Central European University – C.E.U. Another Soros Ploy

An interesting little tiff has erupted in Hungary. Seems that when folks were not looking, Soros decided to branch out from just making NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) to push his political agenda, but also made a “University” to indoctrinate whole cadres of folks into his point of view to continue pushing his agenda.

Why do I phrase it that way? Well, look at their curriculum. It’s right out of his “Open Societies” gimmick.


Yes, quoting the Wiki. That way you KNOW it is being colored in THE best possible light for Sorors and Friends…

The university offers degrees in the social sciences, humanities, law, public policy, business management, environmental science, and mathematics.

So any doubt what so ever that with the top 4 on the list being the oxymoronic “Social Sciences”, followed by a generic “Humanities” (that will be heavily biased…), then Law (and how to abuse it), and finally bringing all those together into Public Policy (the control for national destruction, perhaps?…One wonders if “How To Lie With Statistics” is taught in their mathematics department… shades of computer models and all…)

Notice there is NO Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, etc. etc. Science (real science) need not apply. This place is geared toward creating folks to go out and remake governments and peoples, not create real products or services.

CEU was founded by philanthropist George Soros, who has provided an endowment of US$880 million, making the university one of the wealthiest in Europe. It is considered as one of the most prestigious universities in Central Europe for social sciences and humanities.
CEU evolved from a series of lectures held at the IUC in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, (now Croatia). In the Spring of 1989, as historical change was gathering momentum in the region the need for a new, independent, international university was being considered. The minutes of the gathering held in April 1989 records a discussion among scholars such as Rudolf Andorka, Péter Hanák, Márton Tardos, István Teplán, Tibor Vámos and Miklós Vásárhelyi from Budapest, William Newton-Smith and Kathleen Wilkes from Oxford, Jan Havranek, Michal Illner and Jiří Kořalka from Prague, Krzysztof Michalski and Włodzimierz Siwiński from Warsaw.

Now one must wonder just what was wrong with Harvard, Yale, Oxford, All the State Universities of the USA, La Sorbonne, etc. etc. that they were inadequate to their needs. Perhaps being too objective? Certainly not being too “right wing”…

The University was founded in 1991 in response to the fall of the Socialist Bloc. The founding vision was to create a university dedicated to examining the contemporary challenges of “open societies” and democratization.

Ah, there’s your “money quote”. Dedicated to pushing the Soros vision of “Open Societies” and the destruction of nation states and cultures. But cloaking it all in the faint odour of academia and impartiality.

The initial aim was to create a Western-modeled yet distinctly Central European institution that would foster inter-regional cooperation and educate a new corps of regional leaders to help usher in democratic transitions across the region. It was originally located in Prague, but because of “political and financial conflict between its founder and [the] Czech government,” represented by Vaclav Klaus, it was moved to Budapest.

OK, so the stated purpose is a take down of the established Western Democracies and to have a makeover of them via installing new “leadership” molded by Soros and his ilk. Czech caught on quick and tossed his ass, but being Hungarian I’d guess Hungary was more forgiving. At least then.

In its second decade, CEU broadened its focus from regional to global, with a special emphasis on democracy promotion and human rights around the world. It has since developed a distinct academic approach, combining regional studies with an international perspective, emphasizing comparative and interdisciplinary research in order to generate new scholarship and policy initiatives, and to promote good governance and the rule of law. CEU has extended its outreach and financial aid programs to certain areas of the developing world.

OK, so what happened to “consensus”? I guess it doesn’t matter if you are a Soros sort. Consensus is only important if you are NOT “on side” with them. Also note that the intent is to manufacture a body of “scholarship” so one can then point to it as the authority… Gee, where have we seen that strategy before? Hmmm?

CEU began the region’s first master’s degree programs in gender studies and environmental sciences. The CEU Center for Media, Data and Society is the leading center of research on media, communication, and information policy in the region.

