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Up at the top of this posting you will see a list of “pages” with things like “about” and “GIStemp”.

I’ve added a new one, “TV”.

By clicking that page link up top, or this link here, you can get a nice long list of available internet TV sites.

I’ve ‘rushed’ this particular page as the Presidential Debates start soon, and I’ve populated it with links to the debate from a “How To Geek” page here: ( h/t to Philjourdan for that link).

I’ve also collected some links over the years in my Chrombox, so those will be added over time (i.e. this afternoon) as will other links. This is a “living page” so will change. Eventually, it will be my “go to page” when I’m wanting to watch some TV, as I’m planning to dump AT&T / DirecTV in about a year (once everything is loaded, tested, happy ;-)

If you find any link doesn’t work, or have links to interesting TV that you use, please put a comment HERE not there. I’ll add them to the page as I test them.

Also note that this is an “open thread” for any discussion of the Debates themselves. Please avoid filling it up with “position pieces” prior to the debate ;-) (Save that for after 9-)

With that, happy TV! and enjoy the debates.

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  1. philjourdan says:

    WOW! I got a hat tip. I subscribe to their news letters (Howtogeek). Most of it is probably second nature to you, but there are some things that make me sit up and take notice. Maybe they are reading your blog as well, and saw Glenn’s question. And decided that would be the topic du jour (they have a main one and then several other topics – they are platform agnostics). But when searching for an answer to a computer issue, that is one of the first sites I hit.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Hey, it saved me a few hours and let me ‘move on’ to the “someday” project of collecting various TV links (not just the debate) into my TV page. I think a “h/t” exchanged for 4 or 5 hours of my life is ‘advantage me’ ;-) How you got it doesn’t change that…

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    This will be of great interest to me. We have been customers of Direct since the early dards, wonderful customer service. As well as customers of the local telco , now “screw the customer AT&T”, for over 30 years. We greatly fear the embrace of AT&T. Our old analog CRT TV died last month and we now have a Smart Flat Screen so my lady wants to “Stream” her movies etc. But we are data limited under our current plan. We just took over the Hughes Direct Satellite account that our partner was managing before he died. If we get rid of Direct TV we could really up our DATA plan. With the “loss” of Roger Ailes Fox News is rapidly sinking into MSM under their new management so I have even less reason to keep Direct. Maybe some day cell service will become dependable. AT&T says that they will NEVER provide us with high speed Internet service But they are pushing hard to sign us up to their Bundled service…pg

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Maybe I’ll look into DVR tech… I want one anyway. Some of them can handle slow / choppy feeds and assemble the video for you to get continuous display once recorded. It’s a “dig here” for me on the “someday” list that just got closer with my present internet and the links in the TV page…

    I’ve done a bit of a ’round robin’ on some of the internet stations in the TV page, and changed the posting (added some comments on some, plus new order). At this point, I’m fairly sure I’d be happy with just internet TV right now.

    The spouse is another issue… At some point I need to get her to look for ‘her’ stations and give feedback (she’s agreed to do it).

    After that bottleneck, the next step is flat screen to the living room (presently a huge Sony Tube starting to have sound issues… it buzzes if too much text is on the screen, like news crawlers and closed caption at the same time, or MSNBC when they go nuts with text…) Then I need to sort out that whole “HDTV over the air” (reception good here and antenna in place, but likely needs new downlead), and then search the space of ROKU, Amazon, Chromecast, etc. etc… and the DVR space… and things like slingbox and Hulu and… A piece of work I’ve been putting off way too long… Thus the “about a year” target…


    After all day long talking heads on the broadcast stations “building anticipation” by driving you bonkers bored with pushing their candidate and trashing the other; Fox Business just announced Trump and Pence have arrived at the debate.

    In 1 hour I’ll be in the kitchen and in 2 hours watching the debate with spouse. I’ll have the tablet, but may not say much (unless something spectacular happens ;-)

    Looks like “pre-show” ought to be getting interesting in about an hour.

  5. Gail Combs says:


    Michael Savage Broadcast Shut Down was shut down in MID SENTENCE! His show has just been pulled from 400 stations!
    Utubes of the broadcasts linked at the TreeHouse.

    2016: There are Trillions of Dollars at Stake…

    Wow. This is quite remarkable.

    Michael Savage is a very well known radio talk personality. The Savage Nation is a nationally syndicated talk show that is the second most listened-to radio talk show in the country with an audience of over 20 million listeners on 400 stations across the United States.

    Earlier today he was discussing his perspectives on the presidential debate and giving examples of current and anticipated debate bias.

    In addition, the broadcaster began discussing Hillary Clinton’s mysterious health condition that Savage believes might be Parkinsons.

    Almost immediately, and without any notification, New York (tri-state area) radio station WABC-Radio TV cut Savage off the air and replaced him with the lesser rated Curtis And Cooby Show…..

    I wonder if Mike will also move to Alex Jones…

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    The Savage story broke a few hours ago on twitter.
    The major media may just succeed in forcing the creation of an independent media channel that does not take sides against those who do not fit the liberal litmus tests.

    They forget if you have the money anyone could put up a satellite and create their own Sirius satellite radio or their own fiber system outside the current internet.

    Current efforts to give internet control away to the UN or other outside agencies might just be the push to develop a new and improved from the ground up internet 2.0 built with security and capacity in mind. Like an entire new transfer protocol to eclipse TCP/IP based on lessons learned from the first generation internet. Like Microsoft catalyzed Linux they could be killing the golden goose.

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Larry, are you volunteering for such an effort?…;-) …pg

  8. Gail Combs says:

    OH, Alex Jones has the debate too with his own equipment.

    Video feed is linked here:

  9. Gail Combs says:

    PG, Larry does not have to. It WILL happen.

    Try Alex Jones now.

    Paul Watson had a good take on the NC riots. He noted the use of the word ‘peaceful protest’ over and over as the ferals destroy and still.

  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    I am not an Alex Jones fan, but I will grit my teeth and watch his feed to keep from giving viewer numbers to the major feeds.

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting.. on the Android tablet I get “error src not supported” for the Alex feed…

    The ABC feed just gives me the spinning circle….

    MSNBC LIVE is recorded snips…

    I’m watching on TV on CSPAN while I try links. The tablet is most likely to fail since things are tested on MS only at most shops…

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    The live feed lets you choose between about 6 cameras…

    if only is worked for me…

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    Alex lasted for about 5 minutes, couldn’t manage to keep is mouth shut while Hillary was in her opening statement. To judge a debate you have to be able to hear both debaters #@!!$

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    The youtube/PBS live feed gives “client not supported”

    I think Android is going to be limiting, since some of these worked fine on the Chromebox pre debate…

    Looks like live video not supported on Palemoon…

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Links working under Opera on the tablet… watching CBS now.

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    Nice… I’ve got the ABC Donald Cam in one window and CBS in another with CSPAN on the TV.

  17. Gail Combs says:

    We went to Rightside Broadcasting and have no problem

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    Is working fine under opera on the tablet.

  19. H.R. says:

    It went to double-overtime. That seemed more interesting that the debate.

    MSM news headlines in 3… 2… 1… Hillary WINS!

  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    As a former debater, DJT missed a whole lot of truck wide openings. Given the fact she has been debating in politics for 30-40 years not a huge surprise but I thought he would have caught a few of them.

    For example her comments on the importance of cyber security, I was waiting for him to say something like.
    I agree but it is interesting to see her say that since she personally created one of the biggest security leaks in State Department History with her improper email setup.

    I call this pretty much a draw except for the fact that HRC did not seem to have trouble staying focused and alert. In that regard she recovered a lot of ground on her health issues.

  21. Larry Ledwick says:

    By the way I ended up watching the C-span feed.

  22. Gail Combs says:

    Drudge has who won the debate up:

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, the spouse and I both think it was more or less a draw.

    Hillary supporters will like what they saw.
    Trump supporters will like what thth saw.
    Not much to sway the undecideds..

  24. Gail Combs says:

    time poll. some say a vote for trump registers as a vote for hillary

  25. E.M.Smith says:

    Per the topic on internet 2.0:

    It already exists in several forms. From .onion quasi darknet, to truly darknets, to experimental R&D nets, to steganographic incognito distributed file systems, to encrypted tunneled networks to all sorts of encrypted coms and apps, to….

    Yeah, not widely used right now, but available and on the shelf…

    The 7 layer ISO model lets you swap out layers as desired and folks do. Usually in universities…

    Then there are non-ISO versions too…

  26. Gail Combs says:

    The ‘moderator’ went after Trump on every Hitlery Ad talking point.

    It was all ‘Now Mr Trump when did you stop beating your wife’ type attack.

    Birther (Hillary’s campaign did start it.)
    Racism (Trump’s Miami Club was first to accept Jews and Blacks)
    Sexism (NYT tried that and got shot down by the women they misquoted)
    Bankruptcy (It was 4 not 6 and typical in business)
    Temperment (He did not sock her. I would have since I hate liars)
    Russia (I wish Trump had brought up the hacking is due to the US government backdoor.)
    Tax Return (Who cares? It gets audited every year.)

    There was not ONE question about Benghazi. Hillary’s server and emails. Iran, Gaddafi, Fast N furious, Solyndra, her defending a rapist and laughing on tape….

    I am glad most people think the MSM are lying pieces of bupkus.

  27. Larry Ledwick says:

    Since I am at work could not pay really close attention but I also had the feeling that HRC got a lot of opportunities to make the first response on questions she was most vulnerable on like the cyber security issue. In debate that is called the “first affirmative” and it can be very strong, because it frames the response to the question.

    It would be nice to go through the transcript and tally what the first affirmatives were for each candidate and what questions they were.

  28. Gail Combs says:

    And, yeah I found Trump weaker than I would like. But I am probably spoiled from the in-depth type discussions we have here.

    There were several openings I would have loved to have answered like Hitlery’s hubby setting-up the 2008 foreclosure/economic collapse by forcing banks to make idiotic loans, got rid of the Glass Steagall Act and not regulating credit default swaps. Unfortunately the Sheeple would not have a clue about any of that — although maybe they would given the conversations at the local feed store.

    Also the moderator would not allow Trump to finish an answer. Hitlery was much better prepared and had a sheath full of notes (Guy caught on camera grabbing them) Plus I am sure she had the questions ahead of time and those questions were all chosen to trip Trump up.

    Did anyone notice Hitlery’s economic solution was the same as Obummers only WORSE?

    Raise taxes on the wealthy and business to drive away even more jobs. Lots of giveaways like free college, free childcare, Higher minimum wage (drive away most low end jobs) plus great jobs in solar and wind industry that China already has all locked up…

    Boy do I hope people can think about what she actually said and see it is a recipe for major job loss. I am sure that was all about grabbing the Bernie vote BTW.

  29. Gail Combs says:

    Technically it was Obama who was the first Birther:

    However Hitlery’s campaign brought it up again.

    Media Apoplectic – Hillary Clinton Former Campaign Manager Admits They Originated “Birtherism”

    As Trump said. Hillary started it, I finished it.

  30. E.M.Smith says:

    No surprise, in post debate shows, CNN & MSNBC are claiming Hillary won big. DW (german tv) similar. Fox thinking Trump did well, but would have been better with practice.

  31. p.g.sharrow says:

    well’ it looked to me that in-spite of the moderator defending Hillary and attacking Trump it was a draw. Trump survived undamaged, and held his own as an equal presences, not bad for his first at bat against a well practiced professional with a lier degree.

  32. Aron says:

    The moment in the debate that left me with a lingering “what was that all about” was the question asked of Trump and Clinton about accepting the result of the election if their opponent won. I don’t think there’s much doubt that more people are going to vote for Trump no matter what the so-called phony poles say. The joke that there’s been 6 years of continous job growth during Obama’s terms is not going to be bought by people. Most people know this is crappola, particularly the milllions that have no job or now have a McJob or two to get by.

    People are wanting some sort of drastic change which is why Bernie was so popular on the left. Where are those voters going to go? That’s a question unto itself. However, Hillary is certainly not “Change you can believe in” and will simply be carrying out the “continuity of government” that has been going on for decades. People can sense that Hillary is not gooing to make things better for the country. Of course there are those that will be duped by Hillary’s campaign, and those that have a hatred for old rich white guys, but most people are not that stupid, except perhaps a disportionate number of young voters– I don’t mean all young people but I was young and stupid at one time too! However, I digress.

    The powers that be know the real numbers and are pulling out all stops through the media to demonize Trump and try their best to make the election results “seem” legitimate. But, as with the win by Bush over Gore, voting does not matter. The powers that be have their president already determined (which begs the question, what tasks will she be required to carry out?) That’s why they had to ask the question about accepting the results. They don’t want another embarrasing repeat of the Bush-Gore Florida chit scandal happening again, athough this time it would involve investigating the fraudulant electronic voting machines. If such were to occur, dare I say things could get ugly. If there will be such a thing as legitimate exit polls they would be interesting to watch out of curiosity.

  33. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like the only major poll HRC won was the CNN poll which was strongly biased in her favor.
    CNN poll 41% Dems, 26% R’s. Dems+15 in Sample. The national ratio between Dems and Republicans is almost even. According to Gallup in 2015 the split was 29% D and 26% R with 41% Independent.

    I think the analysts are missing an important point, the public is not judging HRC and DJT by the normal “who is the slickest and most polished politician” metric. Donald is getting voted up for being against the establishment and doing things the same broken way yet again, and Hillary is getting voted down for those same factors. For the Deplorables, HRC having a smooth debate coming across as a polished politician is a negative not a positive it just proves she is a life long politician. Her touting raising taxes to pay for the debt her party created and peddling chinese solar panels is also a negative.

    In short all the normal rules are broken, and gaffs which would have sunk a polished politician in prior elections just make DJT seem like a normal guy. The Deplorables do not begrudge him using business losses to legally avoid taxes which they think are predatory. They also know that most business men have one or more brushes with bankruptcy as they build successful business. They forget that a lot of those Deplorables have tried to start small businesses and are either struggling to make ends meet or lost the battle (95% of small businesses do not survive past 5 years). Even business successes like Walt Disney went through bankruptcy, when business icons like Sears and J.C. Penny’s, Radio Shack, Circuit City etc. are struggling to survive and flirting with bankruptcy and closing neighborhood stores there is no shame in having had to file bankruptcy 4 times while building a laundry list of companies.

    By oversampling Democrats by 141% (41/29) CNN pushed the poll numbers in her favor by 67% to 27%

    In all the other immediate polls DJT won, even the poll in Slate and Variety
    Trump leads:
    81% to 18% in The Drudge Report

    2003 Trump interview on the Iraq war

  34. Gail Combs says:

    Aron says: “The moment in the debate that left me with a lingering “what was that all about” was the question asked of Trump and Clinton about accepting the result of the election if their opponent won…..”

    And notice that Trump really danced around that answer too.

    What it is about is Trump repeatedly saying IT’s RIGGED FOLKS!

    AND citizens are getting together to try to prevent THE STEAL! Everyone who is awake by this time KNOWS the Democrats cheat. The Dead vote, illegals vote, voters are bused from place to place, old folks homes are bused in and told how to vote,The Black Panthers and ACORN intimidate voters, the voting machines are VERY hackable, 120% of the votes for Obummer and none for the republican…..

  35. Gail Combs says:

    Things are getting fun. They ALREADY caught Hillary cheating.

    …At the conclusion of the debate, specifically at 1:35:30, you see the “Cleaner” swoop in quick as a flash and put the papers in his folder….

    [commenter]Wolf Moon
    Who is the Cleaner, and why does he appear to hand off Hillary’s papers to Lester Holt?

    Wolf Moon has several pictures (screen caps) of the ‘Cleaner’ I figure he will be IDed fairly soon.

    Another goody from the commenters

    Ho Hum (@Hohummm) says:
    September 27, 2016 at 4:23 am

    I notice from this video that Lester Holt was fitted with an earpiece. You can hear him say you are “breaking up” ( around the 50 min mark) and then a support staff comes out and adjusts his microphone pack (takes off his jacket to do so) after which Holt says “you are coming in clear”

    I thought according to the Presidential Debate Commission even the moderators were not allowed to have ear pieces?
    wheatietoo says:
    September 27, 2016 at 4:37 am

    Yes! Great catch.
    It’s so obvious isn’t it…and yeah, no one is supposed to have ear pieces.
    Not the moderators or the candidates.

