Globalism – Make A List Time?

I’ve generally been of the opinion that talk of “Globalism” as a pejorative was mostly just a matter of idle speculation by folks with overactive imaginations and seasoned with paranoia about the UN. Slowly over the years of fighting the Global Warming Scam, finding it tied back to the UN and the whole Agenda21 / Local21 push to remake the world (and seeing it happen on my streets as neighborhoods get turned into Agenda21 multistory apartment blocks mixed with stores filled with folks from other countries) I’ve come to accept that there really is some truth in the whole thing.

You aren’t paranoid when they ARE out to get you.

Most recently catching on to the fact that Soros is pushing hard, and funding, all sorts of “Topple The Nation” programs (that they call “Color Revolutions”) and Street Brat Groups to cause mayhem and justify more government takedown of national liberty. With many direct $Billions behind it, and even more hundreds of $Billions via parasitize government agencies funding them, it is a formidable force.

Slowly, bit by bit, some light has crept into my tent on the whole thing. In fact, enough that I’ve realized the whole game is so wide spread and so huge that maybe I need to make a list of the organizations and connections. I can’t keep track of them all just in my head. So the question has formed: “Is it time to make a list of all the interlocking power brokers and structures?”

As a starting point (beyond what I’ve listed above) I finally got around to reading a couple of pages folks had put up as links in comments. Others are clearly way out ahead of me on this particular point. (Maybe someone already has a list somewhere? That would be nice…)

So first off, h/t to Gail for a link here:

and in the same comment thread, h/t to Larry for this link:

Gail a spin off from your link about Globalism and a One World Government (above) and the One World Summit – led me to this item about “blue zones”

My God this is scary – it is an effort to push everyone into neat little well controlled zombies who do everything the “approved” way. It is right out of a Sci-Fi horror movie like Logan’s Run.

Both the original link to the first article:

and that second article are well worth the time to read them. Very clearly there are large numbers of “Globalists” who really ARE dedicated to reshaping the world into their vision of Socialist Utopia. That isn’t much of a surprise. The surprise is just in how fabulously wealthy that they have made themselves in the process and how many of them there are pushing to control absolutely every detail of global life.

So a few quotes and comments as “tease” so you will actually read the whole of the articles:

Friday, 17 February 2017
At “World Government Summit,” Top Globalists Drop The Mask
Written by Alex Newman

Meeting this week at the annual “World Government Summit” in the United Arab Emirates, under the shadow of a replica monument from the false god Baal’s temple, top globalists and establishment leaders from around the planet offered a series of stunning revelations about their agenda. From the socialist new UN secretary-general and the embattled boss of the International Monetary Fund to national government leaders and tax-funded crony capitalists, over a hundred prominent speakers lectured thousands of attendees on the supposed necessity of globalism, multiculturalism, statism, Big Government, social engineering, “sustainability,” and more. One speaker, tax-funded billionaire Elon Musk, even claimed humans must merge with machines and governments must give everyone an income.

Despite the array of high-profile speakers, the controversial gathering itself, organized by the Islamic rulers of the UAE and their partners, received very little attention from the U.S. media. Ironically, some major U.S. media organs such as the leftist CNN, dubbed “fake news” by U.S. President Donald Trump, were listed among the World Government Summit’s partners. Sky News was also on the list. Other listed partners included the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the OECD, the World Economic Summit, and other key globalist organizations. Many of the leaders of those outfits actually spoke openly at the summit promoting globalism, Big Government, statism, and other ideas at odds with traditional American liberties, Judeo-Christian values, and the U.S. Constitution.

There’s a couple of live links in the original and chasing down the links to articles for harvesting more name names and “projects” would be a good thing to do. One for which I’ve not got the time right now as I’m way over committed to other projects already. Key things to note: The Arabs are well “in on it”, at least for the Sunni contingent. I suspect that’s why there was a push to load up Europe with Sunni “migrants” and why the Koran was added to the Torah and Bible as books to pledge on for the Masonic Initiation. Note, too, that there is a very strong Socialist contingent. Central Control and Central Authority along with Global Government were foundation stones of the whole Communist / Socialist ideology. The current “Tool Of Coercion” that is “sustainability” being added to the mix. Then Elon Musk, getting $Billions via his Government Subsidy Farming thinks everyone ought to get a peace of that action (so who would be left to PAY for that? Hmmm?)

I note in passing the reference to Baal / Bel / Bael / Ba-al / etc. and note that children were sacrificed to Baal ‘way back when’. One wonders if this is an homage to a past thing, or a subrosa h/t to a persistent or resurrected abomination?… Dave had a link to a video of some Dutch financier (or from the finance world) claiming to have left when asked to participate in a child “sacrifice” (i.e. murder). As it would take a lot of time I don’t have just to prove the video not a click bait fabrication, I watched it but “let it go” as unprovable. Perhaps Dave can post the link in comments. Yet there are persistent stories of child abuse among the high and powerful… But I have other fish to fry… (Even if over manzanita and really grilled ;-)

But we can start making our list (checking it twice left for next year… ) with:

The UN and any / all of it’s agencies. They think running the world is their Carter, anyway.

Secretary General of the UN. In this case Antonio Guterres

UAE and their leadership

IMF and the leader du jour – Christine Lagarde

World Bank (and likely their leader too, whoever that is)

“Croney Capitalists” that I think are more accurately NOT called “capitalists” but Government Subsidy Farmers. Starting with Elon Musk. Take away the subsidy river and they would likely need to go back to actual capitalism, if they remember what it was…

Then we get:

CNN and Sky News. I’d agree with that, based on watching way too much of them. I’d also note MSNBC belongs in the pot.

OECD and the World Economic Summit itself.

Running down the Board Of Directors and Executives of the various organizations (past and present) ought to give a robust list as well. Then you can get into the Contact Tracing ring where connections are less definitively Fellow Travelers.

Globalist bigwig Klaus Schwab, for example, the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum in Davos,
he declared. “The role of governments in shaping the future of their citizens has never been as important as it is today.” Whether governments should be shaping the future of their citizens in the first place was never discussed.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (shown above), a Socialist Party politician and bureaucrat, similarly promoted statism and globalism in his keynote speech. Specifically, he argued that national independence was a relic of the past, while lamenting the fact that people no longer trust their rulers and the globalist organizations they established.
Of course, making the “global governance” regime more accountable to oppressive Third World regimes such as Communist China and its allies has been a key effort of the totalitarian Socialist International that Guterres led prior to taking his current job. The SI has previously called for “world government” and global tyranny.
Globalism and its new apparent cheerleader in chief, mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, were hot topics, too, according to reports about the summit. “Many of the conversations that took place during the Summit revealed the days of multilateralism are not over,” explained Noa Gafni Slaney in a blog post about the confab for the far-left Huffington Post, with the term “multilateralism” being synonymous with globalism. “Xi Jinping’s speech at Davos was frequently mentioned as an example of a commitment to globalization and global citizenship.”

So Klause Schwab, Guterres, China / Xi and Socialist International – check.

Need to get confirmation on Noa Gafni Slaney and Huff’N’Puff and not just mark a press party for ‘being there’… but probables.

But long before that revealing speech, Xi and the murderous Communist Chinese Party he leads have for years been openly promoting what they and their Western allies — George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller among them — refer to as the “New World Order.” If official statements and declarations by Beijing and its totalitarian-minded allies are an accurate indicator, the new order they are working to impose on humanity involves a newly empowered UN ruling over humanity. The UN General Assembly will serve as what the Chinese dictatorship and other totalitarian regimes called an “emblem of global sovereignty” in a recent declaration about their “New World Order.”

Soros, Kissinger, Rockefeller – no surprises there. The NWO seems to be coming out of the shadows of Conspiracy Theory and into open advocacy / reference by the adherents – maybe when Bush let it out (by accident?) then not much happened they decided to just roll with it? Hmmm… In any case, add Anyone Bush to the list…

scandal-plagued UNESCO chief Irina Bokova spoke at the confab as well.
So did UN Development Programme boss Helen Clark of New Zealand. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, meanwhile, whose government enforces an incredibly strict immigration policy, touted a world that was becoming “more culturally diverse.”

So add UNESCO, Irirna Bokova, Helen Clark, and the UN Development Program to the list. But Shinzo Abe? Likely needs a cross check. Might just be there to rub elbows and get known. The Japanese are not big on outsiders…

Another speaker at the summit whose work is funded by taxpayers and is closely tied to government was National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, the man behind the controversial “Blue Zones Project.” As The New American reported in 2015, the scheme pushes government-backed social engineering under the guise of promoting healthy living and longer lives. […] In the United States, his “Blue Zones Project” continues expanding into communities and school districts, stirring controversy along the way.
Perhaps most bizarrely, the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai was held under the shadow of a “replica of a Roman arch that once stood in front of the pagan Temple of Ba’al,” reported Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz with Breaking Israel News. The New York Post described the structure as “the Arch of the Temple of Bel.” Ba’al, of course, is the false god mentioned in numerous instances throughout the Bible. According to multiple reports, the original arch stood for 2,000 years at the Temple of Ba’al, sometimes spelled Bel or Baal, in Palmyra within present day Syria, a city known in the Bible as Tadmor.

Originally built as a temple to the idol Ba’al, who reportedly demanded child sacrifices and other horrors that outraged the God of the Bible, the ancient structure was used for various purposes throughout history until it was destroyed by ISIS in 2015. At that point, a replica was made by the Institute for Digital Archaeology, which plans to help erect 1,000 such arches around the world. The first replica was displayed prominently at the World Government Summit this week, sparking much speculation by religious scholars about its potential significance.

