Aleppo vs Mosul, BBC vs RT, and a Mirror

Why I like RT. Let me count the ways…

Partly it pains me just a tiny bit to say this, but a large part of “why” is that they “talk dirt” about the other guy’s coverage. Normally I’m not keen on folks talking dirt about others, or nit-picking, or taking the negative angle at others. In this case, though, it serves a very valuable purpose. It shows just where the majority of the, shall we call it Progressive/Sorors leaning? media, are biasing their coverage. Basically catching them out in the lie, or the more subtile “lie of omission”.

So this morning I was having the first beverage of the day while doing my usual ‘turn around the news dial’. Dreck, dreck, semi-dreck, France24 doing an in-depth look at Canadian Native Americans and their abuse at the hands of government… 40+ years ago. Not exactly news. USA coverage still on their “Get The Donald!” jihad. Then I hit RT.

First off, they were showing film from Mosul. Not seen much on the news about Mosul lately, eh? Just something vague about the USA and Iraq “liberating” it or how hard it was going to be. Here was RT on the streets showing it.

They did a great A vs B showing western coverage of the Horrors Of Aleppo but being mum on Mosul. Asking could it be a matter of who is doing the bombing of civilians?

They even have a hash-tag for it: #mosulsos (that my foggy morning brain tried to turn into latin mulos… what was RT doing covering latin mules and with too many letters… sputter sputter and eventually the brain gets running ;-)

But first, lets look at their top stores on their news page:

Top story is the one on Mosul:

Price of liberation: Civilian exodus, bombed-out streets filmed by RT in Mosul (VIDEO)
Nearly two months into the siege of western Mosul, many houses there stand lifeless and looted, while some streets lie in ruins as civilian residents flee the area. RT’s Murad Gazdiev has witnessed the grim aftermath of war in Iraq’s second largest city.

Then we get to Denmark. I can’t remember the last time Denmark was on US news, but I think it was when some Danish soap opera was a hot show and they were touting it as a great foreign language series. Some political drama thing… years ago…

Snitching scandal: Denmark reprimands Turkish envoy over ‘hotline to report on Erdogan critics’
Denmark has summoned Turkey’s charge d’affaires on the heels of a report that Danish citizens of Turkish origin might have been blacklisted and accused of treason on the basis of tips submitted by Turkish government sympathizers via a special hotline.

Gee, didn’t know that Denmark was joining The Netherlands in a tiff with Erdogan. Nor that Erdogan was not only advocating for his folks to do Demographic Swamping of European nations, and was trying to run election campaign operations in EU countries, but, it seems, also has got an undercover “tips” operation and a foreign oppression operation going inside the EU. Think maybe that matters? Yet in our news? Crickets….

Migrants, Islam, independence: Top French presidential candidates clash in 1st TV debate
During France’s first presidential debate on Monday, the leading five French presidential hopefuls traded punches on the most burning issues, ranging from immigration and Islamization, to the country’s alliances and its very sovereignty.

There was a debate in France last night. Might determine the future of the EU and a couple of continents. USA news? IF you dig, you find out it happened… RT? Oh, they noticed that immigration and Islamization were big issues; and maybe, just maybe, ‘sovereignty’ of nations matters and might be at stake.

They then have a story about the “Rich getting richer” globally, OK, either not very surprising or a bit of “toss mud” at the “rich west” ( I have not looked at the story since it just looks like the same-old-same-old and has a whiff of bias / propaganda in the title).

Next is a story about India granting the Ganges “Human Rights”. Might be interesting as you just know this will be cited as precident by Global(ist) Greens in similar attempts to get “Human Rights” for every river, mountain (hill? bump? dirt pile?), forest and desert.

India gives Ganges & Yamuna rivers same rights as humans in bid to fight pollution
Two rivers in India have been given the status of living entities in order to save them from further harm caused by pollution. The waterways are considered sacred by Hindus, who believe them to have miraculous healing powers.

