O’Reilly On Newsmax?

With the move toward cord cutting, I’ve made some changes in where I look for news and what shows I watch. One really nice factor has been the ability to skip stories that are not of interest, and to get news on my schedule, not by appointment. One disappointment has been the lack of Fox News.

Over time that may resolve. When the final “cut” comes, in about 8 months, I expect to get some replacement service on a paid basis. Something like Sling TV, or Playstation Vue or similar. That may include Fox, in which case this problem resolves. But assuming it doesn’t, I’ve been looking at alternatives for a conservative voice.

Newsmax does a pretty good job of it. It is on the ROKU, so I’ve been watching it. (Right now, J.D. Hayworth is on. A former congressman, he has a news-opinion show) It looks like the same show directly from the internet as a live feed here (they have two sites, text linked above and this one):


Yesterday they had a “poll question” being asked, which they just repeated today: “Do you think Bill O’Reilly should return to cable news?”. They then directed to their website. I looked at the poll and would have voted yes, but for their having requested personal information like an email address (and the default box checked saying to send me “updates” or some such).

UPDATE: They said at 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific, they will announce results. The poll is at yet another web site “newsmaxpolls.com” but that just redirects to: http://www.newsmax.com/polls/

This leads me to wonder if Newsmax is negotiating with Bill O’Rielly and wants to check in with their audience.

Since The O’Rielly Factor accounted for some huge fraction of the growth of Fox News, even if they lost 1/2 the audience in the transition, it would be a big win for Newsmax.

FWIW, it looks like O’Rielly is putting up some news commentary here:


The NewsMax folks said the result of the poll will be known by the end of the day. I hope they cut a deal with O’Rielly as his was one of the Fox shows I liked and was missing. (Varney & Company being another big one). Having O’Reilly on NewsMax would make it less of an issue for me to find alternatives.

Why all this focus on Conservative Voice? Because it is my “style” of news consumption to drink broadly and “contrast and compare”. It’s hard to do that if all you consume is the Daily Left Wing Talking Points that show up on Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, and what Hayworth called “the alphabet news networks” ABC, CBS, NBC.

RT (which I really hope returns to the Roku as a direct channel instead of forcing me to dig through Pluto TV to find it) and Al Jazeera give some good contrast, but right now RT is on an anti-Trump bent and Al Jazeera doesn’t care much about USA Domestic things. So finding a pro-Trump voice at the moment is a bit hard. Basically Fox (most of the time but not always) and NewsMax are all I’ve found.

FWIW I’ve gotten sensitized to the “Get trump!” stories to the point where once I’ve heard one in any given day, the next time one pops up I leave the channel. Why listen to The Same Damn Story on each of 5 channels? I’ve also gotten attuned to the subtle “digs” in the Reuters Roku feed. More subtle than the MSNBC / CNN rants, but still biased. Shows up in the adjectives (“embattled Trump” or “concern rising about FOO by Trump”) and sometimes in a slight at the end of the story like “said an angry Trump” or “chaotic White House” lines when there is no evidence for such a state at all. I’ve also discovered there’s an arrow on the remote that lets me skip through such drek in their news story set and just skip to the next story.

What I’d really like is just one good straight news source, but sadly most of what passes as news on the left leaning sources is really just Professional Concern Trolling these days. So I have to do the compare and contrast to extract the news portion and filter for biased adjectives… Sigh.

So there you have it. Waiting to see if the NewsMax poll comes up positive, and then waiting to see if O’Rielly is back on the air in less time than a short vacation ;-)

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28 Responses to O’Reilly On Newsmax?

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting… The O’Rielly site has a video selection area. Here’s the Sarah Huckabee Sanders take on the Democrats vs Comey question:

    From: http://www.billoreilly.com/video


    Or at YouTube (which seems to be their video hosting site): ]

    Interesting interview of Bill by Glenn Beck (audio / radio only):


    basically covers the attack on conservative voices and a Soros link.

    Gee, looks like I can get my O’Rielly Fix straight from his site. Not video, but that’s OK. Looks like it is an audio feed and transcript ( I’ve just started the audio, and it seems to match the written):


    So the big narrative was that, this is by the left wing press, that President Trump found out or was asked directly by FBI director Comey for more resources to investigate the Russian, the alleged Russian Trump campaign situation, and then he went through the roof and fired Comey.

