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Morning Joe – Manipulating Trump?

Is Morning Joe trying to influence Trump, now that they know he watches them? Continue reading

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Bitchute – My First Experience

An interesting Peer to Peer (P2P) alternative to youtube that seems to avoid the censorship issues. Continue reading

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Trumps 40 to 1 over CNN – Decline Of Media Company Reach

Who has the biggest one? Let’s ask them to compare… Continue reading

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Harassing Town Halls and Police “on side”?

What is a citizen to do when “spontaneous” crowds are stage managed “for effect” and their planning meetings are run out of the local police station? Continue reading

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Flood In San Jose

In this flooding drought in San Jose, highway 101 (a multilane freeway) was reopened today after being closed due to being underwater. The Coyote Creek has flooded, Andersen dam is overflowing via the spillway, we have flash flood warnings from Fremont to Gilroy. But don’t you dare water your lawn. It’s a Drought!!! Continue reading

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Scraping GISS, CDIAC, NCDC / NCEI, and Me

A collection of information about site scraping and some ideas on sizes and commands for Climate Data related sites. Continue reading

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30 miles due west of Oroville, in the flat

Yet more Flooding Drought in California. 30 miles west of Oroville. Continue reading

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