    Also there are more pictures of Hillary with an ear piece.

  36. Gail Combs says:

    I think John R maybe onto something.

    I’m watching in segments – I have just finished the first 20 minutes. Thoughts so far. Clinton is clearly scripted – whether there is an ear piece or not (I don’t think so) at this stage she has her points so well ingrained. There is definite collusion (back channels at a minimum) in my opinion as the synergy between Holt and Clinton was obvious. It wasn’t as bad as Crowley with Romney – more of the same – old – same old variety. I feel Trump was nervous at the very beginning and he warmed up from her snide and chiding remarks. I suspect the strategy for debate 1 is get through it – allow the moderator and Clinton to play their games, but don’t react too harshly.….

    I think how Trump handled this debate was part of a long term game plan.

    Three Goals for this debate
    1. Get rid of the ‘Bad Temperment he will explode’ image.
    2. Don’t fall into the trap of SEE! He attacks a women!
    3. Appear slightly naive, a bit of a buffoon to get the DNC/GOPe to think he is an easy opponent.

    This explains why Trump let all the bait tossed at him last night go sailing over his head. The guy had the answers, we have heard his answers numerous times before but he did not use them. That had me very very puzzled at first.

    Trump reminds me of my cat, Helga, hunting blue jays. She would jump barely off the ground several time so the jays would get very bold and dive bomb her closer and closer to her head. Then all of a sudden she was five feet above them and they were lunch.

    I can not wait to see Trump make a Hitlery sandwich the last debate.

  37. Gail Combs says:

    OOPs, I must have goofed on the HTML again (Haven’t had my Cuppa)

    The “Cleaner” – Quick as a Flash…

  38. A C Osborn says:

    Do you reqire any Sporting Streaming sites?

  39. Gail Combs says:

    Seems the TreeHouse is not the only one ripping Clinton and her enabler Holt a new one.

    Washington Times: Eight examples where ‘fact-checking’ became opinion journalism


    The media coverage on the presidential contest seems to have come down to “fact-checking,” with The New York Times, The Washington Post and Politico each doing articles depicting Donald Trump’s lies on the campaign trail.

    This is dangerous territory for the profession, for as Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto opined on Twitter: ” ‘Fact checking’ is opinion journalism pretending to be some sort of heightened objectivity.”

    Why you ask? Because most “fact-checkers” are merely liberal journalists looking to prove their preconceived narrative. They cherry-pick the statements to “fact-check” and then decide which data to back it up with…..
    Here are the eight most outrageous “fact-checks” used against Mr. Trump in the last few weeks, that explain why the American public’s trust in the media is at an all-time low….

  40. H.R. says:

    Don’t forget the recency effect. I’m with ‘Helga hunting blue jays’ on this one. I’m now expecting the 2nd debate to be another draw. The last debate going into the vote may decide the election, so Hillary will prepare less after two easy debates. That’s when Trump unloads on Hillary; in the 3rd debate. That’s my guess as of now.

  41. Glenn999 says:

    I was completely prepared to endure the debate, and yet failed miserably. Her overly smug attitude grated on me with a fierceness I had not expected; so I beamed into an episode of kirk and spock. For shame, for shame.

  42. Gail Combs says:

    Glenn, she and Holt came across as two actors in a play with Trump as someone on the sideline butting in. The flow of question and answer was way too fast and smooth between Holt and Hillary and a dead giveaway that it was scripted.

    I am not sure that that smoothness is much of an asset once the debate gets dissected on-line.

    I know I was startled by the smoothness and at first thought Oh crap she won this by a mile. And then I remembered how bad she was at some of her rallies when a question came out of left field.

    (Notice YOUTUBE adds a second vid saying Hillary is ‘unphased’ that starts automatically.— You really can’t make this stuff up, the propaganda machine is so blatant!)

    or this big flub

    (The vids are short)

  43. p.g.sharrow says:

    “Blue Jay effect”.
    I like that one. My view as well. Trump is a promoter/negotiator in for the long sale. says never present your target all your best stuff up front. Remember Trump said he went easy on Hillary because Chelsea was there and he didn’t want to make Hillary look bad in front of Chelsea.
    I – thought – Hillary’s – speaking – style – very – strange – and – un-natural – at – times – during – the – debate. Ear pieces and repeating another’s words would explain that.
    Far too often Trump was forced to debate the moderator who also seemed to in on the back office operation. It also seems to me that the RNC elites allowed NBC to stick Trump with this stacked deck…pg

  44. Gail Combs says:

    OOOoooooh, Scot Adams of Dilbert fame chimes in.

    ….But the most interesting question has to do with what problem both of them were trying to solve with the debate. Clinton tried to look healthy, and as I mentioned, I don’t think she completely succeeded. But Trump needed to solve exactly one problem: Look less scary. Trump needed to counter Clinton’s successful branding of him as having a bad temperament to the point of being dangerous to the country. Trump accomplished exactly that…by…losing the debate.

    Trump was defensive, and debated poorly at points, but he did not look crazy. And pundits noticed that he intentionally avoided using his strongest attacks regarding Bill Clinton’s scandals. In other words, he showed control. He stayed in the presidential zone under pressure. And in so doing, he solved for his only remaining problem. He looked safer.

    By tomorrow, no one will remember what either of them said during the debate. But we will remember how they made us feel.

    Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election. He had one thing to accomplish – being less scary – and he did it.

  45. philjourdan says:

    @Gail – “my cat, Helga, hunting blue jays.”

    I like your cat! (Hate blue jays!)

  46. Gail Combs says:

    The blue jays were targeting my strawberries/blueberries. I had a raised bed with blueberry bushes and a ground cover of mixed wild and cultivated strawberries. (The crosses are YUMMY!) Her favorite ambush spot was under the strawberry leaves.

    That cat was the best thing I ever did for my garden. She wiped out the moles, chipmunks and squirrels that were eating everything in sight. (It was Boston MA so no guns allowed.)

  47. Larry Ledwick says:

    Gail I think Scot Adams is right.
    Trump and Hillary were/are being judged by different standards. What is interesting is on a pure debate judge standard (I was in debate in high school and went to state level competition several times in both debate and extemporaneous speaking competition)
    Hillary won slightly on a point by point refutation basis. But some other factors were going on.
    Her drones thought she won by a landslide, but the points scored by inappropriate debate interaction by Lester Holt actually hurt her. The people on the fence will see that as cheating and more Candy Crowlly style manipulation of the rules, ganging up on one candidate (Trump) for an agenda.
    Trump actually had to debate both Hillary and Lester (sound the foul buzzer).

    Second Trump did a couple things successfully. He did not go totally unhinged which many on the fence expected him to do. He showed some discretion and control, and most importantly in my mind is in spite of being ganged up on by both his legitimate debate opponent and the moderator he stayed in the fight, and also proved he was a strong forceful personality by not letting Lester walk over him. There were several points were he pushed back strongly on Lester’s intrusion into the debate. That will score well with folks that are looking for a leader that will not sell us out in international negotiations and are tired of weak ineffectual interactions with other governments.

    On the other hand, Hillary was so clean and scripted on her responses I think a lot of people find plausible the idea that she got advance copies of the questions or an ear bud. You could see it in her body language and that sick little self satisfied smile she had on occasion. People at a subconscious level either tuned her out as just more Waaa Waaaah Waa Waaaa (Charlie Brown’s Mom in the TV cartoons) politician droning, or got alarm bells ringing because the interaction between her and the moderator was just a bit too smooth and scripted to be natural, especially given her normally wooden performance on stage at live events.

    It is telling that Trump won almost all of the after debate snap polls some of them by substantial margins not any where near as close as the real meaningful debate it self went. This means one of two or three things.

    One, is that the snap polls were really popularity polls and Trump has a huge advantage in the number of folks who really support him — ie lots of voters that traditionally would not be active in those polls.

    Two, the public is judging the candidates on non-standard criteria not on the literal debate performance.

    Three the public at large just really does not like Hillary and are looking for an excuse – any excuse – to vote for Trump. He performed well enough to make them decide “Okay good enough he is not a raging lunatic, and she we know is a raging beast from hell — I’ll go with Trump”

    It will be interesting to see the spin this morning and over the next couple days.

  48. philjourdan says:

    They do not work too well on Coons however (that is the problem my BIL has). But yes, they do an excellent job on moles, voles, squirrels (they have to sit up in the trees and just bark) and Bluejays! Who are nasty SOBs in any case (they dive bomb the cats when the cats are eating out of their own bowls!)

  49. Larry Ledwick says:
  50. Gail Combs says:

    Yes, I agree with Scott. It has been obvious (Art of the Deal) that Trump takes the extreme position and then softens as needed. His supporters know this.

  51. Larry Ledwick says:

    By the way Daily Caller did a tally on interruptions of the debate candidates by the moderator in the first debate, and it was 41 : 7 Trump:Hillary
    Lester made almost 6x more interruptions of Trump than Hillary.
    Also the character of those interruptions was much different, many of the interruptions of Trump were editorial (acting as proxy for Hillary) where when Interrupting Hillary none of them I recall were supporting a talking point of Trumps and challenging Hillary.

  52. Gail Combs says:

    This is what counts. The regular people scared about their jobs.
    How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats

  53. Larry Ledwick says:

    I finally found a site that does some debunking of Hillary’s comments during the debate.

  54. Larry Ledwick says:

    From your link above on the bar patrons these are the comments which pretty well nail it:

    “By the end of the debate, Clinton never said a thing to persuade me that she had anything to offer me or my family or my community,”

    “I am a small businessman, a farmer, come from a long line of farmers and coal miners. The policies she talked about tonight ultimately either hurt me or ignore me,” he said.

    People are not voting ideology in this election they are voting pocket book, community, and security.

  55. E.M.Smith says:


    Very well put.

    We’ve had LOTS of job growth… as Miners making good wages at one job get 2 McJobs to avoid losing the house… and the wife picks up a 1/2 time gig washing cars… The folks doing that do know it. And know they have 1/2 the income from 3 jobs that they used to get from one.

    I was puzzled by that question too. I was thinking “Where the hell did this come from?”…

    I’ve also pondered whether the Russians hit the polling machines NOW so as to get them locked down so the Democrats couldn’t hit them during the election… That’s just the kind of castling move they like to do (i.e. a setup for a better long term position, the castle move in chess doesn’t do anything right now, but strengthens defense longer term, gets better field position for two pieces at once). Were I in the FSB right now, I’d be tasking someone to “figure out what the Democrats are up to (electronically) and block it.”… (Knowing how to play the ‘reciprocal game’ – TNG reference – is important to spy vs. spy and to hacker vs hacker…)


    I recorded the debate. I wanted the “first pass” to just be “as experienced”. I’m planning to go back and look at it in more minute ways. IMHO it was a 2 on 1 with the moderator choosing the field of battle and sending in archers from time to time as Hillary was ground to ground with Trump… A look at exactly what was asked, who it benefits, and when where followups and challenges done by the moderator will be instructive…


    BINGO! We have a winner…

    I kept thinking “Plastic Hillary” when she would “Put on a Plastic Face!” (echo of “put on a happy face” song) and bobble-head an arc around the room…

    Then Trump would say something directed right at Joe & Jane Sixpack… no punches pulled, no “happy face” over the top of it… “It’s a mess” and “You had 30 years…”

    Even MSNBC, some hours after the debate, briefly flashed a comparison of 4 polls with 3 of them showing Trump with significant wins, including their own MSNBC online poll. DESPITE the Democrat “ground game” of hoards of folks lined up to “pack the polls”…

    It’s pretty clear to me that the “Game” is “Get Trump” with a full attack from all sides, only holding back when absolutely necessary to avoid making it so obvious there’s a revolt.


    Good Catch on The Cleaner! I’d completely missed that.

    At first, I thought “Hey, they both have a notes tablet on their podium, maybe he’s just collecting that…” but it is ‘rings at the top’ and about 9 inch. The Cleaner snags a loose leaf of 11 inch… I wonder if anyone recorded any camera angles from behind the podiums or at the set up if The Cleaner becomes The Setup?…

    I’m going to be watching for “looking down eyes reading” as I review the debate recordings.

    Per Journalism as Advocacy: There’s a reason Journalists are ranked about with Congress in opinion polls. Folks can spot spin and liars. They will forgive honest error, but never forgive a bald faced lie for effect. Frankly, the “2 on 1” just pisses me off and I’m feeling like donating to the Trump campaign just because of seeing him as the underdog in a 2 on 1 dog fight.

    That Dilbert point is interesting… relates to my response in the line above… Is Trump able to play the “underdog” card? Hmmmm…. by deliberately letting the tail get chewed so later the fangs can come out and “it’s OK, he got his tail cheewed by that ….itch”



    Long Form: I hope to make the TV Page a general reference for anyone to pick up interesting online TV. So while it will necessarily have bias from my searches / interests, I’m even putting up links in languages I don’t understand. ( I have a Hungarian Aggregator link in hand…).

    So yeah, Sports, especially Hockey ;-) but even Baseball and the Footballs of the world (though I really like Rugby better… who needs protective equipment…)


    I don’t know if Trump is “crazy like a Fox” or inexperienced in Politics. I have noticed he tries to time things for “late impact”. If that is to save money, well, OK; but traditionally the idea has been “repetition repetition repetition” coupled with “it is hard to overcome a bad first impression”… So we’ll see if he’s being “cheap and dumb” or “Helga”…

    (Like Helga, BTW ;-)


    No worries… I found I was more interested in playing with my Tablet Browsers than looking at her… so now I need to watch the tape to endure the visuals… and get a better understanding of the nuances. I have a pretty good “People Reader” for things like micro-expressions. Hers are “Plastic Surgeon” in many cases. (That’s just a tag. It can be real plastic surgery that blocks effective expressions, or just someone who “puts on a face”…) Trump is real.

    The link per The Cleaner has the whole debate in an embedded video, and you can skip over parts…


    Yes, Hillary is 100% fully scripted. Whether by earpiece, pre-planned questions, or a week of memorizing the script, I can’t say yet. But not one scrap of it is “her”.

    I think folks pick up on the Plastic Person… vs genuine Trump…


    I like her cat too… I wonder if she likes rats, and would like to spend a nice fall in my garden ;-)

    @Larry Ledwick:

    I had that “waaa whaa wha wa whhhaaa” effect… I’ve now got to run the tape (yes, VHS… hey, it still works and there is NO copy protect on it) so as to actually LISTEN to her answers… and I was trying to pay attention!

    I suspect Hillary was trying to “win the debate, with help” and Trump was trying to “speak to the people”… you see that when he looks right at the camera and you can just see him thinking “talk TO the audience at home”…

    My only complaint is his wandering answers and some of his ‘excited scatter’ at the start. He could have been much more even. But his style is 1/2 sentences and repeats. Maybe it works better for people “not like me”. I ‘record it all’ on the first pass and find the chopped and repeated 1/2 sentences a bother as I need to compress it to one clean thought. I suspect he’s just trying to trigger “enough” connections in the brains of the viewers and then “moves on” unfinished with the sentence as “job done”… But, IMHO, at the start he had more “scatter” than usual and it seemed like “too much coffee” to me. (Not literal coffee, just a metaphor).


    Well, time for my “cuppa” and then a review of the recorded debate. There will be ‘many eyes’ and ‘many hands’ looking over this stuff. What I think The Establishment has missed, in their blatant Grooming Of The Media, is that nobody watches The Media anymore except for a very very few, and they are mostly old. IIRC a Very High Score is something like 6% of the viewers…

    Yes, I watch them, but mostly for clues to their bias and to criticize them!