    That was what we heard all day yesterday and it was in the major left wing newspapers. McCabe just blew it right out of the water. He basically said, hey nobody went to President Trump from the FBI and asked for any resources at all. OK. So Comey didn’t go there and no one else did. Because we have enough resources to investigate this situation. All right. That’s number one. So he blows that conspiracy thing right out of the water.

    Then he says further, nobody would ever do that because that’s not where the money lies. We’d have to come to you guys, the Senate and the house, if we wanted more money. We could make the request through the Justice Department, but we didn’t cause we have enough money.

    So this blows that right out.

    That’s all we heard for almost 24 hours, was that Trump found out that Comey wanted more money and fired him. So that turns out to be false.

    Now here’s an interesting thing, in all the newspaper reports they don’t quote anybody saying that, it’s another anonymous source. Anonymous source.
    I get it. I see. But we have to deal with the facts. OK, there is no cover up right now because what is there to cover up?

    Now outrageously, you know on MSNBC, Dan Rather, now in his 80s, goes on last night and says, there is a cover up.

    Flat out, this is what Rather says. Well where’s the evidence of that, Dan? You’ve been in the business long enough to know you can’t say stuff like that unless you can back it up. And there’s Rather going into the Nixon stuff and all of this and I’m going, wait a minute, you’re basing this on what?

    Clapper, the DEA director, said… what has he said, a hundred times and he sees all the intel before he left in January.

    He didn’t see one thing that implicated the Trump administration with colluding with the Russians or the Trump campaign. So I’m going where…?

    And of course, you know, the MSNBC people sit there and they let Rather say whatever he wants without challenge, which drives me nuts as well.

    Nice, that.

  2. jim2 says:

    “crisis of confidence” is the meme of the day for the Libtards.

  3. jim2 says:

    Does the Libtard press take orders from Soros? If not, how do they coordinate this stuff???


  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Does the Libtard press take orders from Soros? If not, how do they coordinate this stuff???

    Yes quite literally they do coordinate this stuff. During the Obama administration the media talking heads and spin masters in the administration were having morning conference calls to figure out the talking points of the day. If you watch the morning media shows you will see them all using the same talking points and key phrases right after some story like this breaks. That can only happen if they are consciously deciding to use uncommon catch phrases like “robust response” a “Muscular response” etc. that some one put on a list of approved messages.

  5. philjourdan says:

    CNN and MSNBC have shed all pretense to being a news source. They are simply mouthpieces for the DNC (but then who is the puppet and who is the master). Reuters (and to a degree the AP) still strive to maintain their veneer of impartiality, so the bias is more subtle (e.g. not mentioning the party of the convicted when democrat, putting it in the headline when Republican).

  6. kneel63 says:

    Interesting, too, that the president is rarely referred to as “President Trump”, but merely as “Trump” or “Donald Trump”. Nice contrast with the Obama presidency, innit?

    Both Bush’s were “President Bush” – hell, even Nixon was “President Nixon”.

    Perhaps this is part of the “de-legitimise” plan? – who knows. It’s complete disrespect for the office of president though – bad, very bad, precedent for the MSM to show disrespect to the office of POTUS. They need to be called on this.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    That is one of the reasons I insist on using the full title on social media, I rarely just say Trump except in brief comments here on a long running thread.

  8. hillbilly33 says:

    The MSM in Australia are ‘wall to wall’ anti-Trump with all the attendant belittling adjectives and snide asides of the biased presenters. I just switch off – literally, and use the internet to try and find the real news, through sites such as yours.
    I found this to be a very thoughtful article providing a realistic insight into the aims and strategies of President Trump.

  9. Serioso says:

    Ah, how I love reading this blog! It’s a case study in the blind leading the blind. And not just blind, but willfully, joyfully blind. For your edification, the reason the MSM all sound alike is because they report the NEWS as accurately as they can given time constraints: There’s no conspiracy here, just honest reporters trying to do a rapid job.

    Ah, well. I’m still waiting for my check from George Soros…

  10. jim2 says:

    @Serioso says: 13 May 2017 at 2:42 am

    But really, using the exact same words? Many times the exact same phrase? “crisis of confidence” It’s not bloody likely S. I think we the blind can see some things that you apparently can’t. (Actually, we know you can, but like to play along.)

