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Hollande (not the country) loves RINOs (not the animals)

How to degrade a medal and sully a country in one easy lesson: Award “honors” for PC Crap to folks who are lousy roll models. Continue reading

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Scribble, Watermarks, and the Vault Leaks

Some comments on “Scribble” and watermarks in documents. Continue reading

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Venezuela – how to collapse an economy in 5 easy lessons…

Some comments on how to collapse an economy using Venezuela as the present poster child. Continue reading

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QM vs Waves vs “Photon Rectifiers”

Can an IR PV panel be made that produces some electricity from the black body radiation of a room temperature object? Thermodynamics seems to say no, while Quantum Mechanics would imply yes, given my limited understanding of both. Continue reading

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Time To Buy Wine Futures?

From: Ran into it here: Looks like French Wines just took a hit. Maybe it’s time to buy wine futures ;-) French winemakers deploy candles, heaters and helicopters to save vines from frost Vineyards report temperatures plunged in … Continue reading

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Venezuela: Even Fellow Socialists in S.A. Embarrassed

Other South American States think Maduro is a problem… and that’s saying something. Continue reading

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Is it hot snow?

Given extensive snow cover, the claim of warmest ever year has some cognitive dissonance. Continue reading

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