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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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  1. philjourdan says:

    Drudge is being DDoSed. It took them down yesterday, but is still causing problems. I am not ready to believe it is the government and Obama Russian Sanctions as has been put forth by some. But I would not put it past some pencil dick in the administration to be doing it out of petulance.

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    “Community Organizers” organize communities of dissidents to cause trouble. There’s a significant ‘left wing’ hacker community that would be easily “organized”…

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Per “why a war in Syria” and who gains…
    from discussion here:

    I think it is best to view Syria in the light of what Putin said. He said, roughly, “We stopped the Color Revolutions at Syria”.

    Soros has sponsored a series of Color Revolutions with the intent to break strong Nation States. You can’t have a global non-national structure built with lots of succeeding dictators and self centered populist nationalists running around… so he had his fellow travelers (aka Obama, Clinton, etc.) set out to eliminate them (or at least mess them up so much they were seen as a failed model).

    Thus the ‘take downs’ ranging from Libya to Egypt to Ukraine to… an attempt in Syria, where Russia ‘caught clue’ and pitched Soros and his NGOs out and issues an international arrest warrant. THAT was the moment Russia became the Big Evil instead of an “Emerging Market Democracy”… (Anyone else remember the flood of US companies running off the the ex-USSR as they were suddenly ‘our friends’?…)

    IMHO, the ‘playbook’ was to slowly absorb the Eastern Europeans into the EU, establish one global Muslim World, then merge those two with pushing how Muslims were just a sort of Christianity Lite… all while flooding North America and Australia with a mix of immigrants to break the cultural gel there too. In a final stage Merge them into the pot (via the likes of NAFTA, TPP, CETA, Paris, etc.) with “free movement of ‘services'” and the requisite people…. Once things are all one mush, declare the Nation obsolete and the UN as super-government… kinda like the EU structure.

    So the House Of Saud and their fellow Sunni were “on the inside” and the Shia were “on the outside”… how to fix that? Thus the Iraq war and then the Syrian war (takedown of the ruling Shiia in Syria so the Sunni rebels get to run the place as majority). Basically putting the majority in charge as in all good democracies where you want the tyranny of the masses to rule… to then justify the non-Democratic overlord to ‘keep the peace’.

    But Russia pissed in that pot and stopped it. Thus they must be demonized and made the outsider evil empire again.

    Now Brexit and Trump are in the same mold. Folks bolting for the exit from this Globalist Non-Nation Trap. Expect HUGE pushback on them. Brexit will be subject to legal manipulation and delays, hoping to call another (more ‘managed’) vote. The longer it takes to invoke, the higher the risk it will never happen as “the game is afoot”. Trump is getting the full scorched earth destruction thrown at him. He must be made a ‘failed president’ to discourage others…

    IMHO, it’s a full on war-by-other-means and our real allies are those trying to escape this attempt at Global Empire.

    In that context, it’s easier to see why Syria is just a pawn, and why a Russian vs USA backed pipeline matters. It is just a MacGuffin and cover for the Globalist vs Nations big story and a ploy to make an “us vs them” parable.

    At least, that’s my view on it as of now. (Work in progress…)

  4. philjourdan says:

    Agreed on the “Community Organizers”. However, most of them do not have the requisite knowledge. However, some Government bureaucrats do. I would not be surprised to see another IRS-Gate from this.

  5. sabretoothed says:

    How inflammation and immune system controls behavior, like Clintons and Bernies Hashimotos :p

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    This should be fun!
    Scott Adams challenges climate scientists to defend their models and show that they are credible.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Embedded in the comments we have this nice little video.

    Trying to see if square brackets will suppress expanding to the full video.

    The Video in an href link by The Mod ;-)

  8. Larry Ledwick says:

    Great video above, the lecture focuses on the reasons computer based models are inherently limited in resolution and cannot predict future climate behavior in any useful human time interval.
    It would take longer than the life of the universe to just compute a simple high resolution model at sufficient resolution to capture all thermodynamic motion of the air (ie turbulence)

    Key points
    Navier-stokes equations have no absolute solution

    Machine epsilon – computers do not have infinite resolution to math problems (minimum quantity that the computer can handle and it sees as identical to zero)

    Resolution – nyquist limit (he does not use the word but implies it that the sample resolution must be fine enough to resolve the fine detail of the process)

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    A second very interesting video talking about the reliability of the models vs their accuracy.
    (ie the uncertainty on the graphs are the variance of the model projections – their precision, but says nothing about their accuracy or reliablity)

    A Certain Doom

    Cut and past the url minus the square brackets to play the video (my effort to avoid bogging down the tips thread with tons of videos)

    {Reply: Or you can just do <a href=”” with the URL inside the quotes, then I add target=”_blank” so it opens a new tab or window, and then > and the display text. End with </a> Like this:
    <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”></a>
    though your attempt is noted and appreciated… ANY text that touched the leading http turns it into an inactive line instead of an active link, except the valid <a that and similar hypertext markers…

  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    The video above was prepared by
    Patrick Frank, PhD presents at the 34th Annual DDP meeting, July 10, 2016, Omaha, Nebraska.

    Cliff notes summary, the climate models are completely useless and unfit for purpose as their internal systemic errors propagate much faster than any CO2 forcing and they tell us precisely nothing about future temperatures as CO2 levels change.

    The temperatures they project have no physical validity.

  11. E.M.Smith says:



    Oh, and don’t ask how to get the hypertext for all that to display instead of having IT be active! ;-)

    Let’s just say that a lot of UNICODE substitutions are involve:

    so things like &lt; instead of < for that character…

    Now DON'T ASK how to get the Unicode to display AS unicode… (recursion, see recursion…)

  12. David A Anderson says:

    Thanks for the input or the ME E.M. Ya, I see the competing oil flow in the context of globalism vs nationalism. ( Any Nationalism) From my first readings of one- world lunatics I knew their plotting as pipe dreams, destined to create conflict. To imagine that large nations, and blocks of nations would submit to the globalist is delusional. China, Russia, India, really everybody is in it for their own game, and that is expected by rational folk. Yes, rational people have the capacity to realize their gain is potentially greater if others prosper as well. Altruism guided by wisdom is conducive to long term growth. However the application of that wisdom can never be forced, and deciding who the enforcers are, well that is the rub. ( Obama and the current UN action against Israel is a good example of attempted force, leading to ever more agressive resistance.) The wisdom of “The global citizen” can thrive just fine in sovereign nations true to their culture, allowing others to visit, but maintaining a national identity. Their are many beautiful colors in this world, but mixing them all results in a diluted mess, fit to inspire none.