I’m sorry, but anyone who needs more than 2 minutes to focus on their “gender studies” (got a winky, or not, is pretty quick to spot – inny or outy…) is clearly a bit, er, bent. What one does with it is a private matter and not really a subject for “studies”… IMHO. But in the context of Soros, it’s likely these are just the instruments by which to disrupt stable societies. Leverage “the environment” to destroy economies. Foment “gender issues” to destroy faith based communities in particular and the social fabric in general. Then they want to have effective control of “media” long with a good handle on using Big Data to manipulate societies. Got it.

On 14 October 2007 George Soros stepped down as Chairman of CEU Board. Leon Botstein (President of Bard College, New York), who had previously served as the Vice-Chair of the Board, was elected as new Chairman for a two-year term. George Soros is a Life-CEU Trustee and serves as Honorary Chairman of the Board.

On 1 August 2009 Rector Yehuda Elkana was succeeded by human rights leader and legal scholar John Shattuck. On May 5, 2016, it was announced that Michael Ignatieff would succeed Shattuck, becoming the fifth president and rector of the university.

Well, nice list of names to put on you “Dig Here!” list and do both contract tracing and action profiling.

Now of particular interest is their peculiar legal structure. One might wonder just why a European University is not incorporated in, well, Europe?

Legal basis

CEU is organized as an American-style institution, governed by a Board of Trustees, with a charter from the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, for and on behalf of the New York State Education Department. In the United States, CEU is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. In Hungary, CEU is officially recognized as a privately maintained and operated university. The university was accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee in 2004.

Well, New York. Gee, isn’t that were Billy Clinton set up shop? And Hillary likes to hang out? And Bloomberg? And…

Nice to have a legal domicile in a place run by fellow travelers, and remote from where you actually DO things that might cause ire in the government. Which it did…

The reason I started looking at this was the news (on European ROKU channels) about the CEU, Street demonstrations Theatre, and the Evil Horrible Nasty Mean Old Man running Hungary thinking maybe a European University with pretty much all its operations in Hungary ought to have a Hungarian legal structure, or at least some tie to the place and the local law. (And maybe just a little bit that overthrowing governments and ignoring the will of the nation and the national culture are not really what University ought to be about…)

Amendment to Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education in the Hungarian Parliament (2017)

The announcement and CEU’s initial reactions

On 28 March 2017, Hungarian Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog, also responsible for education, submitted a bill to Parliament to amend Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education. The bill aims to introduce new regulations for foreign-operating universities, several of which affect CEU. Notably, such universities could only operate if the Hungarian government has an agreement with the university’s other country of operation (concerning CEU, the agreement is between the State of New York and the city of Budapest). In addition, universities operating outside of the European Union should have a campus in their other country of operation, where comparable degree programs would be offered (currently not the case for CEU). Furthermore, both existing and new non-EU academic staff would be required to apply for working permits. This requirement is seen by critics as placing CEU at a particular disadvantage, given that it relies largely on non-EU faculty. Finally, the law would also prohibit both the American and Hungarian entities from sharing the same name.

So this Horrible Nasty Evil LAW would mean that a nearly 100% Hungarian University would need to be under the laws of Hungary, or have a real campus wherever it was legally domiciled. Hmmm… Seems pretty reasonable to me. Otherwise I could found the “University of Albania” in Florida and open a campus in Budapest and who would know I had zero connection to Albania. Frankly, having things the way they are now smells of offshore banking, shell corporations, and various other kinds of shenanigans.

Then for those Universities that ARE legitimately in existence in another country, it must be one where Hungary and that Country have a relationship and cross licensing agreement. Again, perfectly reasonable IMHO. US States are NOT allowed to enter into treaties and such, so any treaty between two nations can’t have one of them as signatory. What the “deal” is at present with New York is an interesting question…

Finally, folks not from the EU going to work in an EU country, need to have an EU work permit? You mean they don’t now? Hell, sign me up! I’m ready to fly on over and start teaching computer science. Or Art History (hey, I’ve looked at paintings…) or maybe even “Modern Art and Video – Emphasis on The Nude in Motion”… Oh, what, you say maybe it would be better if someone actually thought about that wide open barn door and required a moment thought about local labor availability and the potential to abuse the law as it stands now? Well… /sarc;