Dan Buettner
Blue Zones Project

I’ll have more on them below when we move to that Blue Zones link. But first: 1000 replica Baal Arches around the world? Now why in the world would that be worth doing? Sheesh. It is either a horrific waste of time and money, an ‘homage’ to someone’s secret god, or a bad attempt at a thumb in the eye of the guys who destroyed Palmyra. In any case, not worth the money. But “moving on”… to the Blue Zones article:

Friday, 04 September 2015
U.S. Communities Targeted for “Blue Zone” Social Engineering
Written by Alex Newman

In government schools across America in communities being targeted to become “Blue Zones,” children may soon be chanting “Hara Hachi Bu” before eating their lunch — at least between the data-mining and intrusive scoring to determine “progress” in their physical, mental, and spiritual “well being.” The Japanese phrase, associated with the Eastern religion of Confucianism, translates roughly to “eat until you are 80 percent full.” Parents, meanwhile, will receive wide-ranging instructions covering everything from the food they eat and the “tribe” they associate with to the location in their home designated for sexual activity and even the size of their dinner plates. Indeed, the whole community will face massive social engineering — for its own good, of course.

At Starbucks (and anywhere else that asks about PC eating habits) when asked if I want whipped cream on my Mocha, I’ve taken to spouting the phrase:

“If it is bad for you, fattening, or evil, I want it!”

This not only generally gets a grin, but also is an audible slap to anyone around who is PC Afflicted in their eating habits. Great fun.

IMHO, Government has exactly ZERO role in ANY “bodily function”. I also suspect much of the push for Universal Coverage or Single Payer medical “care” is just to justify the forced intrusion into those private decisions and “life choices”.

And what does it entail for an American community to become a Blue Zone? At least one element is clear: The sweeping program aims to involve everyone — from your boss to your sheriff to your children — and to “nudge” individuals into desired behaviors and values.

“The Blue Zones Project is a systems approach in which citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores and community leaders collaborate on policies and programs that move the community towards better health and well-being,” it says on the outfit’s website. “We implement long-term, evidence-backed policies and interventions that optimize environments within communities, nudging people towards healthier choices throughout their day.” All of the “progress” and “nudging” will be measured using surveys with the “Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.”

Anyone who attempts to “nudge” me will be met with a loud verbal “de-nudging block”, eventually to be followed by non-verbal ones if they fail to catch clue. I’ve found that directly facing a self righteous busy body and clearly stating you want the exact opposite causes them to fluster. That’s a Very Good Thing. They typically come from the POV that they are bringing goodness and light to everyone, so bursting that bubble with a “I want none of your crap on my plate as I LOVE eating meat” or similar, depending on context, can cause an immediate halt to their actions toward you. Nudge, meet sharp elbow.

Cities from Minnesota, Hawaii, and California to Florida, Oregon, Texas, and Iowa are in the Blue Zones Project’s cross-hairs. But despite all of the talk about “choices” and the project being “voluntary,” the role of government in all of it is hardly a secret. “Municipal governments play a key role in Blue Zones Project by shaping policies and building infrastructure in a way that supports active living and healthier lifestyles,” a “Blue Zones Project Blueprint” for Southwest Florida declares.

Critics and parents in target communities, though, are expressing serious concerns about the developments, with the word “Orwellian” tossed out by more than a few opponents of the agenda. The scheming has also been attacked for parallels with a variety of other deeply controversial projects such as the Obama administration’s “full-service community schools” that aim to essentially replace parents, and the United Nations’ infamous “sustainable development” plot known as UN Agenda 21. A video of young school children singing the praises of the “Blue Zone Project” at school has also sparked alarm.

So make sure anything with “Agenda21” or “Local21” or “Blue Zone” gets a loud, long, and effective rejection and protest. The Obama stuff I’ll depend on Trump’s Team to weed out…

What is happening in Collier County offers some warnings to other communities targeted by the Blue Zones Project, and it provides some insight into what the scheme involves. Consider the “Blue Zone Steering Committee” for the county. It includes, among others, the school district chief, the head of the local Chamber of Commerce, the local NAACP chief, the county sheriff, various mayors, city and county commissioners, local media executives, bureaucrats, business leaders, and other self-styled “community leaders.” In other words, government, business, and the non-profit sector will all be working together to “nudge” individuals into desired behaviors.

OK, so watch for local government “Steering Committees”, then take names and work on their removal. Republican and Libertarian candidates in particular need to “out” these folks in their campaigns.

Even the use of the word “nudge” has raised alarm bells among critics — partly because of its association with Obama’s former “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein, the Big Government extremist who co-authored Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness. The infamous figure, who styles himself a “legal scholar” and now teaches law at Harvard, came under intense fire for a variety of fringe ideas;[…]

Cass Sunstein needs watching. Oh, and Harvard in general, but we already knew that. Perhaps just adding the annual graduating class roster would be a good idea… or at least put them on a ‘needs rehab before trusting’ sublist… ;-)

Similar schemes to manipulate the public by U.K. authorities also drew criticism, as did a plot by the UN and Obama policy architect John Podesta to create a “global partnership” that would “encourage everyone to alter their worldview, profoundly and dramatically.” Under the “Blue Zones Project,” the government-backed nudging will cover almost every area of life, including religion.

John Podesta. No surprise there… In fact, any Obama Appointee or Fellow Traveler is a good candidate.

The next part I’m quoting in full. It gives a pretty good flavor of the “Blue Zones” movement. (As in “I’m feeling Blue”? zones… ;-)

Consider a series of Blue Zone “check lists” for citizens produced by the initiative. The “Bedroom Checklist,” for example, under “direction,” tells participants to “start making changes to your bedroom environment based on the recommendations given.” Those recommendations cover everything from your mattress and the “optimal” thermostat temperature to what you may have or not have in your bedroom — no phones, screens, or digital alarm clocks, for instance. “Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex,” the checklist adds. Talk about government in the bedroom!

A separate “Home Checklist,” meanwhile, urges Blue Zones targets to weigh themselves daily, buy a dog, get rid of all TVs except one, ditch the TV remote, replace power tools with hand tools, buy a bike, use a helmet, disconnect the garage door opener, sit on the floor instead of furniture, and much more. All of that is supposed to help people burn more calories and become healthier.

The Blue Zones “Kitchen Checklist” calls for portioning all snack foods into small bags, keeping fruits and veggies at the top of the refrigerator, replacing “oversized plates with smaller 10-inch plates,” replacing “big gulp drinking glasses with narrow, cylinder shaped glasses,” and hiding and labeling “junk food” to avoid eating it. The list also says you should “avoid eating family style by leaving the serving dishes on the counter,” use hand-operated kitchen appliances rather than electric ones, and much more. All of those instructions are apparently supposed to help people eat less, and eat healthier.

Beyond the checklists dictating just about everything in and around your home, another Blue Zones document, the “Tribe Check Up,” helps you pick the “Right Tribe” to associate with based on lifestyles deemed healthy by the Blue Zone experts. After calculating the number of “points” you have earned based on your friends’ healthy habits, the document calls on Blue Zone participants to “nurture” the healthy friends and “spend as much time as you can with them.” “You should still socialize with them,” it says about the moderately healthy friends.

The not-so-healthy friends, though, should get the cold shoulder if possible, including friends who are obese or suffer from depression. “These people almost certainly are dragging your health behaviors down,” it says. “If these aren’t friends to whom you’re committed or need your help, you might want to consider expanding your social network.” In other words, Big Brother and his private-sector cronies want to help pick your “tribe” for you, too. When applied to the school setting, the prospects become even more bizarre, with some parents wondering whether children will be divided into “tribes” based on, among other criteria, their weight, eating habits, and health.

There’s a lot more to the article worth reading. Down at the bottom are a list of links to other articles that ought to be productive of Names and Organizations.

Related articles:

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Obama’s “Community Schools” Aim to Replace Parents

“Smart Cities” to Spy on You in Ways Orwell Never Imagined

UN Plotting to “Dramatically Alter” Your Views and Behavior

Top U.S. Scientists Call for Draconian UN Social Engineering

The Real Agenda Behind UN “Sustainability” Unmasked

Obama’s Education Secretary Touts Government Boarding Schools

Orwellian Nightmare: Data-mining Your Kids

Common Core and UN Agenda 21: Mass Producing Green Global Serfs

UN Plots Future of Education: Creating Green “Global Citizens”

What are the UN’s Agenda 21 and ICLEI?

The Gang Green is listed, and of course the Icky ICLEI.

Honorable mention to any line of endeavor that has a compound name with Engineering in it and some other “stuff” that does not involve calculus. If it didn’t require you to learn partial integrals, it isn’t Engineering… So anyone in that group (like “Social Engineering”) goes “on the list”, IMHO.

So the question at the end is simply this:

Who will stop this vexatious plague of Global Busybodies? Must we depend on our own (infested and infected) Governments? Will it be “Grass Roots”? Or will some third class of organization arise to fight off this horror in the making?

For now, just making a list of the infected Zombies and avoiding their bite is the best I can do… Perhaps we need a mascot for them. Some Zombies in colors of Gang Green and Blue Zone looking to eat your brains and take over the planet… with name tags on them like Agenda21, Gang Green, and UNIPCC and …

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79 Responses to Globalism – Make A List Time?

  1. philjourdan says:

    While I respect Gail, I have not paid much attention to her conspiracy theories of Fabians and such. I know that the “Club of Rome” is around, but ignore them more as a cigar smoking club akin to a bunch of impotent old men who had long ago dreams of immortality.

    Until Brexit. That is what changed my view. I am not full tilt into tin foil hats yet, but the vitriol and hatred that accompanied that vote, by folks who should have no say in the matter, was the missing link that brought it all together. Before I thought Soros was just a crazy old coot. But it is more obvious now that he is merely the extension of the 3rd Reich brought forward with a new method of accomplishing the same outcome.

    Hence why Merkel is so pissed with both May and Trump. Eva Braun (the name is fitting for her) is on the verge of turning violent now that her machinations are starting to unravel. Just as her distant cousin, Schicklegruber, she has no compassion for those who elected her, all her energies are focused on the end game. The ends justify the means.

    Just like Obama. A stooge if there ever was one. Abbot did not conform to the globalist plan, so they replaced him with a willing stooge. When the people speak, they reject globalism, so even when they win, they have to replace the leader with one who accepts it.

    A few hundred years from now, people will look back upon today and wonder how folks could have been so stupid to allow the latest incarnation of Schicklegrüber to enslave a planet. But they will be the interim that broke the bonds of slavery for a short time. It will merely happen again. It is a small world after all. It is no longer a nation, or continent that is the goal of the authoritarians. It is the entire planet.

