of their stuff as a local craft beer or import when it isn’t anymore. Check out the Miller list (now owned by Bud…) for examples, as it is not just N. American. Finding the full list of AB Inbev has been harder… but Bush has the N.American listings.

    Oh, and any suggestions for brands to trial always welcome!!


    Oh yeah! Love Fat Tire! Nice bottles too ;-)


    When in Florida I was pleasantly surprised to see even high school games on TV(!) sometimes. There’s plenty of football without the National Monopoly League…

    And, like you said, Hockey starts soon. Like football, but with big sticks, blades on your feet, and no lawyers stopping the game every 2 minutes to decide what happened ;-) Oh, and anybody can slam into anybody…

  6. H.R. says:

    I gave up on the NFL years ago; around 1990-ish. Used to be, a player was with a team for an entire career or just maybe went to a second team. The turnover within a team was slower, so you only had to learn a few new players each year. And you also could keep track of all the opposition team players. Now many players are traded around 4-5-6 times in their career.

    Now… Peyton Manning gets traded after taking his team to a Super Bowl.

    Also the players have become freaks of nature in build and athleticism. (I do believe that any team from the upper tiers of college football today could mop the stadium with any of the best Pro teams of the ’50s and ’60s.) I’ve no doubt that the turnover problem is not only due to business decisions in order to get to the playoffs this year but also because so many pros suffer career-ending injuries after 1 or 2 years due to the aforementioned Terminators that have been produced through better training, nutrition, and better chemistry ;o)

    So I’m all in for college football now. I root for my alma mater(s), I get to see the players develop for 3-4 years, and it’s easy to become familiar with the other players from the same Conference. It’s also fun to see how the Conferences stack up against each other.
    I LOVE BEER, but it doesn’t love me. I can tolerate the ales, but nowadays I look and sound schnockered after 1/2-1 Bud or Miller product. So my body has been boycotting “Big Beer” for quite some time now. My drink of choice, when I’m out and about, is a Bombay Sapphire gin martini with 1 olive, up. I find that if I let them push the 3 olives on me, I’m up all night burping olives but little effect from the gin. That annoys and amuses me at the same time.
    So… That babbling about football above actually supports your position, E.M., that the NFL is Big Entertainment Business, and they would be wise to stick to their business and not piss off a lot of their customers.

    Oh, an example everyone will recall. Target is a general merchandiser and found out that principle the hard way when they jumped in early and hard in support of the “use whatever restroom you identify with” fiasco. Their sales immediately dropped like a rock.

    We’ll see how the NFL fares.

  7. View from the Solent. says:

    Bass? Noooo! Say it isn’t so. The world’s first trademark bought by a fake brewing company?

  8. Gail Combs says:

    I certainly hope the NFL drops like a rock this season. They forget the football crowd is made of a lot of Good Ole’ Boys and they take their patriotism very seriously.

    That said all I can do is boycott their advertisers since I do not watch TV.
    Please keep us posted EM

    The idiocy about the hissy fits of sports teams having Indian names shows some people have WAY too much time on their hands and need to be following a plow and the north end of a south facing mule.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    I found the hard way that specific ingredients in beer can have a large impact on a person. For me, it’s corn. Now the corn as corn syrup doesn’t seem to be an issue (provided it is PURE enough as fructose / glucose syrup since it all ferments). It is use of less pure (has protein in it) products to add more ‘color’ or ‘complexity’ to the brew. That leaves enough in that I “brown out” rapidly.

    Learned this first on Corona ( a Bud-with-Mexican-accent product) as I was not only browned out, but had ‘drizzly shits’ the next day – the big symptom for me and corn…)

    Now I’ve got a list of “safe” beers and I tend to stick with them. Often they are the ones with a German pedigree and following the Beer Purity Law… Coors was on that safe list, as is the basic Sam Adams (though some of their brews do have corn in them, unfortunately). Also Yuengling is made with corn. Learned that one in Florida watching football… Sigh. It’s a nice beer.

    So you might want to try a known ‘clean’ beer from a local microbrewery where you can ask the list of ingredients, or get a German one with the Purity Law compliance stated (it is no longer a law, having been overturned by the EU Diktats – that alone ought to be enough to bring the E.U. to an end, IMHO!) It might not be the beer as beer, but the beer as God Only Knows What…

    BTW, learned this from The Mechanic: Heinekin has some kind of hops in it that makes folks VERY drowsy. He told me. I didn’t believe him (I’d said I’d buy him a six pack and suggested Heinekin… then got an earful…) so I tested it myself. 3 or 4 and I was ready for bed… Normally I can do 8 to 12 and not really notice much… So individual beers vary greatly in their effect.