I figure those are the “human interest” and “happy talk / relief” stories that let you wobble the emotional lever back to neutral before the next push into angst land. You see that in most media. Horrible war story, then the “Awww” story, then the weather, then rinse and repeat.

The next set of stories I’m just going to do “en block”:

Erdogan says relations with ‘fascist & cruel’ Europe may be reviewed after April referendum
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara may re-evaluate its relations with the EU if a constitutional referendum granting him additional powers passes on April 16, warning that “it will be a different Turkey” then.
Israeli ‘Skylark’ drone crashes in Syria, IDF confirms
Israel has confirmed that one of its drones crashed on Syrian territory, stating that the circumstances are being examined. It follows similar reports and photographs of the UAV by Hezbollah.
N. Korea may have doubled uranium enrichment – UN nuclear watchdog
North Korea may now be a step closer to developing a nuclear weapon as its facilities are extensively producing plutonium and enriching twice as much uranium as several years ago, according to the head of the UN-run nuclear energy agency.
Moscow ‘knows nothing about’ reported April visit by Tillerson
Moscow diplomats say they are not aware of any preparations for a visit by US State Secretary Rex Tillerson. Reuters said the American would arrive in Russia in April.
Greek police intercept 8 parcel bombs headed to EU institutions & companies
Greek police have reported that they found and neutralized eight suspected parcel bombs at a postal sorting center in Athens on Monday. Last week, two such bombs targeted the German finance ministry and the IMF.

So Turkey going to review relations with the EU and saying so with insult? I’d say that matters. How long until the EU and USA are kicked out of Turkey? I give it a decade, max, and maybe as short as 2 years. Turkey had attempted to Europeanize in the 1800s. It has tottered on the edge of Islam vs West ever since. Now it looks to be ready to pick a side, and that side is NOT secular western. RT knows to keep an eye on this. USA News? Talks about turkey in November and in the context of deep fried vs traditional basted / roast.

Then we find that Israel is “in the mix” in Syria, at least doing surveillance. I suspect that also means some on the ground Mossad folks too.

That North Korea ICBM time line may be 1/2 as long as was thought (or twice as big a punch). Golly. I suspect the ‘playing footsy’ for Western Cash era is over and the “anonymous drone” era will begin shortly. Just bomb wherever they have a lot of light at night and you pretty much have your targeting done. Give it what, 4 drones? /snark;

So Moscow has has not been notified about an official diplomatic visit? Or has Reuters got it wrong? (Or just very early, in which case is it great journalism or Yet Another Leak to investigate?)

Gee, the Greeks so fed up they bombed 2 places last week (one intercepted, one at one of the big government ‘banks’, IIRC the IMF, hurt a mail clerk) and someone sent 8 more (that we know of…). Have not heard that much about dissatisfied Greeks in the news here…

All very interesting topics, and mostly omitted from the local news and even the national news here.

OK, back on the Mosul story.

First off, you get a look at the streets of Mosul. NOT some talking heads with stock shots of kids, puppies, flying drones, or politicians talking. Real, on the street, in your face direct reporting. Mosul is a mess. (But some of us already knew that).

But what got me motivated to do this posting was just how thorough the reporting was. Showing a bombed out major intersection then talking about the US / Western strategic bombing of transport hubs to prevent ISIS from moving gear around, and how it also prevents civilians from getting out / moving around. Actually talking about the tactics of war, why they were done, and what effects they have.

Yes, you get the ‘tear jerk’ shots of wounded civilians and all. A tiny bit of propaganda about how the west is hurting civilians in their “clean” campaign. Yet they they do the rather surprising thing of “talking dirt” about the Aleppo vs Mosul coverage. In the Aleppo coverage, the BBC and several others carried the photo of the little boy placed in a red seat in an ambulance as the “poster child” of Russian uncaring brutal war. RT shows a similar little girl burned and crying from US “precision” bombs; and showed the two pictures side by side. NOT doing a propaganda bias, but demonstrating propaganda methods and the contrast. They then tour the city streets showing that precision isn’t of much important when your bombing is so complete as to resemble “carpet bombing”. They had clips of different news agencies touting the horrors of Aleppo and showing Red Seat Kid. Then asked: Why are there no such shots from Mosul?