    So how do “globalist” aquire such naivete? Is it born of arrogance, nurtured in academia? Why are they so blind to the inevitable bloody end of their one-world domination plots?

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    E.M. I don’t do HTML very often so always have to look up the href syntax or I botch it too, and I am usually and posting stream of consciousness (reason for my tendency to do run on sentences when I am rushed to do the post and get back to work )

    I am perfectly happy with enclosing links in square brackets to suppress wordpress expansion, if no one else minds the slight bit of extra effort to cut and past the url in a separate window.

    On those specific videos where I found them, they were embedded in the comments and could not be forced to full screen so you could not read any of the charts and graphs anyway.

  14. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Hi Chief. Live long and prosper in the coming New Year.

    Here is a paper by Dr. Theodor Landscheidt that covers just about everything one could wish for explaining Grand scale climate prediction haha.

    It would be good if you or one of the popular presenters at what’s up with that put this on line and explain it for the hungry masses, eh.

    Regards, Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Happy New York / Orlando New Year!

    Spouse and I celebrated on that time zone as she doesn’t do midnight well ;-)

    Welcome to 2017!

  16. sabretoothed says:

    AHHAHAHHAH fake Data in Flu vaccine experiments Global warming techniques

  17. Gail Combs says:

    Our good friend James Delingpole gives us a New Year’s present:

    DELINGPOLE: Rules for Righties — a War-Winning Manifesto for 2017

  18. sabretoothed says:

    Interesting video on antioxidants, could apply to other parts of the body too for other conditions

  19. Larry Ledwick says:

    This is almost funny (if it were not so pathetic) a cyber security company did some forensic analysis of the information in the recent government announcement that was supposed to show the “finger prints” of Russian government hackers in the DNC hack. Turns out the malware the government claims is the fingerprint of a nation state intelligence cyber hacking group from Russia was an out of date publicly available PHP hacking tool that anyone can buy on the web.

    Although if you try to buy it today, you would get a more modern version.

    (translation) Any hacker in the world could have done the hack on the DNC as it was done with basically a PHP script kiddie tool.

  20. Jason Calley says:

    Hey sabretoothed! As for the Greenland Viking settlement, you might be interested in this book: I just recently read it, and was surprised by the number of historical records suggesting that the Western settlements were relocated to Vinland in the later part of the 14th century, but the residents continued to refer to their new home as “Greenland”. This explains the numerous records of timber, grain and furs being received in Northern Europe from “Greenland”.

    As for the Podestas, there is something seriously creepy going on there.

  21. Larry Ledwick says:

    Space-X to resume commercial flights again after concluding investigation of the on pad failure of previous Falcon 9 launch attempt which exploded while fueling for a pre-launch test.

  22. E.M.Smith says:


    I thought I said something like that earlier when I put up a link to the GITHUB download location for a copy of the hacking tool… ;-)

    I find it amusing that they were using an out of date version. Any professional Russian State actors ought to be using the most current one, since they write it…

    Oh, in the news:

    Remember that Wash. POST article about a Russian Attack and penetration of our national power grid, putting it all at risk? They had to post a “Ooops, Sorry, Fake News…” retraction as the facts were ONE laptop was compromised and it wasn’t attached to their grid controlling network… So some fool got pwnd while at Starbucks watching movies… and this was made into a national news Russia Did It!!! story?!…

    Washington Post and New York Times: The Best Fake News the DNC can buy!!!

  23. Gail Combs says:

    Looks Like not only the Fake News but Obummer’s (un)Intelligent Agencies are getting a LARGE dose of EGG meet FACE…

    Good lord, when will this farce of a presidency be over.

  24. Gail Combs says:

    CNN = Clinton News Network.

  25. sabretoothed says:

    Dr. Steven Gundry is one of the world’s most celebrated surgeons and author of the best-selling book “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution.” He is Director of the International Heart & Lung Institute in Palm Springs, CA, and the founder of the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs & in Santa Barbara, CA.

  26. Another Ian says:


    For some of your other pondering time – heard of the Big History project?

    Sounds like someone trying to one up Bill Bryson’s “A short history of nearly everything”.

    A friend got given a copy and has raised some quiesions.

    As per 3 emails forwarded sounds like file as fiction

  27. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting and at the same time depressing article on what is happening in California. I am sure E.M. has a window on all this, but the question it brings to mind is what is the end state these changes will bring? Is California about to become a failed state consisting of lots of Detroit surrounding some small islands of incredible wealth or will the next “big one” trigger a huge reset where the little people go on a rampage against the wealthy and powerful who temporarily do not have any clout or protection?

  28. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting look at one aspect of persuasion and how we color our evaluation of facts based on how they are presented to us (and by whom).

  29. Larry Ledwick says:

    Little item on “sinking pacific islands” – seems they are not sinking at all, 43% of those studied were increasing in size according to study of aerial photos.

  30. PaulID says:

    You seem to be a fan of the Rasberry pi computers I have been looking into this and am wondering if you have seen the beaglebone black it has more power than a pi (the only benchmark the pi won on was floating point calculations) but at a somewhat higher cost I would like your opinion on this.

  31. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting counter measure for face recognition systems in public spaces.

  32. Larry Ledwick says:

    Stefan Molyneux ‏@StefanMolyneux 55 minutes ago

    The Russians made Huma email Hillary Clinton her new iPad password. How deep does this rabbit hole go?!?!
    Email dated 8/19/2012 subject line = new ipad password (page 9 of 19)

  33. cdquarles says:

    Hi EM, this is more of a question than a tip. I have ~9 MB of zipped files from my EdGCM installation that I can forward to you. How do I do it? Can I use your Paypal donation email address?

  34. H.R. says:

    @Larry – I think these might be a cheap and effective way to screw with facial recognition software.

  35. E.M.Smith says:

    @C.D. Quarles:

    Yes. Pub numeral4 all atsign aol DOT com no-spaces.

    @Paul ID:

    I’m working up a posting on it. Short from: It depends on which Pi, what OSs you like, and how many I/O gizmos you need. Pi is about a wash on speed, Pi 2 beats it, Pi 3 beats it a lot. Beagle Bone has more I/O and works better with gizmos. Pi 2 or 3 is better at graphics and as a desktop.

    @Another Ian:

    Not heard of it. I’ll take a look (likely in a couple of days…)


    Yup. TOR is on a big growth binge. At some point, I’m going to set up a TOR Relay node. As of now I’m firewall blocked… I need to get my IDS / IPS pumped up first…

    @H.R.: Nice one!