  2. Jon K says:

    This is a great site for info on all things progressive

    For example, their profile on all the orgs that Soros is affiliated with

  3. spetzer86 says:

    You’d find this site interesting.
    Robin looks at modern educational programs, their histories, and where Western Ed is heading. It all gets pretty scary.

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    I was introduced to this back in the 1960s by my godmother, She was a “Burcher” of that era, so this “One World Government” effort is nothing new to me. “Utopia” was the book written by Thomas More
    that set forth the Elitist dream of a Socialist paradise. The philosophy of More became the religion of European Intelligentsia as they were casting off the grasp of the christian churches.
    There are 3 groups that are working together to subjugate the worlds population, Each expects to be the winner in this contest, but in this era they are all unmasked because they believe that this is the end game and will attack one another. Muslim, Communist and Oligarch all vieing to rule their version of Utopia.
    Nostradamus said that this in period the “Philosophy of More would be completely discredited”
    the Muslim that is again threatening the west would be defeated and reformatted. and the grasp of the Oligarch thrown off.
    We live in interesting times.
    Time to push hard through the internet, of the bankruptcy of what these people offer. Citizens are waking up and will now listen to the truth about those that would enslave them.
    A One World Government? HELL No! We don’t need them…pg

  5. catweazle666 says:

    Talking about the egregious United Nations and its unpleasant machinations…
    Has anyone else seen this particular piece?

    Replacement Migration:
    Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

    United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.

    Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.

  6. Bobn says:

    Ten years ago I laughed at this stuff, but now I am convinced it is real. I heard about the Bilderberg’s and Illuminati and just laughed at such ideas. even Bush Sr and his new world order was just a little hummer.
    It all changed when I downloaded the agenda 21 document and read it. These people are crazy! Part of the agenda 21 effort has resulted in sustainability groups with control agenda for local parks and schools. Our city had it going and it was nothing more than control and agenda topics, like “Global Warming” for schools. I finally started reading and a picture emerged.

    To me it’s all about world control. For the US this has been done by dumbing down the schools and gutting the middle class. Globalism has been pushed by treaties and large corporations. Get rid of manufacturing and you make people poor, slow down the economy and put people on Welfare roles. It you depend on someone you have control of them, it worked great for the Urban plantations we now have in our big cities.
    Like Brexit, already mentioned, the Trump election and the reaction it has caused is proof of people trying to hang onto power and control everyone as has been done for a long time. I hope Le Pen and May can keep the pushback spreading. I believe the US populace is finally waking up, the agenda pushed for so long makes no sense. We were letting government destroy our country as if on purpose, it was.
    If you want to jump aboard the real conspiracy train that ties a lot of it together, watch a few Antarctic pending Disclosure YouTube films, that will get you ready for the tin hats.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think many people are in the same boat, for years you just write things off as stupidity, or bungling bureaucracies, then you eventually run across someone or make the observation your self that, “if they were trying to do X they could not do a better job than the pattern of behavior – – – and then the light dawns, and you think (Oh dear this pattern is too big, consistent and pervasive to be explained by chance or stupid, there is an agenda here!)

    It helps if you have 20-30 years of experience in business where you have seen such behind the scenes games play out bit by bit and you begin to recognize the patterns of behavior and denial followed by the exact outcome that the rumor mill said was in the works.

    Same game just a much bigger game board.

  8. John Robertson says:

    The stupid evil freeloaders are always with us.
    When we socially disapprove of their thieving ways, they find socially acceptable ways to do as little as possible for a paycheck.
    When we ignore them, they swell and burst free of all self restraint.
    Society works best via enlightened self interest those who must rule all have no comprehension of treating others as you wish to be treated and dealing as you would be dealt.
    All these groups of do-gooders who seek to control everyone else(for our own good of course) are frightened incomplete people.
    The best way to restrain them is zero public funding.
    No involuntary taxes, no NGOs fully funded via tax dollars and limiting government to a skeletal frame.
    Funny how restrained most of these “do-gooding” fools and bandits are when it is their own money they are spending.

  9. Clay Marley says:

    I am amused by those finding conspiracies in secret shadowy groups like the Illuminati or the Knights Templar, or stuffed shirts like the Bilderbergs, when the real stuff, Agenda-21, UN, Soros, etc. is out in the open and well documented. Hidden in plain sight.

    This Baal angle though, is really odd. Presumably these people are materialists, atheists, and humanists (but I repeat myself) so erecting monuments to essentially Satan isn’t logical. Whats up with that?

  10. poitsplace says:

    I find myself feeling a bit like you. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I don’t really even see what most would consider a “conspiracy” in the classic sense…mostly because the people are quite open about their goals. But yeah, there really are lots of people trying to push agenda 21 and it’s a horrible thing.

    I occasionally find myself beside people talking about such things. And I usually feel it necessary to chime in on the “middle ground”, so to speak. I start out pointing out that I think conspiracy theories are rare, that for the most part people aren’t involved in some shadowy, sinister plot…

    …but then it takes a left turn when I point out “On the other hand, just because it’s not secret, they really are trying to do almost exactly what Mr. Conspiracy here says.” And the messed up thing is you don’t have to take HIS word for their intentions, you can read Agenda 21 right off the UN’s own freaking website. Its all rather like the moment the Nazi realizes he’s got a skull on his cap in that one Mitchell and Webb sketch and asks “Are we the baddies?”

  11. beththeserf says:

    Re moves to supranational guvuhnonce , in my serf post ‘Trust but Verify,’ research by Robin Eubanks, (Invisible Serfs Collar,) on mind control in US k-12 education and back door international constraints on nations’ laws described by Queensland, Oz, James Allan, Professor of Law: This on international law…

    Regarding top-down control on free speech, go no further than that supra-behemoth, the United Nations. With its General Assembly, International Court of Justice, Security Council and seventeen specialized agencies employing tens of thousand of highly paid civil servants housed in its palatial buildings in New York, Geneva,Vienna, The Hague, etcetera, its annual budget into the billions, not sure how much, it’s never been audited, the UN has acquired control over nation states by a kind of creeping governance.

    Treaties, sometimes called Conventions, and Customary Law are two sources of international law that the UN uses to by-pass democratic parliamentary constraints on centralized authority. And these laws are created by the fifteen justices on the International Court of Law, up to half of whom come from non-democracies and are selected by a method that could only be described as opaque. James Allan, the Garrick Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, in an essay, ‘The Problem of Creeping International Legal Rule,’ describes this process of out-reach..

    The first source of back-door control over domestic law is via rights’ related treaties like the UN Convention on Rights of the Child, which are written in sufficiently vague and amorphous terms that they allow future interpreters to add detail and specifics at the point of application. The second source of control is customary international law. Customary international law has never been agreed to by any democratically elected and accountable legislators, its content cannot be found in any treaty, whether ratified or not: ‘If treaties and conventions are democratically deficient in comparison with the statutes passed by parliament,’ says James Allan, ‘ then customary law comes close to not having a democratic bone in its body.’ (JA P47.)

    And who identifies and decides customary law? The answer is that ‘publicists,’ those legal academics or law professors deemed ‘sound’ by a progressive in-group, make the judgments. And no one outside the in-group gets to vote for these publicists. ‘They have no democratic warrant at all. As a group they may well have political and moral views that diverge from those of most of the general public.’ ( JA. P 47. ).

    James Allan cites four cases in the UK in the last five years that show how the role of rights-related international law is being ratcheted up. In these four cases, relating to immigrant extradition and benefit payment issues, some in which the government prevailed and others where it lost, several judges in making their judgements gave international law preference over domestic law.

    ‘Stealth and nibbling away. ’ That is how Allan describes the way international law side-steps democratic, debatable social policy. Views imposed from a bureaucrat echo- chamber disconnected from what the wider public may think or wish to say. bts.

  12. John F. Hultquist says:

    I’ve nothing to add that E.M. or others haven’t said. I did find the following amusing:

    Under “Home Checklist” we see “replace power tools with hand tools”

    I do prefer the hand-held can opener or even a knife, over the electric kind. Those sponsoring back country hiking trips will send along pre-sliced cheese –’cause folks not used to knives will cut themselves instead of the block of cheese.

    Let’s hear it for the auger bit!
    I needed to drill a hole in a wood post. I went to hardware stores to find an auger bit for my hand brace, needing a common 4-sided tapered shank.
    See where I’m going with this?
    Not one of the 3 stores had anything but a round shank for the electric drills they had. None had a brace, and only one person of half a dozen knew what I was talking about.
    They also did not know a drill with a keyless chuck, more or less, is useless when needing to reverse and back-out of a hole.

    On-line purchasing, in such a case, is your friend.

  13. beththeserf says:

    Under “Home Checklist” we see “replace power tools with hand tools”
    … digging sticks, flint, hey, candles!!

  14. R. de Haan says:

    If a hoax like the climate change doctrine can pushed against all imperical scientific evidence, real world observations and (still) unrestricted internet access. If Top Managers of iconic institutions like Schiphol International Airport, Rotterdam Harbour, Gas Unie, Unilever etc. board a ship together to personally get informed about the rapidly melting Arctic as they watch a glacier at Spitsbergen while spoon fed cool aid from Green Peace and WWF activist and Government Scientists telling them how horrible everything is how little time is left to save the planet, we must realize that we are losing the game.

    Now our national businesses are calling for climate action and a total make over of our energy infra structure and our way of life.
    Only a civil war can stop this madness and that’s exactly what they want; reducing world population to the “sustainable level” of 500 million inhabitants.

    The fact is that we have arrived at the dawn of the biggest genocide in human history.

    Not only because our nations are looted and destroyed from within, but also because the control over food, water and resources has been transferred to the military.
    This is the equivilent of totalitarian control.

    It’s them or us…

    The problem we have is that all this information is not very entertaining and most of the people are fed up with negative news.
    They have stopped thinking for themselves and rather watch the huuge ass of Kim Kardassian while the walk into the slaughterhouse than inform themselves and fight back.

    For a short period of time I was under the impression that Trump would trigger a counter revolution that eventually would force Europe to abandon their suicidal track towards globalism.