Though I do have to admit the idea of retiring to Europe (warm part…) teaching at the Royal Academy Of Art (legal domicile Delaware, USA) has a certain charm to it ;-)

Basically, while those laws might be a PITA to CEU, it is a PITA of their own making due to their slightly bizarre legal structure and their disdain for national labor laws. (Really “national anything”)

Now especially in the context of both Russia and India tossing Soros and his NGOs out on their collective asses, that Hungary “caught clue” does not surprise me. (Nor, sadly, that the EU and NY have not… that whole fellow traveler thing I suspect…)

The same day, the Hungarian news website Origo.hu, considered pro-government by The Budapest Beacon, published an article asserting that CEU, to which it referred as “Soros University” (George Soros being its founder and main benefactor, and also known an opponent of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party), operated unlawfully in Hungary, citing regulatory infractions. The article also referred to a report prepared by Hungary’s Educational Authority, which revealed that 28 universities, including CEU, where being investigated for operating unlawfully in Hungary. CEU issued a statement in response to the article, claiming the allegations of cheating and regulatory infractions constitued defamations and libel, and threatened to sue the website if the article was not corrected.

I suppose given their sue happy behaviour this is a good time to state:

“This article is a political opinion speech by the author with humor and satire included. It is protected under the First Amendment and is not to be construed at a comment on any individual, but on the politics of the land today.”

One wonders what the other 27 “universities” might be… and if they need an art & video teacher… ;-)

On 31 March 2017, Viktor Orbán stated in an interview to public radio that the future of “Soros University” (referring to George Soros, founder and main benefactor of CEU) depended on US-Hungarian talks. He said that CEU was “cheating” by awarding both Hungarian and American degrees, despite not operating abroad. This was a breach of Hungarian regulations, which gave an unfair advantage to CEU. In response to those claims, CEU issued a statement rejecting the suggestion that it was cheating and in breach of Hungarian regulations. Indeed, according to CEU, no laws in effect required universities such as CEU to also operate in their countries of origin.

Golly, now that’s a neat trick! Issue American degrees while never actually operating in America, and offer Hungarian degrees while not being legally domiciled in Hungary? Neither fish nor fowl, yet able to both fly and swim…

To say “something smells fishy” is almost as obvious as saying “it smells a bit fowl”… ;-0

And they wonder why the Hungarian Government might look a bit sideways at them…

So what’s the big problem with marching your lawyer down to the Hungarian Corporations Office and filing the paperwork?

I’ve made corporations before, and done the “Foreign Corporation Registration” paperwork. It really isn’t that hard. Did it in 3 different States too!

That they are afraid of doing that, and fighting it tooth and nail really shouts: “DIG HERE!!!”

Commentators have interpreted the proposed bill as the continuation of Orbán’s government campaign against liberalism and foreign-funded NGOs. […] This has resulted in the declaration by vice chairman of Fidesz Szilard Nemeth that civil society groups with funding from Soros should be “swept out” of Hungary. […] Orbán has repeatedly criticized Soros in strong terms for trying to influence Hungarian politics, accusing him, for instance, of stoking a refugee wave to weaken Europe.

Oh, Soros using the same strategy he is applying to the EU and around the globe. Demographic swamping with “refugees” and destruction of the national culture and peoples.

Well, what to say about it all… How about:

“Hey, POTUS Donald! Time to dump Soros and his NGOs and “University”. Just honor the Russian Arrest Warrant and follow the lead of the Eastern Europeans in dumping the NGOs. You’re welcome.”

Slowly, oh so slowly, awareness of the Soros Machine and his abuse of non-profit “corporations” is spreading around the globe. That it had to start in Asia is a sad comment on the EU and USA. But start it has. Time for “The West” to get on the band wagon. We can recognize this threat, and act to squash it; or we can lose our country and our culture.

It really is that simple, in my opinion.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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25 Responses to Central European University – C.E.U. Another Soros Ploy

  1. omanuel says:

    Soros University will fit right in with the goals of other prestigious universities:

    See: “The Rise & Fall of Science and Democracy”

    Click to access The_Rise_and_Fall_of_Science.pdf

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    You can bet that a large number of those protesting in support of the university are students of it or paid protesters too.