    So, take my kids: NO broadcast or cable TV. Everything over the internet. Netflix, Youtube, etc. Hell, even I’m going that way (thus this posting…). So just who and how many are really watching MSNBC in their Talking Points Hour pre and post debate? The Spouse was in the L.Room watching Star Trek! (And I would have, too, had I not been a “man on a mission” ;-) Well, really, I did watch for most of the hour before… just ran off to set the recorder going…) At the start of the debate, we swapped over to…. CSPAN so as to avoid all the annoying Talking Heads trying to tell us what to think!

    Of what use is it to control the “spin” on CNN / MSNBC when everyone is watching CSPAN, Fox, or an internet feed? … (We don’t even talk about NBC, ABC, CBS… they had hit irrelevancy long ago and CBS knows it, they are going to “paid subscription over the internet only” for the new Star Trek… and internet feed for their news programs – that I had running in the pre-debate hours before hitting Star Trek Re-Runs… hey, maybe CBS is onto something ;-) Note: Paramount owns Star Trek and CBS owns Paramount…. so even watching it on BBC America, CBS got a cut.

    Well, it will be interesting… But about that morning beverage…

  56. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, I’m going to do this “by Topic” since I can only take about 1/2 hour of it at a time…

    The opening intro stated 3 Topics

    1) Achieving Prosperity
    2) America’s Direction
    3) Security of America

    Each topic to be 2 ‘segments’ of 15 minutes each. A question, 2 min for each candidate (so about 5 minutes at the end of that) and then ‘the rest’ (or about 10 minutes) of “Open Discussion”.

    In no particular order, here’s my notes from the first Topic.


    I was particularly looking for “look downs’ and potential reading moments. Hillary has lots. Trump almost none. Some for HRC do not have a visible precursor ‘write notes’ episode (watch for right shoulder movement when the hand writes off camera). Some are clearly writing a note or two. It is weak evidence in that there isn’t a constant feed on HRC (ought to have recorded the ABC Hillary Cam…) so you can’t see if she wrote a note before the look downs to read. But the amount of ‘eye looks almost closed look down’ moments is quite large for her.

    In general, HRC talks about Trump a lot, her and her plans a little, the nation not so much.
    Trump talks about The Nation a lot, himself a lot, HRC some.

    My assessment of the two sides economic plans is that HRC is the Same Old Same Old “Tax a LOT, Spend way more, and expect the Fed to Fix it, while moving power to DC and increasing regulations and prosecutions. Trump is about cutting costs, cutting ‘make work’, cutting waste and stupidity, and eliminating frivolous prosecution and vindictive government. His is a clear win, IMHO, as he understands where we are on the Laffer Curve and that less tax rate and regulation means means a lot more tax revenue. HRC resorts to “appeals to un-named persons” for opinions denigrating Trumps economics.

    In terms of substance, Trump has it very right, HRC is a basket of regurgitated socialist hash.

    One minor point, looking at the microphones, HRC is at mouth level, Trump is about a foot down. Now you can easily adjust gain to make up for that, but Trump ends up leaning into the microphone (probably not needed) and that is a bother to him. They built custom podiums sized for each candidate, and they could not get the microphones set up the same way? Really?

    The Questions:

    AFTER a preamble, in which the “moderator” staged a ‘set up’ of “2 Economic realities” of “6 years of job growth” and “record wage growth” we get to the question:

    “Why are you a better choice than your opponent for creating the kinds of jobs that will put more money in the pockets of American Workers?”

    This question is handed to HRC first, who then launches into a clearly rehearsed and scripted answer. Was that from “prep” or “peek”? Who knows…

    Now right out the gate I have to look at that and say “Why the preamble?” WHY did the “moderator” choose that field of battle and then decorate it with “false facts”? Is he just so immersed in the spin he doesn’t know? Or was it deliberate? Yes, we’ve had 6 years of ‘job growth’ but at rates less than worker growth. Labor Participation is down. AND that ignores the “what job quality” and the “2 x 1/2 time jobs is nor > 1 good job” problem. Further, record wage growth? On what planet? Maybe he means total wages paid (expected with more total workers) but clearly clueless on “wage per worker AFTER adjusting for inflation” which is what really matters. So I call this one Highly Biased, though why is an open issue.

    Second, “kinds of jobs”? That smells a bit of a set up for Clinton to launch into the “clean energy clean jobs” BS. And she does… As though construction and mining are not the right kind of jobs… It’s just a bit fishy…

    The 2nd question was:

    ~”Tax cuts for the wealthy“…

    Now tax cuts are across the board for everyone under Trump. It all gets simplified and reduced. Also, from the Reagan Years and from the Laffer Curve we know that cutting tax rates on the rich causes them to pay more total tax payments. So right out the gate this question is biased in at least 2 ways. Framed as “for the wealthy” it is a clear set-up for the HRC “Tax The Rich!!!” campaign posture. Then implying a reduction in RATE = reduction in PAYMENT is bogus (but I suppose we can give him that one based on being an economically ignorant journalist…) Still, it is a strongly biased pro HRC question and anti Trump.

    Why not just say “Please defend your Tax Policy”, you have 2 minutes.


    It is starkly clear that the “moderator” is actually cleanly “on side” with Clinton. No doubt at all.
    It shows in the interrupts as in the questions. I have the following notes on interrupts:

    For HRC, there are 3 ‘free rebuttal handoffs” (if I’ve read my scrawl right ;-) So when the “moderator” interrupts and talks to HRC, it is of the form “would you like to respond to that”. One is a ‘partial interrupt’ as HRC is already starting to respond… Oh, and HRC requests a reset on the 2 minute timer (that looks to have been done though I didn’t formally measure it) and basically is given bonus time sometimes. Times are from my VCR, reset at the start of the moderator intro, so will vary from the Youtubes a bit, but I get lots of “lookdowns” about 38 minutes and 40 minutes. She also has a ‘closed eye sort of look down’ about 20 minutes, 22, and just before “Trumped Up” at 10 minutes. Why?… scribbled notes or prep sheets? Donno…

    For Trump, all the interrupts look negative to me. We get a ‘follow up asking Trump to answer the question”, then a “moderator” attempts a push question then a “Tax Return Ping” and a couple of more interrupts (IRS and one other) then a selective ‘silencing the audience’ when the had a vocal moment supportive of trump, and finally a “moving along”…

    So Hillary is given wide open “would you like to rebut” and Trump gets question interrupts aimed straight at him, personally….

    Then note that at about 30 minutes in, Trump is in a debate with the “moderator” about the IRS. Really. HRC isn’t in on the question, nor the dialog.

    Since when is a ‘debate’ between candidate and moderator?

    Overall, I’d score this segment as Trump Wins, Hillary Plastic Passes, and Moderator Loses.

    Trump talked to the people about what they wanted to know (lower taxes, lower regulation, less government, job growth, sane economics and trade deals) and defended against biased attacks. HRC spouted rehearsed Left Wing Talking Points and justified it based on how well it has worked in the last 8 years… (Gaaack… retch…) The Moderator did set-up questions for HRC and shot arrows at Trump when needed by HRC, then gave field position to HRC for free field goal attempts…

    End Note:

    It is MUCH more interesting to watch it with a critical eye on replay… You can stop and back up and look something over again and ask “why?’… Not nearly as boring as the live run. Then again, I do need to take breaks every topic as you can only look at that plastic face and hear those smarmy Drive By Snarks so much in one sitting, then you need to go brush your teeth, swab your ears, and drink a Stiff One to regain sanity ;-)

    At any rate, that’s my quick notes on Topic One. After a break for lunch and composure, I’ll be back with Topic Two…

  57. tucsonaustrian says:

    NCAA recorded football games:

  58. Larry Ledwick says:

    EM regarding your comments about ignoring the media.

    I think that has become nearly universal behavior starting from the time TIVO came out and people started doing pre-scheduled VCR recordings of shows that they wanted to watch. Just fast forward through the crap then check when the team comes on the field for the snap.

    I do it all the time with on line videos, I have the window playing in the corner of the screen and the audio muted until it looks like something useful is about to happen. Then if they start droning and get into too much of the Waaaaa Waaaa I will just click on the time marker a few seconds down the video and pick it up when that stops. Same goes with commentary, I have about 10 seconds tolerance for empty commentary by TV “Talent” who are just running out the clock.

    Media and commercials have by making themselves so obnoxious trained their viewers to tune them out most of the time.

    Pre-game show — no interest at all, mute the sound watch out of the corner of my eye while I open the mail or read a book. When I see the team in huddle I will unmute the sound and pay attention.

    On those kind of stream of conscious shows like political events, presidential news conferences etc. I usually only watch a fraction of the show. In the case of Obama I almost never even bother to watch the original speech but will scan the transcript an hour or so later after looking at comments to see what other people picked up that might be worth my time to evaluate.

    A 30 min TV show only contains about 20 of actual program material. Using selective watching I can watch the meat of the show in about 15 mins

  59. This is an area where cable DVR boxes fall flat. At any ff speed sound is cut. I have no issues comprehending audio at 2x. With QuickTime and YouTube it’s available…

  60. E.M.Smith says:



    I tend to put two shows up at once. There are Soooo many commercial, I can swap primary to secondary and catch a few minutes, then swap back when my internal ‘commercial timer’ runs out. Usually the ‘lesser’ show is something with lots of small segments, like the news, where missing a bit isn’t important. ( I *loved* my old Sony Satellite receiver as it let me queue up 6 stations in a ‘jump loop’… Then DirecTV required that I go to their box … that by waiting to the bitter end they sent me for free just to get me to change ;-) and it only does main / second). IFF both are doing commercials, there’s a few ‘go to numbers’ I can type very fast to pick something else for the next 4 minutes… That’s a big part of how I can report on all of Fox, MSNBC, CNN, RT, etc.etc….

    Once a week the extended family gets together. We run some shows to watch. Even though they are on DVD of 7 folks there, 3 or 4 have a computer or tablet in front of them the whole time to fill the gaps of things like credits, dull spots, etc. When it’s not DVD, it’s “mute and into the handheld”… (Yes, sometimes I’m one of them… with my Bluetooth headset, I can actually watch totally different media if they chose something I’m bored with… only did that once so far…)

    And I don’t even have a Tivo! (I do sometimes time shift and filter with the VCR… it’s still very good for that).

    At the Florida Friends house, he has DVR and Picture in Picture. Between the two, very little of the Talking “Talent” gets through… except during football season when we’re too busy with chips and beer and talking-a-hoot that nobody is even paying attention to the remote… until kickoff sets up… He often has two games going at once in the PIP, so when one goes off to the lawyers to decide what happened on the field, we swap active big pic and just keep on going… One channel he likes does that for you. Something like 9 games? and they just show the good bits of each and cut out the dead time… forget the name of it (as it isn’t on my DirecTV bundle).

    So yeah, “they”, via their overambitious “down your throat with a firehose” crap push have instead created a set of folks who get as close to zero of it as humanly possible… which is often, in fact, zero… My Son and DIL only do things like Netflix with ZERO crapola… no broadcast / cable stuff at all… I’m heading that way having had a ‘taster’ and would already be there but for being on the road a lot and not being at a TV to speak of (at least, not where I really had control). and with often sporadic internet speeds. The Spouse now regularly watches TV with the Mac Laptop on a lap table in front of her. While I’m doing the news-jumps, she is in the laptop watching who knows what. (But at a minimum including Netflix binge watching some series she really likes).

    Heck, I was busy playing with live video on my tablet during the first 1/3 of the debate… while recording it for later detail review… We’ve become a nation of multitaskers and selective listeners…

    Oh Well ;-)

    BTW, notes on “part 2” done… I was going to enter them now, but got caught up in this topic… Thanks for that! ;-)

    They’ll be up in a few…

  61. Larry Ledwick says:

    When I worked in the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) during a disaster, we would have 3-4 TV’s on showing the major news networks (broadcast TV circa late 1980’s). One set at listening volume and the others low enough you could hear them, but had to mentally focus on that audio to track what was being said. One of the ops officers would bring up the volume on which every TV station appeared to be doing the best coverage at the moment or the breaking segment we needed to see. It is amazing how much you can pickup with no audio at all, between viewing live shots and screen crawlers you most of the time don’t even need to hear the “Talent”.

  62. Larry Ledwick says:

    Tracking poll after the debates by LA Times

  63. Gail Combs says:

    ” I really like Rugby better… who needs protective equipment” The only sport I will watch…

    Just for you E.M.

  64. Larry Ledwick says:

    Huge difference in rally response between DJT and HRC

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 27 minutes ago Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)
    Unbelievable evening in Melbourne, Florida w/ 15,000 supporters- and an additional 12,000 who could not get in. Thank you! #TrumpTrain #MAGA

  65. Another Ian says:

    Views from Canada

    In one (IIRC SDA comments) there is a mention that a lot of the “Hillary won” supposed poll results are actually only quoting one of the major msm polls

  66. Larry Ledwick says:

    I am seeing the same thing, during the Obama election cycles every third car had a bumper sticker (I live and work near Boulder), and a good number of yard signs.

    This year I think I have seen 2 Hillary related bumper stickers and a couple yard signs. There is a definite lack of enthusiasm for her around here compared to prior years and other candidates.

    Talk wise folks I know are definitely liberal do not talk about Hillary except a couple women who chat her up on face book as god’s gift to the world, almost every day. The rest only explain why they can’t vote for Trump not why they want to vote for Hillary.

  67. E.M.Smith says:

    I’m in the heart of ultra liberal and I think I’ve seen more old faded Obama Biden bumperstickers than Hillary… There had been lots of Bernie yard signs, but those yards are now empty… come to think of it, I see more Bernie bumper stickers, even now, than Hillary…

    Enthusiasm gap? Or enthusiasm chasm?

  68. Larry Ledwick says:

    Makes you wonder how many folks who are nominally Democrats and imply they have to vote for Hillary will when the curtains in the voting booth close pause for a second and then check the box for Trump as a spur of the moment protest vote against the Democrats for pushing such a flawed candidate. Especially women who would not dream of telling their friends they would not vote for Hillary but might in the back of their mind be uncomfortable with her “Imperial Highness” and her abusive husband.

  69. gallopingcamel says:

    I am with our fearless leader. I watched the entire debate and it seemed unlikely to move the polls either way.

    Then I went to the Trump rally in Melbourne:

    The music in the first 35 minutes is not what I heard. There was no Wagner (Ride of the Valkyries) but there was this as Trump walked down from his plane:

    You would to be there with almost over 25,000 people and another 10,000 waiting to get in to understand the impact. The venue is an aircraft hanger with both sides open and an audio system that is pumping out at least 5,000 Watts of amazingly “High Fidelity” audio.

    The last time I was this uplifted by “music” was at Cardiff Arms Park when 50,000 Welsh voices were singing this:

    Suddenly I believe that Donald Trump can win this election and start the Herculean task of cleaning out the corruption that afflicts our institutions.

  70. E.M.Smith says:


    I know of at least 2 out of 5 in my immediate circle…


    I am Soooo liking my Tablet with the TV Links! Right now I’ve got DW news running on the tablet next to the Chrombox big screen where I’m typing this.

    I’d been, after dinner, watching The Tube in the L.R. w/spouse. She’s off to bed, and I did a news cycle. MSNBC / CNN of course praising Hillary’s ~”landslide wind”… and trotting out the Character Assassin du jour in the form of a former Ms. Universe contestant complaining that Trump had destroyed her “self esteem” with anorexia and bulimia… yet on Fox Megyn Kelly was asking her about a magazine article from that time where she said she had been fighting it for a year+ prior to Ms. Universe… (which of course was denied…)

    Well, needless to say, I just was burned out on the whole game. Yet everywhere I looked, It was the Trash Trump show (except Fox where it was “Look at them Trash Trump”…) Off went the TV, on when the tablet… I started hitting “my links”… It was pretty quick to make a quick dip around the planet. Just pleasant.

    RT was talking about the airplane downed some years back, maybe the over Ukraine… I wasn’t in the mood for that spin right now… briefly thought about French news, but the brain complained it was tired and didn’t want to code switch to other languages… CBS was again the T T show… and then I landed on DW. Usually a bit dull as they have these “cultural fillers” and “interesting stories around the world you don’t care about”. (Now covering the celebration of some African Leader’s anniversary or birthday or whatever… just the kind of fluff to fill the voids without thinking too much while you type ;-) Had a nice story on Paris closing a road along the Seine river and turning into a walking park / stroll & munch stuff place.

