And Then They Came For Le Pen

It looks like the Globalists play rougher in the EU than they do in the USA (yes, really…)

Marine Le Pen in France is classed as “far right” over there, and is pushing an agenda with similarities to the Trump agenda. Things like keeping the national identity intact. Recognizing external threats and the damage that happens when made internal threats.

Now I don’t know much about French politics, and less about the particulars (for example I know Marine had a parent who was in French Politics, but no details on it). So I could easily be way out in “left field” on what she advocates and stands for. Most of my understanding coming from what people who hate her have said about her in various article.

So here’s one of them:

Marine Le Pen’s immunity lifted by European Parliament
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen loses her EU immunity after tweeting images of ISIL brutality.

Le Pen’s immunity has been lifted before for comparing Muslims praying in public to the Nazi occupation of France during World War II [File:Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters]
The European Parliament stripped far-right French politician and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of parliamentary immunity for posting graphic images of victims of the ISIL group.

The lifting of immunity allows a Paris court to prosecute her for posting three images of brutality by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS, on Twitter in 2015, including a photo of the decapitated corpse of US journalist James Foley.

The offence being considered is “publishing violent images”, which under certain circumstances can carry a penalty of three years in prison and a fine of $78,930.

Really? “violent images”? Well that would kill off 90% of American TV and movies… and at least half of the Nightly News. I think France needs a First Amendment…

Then, it looks like the immunity is being lifted for something that happened a couple of years ago. Reaching back in time and changing the rules after the fact? Wow. That’s right out of The Inquisition. Guess it’s a European Traditional thing… Ex post facto law prohibition is looking better and better…

If that’s the kind of stuff the EU is made of, best to bail out as fast as you can.

Parliamentary immunity is intended to protect EU politicians against intimidation attempts.

EU officials said that the vote came after a request from the French judiciary.

Well, looks like the intent was good, and needed, but not being implemented…

Responding to the vote on Wednesday, Le Pen said: “This only shows French citizens what the EU is, what the European parliament is and that it’s all part of the system that wants to stop the French people’s candidate that I am.”

Florian Philippot, a vice president of Le Pen’s party the National Front, defended the Eurosceptic candidate’s 2015 Twitter posts.

“Showing and naming the horror of Islamism allows us to fight against it,” Philippot told the Reuters news agency.

Le Pen has previously refused to attend a French police interview over the investigation, citing her status as an MEP.

But her head of cabinet has been placed under formal investigation for “the dissemination of violent images”.

The French leader, locked in an increasingly tight three-way race to succeed Francois Hollande this spring, has already seen her earnings as MEP cut for a different case involving alleged misuse of EU funds.

She has denounced the legal proceedings against her as political interference in the campaign, where she is the leading candidate. She has called for a moratorium on judicial investigations until the election period is over.

Le Pen is expected to win the first of the two election rounds but likely to lose in a runoff, according to polls, which also show that her legal battles seem to have little effect on her supporters.

I thought our politicians were being immoral dirty creatures of the slime, but the EU folks make ours look like well behaved concern trolls in comparison.

So if you can’t show “violent images”, what’s on TV? Can the producers of movies be sent to prison for a documentary on W.W.II? How do history teachers teach anything? Like, oh, the French Revolution and the French Haircut? Perhaps the bushels of heads must be shown smiling?

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24 Responses to And Then They Came For Le Pen

  1. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Europe is toast.

  2. beththeserf says:

    That which may not be said, or seen, or thought about –
    down the memery whole it goes, Orwell’s Oceania, 1984…
    European Union, 2017.

  3. Lars P. says:

    A point not mentioned is how did Le Pen come to tweet those pictures, which has its own peculiar case.

    And as you say, what about paintings like the french revolution paintings?