Just love that. Calling out the bias and propaganda slant of Western Media is one of the big reasons I watch RT. It tells me where to look for the “empty space” in western coverage. One of the hardest things is to see what is MISSING. Having someone searching for that for you is a great help. (Just be sure to filter for ‘bias and self dealing’ and adjust for that / check it. For ALL media, not just RT.)

I first had my attention raised about Mosul when some Mosque (a week back?) had something like 30? 60? people killed and injured when “hit by a US bomb”. Well, the US news was all over that it was a precision guided bomb that did NOT hit the Mosque. Then one said it hit a target 50 feet away. Um, pardon? My house lot is over 50 feet WIDE (it is longer the other way). So you are saying a bomb is OK if it hits in my front yard as it didn’t hit the back of my house? Really? That was when the “They Are Lying Again” flag when up and I started to notice the news vacuum on Mosul in the West. Yet RT has in depth on the ground coverage. AND calls dirt when it sees it on our media.

In general, watching the BBC vs RT, they both have “domestic bias”. But for my money, the BBC has more direct and blatant bias and propaganda slanting of stories than does RT. The RT folks have their own Russia centered POV, and they do slant things a little (but, I must say, they do a much better job of hiding the slant), but mostly RT is very up front about tossing dirt at bad western coverage (which dirt tossing might have some propaganda goal, but frankly, when I’ve checked they have been correct about the western biases). Most of the RT “propaganda” slant is simply never saying anything bad about Putin or internal affairs in Russia. I’m OK with that, and I’m OK with them talking up why it is a good thing when Putin invades Crimea (or whatever). You already know they must kiss that ring, so who cares.

In short, I trust RT more than the BBC on all things European / USA. (The USA media largely doesn’t know the rest of the world exists until some Glitterati visit it… and are fixated on omphaloskepsis and all things “Get Trump”, so not only do they never cover anything outside until long after it ceased being ‘news’, when they do cover it they are clueless what it means, or often even where it is… IMHO, of course.)

BTW, it pains me greatly to say that about the BBC and RT. My first shortwave radio was in about 1960 and I used it to listen to the BBC (my Mum was thrilled to hear things from ‘back home’) and Radio Moscow. I think that was when my BS Detector was formed. I used to laugh at some of the silly coming from Radio Moscow and Radio Havana and more. But the BBC was rock solid. Oh, for “days long gone”… Now when watching the BBC news, it’s there the BS Detector clatters, while on RT it is at most a small murmur and then only on a few stories. Oh Well.

The Mirror

They then did a wonderful hit piece on The Mirror. I couldn’t find the original Mirror story in a quick search, since it seems that Russian Football Hooligans is a running theme for them, so swamped with stories.

In any case, RT ran copy of the Mirror story about how some Russian football gang (“Ultras”) was having brawls and training for some event where UK citizens might be killed (oh the humanity…). The film showed guys having a bit of a fight on the street. BUT… They were wearing boxing gloves… Wha? I thought. RT Explained. They then showed a longer and wider view of events. A traditional street fair / celebration in some Russian city. Folks dancing. Foods. And a “toy fight” where you are forbidden to hit the face, or even throw punches that would hurt.

In short, The Mirror was flat out lying and fabricating a story out of nothing. RT caught them at it, and showed it.

Ah, using the title from the page capture on RT I found the Mirror story. (Watch for it to change? as they become a laughing stock being caught out by the Russians…)

Russia’s Ultra yobs infiltrated amid warnings England fans could be KILLED at World Cup

In a shock investigation, the Mirror tracked down the leaders of the country’s two most notorious “Ultra” gangs

Russia’s most notorious football ­hooligans have warned England fans: “If you thought France was bad, wait until the World Cup next year.”