    Somewhere in the middle, landed on Euronews… and picked a story about Musk and Mars:

    The text with the video:

    last updated:
    SpaceX, the space technology firm is setting its sights on Mars. CEO Elon Musk has announced he aims to transport dozens of people along with cargo to the Red Planet as early as 2024.

    The ultimate goal is to colonise Mars but to achieve that the price of getting there would not have to be prohibitively expensive.

    Musk was speaking at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara.

    “Really the key is making this affordable to almost anyone who wants to go. (…) the very first flights will be quite expensive. But the architecture allows for a cost to get (to) less than $200,000, maybe as little as $100,000 over time depending on how much mass a person takes.”

    NASA is supporting SpaceX ‘s first mission to Mars in 2018 which is an unmanned capsule to test descent, entry and landing systems.

    NASA will be providing deep-space and Mars communications relays for SpaceX and consulting services in exchange for flight data. NASA wants to be able to land payloads weighing up to about 30 tons on Mars. So far, the heaviest vehicle to land on Mars was the one-ton Curiosity rover.

    But for now SpaceX’s top priority is to trace the cause of its September accident in which one of its rockets carrying a 200 million dollar Israeli Satellite blew up on launch.

    Now I’ve got that great African acappella singing from the DW story in the background…


    I now have a portable HD TV anywhere there’s the speed to support it and with global news at the click of a link. Only Darn! so far is that Al Jazerra is saying the Opera Browser video is not supported… So more browser / video player work to get it happy. So for now, Al Jazzera is on the Chromebox at the desk… Last night I’d looked at Netflix, but just didn’t want to watch a movie or series tonight. That would take more attention then desired while I type in the 2nd batch of the ‘review’ of the debate.

    So E.M. is a very Happy Camper tonight with his Tablet TV running on the side while playing on the computer and with Bluetooth HQ Audio if desired from the headset… I’m thinking “Youtubes are fine, but maybe I need to find some Live Music Video links too.” (less clicking that way ;-)

  71. gallopingcamel says:

    There were at least 60 “Media” people at the Trump rally in Melbourne and they stayed in their enclosure. They did not interview anyone. They sat glumly hoping for something to happen that would make Trump look bad. Trump called them “Dishonest” and challenged them to use their cameras to show the huge crowd. Don’t expect to see that on your local TV station. Thank God for the Internet that shows what really happened! Forty years ago George Orwell warned us about government controlled media (Ministry of Truth):

    Sadly (for the “Media”) a Trump rally is an uplifting experience. It took almost two hours of standing in line to get into the rally so I used that time to make a demographic survey of the people around me. I will publish statistics in a day or two but already I can tell you that more than 50% of attendees were women. There were very few old people. There were many Hispanics but few black Americans. My sample size was small owing to wind and rain.

  72. E.M.Smith says:

    OK, time to “suck it up” and get the work done:

    Debate, Topic 2: America’s Direction

    This, it turns out, is HIGHLY misleading as a topic name. IMHO it was chosen to misdirect Trump in his preparation. Little did they know he’s a Free Thinking Free Speaker and didn’t waste days prepping for that topic. What the topic Really was is “Trump, why are you a racist?” with “Hillary, can you expand on that?”… More on that below.

    I’ll be doing this more ‘time sequence’ than the first topic.

    The Questions:

    The “preamble” to the first question was “..start by talking about Race”, like that wasn’t a Democratic Talking Point… then some “percent of Americans who say race relations are bad” in America are the worst? in a Decade. (Hey, isn’t that Obama’s watch? -E.M.) then “Much of it amplified by shootings of African Americans by Police”. Then reports of Charlotte and Tulsa. Race is a big issue in the campaign (largely because of a year long effort by Soros funded groups like BLM to amp it up for Hilllary… hey, what’s a few dead Cops when an election is on the line… /sarc; -E.M.)

    The question:
    “One of you will have to bridge a very wide and bitter gap.”

    then punted the question to Hillary for her canned answer.

    Let’s see, could that be directly lifted from one of Hillary’s campaign ads? Just sayin’…

    It is very clearly nothing more than a pre-planned Hillary attack strategy teed up for a easy score.

    At about the 43 minute mark on my VCR just as the question is coming, HRC does a long look down at her podium. then sporadic look downs after that. Now I’ve done LOTS of public speaking. I know that look. You have a ‘crib note’ (maybe pre-made, or maybe made ‘at the moment’) and you are looking down to scan it and load up the talking points. I was trained in a “baseball diamond” method. Key Point at the pitchers mound, home plate the start and reenforce at the end notes, then three ‘bases’ of a few key words each of things to cover. In about 30 seconds you can sketch it out, then talk for 3 minutes, or 30, and still have focus…
    HRC Pivots to Tulsa and Charlotte at about 43-44 and does a lot of ‘look downs’.

    At 44 Hillary is taking some notes (watch the right shoulder wiggle), then HRC pivots to the precanned Guns “issue”. Yet another DNC perpetual talking point…

    Now what does this have to do with “America’s Direction” in the mind of anyone but the wacky left?

    Oh, that’s right, The Donald completely owns the issues of Demographics As Destiny, Law & Order, Economic rejuvenation, personal achievement, military recovery, Fiscal Responsibility, and family values… And Hillary can’t really run on her record of shame… just the check boxes next to her name… so let’s make America’s Direction playing the Race Card, shall we?…

    The “moderator” interrupts with “Stop & Frisk was ruled unconstitutional in MY because is singled out Black and Hispanic..” and we’re into another Trump Debate With The Moderator moment…

    At about 44 minutes, an attempt to interrupt as Trump is scoring so he attempts to punt the topic to HRC. Then again, at 44:20 does punt the topic to HRC who does a long look down at notes.

    Hillary does a canned Race and Young Black Men speech. Lots of look downs not related to the talking point – her speech…

    @52 a “Follow up” to HRC per “police bias”. Softball right up the middle.

    Lots more look down / reads. Especially around 53 minutes. The holds here hands down low over the podium so it looks like she is looking at her hands but her head /eyes don’t track the hand motion, she’s looking at the podium top (or the writing on it?)

    @56 the “moderator” attempts to put a Question to Trump, but he wedges in a response to Hillary.
    @57 the “moderator” attempts to interrupt again.

    @57.5 the “moderator lets HRC take it “free rebuttal”… and she does a look down before rebuttal proceeds.

    NO Moderator reprimand for applause for HRC “prepared for President” remarks. Differential enforcement of the “Quiet!” rule…

    2nd Question:

    @ Trump – The Birther Question… (Just HOW is this “America’s Direction”?) In a direct attack on Trump, the moderator does the preamble speech again:

    “Mr. Trump, for 5 years you perpetuated a false claim that America’s 1st Black President was not a natural born Citizen. You questioned his legitimacy. In the last couple of weeks you acknowledged what most Americans have accepted for years, the President was born in the United States.”

    Then the question? Oh, that’s a “To The Person”…

    “Can you tell us what took you so long?”

    Really, that’s the only other question on “America’s Direction”? How about Creeping Corruption in government? How about Socialism vs Capitalism, a comparison of achievements globally? Or maybe “Will Common Core hurt or help America?” Maybe “Will America slide into ruin in a global open market?” or “How will pervasive robotics impact workers in the future?”. No, it’s an 8 year old now essentially dead issue, but a nice DNC Dog Whistle attack point…

    “Pick a target. Isolate it. PERSONALIZE IT.” Pure Allinsky…

    This direct attack on Trump (you know it’s directed ‘to the person’ when it could have been ‘to the topic’ with “How did Birtherism impact America and how will it impact the future?” or even “What were the roots of it, and what next?”. No, it was a personal jab. Ignoring the actual controversy at the time, the magazines who had the story, the Hillary Staff pushing it, the sealed records, no birth certificate, etc.

    @59 minutes the “moderator” attempts to interrupt.
    @59:20 Presses timing 2011-2015 and we’re into another Moderator and Trump debate…clearly trying to score points. HRC looks down reading…

    @59:50 the “moderator” tries to punt to HRC with check notes…
    @1:00 the “moderator” gives HRC a punt but then we end with more “debate with moderator” as he says “This segment is about Racial Healing”… Really? Not Birtherism? Not America’s Direction? but “racial healing”? Well, at least he stated what his Dog Whistle is playing…

    HRC is reading again at 1:00 to 1:01 then responsds.

    @1:03 the “moderator” puts to Trump for a reply.

    End Notes.

    OK, you can tell I’m getting a bit peeved by this point. “America’s Direction” is really a Race Baiting Trap and right out of the DNC playbook. Direct Alinsky attack “to the person”. Nothing really at all about America in general or its “direction”.

    Personally, I call “Foul!” just based on the slight of hand / misdirection about the topic (since the candidates are not supposed to get the questions, topic is at best what they might have). Yes, he’s a black moderator, so “has issues” and this is one he cares about a lot. Still, he has a duty to America too. That duty is NOT to pick winners, nor toss easy lobs down the middle at one and thrown screwballs AT the other…

    I’d score this segment a ‘draw’ in the actual advantage any candidate got, but on the Pissed Points Scale, anyone expecting an actual debate on the issue is going to be pissed and anyone remotely pro-Trump going in has had their position set in concrete by this kind of crap game.

    Anyone white with a brain saw Hillary playing the Race Card. Hopefully the Blacks and Hispanics of America are bright enough to have seen through this crap too. Trump is NOT racist, not in any way. He just thinks folks (all folks) would rather have a job with decent wages than be on welfare.

    So in terms of actual voter impact, this segment will be “net gain to Trump” as HRC already has all the Black Racists in her camp… so won’t gain any more…

    IMHO, a bunch of the folks “in the middle” are just sick and tired of The Race Card, thought it was dead and buried 8 years ago with “Hope and Change”, decided to give it One More Chance 4 years ago (not wanting to think Obama had failed), and are now just pissed off by it and tired of the whole game. Force Feeding them YOU ARE RACIST!!! in this segment of the debate ought to just make them inclined to say “To hell with it, bring in Trump.”

    So that’s the way I saw it…

  73. gallopingcamel says:

    You have found “Bliss” that boils down to the new reality that says IPTV is the most cost effective way to deliver TV service.

    Cable and satellite TV companies will go bankrupt unless they can re-invent themselves to survive IPTV.

  74. gallopingcamel says:

    Can Gail Combs say how many people showed up for Hillary Clinton’s rally in North Carolina today?

    That may tell us who really won the first presidential debate.

    Donald Trump says his campaign raised $18 million in the last 24 hours. How much did Hillary Clinton rake in?

  75. E.M.Smith says:


    CBS is attempting that. To get the new Star Trek, it’s something like $7 / mo for their internet presence. News, it seems, is free, but to get the rest of the programming, it’s a monthly stipend.

    I think all the other networks will be watching them closely.

    I know I’m going to be needing a LOT more links to completely obsolete the regular TV, either that, or pay $25 / mo to slingtv for their ‘not quite cable’ cable package… which is way cheaper than the alternatives.

    As it stands now, just a day or so into this, I turned the TV / Satellite off a couple of hours ago and even with the limited links I have organized so far, I’ve had everything I wanted.

    For something like $10 or so a month you get Netflix. Last year I ‘binge watched’ Continuum when, for some reason I’ve forgotten, I had nothing better to do for a couple of days. Really fun series, but best watched ‘in one go’ so as to not lose the plot… it’s a bit complicated ;-)

    Now, I’ve seen all of several series they carry, so I’m not feeling as strong a pull. Well, that, and I’m more a news guy than the bulks of their “Emo-Tainment” type shows / movies / series.

    So, in short, B’Cast TV has lost me for several hours a day already, and for a couple of days a month when a series I like shows up on Netflix. That’s what happens at the $10 level… At $25 more, “I’m outta here”… with full HQ Stereo in my high end LG headset (with personal volume control!) and with nice HD screen. The tablet “up close” is like a big screen flat screen across the room… The channels offered by Sling at that price point is pretty much all my ‘regulars’…

    Well see what happens as I ‘settle in’ and try to preferentially run news out of the tablet and not via the TV… Some isn’t quite the experience I want (like BBC and Al Jazzera where you have to keep picking stories and clicking things… I just want the feed of live TV as the producers, directors and program managers assemble it… their work is of value… ) but a lot of it is just fine.

    Now comes a long slow exploration of ‘what is out there’ and adding a hoard of links…

    About a year ago, on the road, we were watching live Irish TV News. I need to find that link again… as one example.

    OTOH, hunting links for live TV could keep me busy all by itself for a few months. Seems MANY local stations in the USA have their local news ‘on line’, so that could be hundreds or thousands of links right there. Don’t know how often I’d want to watch the Nightly News out of Tulsa, but hey, could be interesting ;-)

    At the moment, DW and CBS News along with MSNBC & RT for counterpoint is a pretty good set. I’d like to get a more live BBC ( I think it is out there somewhere… but if not, the Irish news was a nice option) and then there’s a whole gaggle of non-traditional “right wing” sites / links with quasi-news to collect (since Fox is ‘enter your service provider info’ and the plan is to not have a service provider, well, I need some alternative to show the right wing POV. (Yes, Sling has Fox, but I’m also interested in finding ‘free’ sources) In any case, there’s “enough” and I have lots of room to grow the services list…

  76. Larry Ledwick says:

    Trump is so much better doing extemporaneous speeches like the video above in Florida, completely different than his staged TV personality. He rocks in that kind of situation.

  77. philjourdan says:


    One channel he likes does that for you. Something like 9 games? and they just show the good bits of each and cut out the dead time… forget the name of it

    Red Zone. Since I live on the east coast and my team is West coast, I rarely get any of their games, so watch that for the plays. No Commercials and you get to see the best plays from every game.

  78. philjourdan says:

    @Larry Ledwick – SFB is a Podunk Airport! I use it to go see my mother (it is better than the main Orlando airport for getting in and out). There is a 2 lane road going to it. The terminal is very small. That many people means massive traffic jams in and out! That is dedication.

  79. H.R. says:


    Thanks for noting the ‘pen’sive media. It’s too bad you had to do their job for them by taking an informal survey to get a feel for the Trump supporters. I would think the DNC puppet-masters would want a report like yours. After all, what are they paying the media for anyway? ;o)

    You’re correct about the reason they show up. They are just hoping against hope that Trump will go into a full bore white supremacist rant with a request at the end that all the women in the crowd bow down before him. But as E.M. has noted on occasion, “Hope is not a strategy,” and the PTB know that.

    I’m waiting for the false flag actions to start against Trump.

  80. Jeff says:

    @H.R. I think the false flag actions have already started (color my hat “tinfoil”). All these shootings, etc., in the last week, not just locally, but globally, have media everywhere talking about gun control, etc., etc., even though the areas hit have strong, if not draconian, anti-gun (and sometimes anti-knife) laws. Seems a double dose of the Einsteinian definition of insanity, as doing the same thing or moreso is only making things worse, at least here in Europe.

    This also smacks of Soros and his globalist buddies, who are behind BLM and the various Open Society, etc. groups. I think they want to do these false flags everywhere, because of the size and scope of the Anti-Global movement (UKiP, AfD, LePen, and now Trump). I think they are now running scared, as their “bought solution” has been called out by the “proletariat” for the BS it is.

    Kristallnacht was very effective at the time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Soros was schooled in that, even though he would have had to be very young when the actual event took place. Hmm. He would have been around eight then, so maybe he would have known more…

    I think Trump (and the AfD, etc.) offer TRUE change and improvement, and are resonating with the people as they are doing something TPTB haven’t done in years, if at all: they’re listening to what the people want.

    @gallopingcamel: the videos bring tears to my eyes, hope to my heart, and joy to my soul. Eight years (and here in Germany, more like 30 years) of circling the drain is enough. I think Trump thinks well on his feet, something that Hillary cannot do, especially as she is so focused on just staying on her feet.