    Trump however seems to have lost his track and for some reason gave card blanche to his military to run amock in locations where we already squandered our blood with absolutely nothing to show for.

    I don’t think he was elected to repeat stupidities from the past.

    So as I see it, it`s all up to us…

  15. R. de Haan says:

    In the Netherlands a group of journalists started to dig into the claims that Trump held close bonds with Russia. Just like me, they didn’t buy into the claims made by the Dems but they did dig up other information based on a “follow the money approach” about direct links between Trump and the Russian Mafia.
    I know that doing business on a level and scale as Trump does, mafia contacts are simply a part of the game just like crooked and corrupt politicians and officials you have to overcome to turn a project into reality but from what was presented I think is a “shit storm” is in the making.

    Now what kind of Government do we have if Trump for whatever reason throws in the towel?

    Will Pence pull Trump’s Agenda and build the Wall?

    We don’t get anywhere if Trump visits Harrisburg and tells his crowds everything is swell while at the same time “The House” is burning and the streets are occupied by Soros Drones.

    Before he is set up for faillure indefinately, I think his movement should become more active and start pushing for all the Agenda Points that some how got stuck or became subject to 180 degree flip of insight.

    Let the Movement set up a mass protest in front of the EPA and make clear to them that the climate scam is over. It can’t harm anybody and only reminds Trump of his promisse to break up the Paris Climate Treaty and leave the UN IPCC, the World Meteorological Organization etc.

    We simply let the March for “Science” happen without any opposite action even thougd the entire march has nothing to do with science but 100% with pushing the climate change agenda.
    In fact it was an anti Trump event and the Trump Movement simply was absent.

    I just say we need to be more assertive and on top of matters evolving.

    It’s not enough to only rely on Trump to grab back our rights and steer the country away from the globalist track.

    We need a change of mind set to make that that happen.

  16. Graeme No.3 says:

    One of the local hotels has a photo poster outside of someone definitely not a movie star saying. “I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain in order to eat vegetables”.
    A phrase you might like to use, complete with the subtle suggestion that they are lower than you.

  17. waterside4 says:

    Just in case anyone of your estimable bloggers on here are in any doubt that the lunatics are running the asylum, I have a wee tale of woe to relate.
    Last summer (we occasionally have one in Scotland), in order to enhance the sartorial elegance of this old pensioner, I purchased a pair of fairly expensive brogues to match my light beige outfit.
    When the global warming stopped, I cleaned them and stored them in a dark wardrobe for this season.
    About two weeks ago I rescued them and went out to one of the Queens residences for a jaunt with my beautiful ex fiance. Part of the day was a nice walk through a daffodil strewn woodland.
    Upon returning home, after being ripped off with the exorbitant prices at Glamis Castle, I discovered I had l lost my soul – both of them.
    There was nothing left apart from the lovely rich brown leather uppers.
    I took them back to the supplier anticipating a full refund or replacement.
    My flabber was gasted when the nice lady straight away enquired if I had stored them in a dark place over winter.
    She then informed me that in order to comply with EU dictats, all shoes with a composite sole, must be biodegradable from now on.

    So in my innocence there was I walking around on a compost heap all last summer.

    So Gail, when you buy your 100th pair of shoes, make sure it is just the uppers that are made of cow parts- leave the dung out of it.

  18. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    I was pleased to read today that Trump may pull the US out of the Paris Climate Pact:

    That would be a very effective response to NAS sponsorship of the “March for Climate” in Washington, DC.

    That would also tell US scientists that federal research funds will no longer be used to build the economic strength of China.

  19. LG says:

    @ E>M Smith:
    Given the evolution of your view of globalism, have you had a chance to study Dr. Judy Wood’s material analysis of the collapse of the WTC buildings ?

  20. Glenn999 says:

    Thankyou EM for this most illuminating post. There are a few links which help. First is Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard:
    This is must watch. This is dealing in money; currencies, deposits,trading in assets, making money out of the differences in interest rates, It appears those in this financial world control the money, the real money that controls the world. He is asked to put his conscience in the freezer! Okay ask why.

    Here is another link about one area of concern that has been overlooked for many decades is Germany’s mounting influential power over media, academia, and/or book publishing:

    And The U.S. Helps Reconstruct the Ottoman Empire:

  21. A C Osborn says:

    The whole EU ethos is based on Globalisation.
    I think the majority of people do not like to think badly of others and would prefer too see the good in everyone.
    I have never suffered with that problem, in fact I think human nature is pretty dark so believing in this total Globalisation Conspiracy which is right out in the open (but not so much the people actually behind it) is easy for me and has been for some time.

  22. jim2 says:

    I agree there seems to be an organized effort to disrupt and profoundly change the traditional Western societies of the world. Of course, this is based mostly on material on the internet. I’ve also observed that lefties have infiltrated the upper levels of many organizations; state government, the League of Women’s Voters, the list is endless. And Soros seems to be at the heart of this what with all his NGO’s to do his bidding and pressure governments to take immigrants and de-emphasize nationalism. As others have noted, some of his NGOs get money from the US Government.

    I think having diverse societies around the world is a living lab for different approaches to government, just as the Founders saw States in a similar light.

    The US succeeded in large part due to individual freedom and freedom from heavy-handed government regulation. I want that tradition to continue for us. I’m disappointed Trump hasn’t spoken out against the continual spying by the government on us.

    So, given that many of us believe Soros is a major problem, what can be done about him?

  23. John F. Hultquist says:

    “… what can be done about him?”
    I’ve heard roaches scatter when you turn on a light.
    You and I have small lights, so . . .
    Because you and I do not get much respect from the MSM, instead of sending a letter about him to a newspaper, send a request for information to a newspaper, TV or radio host. Ask what they have or can find about him. Tell them you heard something that scares you, and you need their help.
    They have big lights.

  24. John F. Hultquist says:

    R. de Haan and the “Agenda Points”

    Maybe you can find a phrase that does not confuse your talking points with those of the United Nations. The Donald has not spent 50 years making a list of things to do as President. He made statements in public and if a statement got a cheer, it became a political slogan.
    The Nation claims to be “a nation of laws” — so, just as there is a fine line between fishing** and standing on a stream bank with a long stick and looking silly — there is a big step between political slogans and governance.
    The Trump administration still has 1,350 days to run.

    **Ashleigh Brilliant has provided many such witticisms — I hope I got this one mostly right.

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    That is just an amazing rule. Shoes that can’t stay in the closet….

    How does one make rubber boots? Essential for bad weather and chemical exposure..

    Well, after a short burst of sales to get replacements, I predict a crash of sales as folks find alternatives… and a surge in cobblers installing proper soles from the black market…


    Don’t know if that one in particular, but read a lot about it.

    Nothing in the collapse requires outside assistance or explosives. The conspiracy theories of explosive assisted collapse are deeply flawed. If it is of that sort, there is no merit to it.

    I would like to avoid a discussion of the towers collapse and ideation about agents.

    The simple facts are that it was a very novel stressed skin like structure dependent on side wall alignment to stay up. A hot fuel fire was more than enough to soften the steel of the floor beams, lead to sagging, and initiate a floor collapse and sidewall failure. That, then starts a cascade failure stripping wall supports as it goes and the whole building comes down.

    I’ve had an interest in building structures (and been a facilities manager for a building in earthquake country…) and how to bring them down for many decades. A structure like those towers is designed to stay up just a little over the limit plus safety margin. It isn’t like the steel skeleton buildings (like the Chrysler or Empire State bldgs) where you have LOTS of internal beams supporting everything. Think of a beer can. It’s like that. A skin that does the work.

    What happens when you stand on one foot on an empty beer can and (with a very fast movement so as to keep the fingers pristine…) poke the sides in just a little? Yup, it rapidly collapses into a pancake. Essentially the WTC got the sides pushed by sagging hot beams from the fire, then the huge weight of the stories above that point cause the catastrophic failure and collapse as the sidewall exceeds the acceptable limits.

    Substantially all the claims of “explosives needed” or “not possible from just a fire” have a failure to appreciate the unique nature of that building structure and how heat softens steel and removes the required strength (smiths depend on that to make things… so I’ve felt it, literally, while whacking hot steel with a hammer). The building was a great leap forward in that you had huge open floor plans without posts in the way (about an acre!) but it doesn’t “take a punch” well. When designed, worry about a 757 hitting your building wasn’t a design goal… even now I doubt the effects of kilo-gallons of fuel burn are ‘in the building code’…


    It is that “leveraging other organizations” that I call “parasitizing an organization” (or a government). It is clearly a widely used method, and some countries have taken action against it (tossing out Soros NGOs and / or requiring that NGOs be limited to non-political areas).

    To me, it looks like one major nexus is Soros, and another is the UN (driven originally by [Update: Maurice Strong! I remembered it…] that Canadian rich guy who’s name escapes me now because he’s dead and not relevant … sigh). Then there’s the Rockefeller cluster. It is now spreading out to draw in more highly moneyed folks as a new crop ( you can see them at places like Davos – but like Gates and the Gates Foundation sucking up Buffett’s Billions) and, IMHO, Elon Musk. They are skilled at redirecting Government Money into their favored folks pockets.

    How to stop it? Good question.

    It would take a book to cover it all.

    For starters, get education out of the hands of Government. Start by abolition of the Federal involvement (we didn’t have it pre-Carter and Education was better then. Just shut the D.O.Ed.) Then in States allow vouchers.

    Next get Government out of directing or paying for science research. No money flow, they lose interest in parasitizing it. So close the NSF and anything similar.

    Third, prevent Government expenditures for anything but goods and services bought via competitive open bid (only exception being military weapons black systems). No grants. No slush funds. No nothing that isn’t directly USED by the government DIRECTLY. (I would consider a National Highway built for military requirements to be directly used by the Feds.) Might need a constitutional amendment to keep it effective. Especially NO SUBSIDY of anything.

    Then stop funding the UN. Furthermore, I’d stop funding ANY agency outside of the USA. No international money flow from the USA. (See directly prior paragraph…) No graft slush funds from the State Department ( do we REALLY benefit from funding both Egypt and Israel to buy massive weapons systems?…) and no UN “dues” (funding our enemies and those who wish to end our way of life MUST stop.)