    @Larry: Interesting… so I’m not the only one thinking about it ;-)

    FWIW, the ear is enough to identify a person and a lip print has been used to convict… but for general facial recognition, it mostly depends on some key lines. It needs to detect eyes and preferably pupils, so simple dark glasses are the first step. Then hair and head size /shape, so a hoody or hat is next. ( I have started training myself to wear a hat, but largely due to lack of hair causing me to burn in summer and be cold in winter ;-)

    Ear muffs or long hair over the ears (need something for summer…) and a scarf covering the chin also help.

    Now, with makeup, if really into it, you can paint on false eyes on your cheeks ;-)

    I’m thinking a market will arise for plastic stick on eye and nose images…

    Noses are a bit harder, but some lines on them can confuse the image parsing, or use H.R.’s method ;-)

    Oh, and if really into it, applying one of those medical filter masks over the nose / lips pretty much seals the deal, and if challenged you just give a big Aaaaahhhh CHOO! and express your concern for public health…

    When driving, I now ALWAYS have the visor at full down. I only drop my position just enough to see the lowest traffic lights. Slide the seat back as far as possible. Be careful with this one, though, as I once didn’t notice that the green had gone red. The up high lights were green as the visor covered them, then the side one slid behind and at that very moment, the red left turn went green… Unfortunately, it did the same for oncoming traffic as my light (now blocked) went red. So I now watch for that “all I see is green but that may mean read, so take a peek below the visor”…

    I also need to get a Florida Window Tint on the side windows…

    It might also be fun to start a trend of wearing Obama or Trump masks in public ;-) Claim it is ‘political speech’ so protected …

  36. Jason Calley says:

    One approach which may keep you less identifiable to facial recognition, but which does not make you visually memorable for humans around you, is the infra red ball cap. Most CCD cameras are fairly sensitive to IR. A standard ball cap may be modified to include IR LEDs on the underside of the bill, pointing toward the wearer’s face. People around you will notice nothing unusual, but CCD cameras pick up a washed out image with much less detail viewable.

    Probably not a good idea to wear your cap if you go out hunting rattlesnakes… :)

  37. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter:
    Stefan Molyneux ‏@StefanMolyneux 1 hour ago

    Internet, repeat after me: the plural of “anecdote” is NOT “data.”

  38. cdquarles says:

    @ Larry, continental drift and ocean configuration changes the climate? Say it isn’t so. /sarc. Of course it does, for it changes the local weather first, gradually mostly, but potentially abruptly, too.

    There was a time when I liked both National Geographic magazine and Scientific American magazine. That time is now decades ago. Sad, but they only have themselves to blame for that.

  39. cdquarles says:

    @ Larry, again :), for a fictional account of the end state for any society organized around legal looting, see Atlas Shrugged.

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  41. sabretoothed says: Psychedelic trance, sounds like old Rave music :P

  42. sabretoothed says:

    Yawn Australia Warmest ever Note the start in 1910 after the Federation Drought, even though there is good data. Yep that’s why half the animals in Australia died in 1902 and the Murray river stopped flowing and also 1915 coldest time ever drive the car in the middle of the river lol

    Lots of Data available in the 1800s and the Melbourne station was moved because it was producing too much cooling recently to a warmer location, so we have to start again considering we are not using 1800s data because the station moved?…/vic/latrobe-site-closure.shtml

    More negative (drought) rainfall anomaly 1900-1970 then today

    Why BOM only gives us 3 years of data on the fancy map you don’t want people working it out.

    During coldest time ever (which wasn’t recorded lol since records started 1910 now) Federation Drought

    BTW the El Nino of 1982 is much greater then 1997 which was supposed to be hottest ever lolol

  43. Jason Calley says:

    Hey Larry! “Internet, repeat after me: the plural of “anecdote” is NOT “data.”

    I have very mixed feelings about that statement… For instance, in 1803 when farmers told members of the French Academy of Sciences that they had witnesses stones falling from the sky, were their stories just anecdotes, or were they data?

    Obviously, yes, anecdotes may be true or false, they may be verifiable or not, they may be somewhat believable or less so. The same can be said about scientific data. The big difference is the size of the error bars. Generally, if you hear a story of personal experience from a stranger, that story is going to have really large error bars; maybe it is true, maybe not, maybe somewhere in between — who knows? Those who are credentialed as scientists are merely strangers who have purportedly been trained to tell stories with smaller error bars. A REAL scientist (as opposed to a merely “credentialed” scientist) is a stranger who actually tries to make the error bars of his story as small as humanly possible, and to transmit accurately whatever he has observed and experienced, to whomever he is telling it do. A great scientist is a real scientist who tries to honestly find out “why”.

    If anecdotes and data are different, they are only different in the same way that a single stick has two ends.

  44. cdquarles says:

    EM, I mentioned Dr. Gerald Browning to you with respect to numerical weather models and GCMs. Here is a link to some of his work published in JAMS (American Meteorological Society): He is still at Colorado State U, I believe.

  45. sabretoothed says: another browser, not sure if any good?

  46. Larry Ledwick says:
  47. sabretoothed says:

    Democrat ‘Hacking’ is RT got too much Youtube watches HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

    I guess that’s why Obama passed the Democrat propaganda Act :P

  48. sabretoothed says:

    Obama’s University lol

  49. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d not seen them, but I’d already decided it was not going to stop being worse…

  50. Larry Ledwick says:

    Preaching to the choir here about demographics productivity and entitlement programs but another source.

  51. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter just because it is funny:
    Brit Hume ‏@brithume 33 minutes ago
    Brit Hume Retweeted Ann Coulter
    . . . . . . Uh oh. Ann has her blowtorch lit again.

    Brit Hume added,
    Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter
    Intel community says Putin tried to influence the election. US may charge him with espionage & impersonating a New York Times editor.
    2 replies 10 retweets 25 likes

  52. E.M.Smith says:


    You Are Very VERY lucky that my cup of coffee is sitting on the kitchen counter as the drip finishes and is not in my hand…

    Ann, gotta love her. That NYT dagger is just bejeweled…

    Per demographics vs Medicare / SS / etc.: That’s been known by Economist types since at least the Ronald Reagan years. Democrats & Greens can’t seem to grasp it though…

    @Another Ian:

    Too Much! Dan Blather of the Fake Documents Brigade teaching a journalism ethics class? What’s the syllabus:

    1) How not to get caught, from someone who did.

    2) The important of type fonts and knowing history, but someone who didn’t.