  3. Zeke says:

    “This place is geared toward creating folks to go out and remake governments and peoples, not create real products or services.”

    Excellent catch. It appears to be aimed at educating a manufactured ruling class for the Commonwealth Countries and the developing nations.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    Maybe The Chronicle of Higher Education would print your post.
    There must be other news outlets with an education slant that might also.
    Members of these groups might be interested:
    … the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, for and on behalf of the New York State Education Department

  5. philjourdan says:

    You are seldom the first to notice the wart on your face. Hence why the Soros outing had to start in Asia – where he has the least influence. As for his university, they had to include math. How else to be able to count to folks for things like the pu$$y hats and of course the old million man math.

    The old cockroach is slow, so probably cannot scurry fast enough to escape the light that is being shown on him. You get tales of the “Club of Rome” and “Fabians” which to most just appears to be conspiracy theories run amok. But Soros has violated rule #0 of the society. He has allowed all those “conspiracy theories” to be seen and examined by everyone. I doubt he will ever see the inside of a Russian prison cell, and it will not be Putin that orders his hit.

  6. R. de Haan says:

    Also have a look at MIT that published a book titled Communism for Children.They want to return to a slave state. I also watched some speeches by Obama during his visit to South America and Cuba where he stated that Communism wasn’t that different from Communism.
    Well, maybe not for the elite but it is a huge difference for the average man in the street,
    Just screw those sociopaths.

  7. R. de Haan says:

    Where it’s all about:

  8. Zeke says:

    R de Haan posts alternative ancient history

    Thank you for the break from the tyranny of the urgent.

    I like Graham Hancock’s work with continental shelves. I think there are very likely ruins of cities on the shelves and plateaus of the continents — but they will be very hard to distinguish from the crazy rock formations that will also be found.

    However, the care and integrity that will be required to actually re-examine the pre-classical world and re-write history is totally lacking. There is no one alive who will do anything but affirm his own pet philosophies and theories. Alternative historians are incredibly brazen and change dates and completely manufacture evidence for the sake of confirming progressive ideas. They have no scholarly integrity with original texts, and no qualms about making the past say what they want it to say. I have seen outrageous mischaracterization of works of the past, and it will only get worse. There is no scholarly integrity at all anywhere. This generation will never ask the good questions about an incredibly diverse range of law, marriage, property, writing, drainage and plumbing, and social mobility in ancient tribes and nations. They care nothing for these things, except to confirm a sex-occult-narco paradise and mother goddess pacifistic societies. It is bad out there.

    A plurality and constant conflict of theories about the past is the best possible outcome. It will only be a slight improvement over the experts of today.

  9. Zeke says:

    “There is no scholarly integrity at all anywhere. This generation will never ask the good questions about a very diverse range of societies; they care nothing for law codes, property, writing, drainage and plumbing, the value placed on conjugial love in marriage, and social mobility in ancient tribes and nations.”

    I cannot help but give one example of the way that dates are approached, for both academics and for alternative historians. There is an idee fixe for archeologists that the Greeks initiated the first systematic efforts in writing history, philosophy, mathematics and geography. This causes all historians to fulfill their own theories by dismissing any alphabetic writing from other societies as a copy of Greek advancements, and dating all writing as a later development, following Greeks. But in fact, alphabetic writing and histories were in wide use by 1200 BC..

    It is annoying to the scholars that the Old Testament was already completed by the time the Greeks had just begun to learn their ABCs — “And that with great difficulty.”

  10. Graeme No.3 says:

    President Trump is off-side with Russia, so we are told, so to smooth things perhaps he should allow serving of the Russian Arrest Warrant. Too many more ‘street demonstrations’ and perhaps he will.

