Brave Browser has Promise

Glenn999 had a ‘tip’ (mysteriously out of place on a non-tip thread ;-) about the “Brave” browser. I took a look at their web site. It has promise. So h/t to Genn999 for that.

I’m not easily impressed by Yet Another Browser. This one has goals that make it stand out some. Specifically the emphasis on suppression of ads, malware, trackers and such, while incorporating ways to let you pay folks whose content you want to support. Both via ‘allow’ lists for their ads, and via direct ‘micropayments’ with Bitcoins.

From their ABOUT tab:

We have a mission to save the web by increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while growing ad revenue share for content creators.

The web has become a different place. With the ad-tech ecosystem out of control, users have revolted and blocking ads has become the new weapon of choice for improving their browsing speed, safety and privacy. Unfortunately, blocking alone results in a race to the bottom where nobody wins. Without the ability for content creators to earn money for their efforts, users could be left with fewer sites to browse, relegated to hand-picked content from controlled sources.

Brave aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with micropayments and a new revenue-sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal, where fast, safe browsing is the path to a brighter future for the open web.

And from their “faster” tab:

Browse Faster

Brave blocks trackers and intrusive ads that can slow you down on the web.

Browse Safer

Brave keeps you and your information safer, effectively shielding you from 3rd party tracking and malvertisement.

Browse Better

With Brave, you can choose whether to see ads that respect your privacy or pay sites directly. Either way, you can feel good about helping fund content creators.

So it’s all very interesting…

Now the downside: It doesn’t have a binary for the ARM Linux world.

You can get it for Android devices, so it has an ARM version. You can get it for Linux (as an AMD_64 binary…). And you can download sources and ‘roll your own’.

As I’m already up to my eyeballs in time eating alligators (GCMs…) I’m not able to sink time into making a tarball that works on the Pi starting from raw source trees. That means I’m unlikely to try the browser any time soon. (As of now, I only use the Intel chip boxes on very rare occasions. About once / month or less… and then not typically for browsing but for some obscure MS Windoz thing…)

So it goes onto my “someday” list…

But: YMMV, so have at it!

It addresses all the major issues I have with the present available browsers, on which I’ve spent many hours. Building that whole “ground ads via DNS spoofing” thing for example. It would be nice to have someone else killing the ads for me ;-) But since I do have it installed and running, the benefit to me of the work of porting Brave is lessened. However, if you have NOT made such a system, and live on Intel based machines, it looks like you might be one ‘download and install’ away from significantly faster web browsing with enhanced security too.

If anyone gives it a test drive, it would be nice to have a ‘user report’ (or two or three or…)

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28 Responses to Brave Browser has Promise

  1. clipe says:

    Just installed it on my Google phone. Typed wattsu and a link to WUWT “the worlds most viewed…etc” popped up.

    Tapped the link -and bang- loaded in an instant. No ads no waiting for FF to its thing.

  2. llanfar says:

    @E.M. FWIW, the tips thread started dying on my iPad this morning – 3 days to January…

  3. LG says:

    Still BUGGY.!!!
    I guess they are on a non-declared public beta: Software Rev : Not quite 1.0.0.

    PROBLEMS I encountered :
    Could not test drive it on Win 7 64-bit.
    Once it crashes the first time won’t reload.
    had to reboot.
    Worst still, Brave provides no facility that I. could find to report issues.

  4. llanfar says:

    Loads fast…but import from ff hangs in macOS.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    I know… it’s getting very slow on the Pi Model 3 also. I’m trying to hold out as I’d rather not have 2 or 3 TIPS posts per month, but…

    It seems that about 300 ish comments (with videos in them) takes enough memory that small memory computers (or phones) first get very slow, then hang in the load phase.

  6. sabretoothed says:

    Not bad, but the images of text is not a as sharp as Firefox for some reason? eg on Facebook all the People on the right text is a bit blurred?

  7. llanfar says:

    @E.M. I should probably capitalize this handle sometime, but no matter. It’s the last name of my first two D&D characters back in ’78… LLANFAR. Stands for “a far away land”. I did a search a few years ago prior to forming an LLC (which I never did…the iOS app I was developing kept getting sidelined because Apple’s core database tech wasn’t yet up to snuff, followed by other issues). The closest I could find was LLanfair, a village in Wales.

  8. philjourdan says:

    Some quirks to iron out about the behavior, but I like it so far! Fast and clean.

  9. Nellieboy says:

    It’s given my first gen iPad mini a new lease of life. Loads fast even on news sites that constantly kept reloading on safari. I had started to think I might have to upgrade to a new iPad mini because my main use is browsing and it has been so frustrating for at least a year. Early days but so far I’m impressed. Better than spending £ 300 for a replacement. My other uses are iTunes remote to select my music on seperate htpc and for Skype calls both of which work fine. So many thanks for this tip and happy new year from this Brit nellieboy

  10. Peter_dtm says:

    Xubuntu box
    downloaded ok
    very fast and easy to set up -DuckDuckGo already in the search engine & HTTPS everywhere built in.
    Bug : 1st attempt to get to a site can leave you staring at a blank page

    Normally using Opera with Firefox for the times Opera’s flash/movie player doesn’t want to play

  11. Tim says:

    ‘Brave’ downloaded to a Win 7 64 and installed and ran OK. Refused to download to a Win 8.1 64 laptop. Borrowed the download from the Win 7 PC and installed that. Latter very slow to load.