    After that, I’d take a breather and re-read the Communist Manifesto. Any of the 50% to 80% of it that has already been “achieved” needs to be undone.

    Probably worth a few day work to come up with a more complete list…

    How to prevent a global highly funded organization from packing the boards of directors of various NGOs, businesses, and more with their Fellow Travelers is an interesting question that I can’t answer right now. All the things I can think of are too intrusive and / or restrictive of liberty for an organization to choose itself its destiny. Perhaps better just to apply RICO to the source of the infection…

    I find it both funny and annoying that at the same time WE are berated for not accepting “diversity” we have THEM forcing a global uniformity on everyone. What about National Diversity, hmmm? IMHO we desperately need competing nations to avoid a catastrophic global failure when someone make a really stupid decision or error and it is fatal.

  26. E.M.Smith says:

    @John F. Hultquist:

    Strange you would mention “standing on a bank with a long stick” …

    I’ve sometimes indulged in something I call “Beer Fishing”. See, in many States, like California, it is thought a crime or at least a behaviour worthy of police nagging you to “move along” to just stand in public drinking a beer. This includes standing on a bank of a river and drinking beer.


    It is perfectly acceptable to have a beer WHILE you are fishing…

    So when I want to set by the river and drink a beer, I hold a long pole with a string going into the water. (Fishing license needed…) I’ve had various uniformed folks just pass on by. One or two asking “how’s the fishing?” and then move on when I say “Nothing yet…” Never once bothering to ask if I had a hook on the end of the line…

    You can sit for hours with that line to a lead lump in the water, drink all the beer you like, and you are “respectable”. Don’t have the line in the water? You are a bum.

    I like “Beer Fishing”… and I often catch my limit ;-)

  27. E.M.Smith says:

    For Soros as an individual, the answer is simple: Honor the Russian Arrest Warrant for him.

    For Soros’s Organizations, it’s more complicated, but I’d start with a RICO of his funded things and his assets.

    For the Soros Fellow Travelers, that’s the harder one… That’s the stuff I had in the comment above as a broader open ended need and general pushback on The Manifesto.

  28. jim2 says:

    Don’t forget Soros’ son. He is picking up the old man’s mantle.

  29. E.M.Smith says:


    Hopefully the kid will be less than enthusiastic about being a “me too”…

    I note in passing that the general trend so far has been Eastern European (often Slavic) countries catching clue first (so Czech Republic, Russia, etc. and Hungary as a non-Slav country) and with the German and French language countries being most “All In” on the Soros Globalist EU “project”. India also caught clue and pitched out Soros NGOs.

    English countries about 1/2 way between those two, but leaning Globalist while slowly learning about clue…

    Africa and South America largely “in the wind” and only show up for the money.
    Asia largely also just in it for the money.
    Muslim World finding ways to exploit it for their own Global Domination ends.

    That covers most of the world…

    So somewhere along the way, one ought to find a method to “tip” the African and South American nations away from the Globalist goals and toward freedom and independence. Asia needs to be shown there’s no money in it anymore. (China doesn’t let others influence their system anyway, so nothing to throw out from Soros) Then the Muslim World… I suppose one approach would be just to let them take down Europe as an example to the rest of the world not to “go there”… Might be better to get a “New World / Slavic” alliance to pressure Europe into a wake up call.

    The UK being currently “in the wind” as they decide if they will be “EU Lite” or embrace their National Identity and the rest of the globe… Could flip either way, and EU Lite would mean the destruction of the UK, both as a global player and as a cultural entity.

    IFF the UK chooses a Global Presence, ongoing cultural identity, and return to the world at large, then I suspect Australia, New Zealand, and Canada recover with them as a cultural block. With some work they can be returned to sanity and toss out the NGOs and their crap culture of globalism

  30. Zeke says:

    The solutions you are all mentioning are very interesting. I would sum them up as “Reverse and undo the 60s Counter Culture.”

    This leaves nothing out.

    I will give only one example. The Counter Culture’s pride and joy — to this very day — is the reduction of the population (esp. us, GenX) and the sexual revolution — both enabled in part by birth control. This was one of the Counter Culture’s many triumphs of science over tradition. The science of birth control, the science of the overpopulation theory, and the science of gender, marriage and sexuality as false societal constructs to be eliminated were paradigms adopted by these 60s intellectual revolutionaries.

    Now look carefully at the results of this generational obsession. The argument coming from European government is that the declining populations require immigration. Indeed, demographics do seem to indicate that Europeans are not marrying and not having 2 children/replacement. Many are aging. So according to Hungarian PM Orban and former Pres. Vaklav Klaus, the European Union is addressing the demographics of declining populations in the Western countries with immigration from countries of completely different cultures and languages. (I do not need to point out that the academic value of Cultural Relativism, also widely adopted to replace patriotism, national identity and national history during the 60s, requires that there be no objections to mass migration of foreign populations into ones own country.)

    It is also beyond dispute that the Counter Culture held marriage and esp. motherhood in profound contempt. The elimination of stay-at-home mothers is near complete and it is said that up to half of all children are born out of wedlock in certain regions. Unless I am very mistakent, this was precisely the liberation that the Counter Culture aimed for.

    I think that it is safe to observe that intellectual revolutionaries rarely get good results. And even more rarely do they ever connect the results they get with their own theories and actions. But I am interested in connecting Counter Culture attitudes with present circumstances. Because none of the environmental control agendas can have possibly developed this far without popular support.

  31. jim2 says:

    We in the US need a law that any man who fathers a child is responsible for that child, and must support it. Death penalty if father kills mother.

  32. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d only make one change. “fathers a child is equally responsible for that child and must equally support it with the mother”. Takes two…


    Good summary… I’ve thought about that some, but not reached full conclusion yet. There’s a lot too that, but I’m of the opinion that some large part of it was not just a natural growth of Counter Culture all on its own. There were strong communist insurgencies pushing it. There were folks like Soros around then, and who knows what he was doing in the dark at that time.

    I guess what I’m saying is that “counter culture” doesn’t find the root cause, and I’m pretty sure it was not just an innocent natural development all on its own. (The push for Women’s Lib and abortions has been going on a long time, pushed by the same collectivists and busy bodies – especially Planned Parenthood that was founded by a racist for the purpose of terminating Black Babies – a goal it has had great strides toward… So I think “the rot” started back in the Progressive Movement of the 1890s to 1930s… and that is where you will find the tap root that leads to the present places to fix…)

  33. philjourdan says:

    @p.g.Sharrow – EVEN if man could be forced to play Socialism with 100% participation and no slacking, that would not be utopia for me. My idea of utopia is difference. I want to know I can do better. Not that I will be the same until I die.

    The ones thinking socialism is “Utopia” are those who have no urge, idea, or capacity to better themselves. So having everyone equally miserable is their idea of eden.

  34. philjourdan says:

    @Catweazle666 – We are Borg. You will be assimilated.

    There is no such thing as “replacement migration”. Just ask the Souix, Cherokee, or Iriquois.

  35. E.M.Smith says:


    Heard on the news a truly horrid bit of PC Force. IIRC, it was in Canada. A guy was a Star Trek junkie. Had a frame on his car with the phrase “We Are The Borg” and the plate said:


    Or something close, it was radio so exact spelling not seen…

    Seems folks had called the DMV and “complained” thinking it was anti-immigrant and telling them to assimilate into the Canadian culture… So since they were so out of touch and isolated as to not know what Borg and Star Trek were about, this guy had his freedom of (entirely innocent and inoffensive) speech removed. He was forced to turn in the plate.

    Now, whenever I hear the Borg and “You will be assimilated”, I will think of stupid alien immigrants demanding to oppress others… Probably not what they wanted, but there you go….

    Or maybe “Migrants are The Borg”…

    That is the fundamental problem with ALL “hate speech” laws. It leaves authority in the hands of the most stupid and most hypersensitive.

    Now what happens when I come to find the word ‘Koran’ “offensive” as it is being used to remove my freedoms and insult me and threaten me with death, eh? Can we have them all removed from the country and burned? Or are you going to say my being offended is less important than them being offended by ASSIMIL8?

    What court decides who’s offended level wins? IF I can demonstrate I’m really really really pissed, does THAT let me win?… If so, I’ll start working up a really big pissedness right now…

  36. Graeme No.3 says:

    Someone, I forget who or when, said that he would believe the EU was a success when he saw a EU soccer team take the field in major tournaments and being cheered by the different nationalities. That highlights one of the obstacles to the advance of the One World mob.

  37. Zeke says:

    Chiefio says, “There’s a lot too that, but I’m of the opinion that some large part of it was not just a natural growth of Counter Culture all on its own. There were strong communist insurgencies pushing it.”

    Not just Commies. Although the Commies in the Universities explain the hatred the Counter Culture had for the free market, industrial power, the middle class, and any and every military action the US has ever taken.

    “I think “the rot” started back in the Progressive Movement of the 1890s to 1930s… and that is where you will find the tap root that leads to the present places to fix…”

    It is of course true and accurate that the beginnings were earlier; still, the basic tenants of Eugenics and progressives of the 1890s which Chief mentioned were popularized and mainstreamed by the Counter Culture. The rest of the world was horrified by population control and saw their worst fears about it confirmed in Germany, where industrialized killing of unwanted genetically inferior people had taken place.

    Nevertheless, 90% of all Boomers do hold the basic tenets of Eugenics.

    1. They believe that intelligence is genetically inherited, and since some people are more intelligent than others, some are genetically superior to others. This is Darwinian racism. Remember the title of Darwin’s book is the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.
    2. Next, they believe in overpopulation, and that the best thing they can do is reduce the population in other countries. (And their own.)

    And so without acknowledging Eugenics in their own scientific theories, they did indeed bring about this Racial Darwinism/Population control scientific paradigm shift — that is, Eugenics — in countries where they were rejected for religious reasons. And I think the danger is that the Counter Culture will either double down on these scientific theories, or realize the profound error they based their world view on.

    (Remember, effete educated acceptable Westerners are diminishing in numbers. Does this not mean that Mo and his four wives and aggressive colonization of Europe, North America and Australia are racially superior to you? Or the several famous families mentioned here who are tearing down nation-states, are they racially superior because they can trick you out of your own houses, cars, and technological advancements?)