  11. Tony Hansen says:

    R. de Haan,
    “where he stated that Communism wasn’t that different from Communism”
    What wasn’t different?

  12. Graeme No.3 says:

    “In 1987 a Minoan inscription was discovered in Norway, engraved on the rock face of a Bronze Age cult site on the outskirts of the town of Kongsberg. The inscription was identified as Linear A characters. What would have brought Minoans, to Norway and this particular site, Kongsberg, more than 3500 years ago? ” Answer silver.
    Linear A (based on a semitic language) was in use until ca. 1500 BCE.

  13. tom0mason says:

    Central European University teaching young minds how the dead hand of Big Government is so much better than the market’s invisible hand.

  14. Zeke says:

    Graeme No3 says,
    Linear A in Norway

    It is refreshing to read a Norwegian scholar’s work on a site in his own country. Quite an ancient connection to the Mediterranean.

    He classifies it as a South Semitic language, while others think it is non-Semitic.

    The Minoans are known in the Bible as the Philistines. There were different migrations from Crete to Israel in ancient times. They were there around 2000 BC at Gerar, and also later by 1000 BC they were a powerful group of five city states on the coast.

    Crete and surrounding areas were blasted with thunderbolts periodically. The massive craters left by these events are interpreted as volcanic eruptions, but these are electrical scars. IMO.

  15. Another Ian says:

    E.M. FYI

    blametrudeau | April 17, 2017 3:04 AM | Reply

    From the “where are they now?” file:


    Happened across this posting and was surprised when the name “Michael Ignatieff” appeared.

    Ignatieff is the headmaster of George Soros’ Central European University in Hungary.

    This is the same university the Hungarian parliament is attempting to shut down.”


  16. E.M.Smith says:

    I found that Linear A story interesting. It ouhht to be easy to test by appling it in a blind test to some of the texts. IMHO, there are semitic languages south and east, indo Europen north and west. Looks like basically a choice of two for most probable. Other than that, mostly know isolates like Basque and Sumerian, both readable. Then Etruscan that is obscure.

    Given we know Phoenicians ran up the Atlantic coast and left gramatical footprints, I’d expect a phoenician base as likely.

  17. p.g.sharrow says:

    Who would have thought that the Sea People would have left their “finger prints” all over the world. Carved in stone everywhere ancient mining took place. Must have been those Smiths as they seem to be everywhere! Left their Redheaded genes scattered as well. ;-) …pg

  18. M Simon says:

    The Donald has a casino problem.


    Try these searches:

    “resorts international” “castle bank” richard nixon

    william mellon hitchcock resorts international

    money laundering in casinos examples

    meyer lansky resorts international

    meyer lansky oss

  19. E.M.Smith says:


    Not seeing where The Donald relates at all to a link about 2 OTHER folks…

    I suspect there is some chain of suspicion not elaborated…


    Yup. Unfortunately, the red head gene immediately hides in ANY outcrossing, so percent visible redheads plummets in any mixed population. Thus making expansion and conquest a trait erasing prospect.

    So starting back at the Edomites (from Esau) we have somewhat over active redheads running off to strange lands and mixing it up. Possibly some of the Hittites, though hair color poorly attested, and out further east to the Tocharians where it is proved. Later the Phoenicians with similar reputation (and possibly the same lineage). The Romans had their troubles with the redheaded Thracians, eventually beating them, but then one became Roman Emperor… can’t keep a good redhead down for long :-) Then Swiss Alpine types have held off others for generations… (an interesting skull shape feature sets them out – triangular ).

    Somewhere along the way, a load of them swamped the Picts in Ireland and set up shop in coastal areas from Sweden through Norway and Denmark to the UK and Iceland. Unclear exactly which path, with stories ranging from Thracians moving to found Gottland / Sweden, to Scythia being the root of Irish (via Hispania) and Phoenician cities like Cadiz all up coastal Spain, France, etc.