    If you can take a martini, you ought to be able to down a beer or two… but perhaps there is an individual sensitivity to the hops (mildly sedative). In which case lightly hopped (or a retro-beer without hops or a cider) could work. Or just a bottle of gin and an olive ;-) You don’t need more than one olive. Just move it from glass to glass… and then back in the jar for the next night ;-)

    Per minor leagues:

    I learned that they were more entertaining via the San Jose Giants. I’d take The Kids to games since it was local and cheap, and then found they were much more entertaining too! It was $9 to get the best seats, the Ump would hear you when you heckled, and beer was something like $4 each. Way more cost effective and a lot more fun.

    While in Florida, we were swapping between pro games and local college (last season) and found the college games much more interesting. They do more variety of plays and have more “surprises” (and errors can be way fun!). They also seemed to have faster play. Less time spent with the lawyers “upstairs” reviewing all the plays… I’d vote for college games over NFL anytime, now. More local TV needs to broadcast college games live, IMHO. It’s rare on the West Coast, at least in Silly Con Valley… ;-)


    I dumped my TV when I went to college and didn’t get another one until decades later… when I married one… So now I’m back on the tube. Oh Well.

    I mostly just use it as a background news feed, though. Some sports (usually at a friends house), and a couple of programs with the spouse so she doesn’t think I’m boycotting her!


    Anyone who does catch a game is invited to add advertisers here with a comment.
    Don’t bother with the local folks (they are inserted by the local TV station), just the national big names and folks with signs in the stadium… I don’t really care if Public’s Supermarket in Florida has an ad stuck in by Brighthouse Cable, but if some National Insurance Company, for example, runs a spot on the NFL Channel, well, that’s a biggie.

  10. cdquarles says:

    I can’t stand much on TV any more (quit watching years ago and if there was anything worth seeing I could get it on Hulu or some other streaming service). About the only thing I can tolerate now is college sports and even they are getting infected.

    ROLL TIDE ;), Class of 1979

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    It would be interesting to see what the NFL did if a player expressed his “political concern” for a better America by wearing a Trump warm up jacket on TV…

    UPDATE: Or if they make a deal out of clothing vs posture, stand with arms out sideways making a T of his body…


    If it were not for the variety of news on the Satellite, I’d likely have checked out in favor of Netflix. I’ve “re-upped” the Sat. feed, but at the end of the (now under AT&T) 2 year penalty hook, I’ve marked my calendar to ‘let it go’. I figure by then AT&T will have completed screwing it up…

    I’ve “trialed” Netfilx and found it pretty darned good. The spouse was OK with it, but has a couple of series she is addicted to that were not on Netflix. Since the DirectTV buyout was kind of sudden, I’d not yet dropped it, and then the AT&T internet service died and, stupid me, I went ahead and got their “bundle” instead of sticking to my guns and just saying “no, fix the DSL”… THEN found out (hidden in something that came in the mail AFTER signing up) that switching to the bundle has a 2 year hook and ANY reduction in services bought gets you a monthly penalty fee…

    Oh well, fast internet for 2 years as I ramp up the Netflix et. al. service to the TV (and get a new TV without a Tube for a screen… yeah, I’ve avoided “investing” in HD until now…) Then hopefully it will be a ‘cut over’ to entirely different providers for everything.

    But selling the spouse on no internet and no TV for a few weeks while I “fixed it” was not going to fly when the DSL died… so I took the expedient, expensive, and unpleasant alternative 8-(

    The things we do to keep spouses happy…

    AT&T “just say no” is the best advice I can give.

  12. gallopingcamel says:

    The NFL lost me when they started with the “Politically Correct” rubbish.

    Now they are embarrassing me for the reasons you explain above.

    My team is the Washington Redskins so it won’t be difficult to ignore the NFL for this season at least.

  13. Terry Jay says:

    Back in the day Safeway sold a house brand beer Buckhorn for less than the cost of soda. Have not seen it in years. Then there is Old Frothingslosh, they had a commercial touting it as a pale stale ale with the head on the bottom, seen on Cleveland TV in the late 50’s. Dos Equis is a decent beer and I keep coming back to it , especailly the dark.

    Freedom of Speech is what you do on your own time, not when representing your employer.

  14. Clay Marley says:

    Many years ago Sony was caught surreptitiously installing malware on your computer when you inserted one of their music CDs. I decided I would boycott Sony products for one year as a personal protest.

    Haven’t knowingly bought a Sony product since. And that was what, 10 – 15 years ago? I discovered there were plenty of other good electronics companies out there.

    I can’t really boycott the NFL because I haven’t seen an NFL game in probably a decade either. Rules were becoming more and more intrusive and arcane (much like how Congress works), with more penalties, then throw in more review time to be even more perfect, and a game turns into a dull advertisement fest.

  15. philjourdan says:

    @CD, et. al. Re: TV

    The BBC channel ran the first 2 seasons of the original Star Trek this past weekend. But they did it differently. They ran the ENTIRE episode with no cuts. So each episode ran 70 minutes instead of 60. That is how much viewing time has been lost in 50 years – 10 minutes per hour!