  81. E.M.Smith says:


    RED ZONE! Yes, that was it! Great way to watch the games! (Saves a lot of wear and tear on the clicker and you don’t need to be able to read the buttons… another beer pleash!)

    Yeah, his team is the Raiders, so in Orlando doesn’t get a lot of coverage…

    @Jeff & HR:

    Remember that he was a Jewish kid trying to stay alive while pretending NOT to be Jewish in a country under Nazi control. He will have been highly focused on who these people were, what they had done, how it worked, how to avoid it; and schooled by those around him in any history he had missed. His life depended on it.

    I’m not sure if it is right to call BLM a “False Flag” or if it is “something else”… (It’s on the edge for me, so not claiming it isn’t either…) It IS right out of the Hegel / Marx playbook of provocation in one direction, to stimulate the ‘reactionaries’ to then reverse back into a ‘win’ for your side…. but then again, that’s just a POLITICAL action that is the same process as a MILITARY False Flag… so is it the same… Hmmmm…. It all pivots on “Is ‘False Flag’ obligatory military?”. So it IS a False Flag in structure…

    In any case, it is a strategically created funded by Soros political gambit to “create a crisis” that then is supposed to rebound to the benefit of the Democratic Candidate. Yet it isn’t.

    I wonder if we’ve reached a critical mass of cameras with objective viewpoints, zero editing, massive volunteer analysts, and large enough largely self educated observers and reporters… i.e. I wonder if we’re having a societal “Light Bulb!” moment….

    If a Kristallnacht were attempted now, you would have 10,000 videos of it on YouTube, from launch to end including selfies by those doing it, and then that could be correlated with their social media past and it would be outed.

    Add in a society jaded by a lifetime of the rants, just dead tired of hearing them, and they are “not enthused” by them anymore… ( I know that for me, hearing anyone shout “Racist” or even say it, just causes me to harden and glaze and think “You idiot pawn”… I know what real racism is. I grew up in a town with a lot of it. There will always be some of it, but at this point I see a whole lot more black racists than white.) Calling Trump anti-woman or misogynist when he has put is daughter in charge of some of his companies and has promoted women to positions of authority in a traditionally male industry just paints the shouter a fool. We have the evidence for ourselves. Do enough of that, the audience is lost. That, IMHO, is where Hillary has reached.


    Well, time for that start of the morning ritual, then steel my nerves to watch part 3 again and take notes…

    It really is a very different debate when you actively analyse it rather than sit passively on the couch contemplating your toenails… I wonder what impact Tivo and DVRs and YouTube watchers will have on the perception of the debate. Folks able to back up and say “What did that moderator just do?…”

  82. Larry Ledwick says:

    This is also currently breaking that HRC might have had “baseball signals” for Holt to instruct him on what she wanted him to do.

  83. philjourdan says:


    Yeah, his team is the Raiders,

    Your friend has excellent taste!

  84. H.R. says:

    @Larry Ledwick, re ‘baseball signals’:

    wOw! Clear as a bell. The only thing she didn’t do was tap her left elbow twice, shuffle the ‘dirt’ back-back-forward while touching the brim of her hat, and moving her broom from her left hand to her right hand :o))

    I’m sure there will be more on this online, but I wouldn’t expect to see anything on U.S. TV.

  85. Larry Ledwick says:

    This is hillarious the user name of the guy that uploaded the hand signal video is — wait for it —
    400 lb hacker
    This is going to go so viral

  86. Larry Ledwick says:

    HRC team in panic mode regarding the black vote numbers

  87. Glenn999 says:

    I saw this video as well

  88. Glenn999 says:

    The beginning of the video is interesting/informative; later it goes off the rails…

  89. E.M.Smith says:


    Sometimes folks who are obsessive to the extreme and ‘go off the rails’ find interesting things in the details that the rest of us miss… at least just before the derailing ;-)

    Like the “cleaner man” and what does look like the corner of a box being pulled out of her podium. Notice as he exits the stage (with the gaggle of ‘interference’ bodies blocking views) he has his right arm bent to behind his back in the classic ‘hiding something’ pose. Now maybe he’s just scratching his kidney… but…


    Per hand signals: I’d noticed that face rub, but was puzzled by it. Didn’t make the leap… Guess I’ve not watched enough sports ;-)

    IMHO, having re-watched the whole debate with pause and re-run… It’s fairly certain to me that Hillary certainly had the questions ahead of time, and was reading something from her podium. Can’t say for sure if it was notes she made when the camera was off of her, or a preset set of notes, but reading is done a lot.

    The “cheat” link has an interesting image of her SOB kit (Small Of Back). That’s the outline of the classical “stage mic” put on folks on stage. (I’ve been fitted with them… ) Normally there’s an earpiece (seen on just about every news show) and often a microphone (small almost like a pimple on a wire along the jaw line). Now they didn’t need a mic as the podium has them and the sound variation from the distance to mic shows it was not backed up by a body mic; so then the question becomes “Why the SOB package?”… Very Interesting… (to quote Laugh In…)

    For all the potential ‘cheats’, I don’t see where it helped her at all. She just came off as plastic scripted and phony, out of touch with anyone but her base.

    I’ve got “Topic 3” notes done now, so typing it in is next on the ToDo list…


    I think next time I need to record CSPAN pre and post shows included, and watch Fox… this time I recorded Fox and watched CSPAN…

    UPDATE: Just a thought… since the earbud became a ‘topic’ it is possible a bone conduction speaker was put on her skull under the hair. They are common for deaf folks who have middle ear damage but intact inner ear. Work well enough… and nothing is in the visible ear…

  90. A C Osborn says:

    I tried posting them all but it must have been rejected for number of links.
    Some do not like Ad Blockers and others you have to join for free.

  91. cdquarles says:

    I am glad you caught that, Mr. Smith. People forget about bone conduction. My memory of the split now is iffy, but I do know that people with long term issues that affect one part more than the other learn to compensate, up to a point.

  92. E.M.Smith says:

    @tucsonaustrian & AC Osborn:

    Thanks! Now we’ve got a pretty good Sports section in the TV page. News has been fleshed out a bit too with Bloomberg for financials and from LG some nice French language news links along with Sky News in English.

    If this keeps up, in a week or two more we’ll have more channels on our “dial” than the Cable Company ;-) and with way more language options ;-)


    The link limit is, IIRC, 8 (default is 3 but I upped it). It may sit in the moderation queue until I wake up, but I approve them and it goes through…

  93. Gail Combs says:

    Thanks to the TreeHouse:

    “you can see the earpiece here”

    OOPS Twitter deleted it…

    Another photo. Note the middle of the ear is a slightly different colour.

    Then you can add Gateway Pundit’s Transmitter.

    Not to mention here reading a scripted answer and the hand signals to the ‘Moderator’

  94. E.M.Smith says:


    Lighting can play tricks on curved surfaces. I’m not seeing an earpiece, just some rounded colors on a curved surface… I’d suggest doing an A / B on some other non-debate images of her ear to see if they look to have the same topology…

    @Another Ian:

    Yeah, kinda my take on it too.

    Toooo many times crying the same old same old and it just doesn’t do anything any more.

    Hell, I already expect to be called a racist homophobic misogynist xenophobe and all I want to to have the laws politely but firmly enforced, and if that isn’t pleasant, then change the laws to what you like. Once “people like me” see terms like that applied to themselves, and see them as the bald faced screamed lies they are, all the “punch” goes out of them when screamed at someone else. It just becomes “Oh, you have those Screaming Idiots in your face too? Care to stop by for tea and scones? We’ll put the game on…”

    Oh, and about that power outage… That’s what, Tasmania and now South Australia? So is it 5 more to go for a ‘clean sweep’? Or do we need to count the odd little islands and territories too?

    Sigh. I can only figure that the goal of The Soros Mob is to destroy all western industrial capacity to “bring on the revolution” in that Marxist existential collapse sort of way…

  95. Gail Combs says:

    Here is a better picture of it from an earlier use.

    At an earlier forum:
    September 8th 2016 NYPD: Hillary Clinton Wore Earpiece During NBC Presidential Forum

    ….The skin-tone piece Clinton was wearing, however, was somewhat different from the standard issued stealth earpiece and is much different in appearance from a hearing aid. This unit is considered a “micro” earbud which contains all the technology but is a fraction of the size with a very high price tag. In fact, most of the units this size, approximately 3mm or comparable to a small pearl stud earring, are normally issued to law enforcement or corporate security teams, sources said. At a size that small, the earbud is designed to sit inside the opening of the ear canal, almost invisible to anyone. However, the unit does move and shift along with its wearer and at times can slightly pop out of the canal and require a quick readjustment, experts said….

    Ironically, the revelation that Clinton was wearing such a unit might have only been recognized because of astute NYPD officers attached to her security detail who are accustomed to seeing the stealth apparatus at stage shows, conventions and security personnel of VIPs and international dignitaries at the United nations and elsewhere in the five boroughs….

    Alternate photo of her same ear

  96. E.M.Smith says:

    The Third Topic: Securing America
    On my recorder, starts at 1:05:50 but I caught a minute or so of the pre-game on the tape…

    The first Question Preamble:

    “We want to start with a 21st Century War happening every day in America, our institutions are under cyber attack and our secrets are being stolen.”

    (To which I’d only ask “So why not get the backdoors and deliberate weaknesses introduced by the NSA, CIA, FBI, Total Information Awareness program, PRISM, etc. etc. removed?…)

    “The question is: Who is behind it and how do we fight it?”

    (To which I’d only ask: “What in hell makes you think anyone can tell who is behind it? IF we knew that, we could nail them to the floor…”)

    After that Question, the “moderator” punts to Hillary (HRC), who does a nice look down at her prompting script and delivers a nice canned speech. “Hacking groups and increasingly States, the most recent and troubling, Russia” then she turns to a Trump and Putin slam.

    Sidebar on ‘Why Russia”, debate picks up below:

    Now I just had to wonder WHY Clinton wanted to pick a fight with Russia. Bothered me for weeks. Up until I “got it” on the Soros Connection.

    Putin put out an international arrest warrant for Soros and blocked his foreign funded NGOs from working inside Russia to destabilize it in another “color revolution”. That makes him “enemy of Soros” and thus “enemy of HRC” and thus anyone who is saying “I can work with Putin” even if at arms length is also “Enemy Of The Soros State”… At that point, HRC vilifying Russia makes sense. NATIONS of the world can NOT be allowed to join as friends against the homogenizing globalization movement… (IMHO, thus, too, the need to destroy any Islamic State that doesn’t agree to be homogenized out of existence too… and thus HRC destabilizing and destroying an arc from Tunisia through Libya and Egypt to Syria and Iraq… war as far as the eye can see. It was on her watch we left thousands of tons of vehicles and munitions in Iraq and just walked away “for the Iraqi army” who promptly handed them over to ISIS and ISIS wannabes… that was the goal.)

    Back at the ‘debate”… Donald is writing notes during the Clinton pitch. I’d not seen him write much until this point.

    At about 1:07 HRC stumbles on the “50 folks” line and does a look down read / reset.
    Moderator gives the “2 minute timer” warning

    At that point, Trump does a pitch for his endorsers (Admirals and Generals), basically saying the truth that nobody knows who did the hack.

    In rebuttal, HRC pivots to ISIS (Trump had raised the issue of ISIS in his statement). Interesting to note that at this point, Trump drinks from a water glass. During the whole debate, despite her history of dehydration, HRC isn’t drinking anything… I wonder if they got sensitized to the ‘drinking’ issue, or just could not afford to have one of the water bottle missing from the wall of water bottles? :-) Or maybe there wasn’t any Gin in the water, so “what’s the point?”…. 8-0

    @1:11 HRC does a look down check of notes.
    1:11:25 at the “Take out leaders”? there is a pause lookdown note check.

    I wonder if she was starting to get a bit lost?… but no worries, the Moderator brings up the next question:

    Preamble: “You mention ISIS and we think of ISIS as “over there”, but there are American Citizens who have been inspired to commit acts of terror on American soil. The latest bombings in New York and New Jersey, the knife attack at a mall in Minnesota. In the last year, deadly attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando.:”

    The question: ” I’ll ask this of both of you, tell us, specifically, how you would prevent home grown attacks by American Citizens?” Mr. Trump…

    (Now I’ll just note in passing this tries to avoid the whole idea of just not letting them in in the first place and being proactive on a demographic basis…)

    Trump does a nice ‘Say what I want and not taking the bait set-up” by talking about keeping the problem out…

    @1:13 HRC does a look down at her “Fact checkers Exhortation”. I note in passing that during The Donald speech, she did the ‘finger along the nose’ (ala “The Sting”? ;-) and that when Trump stops, the “moderator” only says “Mrs. Clinton”… and she launches into the attack. Now, amusing to note, between ‘the sting’ signal and the “Mrs. Clinton” her posture changes and she is loading up for the ‘unload’. The body language and short prompt sure looks like coordination… Then HRC launches into the “Trump supported the Iraq invasion” lie.

    @1:14 HRC look down to pick up domestic talking points… at the “proud of law enforcement” line. At the list of places, she is clearly looking down to read the list.

    1:15:30 Lots of hand motions by HRC and look down through the hands.. Checking a list is complete?

    The “moderator” tries to question Trump, who cuts in and says “Well, I have ot respond!” (Why would a moderator want to let him respond to a pre-planned attack line?…sarc;)
    HRC is writing notes
    The “moderator” says to Trump “Please respond”…

    Trump gets some good hits on HRC and her history with ISIS formation.

    Moderator questions Trump “Mr. Trump, a lot of these are judgment questions. You had supported the war in Iraq before the invasion, what makes… your… judgment… 2012” while in those dotted parts Trump is cutting in with “I did NOT support the war in Iraq”…

    And with that, we are back into yet ANOTHER debate between the “moderator” and Trump. So I have to ask, why the “preamble” in the question that is known to be disavowed by Trump, well attested, and a HRC Talking Point? Hmmm?

    During this, HRC just can’t keep the smirk off her face. She knows the “fix is in” and is enjoying it.
    @1:20 HRC looks down to read again. But Before we get to there, the “Moderator Debate” continues with:

    M: “My question is since you were for the war”
    T: protests
    M: “The record shows otherwise”

    (So we have a “moderator” attacking Trump? THIS is what a debate is supposed to be? Is the Moderator running for POTUS?)

    Trump defends himself…

    M: “My reference was to what you said in 2012”
    Trump: “You didn’t hear what I said”

    @1:20:20 HRC can’t contain her joy at a successful ambush. “Whoo! OK!” and that shoulder shimmy… all set up for the touting of her ‘record’ and doing the Temperament Attack. Brings up nukes.

    @1:25 M interrupts Trump: M: “We need to move on…”
    1:25:25 M attempts to interrupt again “Our Last…”
    1:25:45 M “Which leads to my last question, as we enter our last segment, we’re still on the subject of Securing America; on nuclear weapons: President Obama reportedly considered changing our long standing policy on first use. Do you support the current policy? Mr. Trump, you have 2 minutes.”

    (Now later, we get more questions… so was this really the “last question?”… and why?)

    @1:28:14 M “time expired”
    1:29 HRC looks down and reads
    (I find the mind wandering as she drones on in that sing-song way of the overly rehearsed…)
    M: “2 min” to HRC.
    M starts to say something, Trump jumps in to respond, M “very quickly”…
    1:30:50 M “Mr Trump”.. and 2 more “we have just a few final seconds”…

    @1:31:37 M “Mr. Trump, this year Sec. Clinton became the first woman nominated by a major party for president. Earlier this month, you said she doesn’t have a “presidential look”. She’s standing here right now, what did you mean by that?”

    (So “a few seconds” or “I want to mount a new attack”? And just what does “presidential look” have to do with the stated TOPIC of “Securing America? That’s just a bogus switch and attack. BY the MODERATOR.)

