France Votes

A place to discuss the vote as the result becomes known.

Rural polls have already closed. City poles to close in minutes.
France24 reporting about 69% turnout.

Soon we find out if a France First candidate wins, or an EU First candidate.

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32 Responses to France Votes

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    France 24 reporting Macron win with 65% of projected vote.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Fox called it for him as well. France made their bed, now they have to sleep in it. Venezuela II.

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    Those of you with personal contact with French politics what does this symbol represent (group, or philosophy?) I presume it is related to the Le Pen nationalist groups but cannot find any info on it.

  4. omanuel says:

    Thanks for posting this important story.

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    My condolences to France, it was nice while it lasted.
    10 October 732 – 7 May 2017
    Perhaps you will still find a way to avoid being destroyed as the EU implodes and globalism shreds your national culture and heritage.

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    Note the people of Venezuela danced in the streets too, when Hugo Chavez was elected in a land slide election with a popular vote of (56.2%).

    If Macron does as he had stated and names a “National Imam” it will be the first step toward legitimizing an Islamic theocracy in France and that will ultimately lead to the destruction of France as we know it. Likely within 50 years, the great Cathedrals of France will be converted to Mosques or destroyed.

  7. Another Ian says:

    …who cares, the lady has already won”:

    “Le Pen has already won. She is already part of the movement to kill off the destructive Left and the Euro farce. May, Trump, Wilders, Australia’s Conservatives and now Le Pen are a movement. Don’t be disappointed.

    She now has her solid base, so sit back and enjoy a full-on war the Left will not win. “

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    The Identity Block at

    The Identity Block (France)
    Bloc Identitaire
    The Bloc Identitaire is an extreme right French nationalist political group. It was founded in 2003 by former members of Unité Radicale and several other nationalist groups. The Bloc Identitaire claims to represent all “young French and Europeans who are proud of their roots and of their heritage.” It opposes what it calls “miscegenation” and “imperialism” (both American and Moslem), and has organized campaigns and demonstrations, sometimes violent, against Moslems, Jews, Communists, and other non-white ethnic and political groups. The Bloc identitaire runs the Nationalist Press Agency and website called Novopress, and identifies itself with other neo-Nazi and extremist groups in other parts of Western Europe and North America.

    One of their more imaginative, and less violent, activities was the use of soups with pork as “identity soups” (soupes identitaires) to attack and belittle certain ethnic groups. The group has been banded as “discriminatory and xenophobic” by HALDE (High Authority for the Struggle Against Discrimination and for Equality – Haute autorité de lutte contre les discriminations et pour l’égalité) a French “independent administrative authority” which “has the right to judge all discrimination, direct or indirect, that is prohibited by law or an international agreement to which France is a signatory.”

    Looks to me like calling it a hate group is a bit much. Then again, making bean and bacon soup a hate crime seems over the top to me too.

    So is making pulked pork at a BBQ “Discriminatory” too? If so, about 1/4 of my meals are “hate meals” with pork, bacon, or ham in them… Guess I’m a fascist hater xenophobe supremacist by the pork measure. Oh Well, a small burden to bear for bacon. No way I’m giving up bacon… ;-)

    The flag most commonly attributed to the Bloc Identitaire has either a yellow or black field, with the symbol of the lambda Spartan centered on it in contrasting black or yellow. A number of these flags were used by the BI at the “Pigs’ March,” organized on May 14, 2011, in Lyon. The BI, like many extremist groups, is perfectly willing to “hijack” traditional flags and symbols for their use. The traditional flags of Languedoc and Roussillon Provinces would be perfect examples of this “borrowing to legitimize” by the Bloc Identitaire, who have displayed these flags during their demonstrations and parades. The newest BI Party symbol/logo is the black boar, but has yet failed to materialize on any flag.

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    Ahhh thanks EM sometimes all you need is one key word for searching to find what you are looking for. On the same topic I found this interesting web page which lists dozens of politically oriented flags and what they represent. Might be useful to make sense of random unfamilar flags seen in video of marches and protests.

  10. Zeke says:

    Condolences LG.

  11. gallopingcamel says:

    France has a thirty five hour work week……25 paid vacation days per year………retirement at age 60.

    To sustain that level of laziness someone has to be willing to carry you. While the Germans are able to carry Greece, will they be able to carry France, Italy and Portugal as well? Why would they want to?