    Small wonder why Hulu, Amazon and Netflix are doing very well.

  16. philjourdan says:

    @Terry Jay – Old Frothinslosh was a beer put out by Iron City (out of Pittsburgh) and has a picture of a fat lady on the can. I have had a few cans (not something you would want on a normal basis – but then neither was Iron City), and thought it was just a joke beer. I never saw a commercial!

  17. Richard Ilfeld says:

    ANYTHING the left politicizes turns to crap. The NFL joins a long list.
    The NHL (so far) has, IMHO,one unique feature and one small feature that keep it real.
    1: Billeting.
    A young aspiring hockey player is likely to live with a family. Even if he doesn’t have a real family.
    (Many NFL players didn’t)
    The billet family creates an environment that produces fewer spoiled brats and oversized undisciplined egos that the tracks to the profession in the other big sports.
    You go to school, not connected with the team. You learn professional discipline starting at about 13. No campus visits with compliant co-eds for most hockey players — and even most college programs seem cleaner than their football counterparts.

    Compare the billet family with the institutionalized cheating that is the big-time scholarship. The car parked in the billet family driveway (unless the hockey moms is providing transport) vs the luxury but somehow affordable rides in a big time college football players lot tells a story…….

    There is still a tradition in hockey that if you get too full of yourself you can get the crap kicked out of you — in the context of the game.

    3. I should mention the most of the traditional role models are not thugs in the NHL.

  18. Gail Combs says:

    Someone over at the ConservativeTreeHouse indicated that the NFL is getting a major bit of backlash over this. — GOOD!

    I am sick and tired of being told bad manners and disrespect for my flag and country is PC but a legitimate concern about cop killing, open boarders and criminals in power is not.

  19. Terry Jay says:

    Sponsors of the Thursday night game, 9-15. I may have missed some, it was on to answer this post with the sound off.

    State Farm
    Various TV shows and Movies

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    @Terry Jay:

    Thanks for that!

    Looks like Lowes is the only one I can cut back… and maybe Wendy’s (the others I don’t use except Verizon that’s a contract).

  21. Gail Combs says:

    Gillette was bought out by Colgate. They used to be a great company when Mockler was running it. He died at 61 in his office still in harness. His leadership faced three take-over attacks which probably did not help his stress level.

  22. Gail Combs says:

    Seems they upped the ante at the NFL games.

    Not surprising. You can not let bullies get the upper hand and the NFL did.

    BlackKnightRides says: @ ConservativeTreeHouse


    CAUSE: Philadelphia: Eagles planning anthem demonstration on Monday night

    “Really, it’s just to continue to push for the conversation about social injustice. And that’s a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities to education”

    EFFECT: Philadelphia: 2 Police Officers Shot, Gunman and Bystander Dead in Philly Ambush

    “Ross said a note containing anti-police rhetoric naming a parole officer as a target was found near the scene, The Daily Mail reported.”

    TRIAL LAWYERS: Come one, come all. It’s PAYDAY.

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Ejection & Forfeiture of Pay
    Unamerican Conduct: Adulation & Exhortation

    I really hope the NFL and their advertizers TANK!!!!

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Heard on the biz news, NFL attendance at recent games “down” and a bit dissappointing.

    Guess we’re not alone…

  24. John F. Hultquist says:

    A short intro, then I’ll make my point.

    About half a life ago we (me +wife; We are geographers.) became interested in the wine industry – mostly how a new and thriving region can be transformed from “just a landscape” to something called a Winescape. Beer became of less interest. We lived in Cincinnati in the mid-1960s, and Cincy was a good beer town.
    We are in central Washington State and the notion of winescape did not play out like many thought it would, that is, in the Yakima Valley south of the city by that name. Rather, it seems to be working in the area near Lake Chelan, an area to the north of us.

    We started with the winescape thing by visiting very local small operations [grape growers, wineries, winegrowers (vineyards +wine)] and became well acquainted with some. At larger operations one does not usually see the owner or vintner – but that varies. We bought wines from people we know. We also learned there were more grapes being harvested than the small folks could process over a very short time. We learned several wine making facilities existed to handle the excess and return a semi-finished product to the small wineries.
    Years later we noticed a proliferation of “labels” on store shelves. Sometimes we would search for the winery and find none – the address might be just an office address in Seattle.
    Bottom line: People started marketing companies, contracting for wine, creating a label, and getting it pushed-to-market by the regional distributor (there was a major consolidation of these a few years ago). A winery has to have product in excess of about 50,000 cases (? not sure) for a big distributor to carry the label/brand. These wines are tied to the landscape only in that the product comes from grapes. Apple, grapefruit, and tomato juice in plastic bottles is just as interesting.
    Now we only buy wine from the small winegrowers.
    Likewise, with beer. We know the owner/brewer.

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