    3) Assuring a Junior Reporter is on the research team to take the fall…

    A short course of one weekend. Location: Harry’s Bar. BYOB…

  53. Larry Ledwick says:

    I love this graphic on climate stability – who knew?

  54. Larry Ledwick says:

    Oops forgot to source the above from twitter, link to :

    Not sure where he got it though

  55. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmm found two other copies of this image both with Chinese notations.

    One at :

    Google translate the characters to:
    Zhè zhāng tú shì cóng kǒnglóng mièjué zhīhòu dào xiàndài de wēndù biànhuà qūxiàn tú, kěyǐ kàn chū, mùqián de wēndù shì bǐjiào dī de, suīrán bùshì bīngqí, dànshì què shì jiān bīngqí.
    Zhēnshí de bīngqí bìng bùshì huǐmiè rénlèi wénmíng de lìliàng, qiàqià xiāngfǎn, shì xiézhù rénlèi déyǐ zhǔzǎi dìqiú de lìliàng.

    This graph shows the temperature change from dinosaur extinction to modern temperature. It can be seen that the current temperature is relatively low, though not glacial, but interglacial.
    True glaciation is not the power to destroy human civilization, on the contrary, is to help mankind to dominate the Earth’s power.

    No reference to its original source there either.

  56. Gail Combs says:

    Another Ian….

    Dan Rather??? Teaching ETHICS? DAN RATHER the KGB AGENT!?! ( Active Measures OP.)
    (link is via books on Soviet spies, most of whom were journalists.)–more_info

  57. Gail Combs says:

    Larry, brought up an article by CATO — ABOUT—-

    Given the attacks on Russia by Obummer and the rest of the Stompy-feet, it is interesting that this is where one of Putin’s chief economic adviser ended up.

    It is the guy who wrote about the Russian weather station dropout after the Climategate e-mails.

    See the Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) comments about midway down.

    Andrei Illarionov, president of the Institute of Economic Analysis, is also a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. (per 2009 WUWT)

    Then from CATO:

    Andrei Illarionov is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. From 2000 to December 2005 he was the chief economic adviser of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Illarionov also served as the president’s personal representative in the G-8. He is one of Russia’s most forceful and articulate advocates of an open society and democratic capitalism and has been a long-time friend of the Cato Institute.

    From 1993 to 1994 Illarionov served as chief economic adviser to the prime minister of the Russian Federation, Viktor Chernomyrdin. He resigned in February 1994 to protest changes in the government’s economic policy. In July 1994 Illarionov founded the Institute of Economic Analysis and became its director. Illarionov has coauthored several economic programs for Russian governments and has written three books and more than 300 articles on Russian economic and social policies.

    Illarionov received his PhD from St. Petersburg University in 1987.

    I remembered this from 8 years ago so all the attacks on Putin made sense.

  58. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting Pew Research survey about Muslim beliefs about Sharia law in various countries.

  59. Glenn999 says:

    I was reading some stuff about “Tor”. Have you looked into this website and what do you know in general about …???

  60. Larry Ledwick says:

    An interesting new version of wiki – intended to address some of wiki’s problems.
    The about page seems a little bit too how should I say “star wars/comicon?”
    It will be interesting to see how this shapes up over time, but given their philosophy that there is no “reality” for everyone I have my doubts. (see canon 1 )

    Canon 2 is also problematic (if no person is neutral how do you ruthlessly eliminate ideological spin, framing, and narrative from the fact level pages without stepping on someone else’s idea of ideological spin?

    This should be fun to watch.

  61. LG says:

    The FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity

  62. E.M.Smith says:


    I have TOR and use it sometimes. It is very good, but not perfect . The guy who ran Silk Road used it, but got taken down… however, it was after years of trying by the police with a focused intensive effort. For anonymously reading forbidden news sites, you won’t be worth that effort, and for single day use they don’t have enough time to find you. Were I a reporter talking with secret sources, I’d be happy to depend on it.

  63. philjourdan says:

    @LG – the only reason I would doubt that is that the FBI is one of the few competent agencies (once you get below the head). The “Geek” Squad is anything but competent.

  64. Zeke says:

    From the Archives:
    inre: NSA spying

    “Dear Ms Merkel

    I understand that the U.S. Government has been listening in on your “private” phone calls. You have my sympathy. You see, it seems that the Government here has decided to spy on everyone.”

    While there was much to love about that article, I did try to point out at the time that Germany and Merkel are not as benign as they appear, and I even hinted as diplomatically as I could that Germany is in fact making its third attempt to dominate Europe through the European Union. (The Nigel Farage videos are now removed.)

    New leaks confirm that the NSA is coordinating intelligence gathering with German intelligence.

    1 December, 2016
    Today, 1 December 2016, WikiLeaks releases 90 gigabytes of information relating to the German parliamentary inquiry into the surveillance activities of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and its cooperation with the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA).

    wikileaks org

  65. Zeke says:

    I am over at wikileaks today for other reasons. Appologies if you have already discussed that leak.

    I am attempting to work out why Hillary Clinton is running to be Mayor of NYC.

  66. Larry Ledwick says:

    I am attempting to work out why Hillary Clinton is running to be Mayor of NYC.

    Off the top of my head I would suggest it is to keep her Clinton Foundation funding stream active. Now that both Bill and Hillary are out of any political office and the opposite party completely controls the House and the Senate, she has no influence to sell. If she gets into the Mayors office she can continue to skim funds for favors done in NY.

  67. Zeke says:

    Thanks Larry. I had not factored in the Clinton Foundation but that will surely be central. Me and my short attention span (:

    It is probably under a new rubric by now.

  68. Larry Ledwick says:

    Gail you might find this interesting if you have not seen it yet, regarding Soros donations to influence voting.

  69. Larry Ledwick says:

    A bit on moon formation probably not a single large impact body but more likely multiple smaller and more common impacts.

  70. Zeke says:

    Inre: Clinton running for NYC Mayor
    This is the lead I started with.

    TA November 30, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    “Mayors from scores of the world’s biggest cities gathered in Mexico Wednesday to plot their strategy for fighting climate change in the face of skepticism from US President-elect Donald Trump.

    As leaders of busy, polluted cities home to millions of people, they want countries to push on with adopting the so-called Paris Agreement to limit harmful emissions — an accord that Trump has cast doubt on.

    “In the aftermath of this election there’s never been a more important time for those city leaders to stay on course — the whole world is counting on them,” said Clover Moore, mayor of Sydney, Australia.”