In a shock investigation, the Mirror tracked down the leaders of the country’s two most notorious “Ultra” gangs.

One was involved in the horrific “Battle of Marseille” during Euro 2016 last summer in which 100 England fans were injured and two ended up in a coma.

The FA and police already fear serious violence when Russia hosts the World Cup finals next summer.

Alexey Mavryn boasted of the strength of the Uralmash Steel Monsters who have the words “Ultras” and “Hooligans” printed in English on their T-shirts.

It then goes on to show mobs of Russian men “encouraged to fight”. In a festival…


Now I’d not trust The Mirror to hold bird droppings reliably, and you can forget about it as a news source. But what I did find fun was that RT has this “catch them in the lie” standard story line and searches a lot of western media for me.

So that’s why I watch them regularly and reliably. And, sadly, why the BBC America “news” has gone from “daily” to “oh, maybe next week”. 25 minutes of formulaic pap, the one news story up front (but spun to the Globalist Agenda), then the “Aw Story” ending with a Humanist Story (i.e. social propaganda) and with maybe 5 minutes in the middle for variety. Just sad. For real news with punch, watch RT. News were the reporters are in flack jackets and helmets and sometimes things go “BOOM!” in the background – by surprise… and News where they call out the opposition and air that dirt.

Gotta love it.

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7 Responses to Aleppo vs Mosul, BBC vs RT, and a Mirror

  1. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Hi Chiefio. This guy, Raúl Ilargi Meijer, puts up finance an economic stories daily, 7 days, 6am edt, abt us, eu, an Greece. he lives in Athens.

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future

  2. philjourdan says:

    The old question – do you get wetter running through the rain (exposed for a shorter time, but exposing more of the body to a greater area and thus more moisture) or walking through the rain?

    The thought occurred to me with the differences between the “carpet” attack of the Russians, and the “precision” attack of the Americans. The Russian way does have them kill more civilians. The latter way allows the occupiers more time to kill civilians.

    Back to your point. I just got a new cell phone. I loaded RT on it as one of my news sources. Not on there is CNN, NBC, ABC or CBS. I know what RT is going to present to me, but at least I can dig for the facts. That is not possible with the others.

    And an Update. The Mirror has changed their article.

  3. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    We desperately need competent investigative reporting to uncover and report how humanity responds to constantly conflicting messages from:

    1. The survival instinct in the tiny reptilian core of the brain, and

    2. Logical, rational analysis from outer parts of the human brain.

    There was a brief period of hope for continued evolutionary advancement of humanity, over a 40 year time-span (1905-1945), when:

    1. Einstein reported in 1905 that rest mass (m) is stored energy (E): E = mc^2,

    2. Aston measured and reported powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction in rest masses of ordinary atoms in 1922,

    3. Those atomic powers destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Aug 1945, and

    4. Frightened world leaders united nations and national academies of sciences under the UN on 24 Oct 1945 to save the world from nuclear annihilation by hiding powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction from the public.

    The recent history of lock-step consensus science enslaving humanity shows the rest of the story.

  4. David A says:

    I saw a video of a woman reporter in Mosul. She stated that tens of thousands of civilians were fleeing to the pro Assad forces to avoid the western sponsored ” freedom fighters” as McCain called them. Some other reporters brought up contrary stories. Her unchallenged response was that exactly zero of the critics were there. I guess the young indoctrinated western university journalist are tools.

  5. David A says:

    To clarify, “Her unchallenged response was that exactly zero of the critics were there”…
    Means in Mosul as she was with film she took. None denied that she was correct.

  6. David A says:

    Phil, your question is a good one, yet regarding the Syrian conflict numerous reports stated that it was not so much “the occupiers”
    were often the US allies.
    My response is ?????? maybe so.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think the point is that everybody is a bad guy, just some are our bad guys and some are Assad’s bad guys, and some are ISIS’s bad guys

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