    Later, a bunch of them as Vikings run up and down most rivers of Europe founding Rus (now Russia) and ending up as Veringian guards in the Byzantine Empire. Sort of a full circle around Europe… Let us not forget the movement of the Goths… Named Ostrogoths to Visigoths as they ran across Europe from near Gottland to skirt the top of the Roman empire eventually ruuning over North Africa. Leaving sporadic red beards from Spain to the Berbers…

    Honorary mention goes to some redbeards who ended up as key players in the founding of the Ottoman Turkush Empire… and a Sultan or two… seems we don’t care much what religion or language is used as long as the ride is interesting…

    More recently, a flood came to The New World from all those places. Thus me in California and sometimes Florida (hey, a good redbeard just MUST keep moving…)

    Harder to explain and catalog are the fringes. The redheaded polynesians (mostly killed off in a known historical battle) and the sporadic subsaharan ones (outside South Africa and Rhodesia that are clearly explained…). Almost explained are the redheaded Mongolians and Chinese. Those Tocharians didn’t die off, they got Chinese Take Out…

    The interesting question never asked is this: While visible redheads are plunging to below 2% of global population, what percentage of folks have a masked recessive redhead gene?

    My wife’s family had one visible redhead out of 4. My family was one of 5 (not counting my red beard as my head hair is dark ash blond). One parent for both me and spouse.. Yet my daughter is full on striking red. Which pretty much shows we were all mixed redhead genetics.

    Thus it goes for the wandering reds…

    But to your point: reds have been over represented in oceangoing cultures for generations. That alone makes them pretty good candidates for being part of the Sea People. Add in the tendency to flexibly change languages and adopt other weapons and cultures, that too fits the Sea People description as a mix of weapons types and dress (and likely languages and cultures).

    As to why they kept chipping things into stones: guess grafitti is a compelling medium ;-)

    For me, the fascinating bit is to notice how a population down in single digit percentages keeps showing up in history all over the planet through all recorded time… Saddam had a redheaded military guy (general?). Ramesis was a Redhead. The Ottoman Turks had a redhead leader. Rus founded by redheads. Phonicians to Britain to even North and South America. Seems we just gotta move, don’t care what “others” look like when joining with them, and some tend to rise upward… though a bit unclear how much that is from actual merit vs troublemaking…

  20. Steve C says:

    Aha! So all those people who say “it’s the Jews” are wrong. It’s you red-headed lot!

    And (sigh) … Just think how much good work you could do with that 880 million.Talk about “power tends to corrupt”.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    Yup, all us. Everywhere in the world.

    Still smarting from that whole Jacob and the birthright stealing thing :-)

  22. M Simon says:


    So I’m trying to think what the connection was. And at this point in time I haven’t a clue.

    “Trump is just as Deep State as Soros.”

    “Trump has been deep state for at least 30 years.”

    May be true. But they are a very weak connection – if connected at all.

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, if you remember the connection / point, let us know…

    Until proven otherwise, if looks like Trump is just an aggressive realestate player who made a bucket of money while not being invited into the Political Club and then, despite all odds, upset their plans in the primary.

    All public evidence points to the Deep State folks still working to delegitimize, influence, and or co-opt Trump. Still TBD if they win (manipulate, invite into the Club, drive from office) or use The Kennedy Solution…

    I see no information sufficient to place Trump inside the Club already. (But I think his personality type would let him easily compromise his “values” to join, if asked… so a scenario of “invited into the club but need to take ‘advice’ on global military and econ issues from the Club Committee as a condition…” would, IMHO, work – if assurances of dynastic wealth were applied…)

  24. Zeke says:

    “So how long does it take the Deep State to digest an outsider? About 79 days.” ~Julian Assange

    Part of the problem is Speaker Paul Ryan also. Very bad actor, and he will attempt to block and obscure the tax simplification and cuts as much as he can.

    Remember, if he returns many of the powers to the states after reducing federal rule-by-bureaucracy, then that will return responsibility to each of us in our local governments. For example, it will be up to us to find out which states have passed mandates for green energy, and repeal those.

    In fact, voters in WA just rejected a carbon dioxide tax outright, and immediately afterwards a bill was put forward for this same tax! If we have power locally, how many of us will exercise it? We need to help each other catch state, county and municipal government at their Paris ambitions. It will not be all up to Pres Trump.

  25. E.M.Smith says:

    The EU has started moving against Hungary based on this move against Soros, so have demonstrated they are 100% in his pocket.

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