Not In My Lifetime – Cubs

OMG! Has Hell become covered in ice? Do we have politicians telling the truth? Has peace come to the Middle East?

Perhaps not those things, but something equally as impossible has happened.
The Cubs are in the World Series…

Cubs reach first World Series in 71 years

By Ray Sanchez and Madison Park, CNN
Updated 5:15 PM ET, Sat October 22, 2016

(CNN)The Chicago Cubs finally ended their 71-year absence from the World Series by pushing aside the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series.

Long the subject of a so-called curse, the Cubs continued their spectacular season at Wrigley Field late Saturday.
They now head to Game 1 of the World Series in Cleveland, where they will face the Indians on Tuesday.

The Cubs have been a perennial fail for as long as I have been alive, and then some. Now this? What happened? Did someone put a goat in a box seat? Has the last of the cursed players, owners, vendors, whatever finally ‘passed on’ ending the pall? Did they players actually practice to win instead of show?

Somehow I never thought I would see the day that “Cubs in World Series” would be a legit headline…

OK, I’m going to be bold here:

I think it is because my Son has moved to Chicago and my Grandson was born there. A new vitality based on faith, honesty, and good works. (Their church sent a small mission of folks to Chicago to set up a church, thinking it was where there was the most good to be done… in the heart of the beast.) So I put it all down to that. The time for change is now, and the right people are doing it.

Now I know everyone else will have other reasons, and I’m sure they are just as right as I am. But in true Progressive fashion, this answer pleases me more, so it’s the one I’m going with. When The Cubs win the World Series, you can thank me and mine for it.

Heck, who knows, if that happens we’ll have to warn airline pilots to watch out for flying pigs and start withdrawing troops from global bases as world peace will have broken out, turning tanks into tractors… Heck, we can even expect to see Vladimir Putin and Hillary dancing at the UN Ball together…

The world has come unstuck, all is a spinning unanchored swirl, chaos reins in our foundations: The Cubs are in the World Series.

May miracles never end, praise The Lord! (and pass the beer…)

End Note

/sarc; and humor for those needing a whack with the clue stick…

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11 Responses to Not In My Lifetime – Cubs

  1. Serioso says:

    Theo Epstein

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    “When The Cubs win the World Series, you can think me and mine for it.” Can we thank you instead?

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    My sister went to the airport to help greet the returning AL champs.
    That was not in Chicago, but rather in Cleveland.
    I was a fan of the 1960 Pirates and when they beat NY, I haven’t paid much attention to BB since. Out on top, so to speak.
    My sister moved closer to Cleveland and is now a fan there. Silly thing.

  4. Zeke says:

    It’s going to storm.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @Graeme No.3:

    Uh… sure.. The perils of posting when not fully caffeinated and trying to understand the use of “Cubs” in the same sentence as “In World Series”… ;-)


    Yeah, he’s good, but it’s the players that hit and run…

    @John F. Hultquist:

    I’m a fan of the San Jose Giants … yeah, the Minor League… I had way much more fun at their games than at the Big League games.

    Then again, one summer the family went on a tour including a drive to Orlando and back. Along the way, my Son who was about 7? at the time, wanted to see some ball games. We had a wonderful time at the Albuquerque Dukes? game and an Atlanta Braves game to remember for a long time, but in some ways it was the Phoenix Diamondbacks game that was the most fun. Indoors, and we got some kind of commemorative ball ( I think it was their first year?…) and folks in the hot tub in the outfield had to watch out for incoming home run balls! Yup, they had a pool of some kind for VIPs…

    Then he got into Hockey, we got Sharks season tickets, and I’ve not been to a major league baseball game since… (and now don’t go to Sharks games either… price got way out of line).

    So frankly, this whole Cubs thing came at me ‘from left field’ as I’d not noticed them for the last 20 years or so ;-)

  6. John Silver says:


  7. philjourdan says:

    Ah, gee. One perennial loser is going to win it. But other than historians, who is getting excited about the series? I am a Mets fan (enough of the ridicule please), but there are other teams that at least inspire interest. Cleveland and the Cubs are not 2 of them. But then I was not alive when either last won one.

  8. Gary says:

    I agree with Serioso. It’s Theo Epstein who signed the players, just like he did in Boston which brought them their World Series titles after an 85 year drought. He’s better than most at evaluating talent.

  9. M Simon says:

    I just turned 72. It has been a long time coming. I wasn’t old enough to understand the last time it happened. Maybe the end of WW2 had something to do with it.

    I have been a Chicago boy since my stint at UChicago in ’62-’63. Always loved Wrigley Field. Despite the fact that I rarely chew gum. Jack Brickhouse – I hope he is smiling.

    OH. Yeah. Don’t forget the curse of the goat.

  10. tom0mason says:

    It’s a sign!
    It’s a sign.
    A sign of what?

    All change…

  11. philjourdan says:

    @Tom0mason – no, of the American Dream. If the Cubs can do it ANYONE can! ;-)

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