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Week One – of 1 A.T.

Like 2017 A.D., we are now in year 1 A.T. Week one. Things are moving incredibly fast. I think “This behaviour is by design”. Watching the Left, with their nightly “huddle” to “strategise” and issue the next day talking points; … Continue reading

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GCMs – Frost Feedback?

Is there a Frost Feedback to climate cooling, and is it missing from the GCMs? Global Circulation Models? Continue reading

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Odroid-C2 Performance and Order

A brief look at high performance computing evaluation methods, and how they apply to some dinky nano-pi or micro sized boards, plus why I bought an Odroid-C2 for the next addition to the stack… Continue reading

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DietPi – a Small Pi Linux

A brief review of first impressions of the DietPi flavor of Linux Continue reading

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