  12. Glenn999 says:

    I like it so far, however still struggling with some flash problems only on some pages. Will update. Using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on AMD Phenom II X4 820 Processor 2.80 GHz with 4.00 GB RAM.

  13. Cyberzombie says:

    @Glenn999 Flash is the cyber equivalent of unzipping your fly. Practice safe security…

  14. Glenn999 says:

    You are probably correct. However my Kaspersky has always kept things safe enough for me. In the past if I ever had a problem, I would zero out my drive, reformat, and reinstall via the I-386. Nowadays, I am without a CD for Windows 7 source files, and my zero out floppy died. If anyone knows how to get the source files legally for Windows 7, pleas let me know.

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    “Friends don’t let friends run MS Windows”…. Just Saying….

    You could put a very nice Knoppix or even Ubuntu on a small thumb drive and start the withdrawl process… even be much safer in your browsing and with a nice new browser in it, but using HTML5 instead of Flash…

    It isn’t hard, but first you have to admit you have a problem and are a Windoze user; but you are already past that step… You can skip the attonment, we’ve all done it sometimes here… but maybe it’s time to move on to the steps after that… It’s just one day at a time of not using, that’s all it takes…

    ;-) of course…

  16. Glenn999 says:

    You guys are funny. You’re missing all of the excitement. The notorious Blue Screen of Death. Winblows is great. Actually I’ve been wanting to run Linux for years, (ran a box in school, then we had a box on the network that was running Redhat around 2006/ anyway…..I run my important stuff on an offline computer. I use the Win computer for everyday news and blogs and other interesting thoughts. I enjoy the command line interface. We used IBM unix at the last job for many of the boxes that did some heavy crunching.
    Bach to the topic at hand. I’ll leave in the typo, because I’ve been diving back into the classics lately. Piano Concertos, violin concertos, Brandenburg concertos….Brave Browser/Flash… It seems the developers agree as well, and hope that Flash will die soon, and the industry will adopt fulltime to HTML5

    Until then, alone and brave….on the frontier.
    Happy New Year All!

  17. Glenn999 says:

    And Remember. Kaspersky only hires the best russian hackers, who report directly to putin, to provide all americans with the best browsing experience ever imaginable. enjoy.

  18. cdquarles says:

    Initial installation worked on Windows 10 Pro x64. Initial run was very quick, but the page in minimal. More testing (joys of a beta or alpha tester) to come.

  19. Larry Ledwick says:

    Just loaded Brave browser on my desktop (Win 7 64 bit), crashed and locked up the system on install, and several times as I tried to figure out what is going on. It appears to me that if Brave does not play nice with a FireFox session and they end up crashing each other.

    If the only browser session running seems to do okay (making this post on Brave browser)

  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    I hope Brave Browser has automatic error reporting, because on my system, it keeps getting unexpected errors when trying to change active tabs and just crashing at random intervals.

    I will keep trying it every few days to see if it gets updates that fix some of these issues, but not allowing another browser to run along side it (especially my preferred browser FireFox is pretty much a deal breaker right now.

    If it was stable I would use it for my every day browsing for the 3 or 4 sites I go to most, but gets tiresome waiting for it to recover from those random errors. Good concept but will have to let it mature a bit more before I seriously consider running it every day.

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d expect, given the personal history of the folks involved, that Brave is a clone of Firefox with modifications, in which case they likely still share some files / context and it would be a Very Bad Idea to run both at once.

    I usually increment trials of pre-beta software by one week intervals, as folks usually take that long to report-evaluate-fix-checkin-ship a fix…

  22. Glenn999 says:

    I was running both with no problem when trying to troubleshoot the flash issue. Larry please post your full info from My Computer (or just Computer) and right click for Properties. Maybe something there. I have had no crashes.
    Right now I’m running both to test that again. On Brave menu at top of page, go to Help and there is a link to Report an Issue and
    Send Feedback.
    I will try Brave on another box later.

  23. Glenn999 says:

    Larry, I believe there is a solution for you, but you need to read the instructions and see if it applies to you. Seems like there a few topics in the Help Me category that are pertinent to your situation.

  24. Larry Ledwick says:

    I am not going to waste a lot of time on Brave until they fix some of their problems, it uses a lot of memory (more that firefox on startup) and when Brave is running it takes free memory down to near zero with only two tabs open (twitter and chiefio), as soon as I open fire fox I get a memory warning and firefox crashes and Brave gets an unexpected error and reloads all the pages (which wiped out the first draft of this post) I have 2 gb of memory on an I5 system so not a well endowed system.

    Once it experiences the “unexpected error” it frees up a lot of cache I now have 427 meg free after fire fox took a dump and Brave reloaded.

    I currently have a 726 meg paging file of virtual memory.

  25. philjourdan says:

    I am running Brave, Palemoon and Firefox simultaneously. No problems so far……….

  26. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think my problem is relatively low memory (only 2 gig) and apparently Brave is a bit too agressive on taking memory (not allowing the system to free memory fast enough. That is just an educated guess, but if I open performance monitor and open the brave browser while I already have a fire fox session open, it will spike from about 1.4 gig to almost 2 gig of memory and then brave will crash immediately after the spike shows on the monitor – so circumstantial evidence it is running out of memory.

  27. Glenn999 says:

    Update on Brave
    Running it on my main system with only slight problems. Seems the flash on Ticket Master is giving problems, otherwise the flash on other sites is working. For it asks if you want to run flash. Once you click, it starts as normal. Also it checks if you want to run fullscreen on youtube vides, either allow or deny.
    That’s all for now.

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