  4. Ian W says:

    The ‘Je Suis Charlie’ defense is the way to go – have hard copies of all the paintings as above, clips from every film, news broadcasts, flood the court with all the images that are allowed ‘for entertainment’ and say the images that were shown were for the safety of France. You put the safety of France as less important than gratification and glorification of violence in films? You are traitors to La France!

  5. philjourdan says:

    Well that would kill off 90% of American TV and movies… and at least half of the Nightly News.

    You do not watch French movies do you? Long on dialog, and short on action! Violence to them is a strong word (merde!)

    I think France needs a First Amendment…

    Europe needs one

  6. omanuel says:

    Trump’s election was just the beginning of the battle to end the UN’s global control of planet Earth.

    The battle is deadly serious for all scientists, since national academies of sciences united to save the world from nuclear annihilation under the UN on 24 OCT 1945, with

    A. The US NAS directing grant funds from federal agencies to support fake science disguised as “97% consensus science” and

    B. Swedish and Norwegian NAS’s handing out Nobel and Crafoord Prizes to support Standard Models of Reality that hide neutron repulsion, the source of energy in cores of:
    _ 1. Heavy elements like Uranium
    _ 2. Some planets like Jupiter
    _ 3. Ordinary stars like the Sun
    _ 4. Galaxies like the Milky Way
    _ 5. The expanding Universe

  7. Skeptic says:

    I think the court’s directive to the EU parliament may well have pushed Le Pen over the top in the upcoming elections. There is a strong and increasing anti-Muslin sentiment running throughout France. This may well galvanize Le Pen’s supporters and collect several undecided voters.

  8. A C Osborn says:

    E M it is not just Marie, they have also gone after her right wing father, he was fined 4000 euros for calling Romanian Gypsies “smelly”, which apparently is “racist”.
    They will do anything to try and prevent her from winning, as they did to prevent the Austrian right wing contestant in their election.

  9. Jeff says:

    Would be interesting to know what they really discussed in Davos. The “public” statements were to the effect that they had to clarify their “message” as the public obviously wasn’t “understanding” it. is their website.

    The private statements, i.e. their strategy and future actions, were probably rather different. Those people are truly, truly evil. There were some ceremonies last year that could have been pulled from a primer on witchcraft or “the ancient arts”. Among many sites, has some hair-raising pictures and analysis (also has some stuff on MK Ultra, Hollywood, Spirit Cooking, the grammies, etc., that make Alex Jones look boring :) )…

  10. Power Grab says:

    So…could they watch “Les Mis” over in France?

    How about its newer version, Les Deplorables?

    Would it strike a familiar chord with them and yield a result like we got??

  11. Graeme No.3 says:

    Le Pen is a serious contender in the race to be French President, and will probably top the voting in the first round**. Her real ‘crime’ is wanting to take France out of the EU which would lead to its collapse, hence all the adverse media and other tactics to try and stymie her run. Instead they will most likely boost her appeal.

    ** The French have 2 goes at electing a new President. Unless one of the candidates gets a majority in the first round the 2 with the highest votes face off in a second round. It prevents attempts to re-run the election afterwards if the ‘wrong’ candidate wins. With candidates this time including a Socialist (from the ruling party and a long shot), a ‘centralist’ (already under police investigation for paying family members for ? out of taxes) and a “Thatcherite” (who surely would be better suited to the ‘right wing’ tag) and Le Pen, and assorted riff raff like communists, it is virtually impossible to avoid a second round. Le Pen is expected to get more votes than any of the other candidates but they will all combine to thwart her (they hope) in the second round, as they did when her repulsive father got into the second round.

  12. gallopingcamel says:

    This kind of heavy handed BS helps Le Pen more than tens of millions of dollars in TV advertising.

  13. Bulaman says:

    This ad will win the election

  14. omanuel says:

    Figure 2.1 on page 35 of MIT Professor Robley Evans’ 1955 nuclear physics textbook, The Atomic Nucleus,” illustrates the selection of experimental data used to support Weizsacker’s seriously flawed definition of nuclear binding energy.”