    @1:32 M interupts Trump “The Question was”…
    Trump interrupts right back “I’m answering the Question…”

    1:32:30 M “Let’s let her respond”
    HRC has another rehearsed speech moment…
    Crowd applause (on queue?) and shouts. NO moderator “shush” admonition…

    1:33:30 The crowd does some more applause and again, no “moderator” “shush” this time at Trump support on his “Can’t afford 4 more years of that kind of experience” line. Well, at least this set of 2 was balance, but he’s not doing his only job…

    M attempts “Last Question” (again?) HRC cuts in and the “moderator” lets it.

    1:33:40 ish in her “pigs, slobs, dogs” bit, HRC does a LOT of glancing down and not checks, lots of reads at the “beauty contest” remarks. Now, a day later, all the MSM is 4 walling the pageant lady as she sobs through how the evil Mr. Trump attacked her self esteem… (Left out is the FACT that she was violating the pageant rules, not his, had ballooned up from something like 118 lbs to 170 ish in a couple of months, and had asked for Mr. Trump to help her get back down to competition weight, which he (and she) did.)

    IMHO, that whole pageant thing is 100% scripted. Why? First off, all the MSM was ready to roll with interviews of her the next day. That is not set up overnight. All with the same talking points. Only Fox (Megyn Kelly) had the details and put them up with the complaintant to comment… who didn’t dispute the facts. Next, just what in HELL does a pageant have to do with “Securing America”? This is a set up, folks.

    @1:34 M interrupts Trump “Just 10 seconds and then final”…
    Trump gives a rebuttle.
    1:35 M attempts interrupt with “Quickly…” then 2 more interrupt attempts. He wants to get in one last zinger…

    So what is this, our “3rd last question” now?

    @1:35:37 “Moderator” says: “One of you will NOT win this election, so my final question to you tonight: Are you ready to accept the outcome as the will of the voters?

    Now again I ask: Just what in hell does this have to do with “Securing America”? It’s right out of left field. It has to be a ‘set up’ for something, but I can’t figure out what. To hold up if the vote is close and Trump calls for a recount in a place with 120% of voters voting?

    “Outcome” to HRC as a setup for HRC to slam Trump per “doubts”?

    @1:36:55 M interrupts Trump to direct back to the question (as Trump is talking about things that matter)… and the debate ends.

    In the “post show” interview with Hannity, Trump prompts Hannity and he confirms that Trump was very much anti-war in their discussions back in 2012 and before the war started… While HRC evaporates in an entourage off stage for a nice rest.

    One other note, it looks to me like, as she walks around the stage, HRC has the ‘slow and wide gate’ of someone with minor neurological issues. She is helped up a step at the end by Billy Boy. While shaking hands with the front row, at one point looks to be bracing on a guys shoulder so she doesn’t fall in. Just looks a bit old and starting into frail. ( I say that as someone who is old and knows what frail looks like, having dealt with folks in hospitals and old folks homes a lot).


    I think this debate segment was a tie. 3-way between Moderator, Trump, and Hillary. She scored her zingers. Trump scored on content and understanding. The “moderator” scored on the set-ups and directing things to the zingers…

    IMHO, there had to have been coordination and planning on this. All that is in doubt is just how much. A gentle hint or two (‘be ready with the fat gal zing and the for war zing”) or maybe a copy of the questions and pace on the podium via “The Cleaner” who does seem to get them back to the “Moderator” post debate.

    Frankly, for Trump to stand up with a “tie or slight win” overall over the 3 stages, against that kind of “push”, it’s kind of impressive… Hillary, will all that deck stacking only eeks out a ‘win’ in the mind of her true believers, and maybe a tie overall? That is a very weak performance…

  97. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, In Florida the Clinton treatment of Haiti is coming back to bite them HARD in the rump.

    The Haitian Senate President is in Miami and hates the Clinton’s guts. I do not think Clinton ads on Haitian radio stations are going to do much good countering that.

    Haitian President EXPOSES the Clinton Foundation:

    443,586 view

    What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti, Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her


    How the Clinton Foundation Ripped Off Haiti

    167,964 view

    From 1989 (New York Times)
    “A large West Indian/Haitian community is located in the Miami metropolitan area, with other populations in Orlando and Tampa. Florida has the largest population of Haitian Americans and the second-largest population of Jamaican Americans in the United States…” — WIKI

    … Increasingly, blacks in the Miami area are divided into two worlds: the Haitian and the non-Haitian. Many political figures believe the split has weakened the black voice here as Hispanic immigrants gain ascendancy. A Large Haitian Community

    There are hints of a chasm between Haitian and non-Haitian blacks in other cities as well, including New York. But the problem appears to be greatest here, mostly because of the size of the Haitian population. Eighty thousand, or more than 20 percent, of the 390,000 blacks in Dade County are Haitian, as against well under 10 percent in New York.

    The split has become clearer since rioting in black sections last month over the fatal shooting of a black motorcyclist by a Hispanic police officer. The police say virtually none of those involved in the rioting were Haitian, and many Haitians have since condemned the violence.

    When a reporter approached a group of blacks to question them about the rioting, they backed away, shouting, ”We’re Haitian!” as if to say the fight was not theirs….

    The handful of Florida counties that could decide the 2016 election
    This is from PEW who leans left.

    Florida has once again become an important battleground state and could decide the election this year. In the past two decades, presidential candidates have won Florida by margins of only a few hundred thousand votes….

    The battle for the state’s 29 electoral votes is concentrated in a dozen counties in central Florida – the famous I-4 corridor, between Orlando and Tampa – and the Southeast. In 2014, both of these areas were home to 56% of the state’s voting-age citizens. Among eligible voters, nearly two million were Hispanic…

    In Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, voter turnout will be key. All three have voted overwhelmingly Democratic (especially Palm Beach and Broward), so Republicans will have to go after every vote.

    Democratic candidate John Kerry won in these three counties in the 2004 election, in some cases with more than 60% of the vote. But George W. Bush won more than 800,000 votes in those counties – giving him a victory in Florida.

    Cubans in South Florida are critical for Republicans, says Gamarra, although he says that this community is changing….

  98. gallopingcamel says:

    Over the last 20 years I have attended dozens of GOP rallies in dismay because most of the people attending were over 60 years old. Clearly if a party can’t attract young people it has no future. The left wing “Politico” is pretty happy about this:

    Then I attended a Trump rally in Tampa and noticed a shift in “Demographics”, so at the Trump rally in Melbourne yesterday I surveyed the people standing in line with me. I was planning to survey at least 100 people but wind and rain made things difficult. The results confirmed what I had noticed in Tampa:
    AVERAGE AGE……………..40.0 years
    GENDER……………………..18 males (43%), 24 females (57%)
    PARTY AFFILIATION……..1 Dem (2.4%), 9 Ind (21.4%), 32 Rep (76.1%)
    ETHNICITY……………………1 Black (2.4%), 1 “No Response” (2.4%), 1 “Mixed” (2.4%), 2 Native Americans (4.8%), 4 Hispanics (9.5%), 34 Caucasians (80.9%)
    VOTING INTENTIONS……3 Will not vote (7.1%), 4 Republican (9.5%), 35 Will vote (83.3%)
    RELIGION…………………….2 Agnostics (4.8%), 5 Catholics (11.9%), 9 Christians (21.4%), 26 “No Response” (61.9%)

    While few people were prepared to say who they would vote for most of the respondents were wearing some kind of pro-Trump clothing such as hats, buttons or “Deplorables” T-shirts. The “Will not vote” group were all under age including a nine year old girl who had dragged her mother to the rally!

    I hope some of you will be able to extract meaning from this pathetically small sample.

  99. E.M.Smith says:


    What I extract from it is that Trump has a fairly wide following, and that’s a good thing.


    The ear photos are, IMHO, inconclusive. There’s an ‘issue’ in that the curved surfaces of that part of the ear are irregular from person to person and reflect the light very differently over the surface. Between curvature and variations in skin oils, you just can’t use bits of shading or seeming topology to define a device being present. Further, there are ‘entirely in the ear canal’ devices that would not show up in those camera angles. (As a guy who has ‘ear problems’ I’ve looked at this stuff for decades…)

    Could she have an earwig? Certainly. And you’d never know with the best ones, which she can certainly afford. Do the pictures show one, or just a shiny or dull shift of color in an overly blown up image with too little res? Um….

    So “count me as agnostic” until a photo with “chain of custody” and pedigree showing a clear earwig in use and not just shading and shadows.

    Besides, it would be far easier to put a ‘totally in ear’ one in place or a bone conduction one under her hair and just dodge the risk entirely. We’re talking “couple of $thousand” here, so not even up to her gin and vodka budget… ;-) They’d be daft not to take that approach. The “pokes out a bit” where you can see the stub of them ones run about $800. The price difference is just not enough to “cheap it” given the stakes. The “in ear” can’t even be seen in face to face conversation…

    For example:

    Here is one in the ear:

  100. E.M.Smith says:

    A remarkable number of the “TV Links” in the two original articles (more in the second) linked in the TV page have become dead links. I was going through those two earlier articles, testing what worked to move into the TV Page directly, and it was surprising.

    Some of them may be dead just because they don’t like the tablet (even with the Opera browser – I ran into at least 2), but some of them as just “He’s Dead Jim”…

    In any case, I’m going to continue searching and sorting into the TV Page over time. Just realize (or maybe I need to realize ;-) that Live TV links look to need ongoing maintenance more than most.

  101. Chuckles says:

    E.M., If you’re not that interested in ‘real time’ and ‘now!’ in the material, then the whole ‘cutting the cord’ meme becomes very attractive. You set a personal server system/recorder, on which you set your preferences or choices of programs, and the system goes out and downloads the material as it appears, and stores it ready for you to watch at your leisure.

    And an example of a system setup here –

    While the article is WIndows based, the software runs on almost anything. I use a Linux box and an old iMac, while a friend uses a couple of Raspberry Pis..:)

  102. Gail Combs says:

    A comment on Donald Trump’s possible strategy as it pertains to the debates.

    First Trump is doing his own polling and not relying on the MSM/Gallup or whatever.

    Second we know the polls we are fed are propaganda to make us think Hillary is even with or slightly ahead of Trump and can win. This gives plausibility to a stolen election for her in November. This is why Trump took so long and didn’t give a straight answer to the Will you support who wins? question. (The key is ‘who wins’ not ‘who steals’)

    The New York Housewives poll that shocked the TV host and the on-line polls plus Breitbart’s Shock Poll: Reuters/Ipsos Radically Changes Methodology to Favor Clinton all go to support Trump winning and winning ‘Blegy’ (Trump’s slurred Big League)

    You have an indication of the disgust with the politicians in DC here: Farrakhan to Obama: Let Trump Do Want He Wants, You Failed Inner City Blacks and with the black Haitians. Also you have Trump reaching out to the inner city blacks especially the Black churches. The promise Trump had put into the Republican platform to revoke the muzzle LBJ put on the churches in 1954; The promise of community controlled education; the promise of jobs and Law and Order. Do you think the blacks living in fear in the inner cities want to continue living under gang rule? Really? Soros with his paid gang of protesters moving from city to city give that impression but that is not the reality. As Trump said, after 50 to 100 years of Democrat rule in the inner cities, Isn’t it time for a real change? What do you have to lose by voting for me?

    So given that Trump knows he is winning by a landslide, he knows his voters are enthusiastic and will back him, his goals at the debate is much different than what people might think.

    Looking forward and after seeing the 25/7 bashing of the Shrub by the press he knows he has to do this:

    To accomplish what he wants for the USA he has to have the enthusiasm of the American people, ALL of the American people. So he has to completely de-fang the MSM and he has to do it now while he has the attention of most of the people in the USA.

    THAT was his goal for the debate IMHO.

  103. Gail Combs says:

    So Trump had to show this:

    Followed by this:

    And I think he did.

    Scott Pinsker a Breitbart reporter got part of it correct when he said:
    “Trump recognizes that the goal isn’t to “win” a second-by-second, or minute-by-minute, or point-by-point policy debate. It’s to brand yourself – and also brand others….” But he missed that Trump is not only branding Hillary, he is branding the Media as ‘Dishonest’ and the political system as ‘Rigged’.
    From How Donald Trump Won the Debate

    Joe Dan get’s it. (Now I just have to kick Hubby off the other computer to see how he skewers the MSM.)
    And The Horse They Rode In On…

  104. philjourdan says:

    @Gail – I agree. That Trump is NOT talking about the obvious bias means the left is not out there denying it, yet it is out there. He has them following his pea, while the other hand gets his message across. Excellent shell game!

  105. Gail Combs says:

    At this point I do not think the MSM can do a thing to save themselves. We saw that when
    David Seaman, a popular Huff & Puff Journalist got muzzled and kicked out and then went to Infowars.

    This was followed by the cutting off of Mike Savage in mid sentence while he was on the air.

    We also saw Megyn Kelly get a multi-million dollar ‘book’ advance in exchange for going for Trump’s throat in the Primary debates:

    And then went after Trump’s friend Roger Ailes over alleged sexual harassment accusations.

    …a chorus of prominent Fox News women have gone public defending Roger Ailes against the wave of sexual-harassment allegations sparked by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit….

    There has been a transparent evolution within Fox News taking place after Rupert Murdoch moved to put his sons James and Lachlan into place.

    Despite the financial benefits of running a more conservative/centrist network, like their father, the Murdoch boys are more ideologically aligned with the Mark Zuckerberg “Clintonian” world-view on all things media/political, (see: Bono, Richard Branson, Brangelina peaceniks etc.)

    Almost all Fox watchers have noted the recent leftward shift which is factually more than an executive nudge. It would appear the sexual harassment claim, if factual, is fortuitous as a leverage tool toward the convenient and mounting effort to remove Roger Ailes from Fox News stewardship….

    Don’t forget that Rupert Murdoch is the co-chair of the open borders group, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

    ….PNAE was one of biggest supporters of Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Bill/Amnesty push. They flooded the airways and media with pro immigration reform propaganda…..

    Murdoch has also stated: “We need to do away with the cap on H-1B visas, which is arbitrary and results in U.S. companies struggling to find the high-skill workers they need to continue growing. “

    To me this indicates a go for broke mentality of the Globalist Elite as they rip off the sheepskin they have been hiding under for years and that really scares me given that Obummer and his Admin are no friends of the American people.

  106. gallopingcamel says:

    The Fox News Channel is soon going to be indistinguishable from the other “Main Sream Media”. All it will take is the firing of Sean Hannity.

    I have stopped watching the FNC and mainly rely on Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Channel. How long can he last?

    If you want something refreshingly pro-Trump you might like this:

  107. p.g.sharrow says:

    I agree with the camel, Fox is going down hill fast. Hannity, Dobbs, Elisabeth MacDonald and Dagan, as well, are about the only normal people left on fox and real news is nearly vanished.
    One more reason to ditch the Sat.TV…pg

  108. Jon K says:

    If Dems get their way, it looks like you won’t have to worry about Foxnews, at least for political coverage.

  109. Larry Ledwick says:

    Jon K says:
    29 September 2016 at 4:40 pm

    If Dems get their way, it looks like you won’t have to worry about Foxnews, at least for political coverage.

    And in the process shoot themselves in the foot and destroy their own propaganda system, as people simply tune out the major media completely.

    There is a huge shift going on in public perception and tolerance for skewed news. Most have decided they have no problem with a news organization which has an open agenda and commentary with a clear and apologized bias like Hannity and his commentary, but back door manipulation of the “news” is rapidly becoming a serious bone of contention for folks on all sides of issues. Thanks to the internet they can see side by side raw coverage and manipulated coverage and they don’t like what they see happening. It has been going on for a long time (10’s of years) but in the past it was subtle and the networks at least recognized they were engaged in shenanigans and tried to keep it behind the curtain. Lately they have reached a point of hubris that they simply don’t care if we see them screwing with the news they figure the folks who can be manipulated are too dumb to notice and the folks smart enough to notice were not their target in the first place.

