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Are Democrats Angling for a Constitutional Crisis?

Are the Progressives and Democrats attempting to foment a Color Revolution? The Acting Attorney General has been ‘relieved’ and replaced with someone who recognizes the rule of law. This is the kind of thing you expect to see in 3rd world coup attempts in the early stages. Continue reading

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Scraping NOAA and CDIAC

A reminder and script for how to scrape various web sites for temperature data, publications, etc. etc. Continue reading

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Dear President Trump – A “Dreamers” Solution

I offer a simple solution to the “Dreamers” problem in the hopes that our President can find something useful in it. Continue reading

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Gail & Serioso discuss Soros and sundry other things

An open thread for Gail and Serioso to debate / discuss / and admire the nature of all things Soros. I’ll be staying out of it as my roll is referee. Continue reading

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Week One – of 1 A.T.

Like 2017 A.D., we are now in year 1 A.T. Week one. Things are moving incredibly fast. I think “This behaviour is by design”. Watching the Left, with their nightly “huddle” to “strategise” and issue the next day talking points; … Continue reading

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GCMs – Frost Feedback?

Is there a Frost Feedback to climate cooling, and is it missing from the GCMs? Global Circulation Models? Continue reading

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Odroid-C2 Performance and Order

A brief look at high performance computing evaluation methods, and how they apply to some dinky nano-pi or micro sized boards, plus why I bought an Odroid-C2 for the next addition to the stack… Continue reading

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