    And I found this:

    Centered in Bonn, Germany

    Mayors and city councils are responsible often for water and sewer and other vital local services. Also can be quite involved in schools. It looks to me like HRC is starting a new Coven. Of Mayors.

  71. Zeke says:

    This could be a possible link from the Clinton Foundation to Mayors and anyone potentially connected to Schools and Education in our cities:

    Richard Pollock reports at the Daily Caller

    Former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from GEMS Education, a Dubai-based company that teaches Sharia Law through its network of more than 100 schools in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

    The company’s finances strictly adhere to “Sharia Finance,” which includes giving “zakat,” a religious tax of which one-eighth of the proceeds is dedicated to funding Islamic jihad.

    The company also contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

    The former president served as honorary chairman for GEMS Education from 2011 to 2014, according to federal tax returns he filed with his wife, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    GEMS provides curricula to schools all over the world, including the UK, which has had a 550% increase in immigration from Muslim countries — and under the Clinton and Obama State Departments, so have we.

  72. sabretoothed says:

    Professor Obama in Science Magazine, seriously! What about the separation of politics and science?

  73. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like the Trump Presidency is emboldening other governments to try to push back against Soros connected NGOs

  74. Larry Ledwick says:

    Small business confidence spikes after Trump elected.

  75. Larry Ledwick says:

    Comment on how modern education is trying to overhaul social norms and train students to be activists.

  76. Larry Ledwick says:

    Recent heavy snow and high winds have created serious avalanche hazard here in Colorado I70 is currently shut down as are some other highways due to avalanches which have run across the highways. Lines of trucks parked alongside the road waiting for the avalanches to be cleared.
    Going to be slow going for the next couple days as all this wind blown snow does its thing.

  77. Larry Ledwick says:

    Good news is the Colorado snow pack is looking good right now, with more snow forecast this week.

  78. Gail Combs says:

    Looks like my last comment went under the wrong topic.

    Europe has had at least 20 people have frozen to death in the last 48 hours and the Death toll in Poland rises to 55 for the winter. “Record Snow in Istanbul, Minus -30°C in Germany (no, NOT in the Alps!)” and more reported by Ice Age Now

    I am glad to hear the MSM has finally noticed.

  79. Gail Combs says:

    Interesting comment on California Megafloods link The guy says

    Speaking as someone who’s looked at California climate for years as a hobby, this storm has nothing to do with “climate change” and probably won’t even cause serious flooding, unless its followed up by a series of similar storms. California operates on a 200 year cycle of mega flooding. While floods CAN skip a 200 year period they never do it twice. The flood in 1862 was enormous, so much so that there wasn’t a tide on San Francisco bay for 3 months due to the water pouring out, but even it might not have qualified for the 200 year event. In either case, California could be in for a much much bigger flood sometime this century and it will have NOTHING to do with global climate change.

    See if you want a full history of California flooding and drought. The author is pretty good about keeping to reporting just history and facts and sites numerous first person accounts, studies and more in his analysis, though he does mention climate change having unforeseeable affects on the pattern.

    So maybe a 50 year reprieve for Gov Moonbeam.

  80. Larry Ledwick says:

    On the cold weather , from twitter:

    15 feet in 6 days…AND IT’S STILL DUMPING! High winds forecast for today – wind & weather holds in effect.

  81. Gail Combs says:

    Europe Forecast is not looking good and neither is N.Africa

  82. philjourdan says:

    It appears that reality is no longer a criteria for the left. Just make up a story you think they would believe, and then spread it. And it becomes fact. Witness Pepe and now pissing –

  83. tom0mason says:

    For the avid readers out there I’ve stumbled upon a strange sight with some really good links…
    100 Legal Sites to Download FREE eBooks and Literature from

    and for all you science and computer types there’s

  84. tom0mason says:

    For the avid readers out there I’ve stumbled upon a strange site (and sight) with some really good links…
    100 Legal Sites to Download FREE eBooks and Literature from

    and for all you science and computer types there’s

  85. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm is this perhaps a setup for a sudden stratospheric warming event and major cold outbreaks in Europe?

  86. llanfar says:

    @Larry Just click bait. Coronal holes are normal.

  87. Larry Ledwick says:

    Didn’t say it was uncommon or special just an observation to maybe watch for that and its secondary effects on weather.

  88. Larry Ledwick says:

    Ski resorts in Colorado are closing temporarily due to too much snow too quickly.
    (can’t make the slopes safe)

  89. Larry Ledwick says:

    You know you have had a lot of snow when the ski lift benches drag on the snow.

  90. Larry Ledwick says:

    @Larry you mean like it happened back in November?

    Yep – we are 10-14 days away from the historically coldest part of the year so if there is a Siberian outbreak it could get interesting.

  91. tom0mason says:

    Larry Ledwick says:
    12 January 2017 at 12:43 am

    Though it’s not unusual for there to be more coronal holes during solar minimums. (less sun-spots, more coronal holes) there are pros and cons with this. Funny that they appear to have 27-28 day cycle to them .

    Downside — yes, we’ll probably get more cold weather.
    Upside — maybe the researchers can answer the questions about the deficiency of the solar neutrinos emanating during these solar events.

  92. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting – – the millennial generation is re-discovering (re-inventing) the subversive pamphlet to out flank online monitoring with “zines”

  93. Larry Ledwick says:

    China continues to move toward super power status. This item talks about the Chinese “Jin” class ballistic missile submarines.

    Although this shows that they have a long way to go to catch up to the US and Soviet Nuclear sub systems. These boats (and their recent effort to claim most of the south China sea as home territory do make them a legitimate strategic threat. Once they improve reliability and learn to quiet their boats it will be a different game.

    If however they really are as noisy as the old Soviet Deltas, they would not survive long in a shooting war in the open ocean. In the 1970’s we knew where all the Soviet Deltas were almost from the moment they left the docks, and our modern very quiet fast attack subs would not have to work very hard to take them out.

    Their newer longer range missiles do present a rising threat to the US as they can range the whole of North America from home territory with both their sub launched and new generation missile systems.

  94. p.g.sharrow says:

    Got to remember the Clintons provided the Chinese with the machine tools and software to recreate the American’s silent submarine propellers during the Clinton administration…pg

  95. Larry Ledwick says:

    Recent Colorado snow fall amounts
    From twitter

    From twitter:
    Matt Kroschel Verified account ‏@Matt_Kroschel Jan 10

    Basically @TownofFrisco right now is buried! Thanks to a @CBSDenver viewer for sending us this pic of her pup Murphy. #cowx #snow #4wx

  96. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Larry; where I lived in Alaska this was known as weather that was clear and still!