    Or you can see the figure on page 59 of this pdf file:

    The decay of the neutron and the tritium atom disagree with the conclusion. Both are missing from the graph.

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    It said English subtitles, but I had French ones. Oddly that worked better for me. The speech was a bit fast to follow, but with the print I “got it” in the original French. Very motivating, and I’m not even a true French… Had a tear in my eye by the end.

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    If you click the CC closed captioning icon in the lower right margin you get english subtitles over the french subtitles. A bit fast to read but worked.

  17. George kinghorn says:

    Always remember Europe does not like dissent in any form.They hate the USA,and jews,love Muslims.

  18. Jeff says:

    Europe does not like dissent? Perhaps the EU Parliament and EC (European Commission) don’t, but a quick perusal of the online dailies’ comments sections shows plenty of dissent, humour, sarcasm, snark, what-have-you (at least here in Germany, e.g. Bild, Spiegel, Stern, Focus, Welt, etc., from left to right-ish).

    Merkel, et. al. are attempting to censor, or at least manage thought and expression thereof, but so far have not succeeded. And the polls, fwiw, are just as skewed as they are in the USA. And no, the ordinary people do not love the Moslems, in any way, shape, or form. We’re fed up.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    Probably as good a thread as any…

    In honor of “Trump & The Russians” I have a bottle of “Russian Standard” vodka ( Русский Стандарт per the label ) in front of me. Well, really, about 1/4 of a bottle left… but I digress…

    So contemplating the best way to deal with this, I had it in the freezer (“Frozen Stoli” style) but now I’m thinking maybe something more creative… so now I’m doing “Стандарт Shots” with a water back… kind of like Tequila I think (One Tequila two Tequila Three TEQUILA FLOOR!) ;-) but not… so I find my box of Girl Scout Cookies…

    You know, a shot of Русский Стандарт (still cold from the freezer) followed by about 6 ounces of “water back”, then “Bite The Chocolate Mint” !! Girl Scout Cookie is not a bad way to spend the evening… Just sayin’ ….

    Now if I could just find a 50 something girl scout… I think I’ll go ask the spouse if she was ever in Girl Scouts… We could both put on our old uniforms and… oh, never mind… where did I put that bottle of Русский Стандарт … Oh, here it is, by my foot… now where did I leave the cookies…

  20. gallopingcamel says:

    I never tried putting Vodka in the freezer. However I can recommend Korenwijn which refuses to freeze at -20 Centigrade. However a few fine ice crystals will form at that temperature and float around.

    During my years in Shiedam (the jenever capital of the world), my favorite was the ancient Korenwijn served really cold in slender tulip shaped glasses.

  21. R. de Haan says:

    @gallopingcamel, you have good taste. Korenwijn an measure up to many of the world`s best malt whiskey’s. Minimum alcohol level is 38% and it is classified as a member of the Jenever family although the stoking process and the ingredients are more refined and complex.
    Lucas Bols registered Corenwijn as a brand and gave it´s bottles a unique number that refered to the oak fust it riped in. However, I prefer the the brews made in “Schiedam by the Tweelingh” (Notaris) and “Onder de Boompjes” which in fact is a Museum producing old recipees.
    It´s the diversity of brands, produce and skills reflected in the culture that I love and which is now threatened by the UN, the EU and it’s insane policies and regulations and the progressives.
    They don’t want us to smoke, to eat, to drink. to drive, to fly, to sail, to travel to speak out and tp critisize and in the end they don’t want us to live. That’s why a “good bottle” for me is still a symbol of freedom.

  22. R. de Haan says:

    Here started the trouble for Le Pen. When she took on Merkel, Hollande and the EU.
    I have found an English version.

  23. R. de Haan says:

    And this recent one:

  24. Larry Ledwick says:

    As noted in this article, there has been a quiet revolution going on for a couple decades or more to redefine the perception of socialism and redefine words and expectations to make socialism acceptable.

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