  11. David A says:

    Seriso, enlighten me to the evidence of Trumps collusion with Russia.

  12. David A says:

    Serioso, so this,
    “…all we heard for almost 24 hours, was that Trump found out that Comey wanted more money and fired him. So that turns out to be false.

    Now here’s an interesting thing, in all the newspaper reports they don’t quote anybody saying that, it’s another anonymous source…”

    …never happened??

  13. David A says:

    Serioso, did you follow Wikipedia showing collusion between the DNC and the MSM?

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    It would seem you lack any ability to learn, nor do you have any ability to control your base instincts.

    Again, you lead with an insult. After dozens of reprimands for that. Failed socialization, have you? Can’t accept the ONE real rule here of not insulting each other, eh?

    Do you REALLY want an insult war that much? Or is it just that you can’t control your urge to pee in the punch bowl… (remind me to never drink puch at any party you attend…).

    Once again, please be polite and not insulting. THE fundamental philosophy I hold is to “be the mirror”. That, of necessity, means that when you are rude and insulting, it is OK to return that to you manyfold. Is that really what you want? Fling poo contests?

    Per the MSM colusion and duplication:

    They have all, repeatedly, been caught out in THE SAME LIE ON THE SAME DAY, then dropped it in unison. They have all demonstrated their vocal support for Clinton and are somewhere in the 90% range registered Democrats. They all use pejoratives about ANYTHING done by potus Trump, and, like you, cannot control their urge to insult.

    It is glaringly obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that “this behaviour is by design:” and in many cases coordinated.

    Now just the most recent example is the Comey firing. A few weeks back, the Dems and YSM / MSM wanted his scalp for costing Hillary the election. Now, they are livid at Trump for giving them what they wanted. That isn’t opinion. Fox has been running A/B compares of video of the Dems leadership statements for all to see. CNN, MSNBC, The Alphabet soup news agencies? In unison silent on the blatant hypocrisy and spinning the same way with highly similar stories.

    Now some of us have memories longer than a goldfish, so we spot that crap without the A / B video. It just shouts at us. The YSM seems to cater to the Goldfish Dims, and it stinks, but they seemingly don’t notice.

    Your spouting the “virtues” of those “news” agencies causes me to seriously question your critical faculties or your motivations, or both. Are you stupid, or delusional? Clearly you either can not see reality, even when thrust in your face, or you are “willfully ignorant” for a political goal. Neither speaks well of you…

    The simple fact is that there is an objective reality. The underlying facts can be found. Spin and distortions can be seen. The propagandists are easily outed with modest web searches, or just a good memory of what was seen prior. Most papers and many TV news depend on the same Reuters and AP feeds, at most mildly editing them. I’ve seen the same text with the same source in most online papers when I go searching on a topic. I deliberately rotate which one I cite and quote just for variety, but they are usually identical. Do that kind of news search a few times a day for a decade, thd pattern is inescapable.

    That is why I like Al Jazeera, RT, and France24 so much. They are DIFFERENT. Lately I’ve come to enjoy the Spanish language news from S. Americs for the same reason.

    Now especially when one drinks that broadly from the news stream, the utter sameness of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS becomes just glaring. MSNBC just puts more insults in the same story and spin while CNN tries to pretend they are more neutral. In the last few days, with the ROKU that starts each feed from the top (unlike channel surfing where they all start at the same clock time) I’ve even had the same lead story on each, and often with the same 2nd and 3rd story, all with the SAME concern troll adjectives. It is so bad that I now start with RT, France24, or Sky News, then just pick one of ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN since there is no reason to sample them all. MSNBC is just all insults all the time so I rarely sample it unless looking for that spin.

    As I’m prepping for the cord cut, I’m living without FOX for most days just to see if that works ok… and getting familiar with NewsMax as an alternative. But when sonething big breaks, like Comey, FOX still has the best outing of the spin by way of their critique of other media.

    FWIW, it looks like you read the NYT, then figure anything that parrots it is valid. That is a mistaken behavior as the NYT is highly biased left and coasting on their past reputation as newspaper of record. They are still part of the left coordination system and part of why so many others have the same spin. Old habits die had… You need to get out of the box more often.