  38. catweazle666 says:

    “EVEN if man could be forced to play Socialism with 100% participation and no slacking, that would not be utopia for me.”

    It wasn’t utopia for those who suffered from it either.

    Back in the 1960’s I visited Hungary and Spain. Both were run by totalitarian regimes, Hungary by the USSR and Spain by Generalissimo Francisco Franco. In Hungary, amongst the proletariat there was no evidence of real, crushing poverty or hunger, no homelessness, there was universal basic health care and 100% employment. There were also Zim lanes for the use of the nomenklatura.

    In Spain on the other hand, there was real poverty, in rural areas people were living in what amounted to mud huts roofed with flattened oil drums and there was no universal healthcare.

    Naturally, both countries were well supplied with well-armed police and militia with carte blanche to shoot anyone they wanted with little or no comeback.

    But the really big difference was this, surrounding Hungary was a very comprehensive selection of barbed wire, dog runs, raked sand, minefields and goon towers with machine guns and searchlights, with very hefty barriers at the heavily fortified border crossings.

    It was very clear that this highly elaborate barrier was there not to keep the rest of Europe out, but to keep the Hungarians in.

    Spain on the other hand had no need of such a barrier because although there was a great deal the Spanish lacked compared to the Hungarians, there was one thing that they had that the Hungarian proletariat lacked – HOPE.

    Interesting comment from a Hungarian: “you can always tell the Communists, they’re the ones in the big black cars.”

  39. Nemesis says:

    Agenda 21 – that’s out of date. Try Google Agenda 2030.

  40. E.M.Smith says:

    If looking at questions of “Darwinian Fitness” remember that fecundity is pretty much the only real measure. Not brains. Not wealth. Not religious fervor.

    By that metric, the Welfare Queens having litters of 9 and 10 are the “most fit”… and those Oh So Brilliant Rich having just one or at most 2 are very “Unfit”. ( Due to the odd gay kid, failure to reach maturity, and not having a family kid, it takes about 2.5 kids on average to have 2 replacements…. so “just 2 kids” is also “Leaving the gene pool”.)

    In the long run, thanks to genetic drift within the gene pool, those more “Darwinian Fit” genes come to dominate. What are those genes? Nobody really knows right now.

    I’d guess they are “not smart enough to get into college” for women, since college education is THE strongest predictor of low birth numbers. Further I’d guess women who truly love being pregnant and having kids and are happy even if living on welfare to do so. For men, those prone to Jihadi Violence are getting removed from the gene pool, while those prone to manipulating others to do so while bringing a litter of their own to maturity seem to be better. Those willing to “suck up” the most and happy in do nothing government jobs also seem to be doing better than those in more traditional male roles. Black men get incarcerated at a very high rate, reducing their reproductive access, so a propensity to drugs and / or criminal acts is likely a negative selector.

    Shake and mix? A mixed race with black / brown moms, whiter dads, raised on welfare or with dad having a boring as hell job in the government, but not rocking the boat or taking physical risks. Mom maybe high school educated, dad high school to at most bachelors. That’s what is likely to come to dominate in the USA. Places like Europe with an isolated Muslim cohort having a half dozen to a dozen each while the locals are having 2s will simply become Arab / other Muslim cohort nations.

    Oddly, you can see some of this happening already. Brazil has a lot of mixed race kids from the Favelas and the USA has an increasingly mulatto mixed population. (My clan too. As I’ve pointed out, we seem to be assimilating into the Hispanic cohort, with a bit of Native American mixed in.) All my Mom’s grandkids or great grandkids have some mix of that in them. So our “Reds and Blonds” are becoming more mixed types. The USA blacks are visibly lighter than the African source populations. Rate of mixing accelerating rapidly. The culture at large moving away from the “Nuclear Family” and embracing the “Mom with kids – Dad somewhere else” model with many families having multiple moms and dads over time (i.e. serial monogamy but ending up with several kids of different parents. See Trump’s family for example…) So those having the most partners and kids will genetically dominate those with Mom, Dad and 2 kids.

    Will we divide into that group vs an Elite Type? Highly unlikely. First off, genetic isolation is generally a recipe for genetic disaster. Think Hip Displasia in pure bred dogs… Secondly, I’ve yet to see evidence that any group can keep their pants zipped. Think Aaaanold and the Maid Boffing and their kid… So his Kennedy Family Wife is less Darwinian Fit than the maid… and genes are drifting between population at a pretty fast rate. Then there’s that “Idiot Kid” problem… Very few dynasties can keep it all going for several generations. The European Royalty has generally shown that. ( cough, Charles…) though some families do better (Rockefeller) at keeping the dynasty going. Yet of the very rich and powerful folks I’ve met, few impressed me with their mental agility. Not really dumb for most of them, mind you, but being greedy and suspicious seems more in evidence than brilliance for many of them. So The Elite needs to keep dragging in some better genes to maintain their position of dominance, and they can’t get them internally (Princess Di).

    Maybe in a few tens of thousands of years, but for now, we’re become far LESS genetically isolated, not more.

    So from a Darwinian Fitness POV, the future ought to have a dumber cohort, with dumber women having an advantage and especially so if they like having kids, while men will become less adventuresome and more prone to dull jobs and fooling around un-carefully. Everyone getting more mixed race and likely fairly fast. Europe becoming a mix of North Africa and the Levant in about 50 years max.

    At least, that’s what the present demographics trends lead us to. There’s always the possibility of an empire collapse in the EU, a world war, or some kind of race wars / religious wars to re-sort things. I don’t think that will happen in the New World, though. We’re pretty much happy with everyone getting in everyone else’s pants, it would seem… (which itself might be a selected trait.. those most prone to a ‘walk on the wild side’ having more kids, so more Darwinian Fitness… so we might end up with a more Bonobo behaviour set… )

  41. Glenn999 says:

    This video is 40 minutes with English subtitles. Must see and should explain much.

    Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard

  42. Glenn999 says:

    First question that comes to mind. Why is Soros not arrested or taken out? Who are his backers and protectors? If you can wrap your mind around the concept that people in our government don’t want him stopped, then you are on your way to understand the scope of the problem.

    Why do the extreme wealthy wish to control the world and the populations that reside? What are the goals of these few people and who will they use to achieve these goals? What is the greatest impediment for free peoples to oppose these goals?

  43. p.g.sharrow says:

    Being a sociopath is very inherited and re-enforced by privileged position. The Elites believe that they are better then all of us little people, they have a Divine Right, responsibility even, to rule over others. It is gods will!
    Unless of course you are a REAL AMERICAN. Americans do not have rulers. They select leaders and dispose of them as needed. Boy are there a bunch that need disposal…pg

  44. Zeke says:

    Thank you for that Darwinian race POV. It is certainly clearly mapped out and well explained.

    I did not expect to be told that yes, Darwinian racial fitness makes globalist destruction of the free, Protestant, English-speaking, open societies all but inevitable.

    But I will still argue that it was only inevitable once the Counter Culture started pushing for it. The contempt for marriage and motherhood is still the main theme: stupid women who didn’t go to college. Stupid women on welfare. Stupid women who need labor to run the farm and feed them when they get old.

    On the other hand, maybe not.

    Even scientifically, every one of you has it all wrong. The foundations of human intelligence is laid in the bonds of the mother and father with their young ones. Developing children must pass through the proper stages of innocence, childhood, and maturity in the context of a loving, stable family. This love and stability is what allows the brain to organize itself, and in the context of predictable and good relationships with attuned parents, the brain not only learns to modulate its responses, it is allowed to devote more cognitive energy to prefrontal development. This science also complements the Scriptures, which elevate and protect the marriage bond. And it explains why all the lower class, inferior Protestants (that Europe was trying to get rid of) ended up figuring out how to apply and use science in their inventions. It’s because it was a conjugial society, and we simply added economic freedom and literacy to that.

    Without good parents you get little psychopaths who don’t bond. Those Mooos11m boys do not respect women starting with their own mothers and sisters. Add institutionalizing and drugging the young, and you get mentally impaired individuals. But your Darwinian science never told you that.

    So the Counter Culture was totally wrong on the science of intelligence any way. And the social experiments have been run. What do you do after you have your experiment? What do real empirical scientists do after the carry out an experiment? The least the Counter Culture could do is admit its negative results from its failed scientific and social theories.

  45. Larry Ledwick says:

    The one exception I would take with your analysis EM is that genetic fitness is not necessarily linear. A certain fraction of the population could be highly fit for an environment which only shows up periodically.

    For example the the K vs r discussion earlier. Although low birth rate high intelligence individuals tend to get swamped in the genetic slot machine of demographics and high fecundity, if a certain fraction of a population is highly intelligent they might be the preferential survivors of catastrophic events like the black plague, or major earthquakes / tsunamis etc.

    What if like blue eyes and red hair high intelligence is a recessive gene that is activated only under periods of high survival stress, like warfare?

    That would explain the “value of warfare” in that it tends to cull out the stupid the reckless and those who lock up under stress and leave a large cohort of breeding age women who have to compete over the survivors of the battles (or earthquake, plagues etc.).

    I would suggest the evolutionary and reproductive success process is more of a sawtooth wave form, where the stupid and highly fertile flourish during periods of low stress, but like rabbits when there is a drought, they suffer disproportionately high losses under stress where the smart predators are strongly selected for in the survivors.

    Under high stress the smart low birthrate cohort will be far more likely to keep their children alive than the stupid, incompetent, high birthrate cohort.

    I submit that catastrophe is an important part of humanities genetic legacy. Unfortunately the longer the period of low stress the bigger the die off of the unfit when the dice come up snake eyes for easy living conditions.

  46. E.M.Smith says:


    Intelligence is NOT an unbridled survival trait. A large brain requires LOTS of calories. Only if it leads to better Darwinian Survival will it be preserved. When there was a world of wild animals trying to eat you and diseases to avoid and a great difficulty getting food and housing from field and forest, it was important to culture a big brained hard working family.