  12. AnonymousGerman says:

    Hi gallopingcamel, Germany has 38.5 hourse per week, not much more really (but hey, actually you don’t really need to work 60-80 hours per week to do something useful). And they as well have
    A LOT of “celebration” days. Catholics just love them (and Germany has to please both sides).
    Regarding Greece, I don’t think anyone there thinks Germany carries them. The economy is totally kaputt. Now the Germans collect their best assets, airports, ports, whatever there is to hand over. But don’t think that will go the the “Germans” really. “Why would they want to?” Well, Germans are
    not used to be asked. Nobody asked us anything ever. My history teacher used to say that comes from the peasant revolt, after which the Germans got hit so hard, now when we hear revolution we think FrenchRevolution or something like that. Oh, thinking of it, he (the teacher) also said we once tried a revolt, stupidly on christmas eve. Nobody came. Socialists..

  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The road back is treacherous. Even today, President Trump’s new Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, is afraid or unwilling to confront the NAS (National Academy of Sciences), probably because the NAS will control future annual reviews of programs and budgets for the US DOE (Department of Energy).

  14. LG says:

    So, is this picture real or photoshopped ?

  15. p.g.sharrow says:

    Macron is definitely photo-shopped in, check the outline cropping of the bottles and the back of his head…pg

  16. R. de Haan says:

    Well, it was photoshopped for a reason.
    Prepare for fast and bold action in the field of European integration, European Army, European Super State, final elimination of the National States. European Taxes. Several wanna have’s the EU and Merkel never got because France didn’t want to give up it’s Force de Frappe (Nuclear Deterrence). Macron is an Europhile who loves Europe and Angela more than France.

    Not everything is lost however. Italy is now the big pink elephant in the room, Brexit is getting messier by the day and let us be realistic. The number of voters that supported Le Pen has been massive. If some one would have made the prediction that over 11 million voters would go for Le Pen this election they would have dclared you crazy. Le Pen will be big in opposition especially because all the core parties have been burned to the ground. These elections are next.

    Macron will have a difficult period ahead of him and if he ever makes it into the 2022 elections, Le Pen will have her win.

    Big problem for now…how to prevent further EU integration. I see another Paris moment (climate agreement) where leaders have some kind of a black out and vote yes instead of no.

  17. Zeke says:

    Larry Ledwick says, “If Macron does as he had stated and names a “National Imam” it will be the first step toward legitimizing an Islamic theocracy in France and that will ultimately lead to the destruction of France as we know it. Likely within 50 years, the great Cathedrals of France will be converted to Mosques or destroyed.”

    And the academics and historians will call it an Is11mic Golden Age?

    I have been looking over some of my Medieval history books to see which authors included anything about the relentless Is11mic invasions in the Mediterranean, etc., and how this was a major depressant for Europe in the Dark and Middle Ages. There is not much so far. Although, the various reports of Europeans being sold into slavery at that time synchronizes with the Is11amic slave raids which were going on down there at the same time.

    Just Golden Ages of Is11m. The French are extreme secularists. They have a lot of faith in their history and science text books. The problem with those it they have history and science badly wrong. Sometimes I just think historians never tell the truth.

  18. Zeke says:

    It appears the French went to University for tens of thousands of dollars instead of having children.

  19. Larry Ledwick says:

    The whole mental landscape in France is in the process of changing due to recent terror attacks and a more open examination of the reality of threats against a civil society. You are seeing similar actions in some other countries (especially those closer to Russia) where their populations are taking civil paramilitary training as though many are beginning to sense a period of turmoil and trouble is ahead, and are no longer willing to pretend the world is a risk free place.

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    That is both what scares me and what gives me hope. Hope as it means something of Europe will survive. Fear that it will be too little too late and the resultant “Civil Wars” will make Syria look like training camp…

  21. Zeke says:

    LL says, “The whole mental landscape in France is in the process of changing due to recent terror attacks and a more open examination of the reality of threats against a civil society.”

    It is interesting because the areas that most successfully repelled Mooos11m invasions into Europe were near the Black Sea. I recall finding a poem that Nikola Tesla translated, which was about his country’s long forgotten contribution to defending against those invasions. And Romania seems to have stood firm also.