    Oh, and thanks to youtubers, rightside media, vloggers and more, the raw video is often available. On big stories I’ll look up raw foorage and compare it to the “news”. The spin is often striking. Things like Hillary “rallies” with just a modest number of folks, areas screened off to not show empty seating, staffers in the audience; played up as big crowds by the MSM. Then a Trump rally with stadiums full of cheering crowds, but what gets shown on the “news” is the group of 40 or so Rent-A-Mob “protestors” and concern trolling about “trouble” or “worries” or worse. You either are incapable of seeing thst blatant bias, or lying about it. (Or perhsps only get one “news” source and gobble it down uncritically).

    So hold the insults and get out more…

  15. waterside4 says:

    If you think the American fake news media is bad, then consider yourself lucky you do not have to stomach the biased BBC.
    The most amazing thing is that the sheeple are mandated by law to pay a tv tax to watch it.
    I get my take on it from the excellent BiasedBBC.com authored by an ex beeb employee.
    That and my daily dose of Breitbart.com and of course your marvellous website.

  16. A C Osborn says:

    I ignore Serioso as he is obviously a Troll and WUM his behavour is typical.

    Reply: Wind Up Merchant? Web Utilization Monitor? Wise Use Movement? Watt Use Monitor?… -E.M.Smith

  17. philjourdan says:

    He missed it. Fake news did not carry the story.

  18. M Simon says:

    Trump nominated a mob connected casino lawyer for Drug Czar. As far as I can tell it got near zero play. Why would that be? – The lawyer declining to take the job (after a months consideration) got a lot more play.


  19. jim2 says:

    Windows Update Manager

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    Well, I guess you can tell I’m not a Microsoft guy ;-)


    I fixed an old tube based shortwave radio so me an Mum could get the BBC back in the ’60s. I used to watch the BBC here once it made it to TV on a regular basis. Now? Not even on my shopping list of important channels. IFF I stumble on it, well, OK. Mostly it just seems to run Star Trek re-runs (on BBC America) and one news show. That show is very formula driven. The open story with political bent, the “Aw… Story”, the closer “human interest story”. A half hour show with 25 minutes of actual duration with 20 minutes of content of which at least 10 is fluff and aw… Maybe 5 minutes of “news of importance” and that presented with blatant bias.

    It pained me when I took it out of the satellite autotune timer. It just wasn’t worth the slot in the rotation. I haven’t even looked for it on the Roku. What’s the point, I know what they will be saying and in what format.

    Times change.

    @PhilJoudan & A.C.Osborn:

    I use the opportunity for Troll Management Practice… to develop my reposte skills.

    @M. Simon:

    To quote many lawyers for the defense: Everyone deserves representation.

    I’d not judge a lawyer by his clients, only by his skill at defending them. Just like I’d not judge a priest for giving a mobster last rites, nor the electrician who replaces lightbulbs in the casino. The only person responsible for what someone does is their own self. Not the folks they hire for tasks.

  21. philjourdan says:

    Mostly it just seems to run Star Trek re-runs

    And that is bad how?

  22. E.M.Smith says:


    Already have them on DVD and Netflix and archived VHS tape; and without commercials…

    So waste of time somewhere with commercials that I can’t skip…

  23. philjourdan says:

    Some of us like the catch them in the wild. It is a game we play to remove the tedium of not having any NEW programming worth watching. ;-)

  24. p.g.sharrow says:

    Direct TV, 600 channels and often nothing worth watching, I’m going back to off the air as soon as the contract runs out. We are now getting a least one call a week from ATT/Direct to re-up with free channels (for a month) auto charges to follow if you don’t stop them. Quality of broadcast service is deteriorating. After 18 years of wonderful Direct TV we have descended into AT&T HELL, we want out!…pg

  25. E.M.Smith says:


    If you can’t solve your network bandwidth issue enough to get Netflix, check out The Dish.

    We had it for a while about 15 years ago and it was about the same as Directv then (had both at the same time since directv didn’t discount the third TV feed…and the daughter wanted her own…)

    I’m SO looking forward to April 2018 when I let DTV die… If I don’t find an internet package I like, I’ll just set up my The Dish reciever again…

  26. M Simon says:


    He wasn’t on retainer or hired for a case. He was directly employed. And prior to that he lost his seat in Congress for the association.

    Evidently voters didn’t care for the optics.

    And Trump couldn’t find some one with better optics?

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