    Still snowing, piled clear up to your arse!

    One thing I Don’t miss here in these foothills of northern California. Although we did have one of those weeks 17 years ago. 3 ft deep in early March from 1 storm! in the spring. Had to dig a path for the dog to do her business. Broke down the blooming fruit trees, as well as a few buildings in the nearby town…pg

  97. Larry Ledwick says:

    California drought and deep cold in Europe

    It will be interesting to see what the spring melt and rains deliver to California and middle America.

    The freeze season just getting underway on the great lakes, peak ice appears to usually occur in late February.

  98. Larry Ledwick says:

    From Twitter
    Jakub Janda ‏@_JakubJanda 1 hour ago

    US Intelligence Community predicts where Russia is headed in its Global Outlook prognosis.

  99. Larry Ledwick says:

    A very interesting (long) and detailed summary of U.S. Military strength and obligations plus a detailed discussion of challenges currently limiting operations in Europe and other theaters.
    Puts a lot of info in context (some of it makes little sense out of context but when viewed with a wider lens the puzzle makes more sense).

    NATO has entered a state of neglect which makes it extremely vulnerable to aggressive moves by Russia should it choose to make such a move. Logistic issues like lack of ammunition stocks would largely neuter much of NATO’s ability to rapidly and effectively respond to a ground offensive, along with a lack of political will to maintain viable military structures has created an enticing window of opportunity which might induce Putin to do things he otherwise would not risk.

    Until some of these issues are fixed NATO is a paper tiger unable to serve its original defensive mission for member countries against outside attack.

  100. Larry Ledwick says:

    Preaching to the choir here I know but this issue is finally getting some main stream coverage.

  101. Larry Ledwick says:

    Since you don’t have a topic specifically for materials and material science this probably best fits here since we are not actively talking about anything similar right now.

    New ultra strong materials using mathematically described shapes (labyrinthine structures, known as gyroids). I wonder if topologically these structures are basically complex 3 dimensional geodesic structures?

  102. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Larry; kind of like using embossed holes in flat aluminum sheet stock to build aircraft structures. To a point the structure gets stronger as you put more holes in it! meanwhile reducing the structure’s weight. The article has a neat pictorial with it to illustrate the concept…pg.

  103. Larry Ledwick says:

    From twitter
    Matt Kroschel ‏@Matt_Kroschel 2h2 hours ago

    In #Breckenridge foxes on a roof is a real thing…thanks Andy Carver for sharing these with @CBSDenver ! Spotted on his roof this morning.

    Foxes sleeping on a snow covered roof in Breckenridge Colorado.

  104. Larry Ledwick says:


    Yes that appears to be a natural marriage with 3D printing where you could print a scaffold for the gyroids then plate it with graphine and then dissolve away the scaffold. Would be hard to do it cost effectively on a massive scale but for something which puts high priority on strength to weight ratio it might work.

    In a sense these are a next step evolution of the honey comb structure it looks like to me.

  105. Larry Ledwick says:

    Record cold in Europe is causing concern regarding their power grid.

  106. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting new application for lasers and potential new method of surveillance.

  107. sabretoothed says:

    hahah its still going

    4 hrs ·

    Situation Update – Update No. 1 – Power Outage – Netherlands – Train services throughout the country will remain disrupted for the rest of Tuesday following the power cut which left 360,000 households in Amsterdam without electricity. The situation on the trains was made worse by the discovery of an suspicious bag on platform 18 in Utrecht, which led to the cancellation of more services. NS is still advising passengers to avoid Amsterdam, Utrecht and Schiphol airport because of the train delays and says the problems will continue all day. \’No trains are in the right place and nor are the drivers and conductors,\’ a spokesman told broadcaster NOS. Public

  108. sabretoothed says:

    The guy from the Boron video talking about Gut Immunology

  109. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting item on China to London rail link ( I did not even realize they were working on this)
    Perhaps we call this the Iron Horse Silk Road.

  110. Glenn999 says:

    This is more of a question than a proper tip. Have you read any of Mark Levin’s books? I’ve read a couple and learned a bunch. He digs into history for much of his books. Anyway, would like to hear what others thought of the books. His attitude recently towards Trump, however, is pissing me off a bit, I have to admit.;]

  111. E.M.Smith says:


    Recovering from Yet Another Power Fail. WiFi and tablet running now. Working on the rest… Interior firewall and router being cranky ATM… the rest powered off.


    Nope. Sadly my book reading the last couple of years has been technical or work related. Recreational or social topic related restricted to shorter stories or articles.

  112. Larry Ledwick says:


    Recovering from Yet Another Power Fail. WiFi and tablet running now. Working on the rest… Interior firewall and router being cranky ATM… the rest powered off.

    Of course the one unknown/unknowable issue with power fail battery packs and UPS setups, is just because your home systems have power, no gurantee that the data link to your house will remain live.

    I understand that cellular phone systems are required to have a battery backup of about 24 hours so in the immediate phase of an emergency local phone systems will work. If they lose connection to the home office supposedly the cell sites will go into “island mode” where you will still be able to send calls/text messages to other phones served by the same local cell site.

    In the case of internet connections (ie cable/fiber) how long if any battery power do internet providers typically have? This would include fiber repeaters and other infrastructure necessary to get outside the power fail zone other than using cell phone systems for wifi connections to the greater internet..

  113. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like I need to do more research on where this stands, for cell sites getting adequate backup power installed was still a work in progress as of 2007. Second link below is from 2014, and they are still trying to sort out proper power planning guidelines.

    Click to access CSRIC_WG%209_Backup_Power_Reccomendations%20_11-24-2014.pdf

    There are several types of batteries available for power backup. Examples of common batteries used
    at sites include vent ilated lead acid (VLA), valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) or non-spill, and Nickel
    Cadmium (NiCd). Batteries provide a direct current (DC) power source for the site equipment and
    are generally sized for two to eight hours of back-up. In some instances, the batteries are sized for 15
    minutes of back up only to provide enough run time for a standby generator to restore power.

    Risk is a function of probability and impact. Just over half of all commercial power failure outage
    events are less than one hour in duration.

    However, less frequent long-duration events result in a disproportionately larger threat. In other words, while the frequency of events lasting less than one hour is much higher, the events lasting
    longer than 8 hours can account for a much greater impact in terms of service outages if extended backup power is not provided. Additionally, shorter duration outages can generally be managed by site battery backup.

