Cubs Win The World Series

May wonders never cease…

I thought I would never live so long. Must be because my kid moved to Chicago ;-)

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5 Responses to Cubs Win The World Series

  1. philjourdan says:

    Hard to get excited. But then I have never been a Cubs fan, so do not know their pain. Congratulations to the Cubs. Now go back to being a doormat for my Mets! ;-)

  2. H.R. (off saltwater fishing in S.C.) says:

    “Cubs Win World Series!”

    That’s a headline I’ve never seen in my lifetime. I will watch carefully for buses whenever I cross the street because that may be the omen that my time on Earth is up ;o)

  3. Gail Combs says:

    Reminds me of Dr. Anthony Lewis’ short story of the Curse of The Great Bambino about when the Red Sox traded the Babe to the Yankees.

  4. ROBERT M SYKES says:

    Anyone who wants to win a World Series has to hire Theo Epstein.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, I’m finally recovered from the late night episode of Cubs watching.

    I’m posting this comment from a Puppy Linux on the R.Pi M3. It is fast and low memory impact, but lacking some things I really want. (For one thing, it can’t find the ‘sound card’ so no sound… for another, the default Chromium browser will not let me set as my default search engine…) Then again, this particular copy is from 2012, so maybe I need to try the 2016 version…

    Now that the Cubs have won, and a large running joke is over, what next? It reminds me a bit of “Anything can happen Thursday” on Big Bang Theory. Once you have stopped “the usual”, it’s hard to start the unusual.

    Somehow I have the feeling this is “one of those years”. The ’60s generation is in power, but headed for the door, the Gen X and Millennials are realizing it is up to them, soon. There’s a wind of change on the air, and now this: Cubs as World Champions.

    If the Goat was a curse, is this win an omen?

    Hey, a fella can hope, can’t he?


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