    In a world where all you need to do is sign up for The Dole, that big brain means your ration of People Chow doesn’t go as far. It also means you are more likely to be aware of how squalid your life is, choose not to have kids, or even dispose of yourself.

    Basically, brain size adapts over generations to match the demands put on it by the environment such as to produce the most number of viable offspring. In the modern context, that is to be somewhat insensitive and not to worry much about others while liking “making babies”. That takes a smaller brain…

    BTW, sociopath / psychopath leanings have been narrowed down to a particular set of genes. It isn’t environmental as much as genetic (though with an environmental modifier).

    Now being a sociopath has large advantages in hierarchical organizations, so they tend to rise to the top of things like Armies, Corporations, and Governments. Explains a lot, doesn’t it… Then as those gene concentrate in that “strata of society” it becomes ever more so… It is NOT an advantage to care too much about others if you must order them to go “over the top and rush the trenches”, or “fire them so I can get a bigger bonus and go boff the maid”, or “tax all you want, as long as my jet is stocked up and the servants are complaint”…

    Thus we have the world of today.

    Bonus Points to anyone who can figure out how to identify and remove from the gene pool those rich and powerful possessed of those genes… ( start with Soros maybe?) BTW, they likely also got a Darwinian “leg up” during the mass-of-armys-rape-and-pillage era of Gengis Khan, The Muslim Invasions, etc. So some populations may be more rich in those genes than others… something like 10% of Cental Asia sharing a Y chromosome with ol’ Gengis…

    Double bonus points for anyone who can tell if that would improve the function of a hierarchical society or just leave it wide open to invasion and destruction from outside (shades of “I hold in my hand this paper”… )

  47. Zeke says:

    Intelligence has noting to do with brain size but with brain organization.

    To illustrate the point, women’s brains are smaller than men’s. (And no, they do not have a larger corpus collosum connecting the two hemispheres. That is not correct.)

    Brain organization (efficiently and coherently using cognitive resources) and self-regulation are developed over time through relationships. Also, happily married mothers tend to ensure a better diet for their children — and nutrition carries a lot of weight in brain function, we all agree.

    You must look carefully at what happens to children who have been raised in orphanages with absolutely no loving bonds from infancy through childhood. Maternal deprivation is devastating and causes lifelong impairments, esp. complete disconnection from others.


    “During the last decade, many American families have opened their hearts and homes to children adopted from Eastern European orphanages. After coming to the United States, however, these children often experience a set of developmental problems that affect their growth, learning and social interactions.

    By studying these children and the problems they face, researchers at the University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison have developed a better understanding of how certain early childhood experiences can alter the development of the brain as well as the development of particular skills or abilities. Preliminary results from the study were presented earlier this year at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Denver.

    As lead investigator of the Wisconsin International Adoption Research Program, Seth Pollak, PhD, a psychologist at UW-Madison, examined certain skills and abilities among 5- and 6-year-olds who had a profound experience early in life: During their first seven to 41 months of life, these children lived in Russian and Romanian orphanages.”

  48. Zeke says:

    Here’s another reference for you:

    “When the cerebral cortex is damaged, raw limbic emotions rage freely through human words and deeds, as we have seen in the literature on T[raumatic] B[rain] I[njury].

    There is, in fact very convincing evidence that sociopaths and recidivist criminals have a shrunken or impaired frontal lobe. Lacking this ‘buffer’ of social evaluation and inner control, the sociopath is said to be ‘capable of anything.’

    (Additional evidence suggests that one of the primary causes of frontal lobe underdevelopment is a lack of primary nurturance and a ‘normal’ family life.)”

    ~Stephen Larsen

    So you see, insults to the frontal area of the brain cause rude and rough behavior. In every brain book, you will always see the example of the young man who had a pipe blown through his orbitofrontal cortex, and started swearing and not showing up for work.

    Brain trauma to the frontal lobe where self-control and future planning are managed could also be caused chemically.

  49. jim2 says:

    Then as those gene concentrate in that “strata of society” it becomes ever more so… It is NOT an advantage to care too much about others if you must order them to go “over the top and rush the trenches”

    Thus, Ender’s Game.

  50. E.M.Smith says:

    Yes, environment and development are tied, but so are genetics. I read my sisters abnormal psych book one summer (she was home from college) so read about various brain injuries and the resultant changes, including “pipe through head” …

    Yet more recently and more directly applicable to sociopaths WITHOUT BRAIN INJURY and with normal lives growing up, we have Jim Fallon.

    And that brings us to the next part of Jim Fallon’s family experiment. Along with brain scans, Fallon also tested each family member’s DNA for genes that are associated with violence. He looked at 12 genes related to aggression and violence and zeroed in on the MAO-A gene (monoamine oxidase A). This gene, which has been the target of considerable research, is also known as the “warrior gene” because it regulates serotonin in the brain. Serotonin affects your mood — think Prozac — and many scientists believe that if you have a certain version of the warrior gene, your brain won’t respond to the calming effects of serotonin.

    Fallon calls up another slide on his computer. It has a list of family members’ names, and next to them, the results of the genotyping. Everyone in his family has the low-aggression variant of the MAO-A gene, except for one person.

    “You see that? I’m 100 percent. I have the pattern, the risky pattern,” he says, then pauses. “In a sense, I’m a born killer.”

    Fallon’s being tongue-in-cheek — sort of. He doesn’t believe his fate or anyone else’s is entirely determined by genes. They merely tip you in one direction or another.

    And yet: “When I put the two together, it was frankly a little disturbing,” Fallon says with a laugh. “You start to look at yourself and you say, ‘I may be a sociopath.’ I don’t think I am, but this looks exactly like [the brains of] the psychopaths, the sociopaths, that I’ve seen before.”

    I asked his wife, Diane, what she thought of the result.

    “I wasn’t too concerned,” she says, laughing. “I mean, I’ve known him since I was 12.”

    Diane probably does not need to worry, according to scientists who study this area. They believe that brain patterns and genetic makeup are not enough to make anyone a psychopath. You need a third ingredient: abuse or violence in one’s childhood.

    Note that it is psychopath that needs the violence in their past. Sociopaths not so much…

    Now me, I got beat up a fair amount as a kid (by other kids, a bit older) yet I’m exactly the opposite. Way TOO much empathy for others and way TOO prone to taking care of injured others and bringing strangers into the house if they are having issues. Clearly my genetics lean the other way… I’d likely move to the front of a line at an Antifa attack so as to assure others did not get hurt, but be reluctant to clock the attacker with a damaging blow as that would not be nice… Too little anger and not a warrior type by nature (though I’ve learned to perform the behaviours if I find it intellectually is necessary for survival… but I’ll feel bad about it later ;-)

    Without the genes for sociopath, I have trouble working the devious side of the management system and can only thrive in friendly organizations ( i.e. certain culturally vital tech company type places and family business environments). I can FUNCTION at an acceptable level in the others, but not really thrive and rise. It is a learned skill for me, not a natural gift… So I’m not ever going to be a upper manager in a large company or government. Don’t have enough uncaring or evil in me for it.

    So the genetics are important…

  51. E.M.Smith says:

    Hmmm…. This comparison of psychopath vs sociopath implies I’ve been using them backwards:

    By their list, it is the psychopaths that ought to do well in business while it is the sociopaths that end up in more violent criminal activities… Though several references have said there is a common tendency to use the terms interchangeably, but that may be wrong.

    Psychopathy and sociopathy are anti-social personality disorders. While both these disorders are the result of an interaction between genetic predispositions and environmental factors, psychopathy is used when the underlying cause leans towards the hereditary. Sociopath is the term used when the antisocial behavior is a result of a brain injury or negative sociological factors like parental neglect, delinquent peers, belief system and upbringing. In recent years, the term psychopath has acquired a specific meaning and the condition is now more widely understood.

    Psychopaths are incapable of empathy and forming loving relationships. However, they can pretend to be charming and loving, so those around them can’t always detect their lack of empathy. Psychopaths also have no conscience or moral compass, so they do not feel guilt. Sociopaths, on the other hand, are capable of empathy and guilt. While sociopaths are impulsive, hot-tempered and erratic, they may form attachments to some people or groups.

    Anti-social personality disorder may result in violent behavior but that is not inevitable. Highly intelligent psychopaths may channel their tendencies to white-collar crime or simply being ruthless in business. A psychopath may be a successful CEO with a family, but sociopaths tend to live on the fringes of society.

    So it’s the psychopath that is the apparently nice one… who stabs you in the back, and the sociopath is the one who just beaks a beer bottle and stabs you with it while cursing at you…

  52. Larry Ledwick says:

    There are high functioning and low functioning variations. psychopaths make good trauma surgeons, low empathy makes them able to treat the broken person like a car mechanic treats a broken car without the emotional baggage of caring too much about them other than the thrill of victory if they “win” by saving the persons life. Same person different upbringing would be a good gang leader or mob boss. (it’s just business Vinny nothing personal).

  53. tom0mason says:


    “Psychopathy and sociopathy are anti-social personality disorders. While both these disorders are the result of an interaction between genetic predispositions and environmental factors, psychopathy is used when the underlying cause leans towards the hereditary.”

    My problem with this recent idea of calling people psychopath and sociopath from a remote position is strange and troubling. All too often those calling such names are only using evidence from the scant amount of public reporting and videos of public appearances. This is surely not enough. The diagnosis requires so much more. Sometime such name-calling is just for spite and nastiness.
    The other point is that the psychopath and sociopath are notoriously poor at self judgement, as they see the world and themselves through a distorting highly self interested, and self selecting filters. Criticism of them is batted away as jealousy, or envy, and a weak challenge to their self-worth. Given all that, what use is it calling anyone a psychopath and sociopath? They will not see it no matter how loud you shout, maybe because they are one but can not see it, or it may be it is that the assessment is wholly wrong and they are not a psychopath and sociopath. Either way nothing effective is achieved, and the talented/lucky but slightly selfish (the so called psychopath and sociopath) lives as they always have, incurring jealousy from all lesser people around them.

  54. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Den = digging into … ( bad voice to txt)

  55. Larry Ledwick says:

    Given all that, what use is it calling anyone a psychopath and sociopath?