  114. Another Ian says:

    mid island mike replied to comment from John Galt | January 23, 2017 2:30 AM | Reply

    A radical muslim wants to kill kafirs and infidels. A moderate muslim doesn’t kill kafirs and infidels but supports radicals who kill kafirs and infidels.”

  115. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting item on large low profile botnets laying silently in wait for what?
    Perhaps for triggering during a cyber attack on some person place or thing?
    Given the size it could give the appearance of a huge ground swell of support for something if properly activated in a timely fashion.

  116. Larry Ledwick says:

    I have not had time to dig through this at all, but is appears to have a lot of readily available information on various administrations and might be useful as a research resource.

  117. Larry Ledwick says:

    This looks like an interesting book, I may have to pick it up and add it to the pile of books I have not had time to read.

  118. Larry Ledwick says:

    In the category of unintended behavior of technology. This would be funny if it did not open the door to some major down sides from voice recognition. Like an amazon echo that like the Manchurian candidate does something really destructive when it hears a key phrase.

  119. Larry Ledwick says:

    Under interesting military technology we have this item on US Navy plans for ship board laser weapons.

    A couple notes – flywheel energy storage – – not going to happen, bearings would last about 10 minutes in high sea state conditions as the gyros rip themselves apart.

    Lithium Ion “energy storage” cabinets, will be as dangerous as an explosive magazine if they suddenly short due to weapons damage or flooding, voiding all the advantages of moving to weapons systems which do not depend on explosive warheads.

    Will be interesting to see where these high energy lasers go in the next decade now that they have a handle on most of basic challenges of the technology and are in the scale up to adequate power part of development.

  120. Larry Ledwick says:

    As we see record snow falls and above average snow packs in both the Sierras and the Rockies, a comparison picture set for 5 key reservoirs in California after the recent very wet rainy season.
    The next question is how bad the mud slide and flood season becomes in the spring.

  121. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Larry Los Banos is a pumped storage reservoir on the west side above the middle of the main water transfer channel…pg

  122. E.M.Smith says:


    I don’t know exactly when it happened, but sometime in the last year or two bread has gone back to potassium iodide and dropped the bromide.

    Somebody has started to get clue…

  123. LG says:

    “I ,Robot”
    Captcha no more.

  124. Power Grab says:

    Let’s make this like a poll.

    Let’s say a lady had a hysterectomy because they said she had endometrial carcinoma. At the time, they said there was a low chance of its return, but they want to have the lady come back every few months for a couple years.

    At the time of surgery, they said the cancer had not made its way even half-way through the wall of the uterus and they felt no need to even remove lymph nodes for testing. No chemo or radiation was “required”. You could say symptoms began about 6 years previous.

    Now there is a return appointment scheduled for about the 10-month-post-op mark. The lady doesn’t want to go because healing has gone well and no symptoms remain. The lady’s parents died from cancer TREATMENT.

    The lady’s mom was diagnosed with inflammatory carcinoma ( form of breast cancer that doesn’t form lumps) and fought hard to remain positive and complete the conventional, destructive treatment protocols. The lady’s mom worked at her job until 2 weeks before she died. The thing that happened 2 weeks before she died was that they had her come back for a scan and told her the cancer had metastasized to her brain. They started doing radiation on her brain. She died in about 2 weeks.

    The lady’s dad was diagnosed with a glioblastoma stage 4 and had surgery. They removed a cyst and a tumor, each about the size of a large tomato. The dad did not go home, but died in less than 2 months, unable to speak and living in a nursing home.

    The lady has a dependent who is a junior in university. The lady is the sole support of the university student. Additional medical charges would be hard to handle, since both university expenses and medical expenses are consuming large chunks of the budget.

    What would you do if you had to make a decision about whether to keep the appointment or cancel it?

    A) Keep the appointment. You want to know if they find anything else. You want them to continue treatment if they want to.

    B) Keep the appointment, but reserve the right to refuse treatment, no matter what they say.

    C) Cancel the appointment and RUN AWAY! They will just keep dragging you back in and doing things to you until you finally die.

    D) Other (What, in particular, would you do?)

  125. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Power grab; Sometimes you have to chose. The best thing for the good of the tribe is to wander off and die. The choice of all animals in the wild.
    At some point, to continue is pointless…pg

  126. llanfar says:

    @power Grab I’m quite optimistic about the biotech industry (and plan on living into my 100’s). I’d choose A and also look at alternative therapies…

  127. E.M.Smith says:


    Note you can buy potassium chloride at the grocer as “no salt” or light salt…

    Just use carefully, as too much K stops your heart. Somewhere around a Tbs. IIRC…

  128. E.M.Smith says:


    D. Conduct intensive selfeducation and training campaign. Verify medical opinion with my own efforts, plan appropriate treatments, contact Medical Establishment only as needed to implement my plan. Basically take ownership of myself.

  129. sabretoothed says:

    I think there is some fake science in the fluoride research. The Anglo countries have fluoridated water, and I think combined with the demonization of the iodine use it may be the cause of much problems in the population?

    In any case, the level of iodine consumption needs to me increased in the population of fluoride water drinkers to 50-200mg a day especially in females. :P

    It clearly causes the TSH to change…

    The fact that you had to have like 20 lectures a year on dentistry every year over and over that fluoride is so amazing suggests that there is something to hide?

    In the 1920s and 1930s Fluoride was used as an anti thyroid drugs in quite low dosages, but it was ceased because in some patients it destroyed the whole thyroid lol

    ‘Fluoride was used as a drug to treat hyperthyroidism because it reduces thyroid activity quite effectively. This is due to the ability of fluoride to mimic the action of thyrotropin (TSH). Excess fluoride correlates with the other thyroid-related issues such as iodine deficiency. Fluorine and iodine, both being members of the halogen group of atoms, have an antagonistic relationship. When there is excess of fluoride in the body it can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland. Thus, fluoride has been linked to thyroid problems. Patient who wish to avoid the effect of fluoride on their thyroid can utilize fluoride free toothpaste such as Carifree, an oral neutralizer gel.’