  110. p.g.sharrow says:

    Sound like the some of the Liberal Progressives are not very smart. Baning foreign control and funding of opinion makers will be a double edged sword. Of course they have a massive international money laundering network to cover up their overlords identification. Maybe they think that they will always have control of the levers of government investigation and enforcement.
    The Beast will use those powers to inflict great damage on them…pg

  111. E.M.Smith says:


    I don’t give a damn about ‘real time’ and ‘now’ other than for news. As I’ve already got a few real time live news links, I’m covered on that. (Bloomberg for financial is OK plus the non-TV market sites are fast on news; then CBS is pretty good on news and there’s DW / RT / others for international fast news).

    So thanks for the links! I ought to have figured someone would have written a wiki on how to Cord Cut ;-)


    Interesting observations on Trump. Sounds about right to me… Love the cartoons, BTW. I also love that “our side” has a sense of humor and their side doesn’t ;-)


    Yup. Always look at the negative space… When a magician is on the stage, watch what is behind and to both sides and above. When one hand shoots out dramatically, look at the other one. And Trump is, IMHO, a showman magician…

    On stage, he is putting on “The Trump Show”…

    @Gail, PG, and GC (per Fox):

    And here I thought it was only me… I’d been watching it, too, slowly make the slide into “infotainment” and watched real news evaporate. Tried to figure out if they were just pushing “Fair and Balanced” too far by adding shouting loudmouths from The Left to the increasingly “shouting match news & opinion” shows.

    At first, (back at those first two postings) I’d been unwilling to cord cut as Fox was tied to your “provider ID”. Now I look at it and think “I can live without Fox”.

    Oh, and my “jump through the stations ring” has expanded from “one alternate to Fox at a time” to “CNN, MSNBC, CBS if doing news, BBC when on for 25 minutes of storytime, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNBC World, DW when on” and whatever else I can find. Often I get about 2 minutes on Fox, then do the circuit and come back in 10. Wash and repeat.

    It was at that point I got motivated to just say “Oh dump it all”.

    Along the way found an interesting station who’s name I don’t remember that does more right wing stuff. Newsmax? I think that’s it. I’ve started watching more of it sometimes. Also RT has become a staple. Yes, some of their presenters are wacky left and some are a bit wacky Nationalist pro Putin; but they wear their bias on their sleeve and I can live with that. They do a great service of highlighting the Globalist and USA dogma and actions (even if with a bit too much Ra Ra Russia! mixed in). That I’ve got RT and Al Jazeera and BBC and DW and French news all on links, IMHO, gives me better news flow now than available on the Satellite dish with the Fading Fox vs MSM Mono-Culture-Warriors…

    Thus my TV Links Page…


    Yup. Lou is still on my ‘must see’ list. He’s got a mind and he is not afraid to use it. It is the one thing I’m still trying to patch over. Fox Business and a little bit of CNBC (though they have a good web site).


    Love Dagan, but she seems to have had her role turned into “Token Texan Girl” commentator. Hannity seems to have become “shouting match du jour” and, as noted on other threads, folks with hearing loss just hear mush then, so when that happens I ‘hit the jump button’. Due to that, I get about 2 minutes of Hannity and then I’m gone.

    For a discussion of POV, as well as for news, only ONE voice at a time, or I’m gone.

    I’ll be back for that “No foreign news” topic… I need a cuppa…

  112. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jon K:

    Good Catch! I had no idea that was going on.


    As you point out, it’s going to bit them, too.

    So, say, CBS is pushing Hillary. What happens when Putin doesn’t like that, so has one of his “Oligarchs” buy a 6% stack in them? Hmmm?

    NBC is a bit harder as, IIRC, it’s owned by GE… but isn’t a Saudi Shake a big stock holder in GE? Just sayin’…. folks might not like what they find out when all the ownerships are unrolled.

    BTW, isn’t there some kind of “issue” with corporations being “legal people” and havn’t the Supremes found they have constitutional protection and isn’t there a free speech amendment?

    @Larry Ledwick:

    I’m already 1.75 of my feet out the door (not just one foot) and they want to push harder? OK…

    So I’ll just pick up my commentary about the US Elections from Fox via a direct feed from Australia… I’m sure they can work out the legal angles to make that happen. Either that, or they can let me get my US Elections coverage from Russia Today… I’m sure it will be less biased /sarc;

    Then there’s that whole Millennials not liking censorship thing… they already get almost all their news through their phone. Newspapers? That’s Soooo last millennium…. ( I’m reminded of a few postings back when Serioso chastised me for not using the NY Times as a source; and I pointed out it reached all of about 3 million people, had subscriptions dropping like a rock, and was headed for the bottom of the bird cage in many cases – i.e. was a table tosser in offices and not really read). I used to get 3 or 4 papers. SJ Mercury News, Investors Business Daily, a San Jose Biz paper, and the sporadic SF Comical, oh, sorry, Chronicle… ;-0 Now I get exactly zero.

    I will never be getting a news paper again.

    (Why? Well, for one thing, they went to small sized paper and smaller type. Their ONLY surviving demographic is old people with fading close vision, so they make it impossible for most of them to read their product without extra effort…. Riiiight…. For another, I get much better news from online. In addition to their boilerplate AP and Reuters [ubiquitous on the web somewhere] I get real stories written by real people who were there. Oh, and often with embedded video… “Film at 11”? How about “Film Happening NOW!”.)

    Similarly, I used to watch local TV News. Now, essentially never. MAYBE if I need a morning traffic report (though the online is faster and I don’t have to wait for it to come around) and MAYBE for the weather (but online is instant and much better)… I don’t give a tinkers damn about the local police blotter that makes up 1/2 their stories nor the preachy PC crap about the local government and how it is screwing me over but it’s for my own good so I ought to like it. After that, just what is left in the news? The “Aaawww” story of the puppy and / or kitten and the drain pipe? 10,000 of them on Youtube on demand. The “human interest” story that doesn’t? (Do I really care if some housewife won $100,000 on the Lotto, or worse, nobody won so “Go Buy Now!” support your tax on poor math skilz….)

    I’ll not be bothering with the local TV news again.

    So let them buy up all the failing news papers. Let them own all the local stations. Just not anything but flushing money down the drain (buy hey, “go with your strengths” and they are good at that…)

    How about the “Big Three” networks? Their ratings have been tanking for years. They were bought up as they fell as ‘trophies’ for rich guys running bigger companies. (Like Bezos buying a news paper now). All they do is “infotainment” anyway. Hardly better than the local news.

    So for ‘background noise’ while I’m doing other things, I can leave one of the “news” shows running. IFF something major happens, it will flash and make enough noise I might notice. It is also useful as something to “click through” during the excessive commercials on TV Series (soon to be a non-issue as we ramp up the NetFlix / Hulu / Sling… )

    I would assert there is a kind of Gresham’s Law of viewership:

    Bad coverage drives out good viewership.

    As coverage does not satisfy, eyeballs and time go elsewhere.

    We see that in the death of newspapers, the decline of the Big Networks, the fail of the MSM to “punch through” even when faced with only the weak alternative of Fox (increasingly not) News.

    Call it Smith’s Law of Viewership…

    So I’m as much of a news addict as you could ever hope for or find, and they have already driven me away from “3 of the 4” biggies. News papers, Local News, Network News… Just cable news to go… and I’m in the process now with a 1 year timer to done.

    We are entering a world with 6 or 7 Billion “News Stations”. The first cut of it is here:

    Everyone with a cell phone is their own “broadcast network”. How many of the folks holding up their cell phones at “events” are NOT taking selfies and NOT “recording” but are in fact live broadcasters? All I can say is “many”… and it will be more.

    So “good luck on that whole ‘controlling the media’ thing”…. and mind if I get a close up with my cell phone while you try it?…

    BTW, when something “big” breaks out, Periscope just lights up with it real time and you are in the action not reading about it 2 days later… Just sayin’…. timing is everything… day late and a dollar short and all that…

    One of the top videos at the moment on Periscope?

    “NFL: Road to Super Bowl 51
    More fake racism at Mizzou, sexist dog costumes, Bama arrest”

    It’s a ‘way cool’ kind of TV by the masses for the masses…

  113. E.M.Smith says:

    Is the link to the guy doing the “Mizzou” rant.

    For a while, at least, had a 30 year old Ukranian lady (speaking perfect English) talking about how she felt about makeup and make overs… while laying on her bed or couch… with a bit of ‘cleavage’… and mentioned in passing she couldn’t pay from (some cosmetic surgery? I wasn’t watching when she gave the specific topic) since she had stopped making porn…

    It’s an interesting place on Periscope ;-)

    The top level presents 3 panels live and your cursor determines which sound is on. The third panel was someone introducing a new Danish song… but from a brick ‘sound room’ so quality was a bit full of reflections…

    I’ve not learned how to drive it all yet. There’s a list of stations, and the ones getting the most viewers pop to the top (so during big events the big deal gets floated up). Somehow you can choose other links (or nothing would ever float up) and I’m going hunting for the “news” token…

    At any rate, it will be added to the TV Page as soon as I can figure out how to drive it well ;-)

  114. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah, got it. You click on one of the top videos and it opens just that one as a bigger screen. Then, along the left side, there’s a list of other videos in the same topic ( like talk). Scrolling down, as you get to the bottom, more are added (the cursor moves up the slider space). So way down I fond this one that seems to be a random trucker driving his truck with a Texas Twang and a confederate flag merging with USA flag in the background:

    The road noise is a bit fierce, though. He’s complaining about Hillary at the moment ;-)

    Interesting… there’s a scroll of text messages on the middle left of the screen where folks can text back to the host… somehow.

    OK, now I’ve got how to find others in A topic, next I need to find how to pick topics…

  115. E.M.Smith says:

    Ah, again:

    There’s a search box at the top left of that screen where you can put #tags and pull up listings. Then at the bottom (if you get there… I did on #News but not on #Talk) they have:

    #Talk  2,125 LIVE
    #Music  59 LIVE
    #Food  26 LIVE
    #Art  7 LIVE
    #Travel  2 LIVE
    #News  2 LIVE
    #Inspire  2 LIVE
    #Teach  1 LIVE
    GoPro & Drones
    First Scope 65 LIVE

    I suspect that the “First Scope” is a how-to but I’ve not checked it yet. I clicked on the #News one and got a list of news stories. Not just the “2 Live” at that moment, but a few dozen from prior days (marked with how old) so you can actually go back and watch, for example, a sit in on a college campus or a police event from days (weeks?) back. So “Live” and also “Live on DVR”…

    I went back to the top link and the mix has changed (as ranks have changed or a live show ended) and now under #Food someone is showing how to do shots of Tequila with a friend ;-) I think I’m gonna like this thing ;-)

    On #Talk, they now have a vegetarian doing “food time” and talking about vegan vs vegetarian patties pseudo-meat… but she’s cute…

  116. E.M.Smith says:

    Damn. I’m hooked:

    33,229 Viewers
    Jerusalem: Israelis pay respects to Schimon Peres


    Want to attend Schimon’s service… (at least the outdoors non-private part)…

  117. E.M.Smith says:

    Gee… it seems a Tesla was hacked by Chinese hackers while it was moving. They opened the trunk, the sunroof, tapped the brakes…

    Who knew… Then it goes into the Yahoo hack.

    There’s a reason I don’t want to buy any care with a computer in it… ;-)

  118. E.M.Smith says:

    Tagging this for my future use… top three news shows now are a march / procession in Venezuela
    En vivo procesión de San Miguel Arcángel en la plaza Altamira.

    @LeocenisOficialChacao, Venezuela

    A guy in Long Island who looks like he’s doing a TV / Radio show?

    WLINY RADIO #tunes #talk #news #longisland #USA

    @iradiousaLake Grove, NY, United States

    (Internet radio / streaming on a banner in the background)

    and a Dunkin Donuts CEO interview:

    512 Viewers
    Happy #NationalCoffeeDay! Dunkin Donuts CEO Nigel Travis LIVE w/@briansozzi

    That has just ended (but video still runable) where the other two are live.

    So you can put that link up as your “top three” and if “breaking news” breaks out, one of the live feeds ought to go hot with lots of viewers and either pop up fast or after a ‘reload’ ( I’m not sure how rank / break-ins happen).

  119. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, it’s working.

    Last night, instead of “The Tube” I was watching RT, Skynews, and some others on the Tablet.

    This morning I had them side by side. On The Tube? My local “public TV” station that runs RT at a few odd times was…. running the same RT feed I’d seen last night. Clearly a “tape delay time shift” to match California time… So now I can get RT without caring about their crazy schedule (that doesn’t match the guide on the satellite) AND I can get it 9 hours earlier. Nice!

    Skynews was also a treat. Actual news, what a concept.

    Each of them covering stories that were either completely missing from the USA news stations, or with a very different POV. RT has coverage of the war in Syria, with film from on the ground on the Syrian side where no US journalist could ever go. Skynews had a story I didn’t care about on the Royals at some garden party, but it was there had I wanted to see it. Both had more coverage of ongoing international issues (while the US stations had wall to wall Trump vs. Clinton Mira La Lucha Underground!!!) Coverage of the Shimon Peres funeral. Refugees being picked up in the waters of the Mediterranean.

    Heck, I even got California news that wasn’t on the US stations. Seems there was a significant protest / riot in the L.A. area (really a bit north) with the “Occupy” folks protesting the shooting of {someone black?} by police. Lots of street clearing and even a lady with a doozy of a black eye from a bean bag strike. Just like N.C., but not in the news since the Democrats have a “lock” on the California vote already.

    Oh, and picked up some Bloomberg market news last night too. The DB plunge and its ongoing implications. (Not as dire as Lehman Bros. since The Fed refused to backstop Lehman, but DB will be backed up by global central banks.)

    So, as of now, I’ve already got about 1/2 my “TV Time” moved off of the TV. Not bad for the first week of a 1 year plan! 8-)

    Along the way, found that Periscope doesn’t work on the Tablet with either Opera or Pale Moon browsers; so a bit of upgrading needed there. (The Opera was a beta release some years back, so likely I just need to get the actual release…)

    Over time, those kinds of teething problems will resolve as newer browsers are installed that fully support the Live Video formats and as providers work the ‘idiosyncrasies’ out of their sites. (i.e. bug stomping…)

    In short: So far, so good, and I’ve got better news content too.

  120. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting that there are still in spite of the drum beat trying to portray Trump as hostile to women, some positive personal anecdotes that trickle out periodically. They show an entirely different picture of the man and how he functions when not on stage.

  121. Gail Combs says:

    Trump has shown he has a heart of gold over and over. If something touches him he will do what he can.

    For example the little girl with the bone disease.

    and the Orthodox Child with Rare Ailment is Rescued Aboard Tycoon’s Jet

    July 20, 1988
    NEW YORK (Jul. 19)
    The private Boeing 727 of real estate tycoon Donald Trump arrived from Los Angeles at LaGuardia Airport Tuesday morning, carrying aboard an Orthodox Jewish child with a rare and still undiagnosed breathing illness.
    The child, Andrew Ten, age 3, arrived with his parents — accompanied by three nurses who attend to him around the clock — to try to seek medical help in the New York area.
    Trump made his plane available for the special trip to New York after the boy’s parents, Judy and Harold Ten, called Trump and told him of their plight.
    Commercial airlines refused to fly the child because he could not travel without an elaborate life-support system, which includes a portable oxygen tank, a suction machine, a breathing bag and an adrenaline syringe.
    “Mr. Trump did not hesitate when we called him up. He said ‘yes, I’ll send my plane out,’” 29-year-old Harold Ten recalled shortly after he landed here Tuesday morning….

    So much for the anti-semite claim.

    A Man Was Being Beaten to Death with a Bat…

    …Donald Trump never sought attention for this story, but during his trip he noticed a man on the sidewalk being brutally assaulted by a “big guy” with a baseball bat. Trump noticed the victim taking “5 or 6 whacks” and knew he was about to be killed.

    Without hesitation, Trump told the driver to pull the car over and he leaped out of the car. His ex-wife Marla Maples was tugging at his arm trying to stop him….

    Trump Saved NY Veterans Day Parade Marking 50th Anniversary of End of WWII

    …Trump holds the Phelps Award as 2008 Honoree of the Year by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza.

    UPI reported in 1995 how Trump was credited with ‘saving’ the New York Veterans Day Parade. The parade that year was marking the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II….