    You are not identifying them as a possible psychopath to change their behavior you are identifying them as a possible psychopath to help understand their behavior and exercise due caution in your interactions with them.

    Why do you call a rabid dog a rabid dog, no matter how loud you shout it he will still be rabid?

    You are correct a “clinical” diagnosis is impossible remotely but, in the real world that is not an option. I have however met and worked with (and suffered the consequences) of the behavior of people who fit 98% of the symptom spectrum that is associated with psychopathic behavior. Folks who could charm your socks off when they wanted something from you, people who would screw with other people just because they thought it was fun (like a kid burning ants with a magnifying glass). Seriously manipulative sorts who would got to unbelievable lengths to manipulate others to achieve their agenda, plant rumors, etc. Folks that everyone was inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to because they could be so charming and feign concern for others, but at some point you realize, yes they really are that evil and manipulative, and actually do enjoy destroying other people’s careers with the same degree of concern they would have sacrificing a pawn to protect the knight.

    You call them psychopath for the same reason you point out poison Ivy to the kids while on a hike so they can avoid a very unpleasant encounter.

  56. tom0mason says:

    @Larry Ledwick
    Yes I’ve met such people many times before but I would hardly call all of them evil.
    Deranged, deluded, strange but not evil. Yes I have been at the blunt end of a couple of them in my life but looking back at the events of the time, their actions were entirely consistent with there world view, and they ensured I left ‘their company’ much quicker than I would have normally, and that (luckily for me) ensured that my career progressed better.
    Funny enough both of the extreme cases I encountered (separately), eventually managed their companies to destruction. Yes they could be charming and seriously manipulative but overall I still view that they are/were within the normality of human types. I am glad that now I can see such behavior with a bit more clarity and be aware when it gets personally dangerous. Just keep them at arms length and never believe they are your friend.
    Overall I do not think such personality types are unusual in business, probably no less common than people with other inherited abnormalities (a deep self-blindness, not that unlike color-blindness). When they are successful they can be great people to be around, however just watch out when the going gets tough and failure looms — ‘human resources’ will manipulated, blamed, and used up.

    P.S. As a child I enjoyed burning ants with a magnifying glass, am I a psychopath? Perhaps!

  57. Jon K says:

    This video reveals the identity of several of the leaders of the antifa group.

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  59. p.g.sharrow says:

    feral animals that need to be put down…pg

  60. gallopingcamel says:

    The best way to combat globalism is through education.

    The present bureaucratic top-down management of K-12 schools in the USA is perfect for globalists who can install abominations such as “Common Core” in a couple of years and then it takes decades to undo the harm.

    Donald Trump proposes to return the control of K-12 education to the local community. If that means that every K-12 school will have its own board of directors it will be impossible for globalists to impose their warped ideas on more than a handful of schools. The vast majority of our schools will be controlled by parents rather than activists funded by mega-rich people like Bill Gates and his cronies.

  61. philjourdan says:

    That is the fundamental problem with ALL “hate speech” laws. It leaves authority in the hands of the most stupid and most hypersensitive.

    There is another fundamental problem. What is hate today is not tomorrow. It is subjective. basically 1984 – it can be used by the government (read: anyone) to go after those they do not like.

  62. Zeke says:

    While I think many readily acknowledge the influence of the Communists in the Universities, I believe it is clear that the vast majority of the Boomer Generation are Eugenicists. Then question then arises, who else was profoundly influencing that generation in the Universities?

    And while many of the Counter Culture will, in certain instances, say that they support nation-state democracies and a national, republican form of government, it is actually clear that they hold the people who make up the public in the English-speaking republics in utter contempt, saying that they should have their numbers controlled. They also view their belief in God and angels as ridiculous, and have worked for a long time to overthrow Christianity. Not only that, the way that the Counter Culture views history always, in every case, favors the bloody unifiers, the Empires, the devourer of small states, and always imply that unification is optimum. That aside, why are Baby Boomers Eugenicists? And has this not contributed to Globalism? Isn’t Globalism in a sense a Eugenics program?

    These are the questions I have.

  63. Larry Ledwick says:

    I suspect the eugenicist tendencies are an out growth of the Paul Erlichman / Club or Rome concerns about too many people swamping the planets ability to feed the population and an uncritical view of science (global warming) blind trust in anything labeled as science and an elitist contempt for those who don’t agree with the current “consensus” and have any doubts or concerns about the outcome of science. In their view Science is an unquestioned good, as long as it is labeled “sustainable” or “progressive” and utter contempt for any”alternate – unapproved” science associated (in their mind) with evil capitalists (ie pesticides and fertilizers which allow the planet to easily feed a larger population).

    Season that with a little of the not so subtle element of eugenics in planned parenthood and birth control efforts and you end up back in 1930’s Europe where they were lobotomizing or sterilizing folks who were “different” or not “perfect” by some arbitrary standard.

    Very scary if you realize where this dogma went the last time it became the unquestioned prevailing meme in society.

  64. cdquarles says:

    @ Phil, I don’t know about the Sioux or Iroquois, but there are plenty of Cherokee still here (and Creek, Choctaw, Seminole). We assimilated the whites and their black slaves ;).

  65. p.g.sharrow says:

    cd; I resemble that remark ;-) the civilized tribes created America…pg

  66. E.M.Smith says:

    @C.D. & P.G.:

    Well Y’all have assimilated my nephew too ;-) He’s something like 1/4 or 1/8 some tribe or other from his Dad’s side. I ought to find out I suppose… But basically 1/3 of my Mom’s and Dad’s linage is now definitely mixed Native American, while my 1/3 is “mixed Hispanic” so far (and who knows what’s in that Puerto Rican Hispanic part… I suspect a bit of Native American and a smidgen of Black for seasoning… at least the guys on that side have long legs and run like the wind… unlike my clan, and her Dad gets a really good tan really easy ;-). The other third is mixed “something” that I’m pretty sure is Italian / Hispanic blend itself, but with the usual “What is a Hispanic?” open ended bit. Looks a bit Indian / Spanish to my eyes.

    So yeah, resistance WAS futile and we got assimilated ;-) Hey, who can resist good looks…

    To P.G.s point: In fact, the U.S. Constitution has some bits patterned on Native American law / custom. Don’t know the exact bits, but had someone rattle them off to me once and found a print confirmation.

  67. Zeke says:

    Larry Ledwick says, “Season that with a little of the not so subtle element of eugenics in planned parenthood and birth control efforts and you end up back in 1930’s Europe where they were lobotomizing or sterilizing folks who were “different” or not “perfect” by some arbitrary standard.

    Very scary if you realize where this dogma went the last time it became the unquestioned prevailing meme in society.”

    Yes. Communism does not cover the full taxonomy of ideas which shaped the Counter Culture. And while eugenics did attach itself to Darwinian science in every country it travelled to, the place where Eugenics was carried to its conclusion was, as Larry Ledwick points out, in Germany.

    And it turns out that thousands of members of the 3rd R. were secretly brought to the US. Here they were installed in Universities, research departments, and national agencies immediately after WWII. And (I am convinced) that is the source of the Boomers’ Eugenics Paradigm Shift. They are, as it were, unconsciously under the control of the theories that underlie Eugenics. The Counter Culture will never understand itself until it acknowledges its makers.

  68. Zeke says:

    The Counter Culture to do list —
    1. Get everyone on drugs — with no stopping point — even children and pregnant women
    2. Eliminate marriage
    3. Install vegetarianism and undernourishment — return to the old natural “poor diseases”
    4. Get the birth rate in each English-speaking country way down
    5. Eliminate the use of applied science where ever it is found, through fear of chemicals
    6. Eliminate national histories, traditional beliefs, and the Protestant English-speaking identity
    Check, check, check, check, check, and check.

    If the Counter Culture is not synonymous with Globalism, I would suggest it was at least very convenient to the introduction of World Government.

  69. philjourdan says:

    @CD – what is this “We” White man! :-)

  70. Steve C says:

    Re the Counter Culture, there is interesting stuff to be read if you search on the phrase:
    “Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation”
    Pick a hit containing the name of David McGowan, who wrote it, and, well, not enjoy exactly …

  71. Zeke says:

    Steve C says David McGowan, Laurel Canyon

    I looked into the interviews with the late David McGowan, and basically what he is saying is that there was a military installation in Laurel Canyon where the rock stars congregated, and it was equipped with a complete filming studio.

    McGowan also says that many of the rock stars were children of intelligence and military personnel. For example, Jim Morrison’s father was deeply involved in the events that led to Vietnam. He said that there was a high rate of suicide amongst the parents of the performers. He seems sceptical of the clubs where the rock stars originally played, like the Whiskey a go go.

    He seems to have some very interesting pieces of the puzzle. He surmises that the hippie movement was a psy-op to delegitimize the anti-war movement…That was his best guess. He died of cancer recently.

    Interesting reference. In the most general sense, he thinks the hippie movement was a top-down manipulation, connected to Intelligence.

  72. Zeke says:

    Well the hippies certainly advertised and popularized all the drugs they possibly could. And the C I A was involved in drug trafficking from Asia and in Central America.

    This man uncovered it:
    Gary Webb – CIA Drug Smuggling [2004]

    dur 8:08

  73. Zeke says:

    It was actually very fortuitous that SteveC mentioned that book by David McGowan, The Dark Heart of the HIppie Movement, because my mother was down in Pasadena at the time she “became a hippie.” Pasadena is just a few miles from Laurel Canyon.

    His research is interesting. The hippie movement does have plenty of evidence of being manufactured, but McGowan like every one else is only able to speculate about why this sex-drugs-occult movement was installed from above by the entertainment industry. It is reasonable to see a pattern in the links between intelligence families and the production of this new music and culture. He sees the early deaths and violence as very sinister. But this should be tempered by the fact that overdoses really do kill a lot young drug users, and so it is not always a suspicious death. But it was a creepy place and a creepy movement.

    As I pieced together where my mother was, and looked at the names of these characters, I ran across a film called “Easy Rider” which sounded familiar. Not only did my dad ride a Harley and do drugs, but I suddenly remembered my brother is named after one of the characters in that film.

    So I looked at the plot for the first time:

    That is complete garbage. You have got to be kidding me.

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