    Fluoride may directly or indirectly interfere with proper functioning of your thyroid gland, with potential actions including fluoride’s ability to:

    Mimic thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)

    Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides

    Fluoride exposure disrupts the synthesis of collagen and leads to the breakdown of collagen in bone, tendon, muscle, skin, cartilage, lungs, kidney and trachea. A.K. Susheela and Mohan Jha, ” Effects of Fluoride on Cortical and Cancellous Bone Composition,” IRCS Medical Sciences: Library Compendium, Vol. 9, No.11, pp. 1021-1022 (1981); Y. D. Sharma, ” Effect of Sodium Fluoride on Collagen Cross-Link Precursors,” Toxicological Letters, Vol. 10, pp. 97-100 (1982); A. K. Susheela and D. Mukerjee, ” Fluoride poisoning and the Effect of Collagen Biosynthesis of Osseous and Nonosseous Tissue,” Toxicological European Research, Vol. 3, No.2, pp. 99-104 (1981); Y.D. Sharma, ” Variations in the Metabolism and Maturation of Collagen after Fluoride Ingestion,” Biochemica et Biophysica Acta, Vol. 715, pp. 137-141 (1982); Marian Drozdz et al., ” Studies on the Influence of Fluoride Compounds upon Connective Tissue Metabolism in Growing Rats” and “Effect of Sodium Fluoride With and Without Simultaneous Exposure to Hydrogen Fluoride on Collagen Metabolism,” Journal of Toxicological Medicine, Vol. 4, pp. 151-157 (1984).
    Fluoride stimulates granule formation and oxygen consumption in white blood cells, but inhibits these processes when the white blood cell is challenged by a foreign agent in the blood. Robert A. Clark, “Neutrophil Iodintion Reaction Induced by Fluoride: Implications for Degranulation and Metabolic Activation,” Blood, Vol. 57, pp. 913-921 (1981).
    Fluoride depletes the energy reserves and the ability of white blood cells to properly destroy foreign agents by the process of phagocytosis. As little as 0.2 ppm fluoride stimulates superoxide production in resting white blood cells, virtually abolishing phagocytosis. Even micro-molar amounts of fluoride, below 1 ppm, may seriously depress the ability of white blood cells to destroy pathogenic agents. John Curnette, et al, ” Fluoride-mediated Activation of the Respiratory Burst in Human Neutrophils,” Journal of Clinical Investigation, Vol. 63, pp. 637-647 (1979); W. L. Gabler and P. A. Leong, ., ” Fluoride Inhibition of Polymorphonumclear Leukocytes,” Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 48, No. 9, pp. 1933-1939 (1979); W. L. Gabler, et al., ” Effect of Fluoride on the Kinetics of Superoxide Generation by Fluoride,” Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 64, p. 281 (1985); A. S. Kozlyuk, et al., ” Immune Status of Children in Chemically Contaminated Environments,” Zdravookhranenie, Issue 3, pp. 6-9 (1987)
    Fluoride confuses the immune system and causes it to attack the body’s own tissues, and increases the tumor growth rate in cancer prone individuals. Alfred Taylor and Nell C. Taylor, ” Effect of Sodium Fluoride on Tumor Growth,” Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Vol. 119, p. 252 (1965); Shiela Gibson, ” Effects of Fluoride on Immune System Function,” Complementary Medical Research, Vol. 6, pp. 111-113 (1992); Peter Wilkinson, ” Inhibition of the Immune System With Low Levels of Fluorides,” Testimony before the Scottish High Court in Edinburgh in the Case of McColl vs. Strathclyde Regional Council, pp. 17723-18150, 19328-19492, and Exhibit 636, (1982); D. W. Allman and M. Benac, ” Effect of Inorganic Fluoride Salts on Urine and Cyclic AMP Concentration in Vivo,” Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 55 (Supplement B), p. 523 (1976); S. Jaouni and D. W. Allman, ” Effect of Sodium Fluoride and Aluminum on Adenylate Cyclase and Phosphodiesterase Activity,” Journal of Dental Research, Vol. 64, p. 201 (1985)
    Fluoride inhibits antibody formation in the blood. S. K. Jain and A. K. Susheela, ” Effect of Sodium Fluoride on Antibody Formation in Rabbits,” Environmental Research, Vol. 44, pp. 117-125 (1987)
    Fluoride depresses thyroid activity. Viktor Gorlitzer Von Mundy, ” Influence of Fluorine and Iodine on the Metabolism, Particularly on the Thyroid Gland,” Muenchener Medicische Wochenschrift, Vol. 105, pp. 182-186 (1963); A. Benagiano

  130. sabretoothed says:

    Yeah Potassium Chloride has a lower LD50, its more dangerous, its used for executions in USA :P But you should have celtic sea salt to make sure you have sodium.

    That’s the basic problem, why there is high BP, people eat too much sodium compared to potassium, you don’t need to reduce your sodium, that’s crazy, you need to increase your potassium and then the sodium will not be a problem. The Democrat lets reduce salt to zero is crazy, and also reduces Iodine even more…

    The Potassium bicarbonate is not as bad. Its used in wine making and can be easily obtained :)

    I’ve been using cream of tartar 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon twice a day, its very acidic have to use a straw, so got some potassium bicarb its a bit more friendlier :P

  131. sabretoothed says:

    Human body uses temperature to suppress pathogens (why get fever when there is an attack), hence when cold from low thyroid (iodine) then normal organisms can attack the body

  132. E.M.Smith says:

    I just blend “no salt” at about 1:4 into regular table salt in the salt shakers. Tastes great and works fine wile boosting K intake.

  133. Larry Ledwick says:

    Just leave this here for the next time someone says something like only humans do X
    It appears Coups are not a purely human behavior, all primates are hard wired to engage in political alliances and power politics. Tyrants beware.

  134. E.M.Smith says:


    Oh now that’s funny! :

    The iodine is not consumed orally for this protocol as you might think
    you do also take it orally, but it’s not the main part of this
    The real secret is to paint you testicles with the iodine

    I’m going to be laughing all night…

  135. Larry Ledwick says:

    For those not clued in on this.
    What are you going to wear on World Hijab Day (Feb 1 ) ?

  136. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting development in Chemistry here that might lead to some “highly energetic materials”

  137. Larry Ledwick says:

    China continues its march toward strategic parity with Russia and the US, they recently tested MIRV technology with 10 warheads per missile which implies that their nuclear stock pile is considerably larger that commonly assumed.

  138. Larry Ledwick says:

    Also in the mix for increased strategic risk is the ongoing friction between Pakistan and India.

  139. Jeff says:

    @Larry, looking at your last two points, someone once suggested nuking China, and making it look like India did it… (hmm, maybe it was Pakistan that suggested it?)

  140. philjourdan says:

    Be better if iodine was used in pools instead of chlorine

    It would make a lot of folks darker. ;-)

  141. Pingback: Tips – February 2017 | Musings from the Chiefio

  142. E.M.Smith says:

    The TIps and Commentary on Tips continues in a nice fresh much faster to load page here:

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