    Police estimated 500,000 people attended the largest military parade ever held in New York. Organizers, who placed the turnout at closer to a million, said the parade would not have been a success if it hadn’t been for real estate developer Donald Trump, who contributed $200,000 and raised another $300,000.

    “Donald Trump saved the parade,” said parade director Tom Fox, himself a Vietnam veteran. “We had asked for donations from 200 corporations, and none of them came through,” he said.

    “This donation is the single most important thing I’ve ever done,” said a beaming Trump. “This is more important than all of my buildings and my casinos. This is my way of saying thank you to all the men an women in the armed services who have made it possible for me to become a success. Without them freedom and liberty would be gone.”

    …Organizers received no contributions from the 200 corporations they asked, among them military contractors to whom they presented documentation of profits made on weapons used in World War II.

    “Zippo, dada, zilch,” Mr. Fox said. “Nothing from Northrup, United Technologies, none of them. To me, it’s a sin.”

    By mid-August, organizers had a bank account of exactly $1.21….

    This was not Trump’s first time supporting the New York Veterans Day Parade. In 1987 Trump gave $1 million to help the parade when it was in transition, according to a history of the parade reported by Business Insider in 2013.

    And this is not the first time Trump helped the people of NYC. At the Republican National Convention, Rudy Giuliani breaks a promise to Donald Trump during RNC Speech

    …” Giuliani admitted he was letting out a secret about Trump at the Republican National Convention on Monday.

    “Every time New York City suffered a tragedy, Donald Trump was there to help. He’s not going to like my telling you this, but he did it anonymously,” Giuliani said, calling Trump a “man with a big heart.”

    “When police officers were shot, when firefighters were hurt, when people were in trouble, he came forward and he helped, and he asked not to be mentioned. Well, I am going to break my promise to him. I am going to mention it,” he added. as the crowd cheered.

    “I am telling you this because I am sick and tired of the defamation of Donald Trump by the media and by the Clinton campaign,” Giuliani said in a rebuff to accusations about Trump’s charitable giving.

    “This is a good man and America should be sick and tired of their vicious nasty campaign,” he said. “You deserve to know this about your next president.”

    Mar A Lago

    Trump INSISTED on including Jews and blacks at Palm Beach golf course in 1990s
    <blockquote.“When Donald opened his club in Palm Beach called Mar-a-Lago, he insisted on accepting Jews and blacks even though other clubs in Palm Beach to this day discriminate against blacks and Jews. The old guard in Palm Beach was outraged that Donald would accept blacks and Jews so that’s the real Donald Trump that I know.”….

    Sometimes, in judging the character of an individual, it pays to see what people actually do when nobody’s really paying attention. When it came to segregation in the South at private, all-white country clubs, it might have been in Trump’s business interests to simply look the other way. Instead, Trump did the right thing and insisted on desegregation at his golf resort.
    And he won.

    (Members at Mar a Lago get privileges at a large handful of Trump golf courses. Mar a Lago is only 20ac and is a club not a course. Seems fact escape journalist all the time.)

  122. Gail Combs says:

    The debate commission is now admitting that Trump’s microphone was messed up. SURPRISE! — NOT. Kinda Tough to deny when it is all over the internet.

    [Reply: This is the repaired link. -E.M.Smith ]

  123. E.M.Smith says:


    Mic link gives a 404… Clinton Langoliers? :-)

  124. E.M.Smith says:

    Trump, in Michigan, from behind Trump

    It looks like the 2 hashtags of #Trumptrain and #MAGA (Make America Great Again) get you Trump events and related…

    Just a search with “Trump” gives a lot more.

    Here’s a view from the back of the room:

  125. p.g.sharrow says:

    that 404 page also gives the correct link to the asticle…pg

  126. E.M.Smith says:


    OK, you got me to read beyond the 404, find the correct link and repair Gail’s comment…

    BTW, the article says the fault caused the mic to work poorly in the room , that tells me it wasn’t the mic as it was fine to the broadcasters, but was the connection to the room amp.

    No fiddling with the mic would fix that. Cable to amp, connectors, amp channel, cables to speaker sound board. That’s where to fix it. Guess I’ve done too much remote support work ;-)

  127. p.g.sharrow says:

    Also there was Something about sounds of sniffing and heavy breathing as well into the feed Quick comments by others that Trump was sounding like a dope sniffer. Dirty tricks are the name of the game. Anything goes no matter how small. For the TRUE believers this is a life or death

  128. gallopingcamel says:

    Now we know that Trump was not having a bad day. His microphone was on the blink. Was it by accident or design?

  129. gallopingcamel says:

    IMHO all this “sound and fury” surrounding the first debate does not matter. Nor will the second or third debates matter except to the extent they show Donald is right when he talks about media bias.

    Anderson Cooper is loony ideologue who will trash Trump at the next debate and it will boost Trump in the polls. The “Main Stream Media” think the American electorate is too stupid to understand how biased they are.

    I suspect the result on November 9 will shock the MSM.

  130. Larry Ledwick says:

    Here is another web news source you might want to keep an eye on, independent investigative journalist. Stefan Molyneux just did a video with this guy regarding the Miss Universe Alicia Machado got fat controversy. He does not appear to be constrained by some of the common news taboos, so some of his stuff is very controversial. I have not had enough exposure to him to form a judgement yet, but getting endorsed by Stefan M. is enough to get me to keep an eye on him for a while and see what he covers and figure out what his biases are.

  131. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm interesting

    Love the German police comment:

    In Bautzen, near Germany’s eastern border with Poland, a 17-year-old Syrian threatened a 39-year-old German man. Police said Saturday that the minor injured himself and was taken to hospital.

  132. Larry Ledwick says:

    Sort of related article about web info sources and their impact on user views.
    I love the very last sentence in the article. I wish American journalists agreed with it.

  133. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve added a few “local TV” stations to the TV page, and rearranged it a bit (moved the Debate group down now that we’re past the first debate, moves others up, added some categories).

    I had the pleasure of watching CBS news, an L.A. News station per an earthquake storm in the Salton Sea basin, Sky News UK, and a bit of RT while sitting in the parking lot waiting for the spouse. Seems several places have free WiFi able to support TV on the Tablet.

    I’m now quite happy with the TV page as a quick way to pick a station and jump to it, so I’m keeping that page open in one tab pretty much all the time. So it’s a ‘pick the tab and click’ to get a TV station and check the news.

  134. cdquarles says:

    Hey, EM, you might recall that we backstopped Deutsch Bank back in ’08. Happened in September if I am remembering correctly. I recall that they halted money market trading when the run was on and they couldn’t ‘keep the buck’.

  135. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well apparently wordpress is doing maintenance, let’s try this again.

    You might also want to take a look at :

    Have a whole laundry list of TV stations feeds to choose from all over the world.

  136. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, well, it’s been 8 years and, you know, a few $Billion here a few €Billion there and pretty soon you run out of other peoples money to “invest” ;-)


    Will do…

  137. philjourdan says:

    Re: Earthquake storm – I know you did an article on it about 2 years ago. When Imperial valley was having THOUSANDS of earthquakes (the strongest barely above 5). Those were more shallow however. I wonder if they are related to these?

  138. E.M.Smith says:

    Any quakes from an area will be related to other quakes from that area in that both are influenced by the same stresses in the rocks of that area.

    For that whole Imperial Valley / Salton Sea and on up to Death Valley (and even down into Baja California / Gulf of California) they are part of the same volcanic spreading zone (a ‘mid ocean ridge’ that comes ashore and is spliting California from the North American plate…) so, yeah, related.

    As that zone spreads, we get a split (down to about 7000 ft in Death Valley, but full of rubble) and that split makes volcanoes (active in Mexico, last active about 9000 years ago in So.Cal, and even later at Mamouth Mountain).

    So it is quite possible that under the Salton Sea there is a volcano trying to become… or just a magma bubble that will form a pluton and harden (a bubble of magma that cools and sets up into rock). It isn’t very deterministic… depends on just what plates move where on the planet and how much the convection fo magma causes the split to, well, split.

    So it could be a slip in a fault, or a volcanic attempt; but in all cases it is driven by the movement of the plates that collide there and the spreading ridge trying to cut to the surface. That means everything from about the tip of Baja to about San Francisco (and then off shore) is “connected” and related. The farther away, the more distant the relationship, and for very small quakes, can be near zero. But for big ones, they can ‘connect’ a very long ways. A 7 or 8 in So.Cal can propagate up the San Andreas to San Francisco, and a 9+ in Japan is often just a few years offset from a 9+ in Cascadia.

    For these quakes, my guess would be either minior straining of the local faults, or a bit of attempted magma flow. But it could, if it grows instead of fades, eventually trigger the locked San Andreas nearby and set off a 7+ …

  139. Kaine’s “you’re fired” zinger fell completely flat. So far, he’s coming off rude.

  140. H.R. says:

    Larry wrote: “Love the German police comment:”

    In Bautzen, near Germany’s eastern border with Poland, a 17-year-old Syrian threatened a 39-year-old German man. Police said Saturday that the minor injured himself and was taken to hospital.

    So the clumsy Syrian youth must have accidentally fallen down a flight of stairs…. 6 times.

  141. Larry Ledwick says:

    Kaine is coming off as a smug, condescending suck up, I had to turn it off. I used to work under folks like that in state government and it pushes all my buttons now when someone drops into that style of suck up pandering to the boss. It just makes me want to slap them upside the head, so I will pass on this debate.

  142. H.R. says:

    Maybe it’s not too late… Pence should address the moderator and say, “Why don’t you address all questions to me and we’ll just let Senator Kaine interrupt.”

  143. Larry Ledwick says:

    Can’t pass this one up.

    According to Frank Lutz focus groups just about everyone thinks Kaine sucks.

  144. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter:
    Gov. Mike Huckabee ‏@GovMikeHuckabee 3 minutes ago

    Kaine is heading straight for Waffle House. He’s pretty hungry because Pence ate Kaine’s lunch.

  145. E.M.Smith says:

    Spouse and I could stand it for about 10 minutes, then the smirking smarmy rude asshole just was too much to take. She went off to something fluffy and I moved to TV 2. I could take about 2 minute immersions especially when the polite statesman Pense was trying to give serious thoughtful answers. Then the interuptions, insults and sucking up to Hillary from Kaines was just too much. Way too repetitive too.

    I did pick up Kaines’ tell though. He gets a strong smirk, the left eyebrow rises slightly, then he looks intently at the moderator and there is a small “knowing nod”, followed shortly by the “moderator” tossing the floor to him and / or trying to interrupt Pense (more at the end when Pence had caught on and just refused to be cut off mid point.)

    Maybe, someday, with ample scotch, I’ll review a youtube of it…

    Oh, and I found it more pleasant to look at / watch Hooch of Turner & Hooch… fun movie…

  146. p.g.sharrow says:

    “smirking smarmy rude asshole ”

    I thought that it was just me! Several times I wanted to reach up and slap him SHUT THE HECK UP. It ain’t your turn! Guess he was trying to win on volume of noise and

  147. Larry Ledwick says:

    Nope not you, that is the reason I turned it off, he got under my skin in about 2 minutes.

  148. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, Note the comment at GotNews by

    Keln✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ • 5 days ago

    Add to all of this that many are pointing out Trump never called her “Miss Piggy” to begin with, but that Howard Stern did on his radio show at the time while having Trump on as a guest. The issue of her weight gain was in the entertainment news at the time and pretty much everyone was making fun of her for it. Trump staged a press event with Machado exercising where he not only supported her publicly, he also pointed to himself as someone who overeats when under pressure, pointed out that many in the press there that day had some weight problems as well, and even brought attention to eating disorders.

    So their story is basically pointing out the opposite of who Trump is and how he treated Machado. But they just can’t help lying, because that’s all they ever do.

    Yes, they are evil. Very evil.

    He is a frequent commenter at ConservativeTreeHouse and IIRC the creator of the Les Deplorable poster.

    So on to the Wolverines at the TreeHouse 1997 Video of Donald Trump and Alicia Machado – Miss Universe Press Event… Nothing like showing the actual incident.

    Another Wolverine sums up this Nothing Burger very neatly:

    rsanchez1990 says:
    September 28, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Clinton is counting on people forgetting that it’s a freaking BEAUTY PAGEANT! And this video clearly shows Trump explaining how he is working with Alicia to get her pageant-ready. That’s what any good employer would do, if your employee is struggling you first work with the employee to get the employee the resources they need to do their job. If the employee doesn’t fulfill their obligations after employer intervention, it’s not controversial that said employee will get sacked. Alicia’s weight and figure are part of her job, and if even after The Donald intervened, got her one of the best personal trainers at the time, if even after that she couldn’t meet her obligations, it’s not controversial that he would go to her and tell her, “you’re fired”. It’s just not controversial.

    Just substitute a movie contract or boxing or any other sport for beauty contestant. It truly is a nothing burger.

    And this commenter sums up the WHY of the mud slinging.

    Truthfilter says:
    September 28, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    As I posted on the previous thread, this is multi-faceted bait. Clintons know her history. They want Trump to react/respond in a way that provides fodder—which they can spin and use to present Miss Piggy as a victim. They’re not going to bring up the fact that she’s a criminal or a gang banger’s baby momma. They hope Trump will bring it up. Many Democrat voters are single mothers whose own kids are sired by criminal thugs. This is a ploy to get Trump to say something that will piss off and insult women, Hispanics, blacks, immigrants, baby mommas, etc. The Dems have no reason to believe that they will see a big turnout for Hillary. There is no enthusiasm for Hillary from groups who usually vote Democrat but there is no fear or loathing of Trump either. They are looking for any opportunity to create a negative emotional response toward Trump –enough to motivate voters to go to the polls and vote against him. He hasn’t taken the bait and this will backfire. Clintons are running out of time and ideas.

    As I mentioned yesterday Trump doesn’t need to touch this stuff. He can stay on topic — JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, —- and let his supporters roll around in the mud with the media which they are gleefully doing. In this way the truth gets out and Hillary looks like a spiteful witch who has nothing to offer but mudslinging.

    “Hillary Clinton’s new anti-Trump poster child is literally a porn star who was accused of driving the getaway vehicle for a murder attempt and later threatening to kill a judge.”

    Hitlery’s whole campaign is based on the MSM controlling the narrative and people being too dumb to see through the mudslinging and lies. This lie is targeted at the Hispanic Community. It is an attempt to divert attention from the very nasty Clinton Foundation/Haiti bomb. I hope the Hispanic Community does not swallow it.

    Spanish ad for Hitlery by Alicia Machado

    156,431 views – 79 up – 30 down

    It is an attempt at countering the following because Clinton is losing Florida a critical state. Clinton campaign in ‘panic mode’ over Florida black voters – POLITICO

    Haitian President EXPOSES the Clinton Foundation:
    “Hillary Clinton tried to bribe me!”

    475,683 views – 8488 up – 139 down

    Other YouTubes on Haiti
    How the Clinton Foundation Ripped Off Haiti
    209,455 views – 3176 up – 119 down

    What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti, Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her

    185,186 views – 5221 up – 135 down (WeAreChange – a leftist group)

  149. philjourdan says:

    @Regis Llanfar

    Having had to endure him for many years, Kaine IS rude. Also crude and ugly. From what I hear, he came off as himself last night.

  150. Gail Combs says:

    DANG! I put my comments in the wrong thread again. Sorry about that guys.
    My Comments on the VP debate:

  151. p.g.sharrow says:

    Kaine is a good match for Hillary. Two annoying, yappy ankle biters.
    Hell of a choice.
    The Beast or the liers….pg

  152. Gail Combs says:

    I think this comment over at American Thinker sums up the VP Debate in one sentence:

    “I didn’t think I would ever find a politician who I could dislike more than Hillary, but Kaine has changed my mind. “johnnyrocks67

    KREEEEEEEeeeepy Kaine!

  153. philjourdan says:

    As Gail knows, one of the “big stories” in these parts are people dressing up like Pennywise. A.F. Branco says it best –

  154. E.M.Smith says:

    @Phil: OMG that’s good!

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