    Since EMSmith has a thread on movies, I will use a movie just this once to illustrate LarryLedwick’s “change in the whole mental landscape”:

    “There’s some nationalistic histories coming out of Europe and esp. Romania right now” — so I was warned not long ago on a thread over at thunderbolts. Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, has always been cast in history as the bad guy, the dragonish barbarian-type on the edge of the Holy Roman Empire. But in this movie, Dracula Untold, he is portrayed as a prince who was, as a youth, stolen and used as a Janissary for the Mooos11ms. Later as a king he decides to rebel rather than allow the Mooos11ms to take a quota of boys to train as soldiers. It is a great movie for a lot of reasons, but you can see that the reputation and interpretation of this Romanian prince is being shown in a whole new light. It may be more accurate than his Dracula image. :)>

  22. beththeserf says:

    Re the relentless Musselmen invasions in the Mediterranean, came across this
    while writing my latest blog post on slavery.
    Samuel Pepys mentions slavery in his diary and was instrumental in modernizing
    the British Navy one of the reasons being the scourge of the Barbary Coast
    slave trade.Thomas Jefferson, before the new US Republic had adopted its
    Constitution, was sent to Europe to negotiate peace treaties, one of which was
    to negotiate tribute payment to the Barbary Slavers.Told by the envoy for Tripoli
    that, as written in the K*r*n, the faithful should plunder and enslave those who did
    not acknowledge the true prophet, Jefferson came to the conclusion it was better
    to build a US navy and encouraged Congress to do this. Christopher Hitchens
    speaks of this on his you tube videos on Thomas Jefferson re the US Barbary Wars.

  23. Zeke says:


    Did you see the research by Dr. Bill Warren, which Another Ian posted? Dr Warren (physicist) has put together the archaeological data and mapped over 500 invasions. His map displays increments of 20 years starting @650 or 700 AD.

    He also defines Political Eees11m as “the Ees11mic doctrine that deals with the Kafir.” Kafir is us.

    The video is called “Why We Are Afraid — A 1400 Year Secret.”
    The map starts @ 10:00 if you need it for your research. I am looking at Thos Jefferson right now, on another subject. Happy research.

  24. beththeserf says:

    Thx, Zeke. I did watch it. Collapse of the freedom of the sea, economic warfare.

    Seems strange, so many apologists for a relentless enemy of the West – and
    others…Those attacks on Hindus!

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    I’m something of a movie hound, so feel free to use them as reference any time you like…

    The reality of Vlad was just that he did to the invading Muslims what they taught him to do… and were it not for him, it is likely Europe would have been lost.

    As for the “strange” support of the slow invasion: I can see two possible reasons but can’t choose between them. Both money related:

    1) Soros is just fixated on wiping out Nationalism and perhaps harbors a base resentment toward Germany so wants to blend in a bunch of islamists to destroy both. With his massive apparatus and money he can buy the power and influence to do it.

    2) Saudi Money and the control of oil to Europe has let them buy governments and buy control over policies for stealth jihad. (Some evidence for this comes from the Lady Di hanging out with a Saudi Prince, and that the Saudis bleat to look at all the mosques they fund all over the world whenever poor muslims complain about their massive wealth.)

    Not hard to see a candidate (or party) in, say, France deciding that they are OK with “immigration” when asked just how much they want oil for their country or would they like $100 Million in the bank… It certainly is NOT a grass roots idea and is being imposed top down politically, so someone is pushing it. Someone with motive and lots of money.

  26. Larry Ledwick says:

    It has been my observation that liberals (progressives) are horrible at anticipating long term consequences of actions (eg Harry Reid and his nuclear option and filibuster rule – it never crossed their mind that that change could burn them in the future)

    In that sense I think they see massive immigration as a tool to disrupt nation states and get their agenda of a stateless global government and naively think that when they no longer need it that they can just pass some rule and turn it and its secondary effects off. (bad idea, they are triggering a profound change at a cultural level which will have uncontrollable impacts for 200-300 years)

  27. Power Grab says:

    re: “Harry Reid and his nuclear option and filibuster rule – it never crossed their mind that that change could burn them in the future”

    Yeah…don’t interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. ;-)

  28. philjourdan says:

    @LG – Re: Photoshop picture. Does it matter?

  29. philjourdan says:

    @Larry Ledwick

    naively think that when they no longer need it that they can just pass some rule and turn it and its secondary effects off.

    Is it naivete? Or over reliance in the YSM? They start a meme and then expect the YSM to play it up, with the lying and propaganda they are famous for. And their sheep go along with it. If they decided tomorrow that we had enough illegals, they would start a meme about something (probably with a modicum of truth) and then expect the YSM to keep bleating it so the sheep would pick up the bleat.

    Many fault Hillary’s loss on the fact she had no reality check as the YSM merely beat her drum incessantly. So yes, to the YSM and their sheep, the election was a shock. But not for everyone.

    I do not think it is naivete, I think it is arrogance and over reliance on the YSM.

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