Hope & Character Witnessing – Obstruction? Really?

Substantially all the news feeds are hot on Trump & “Obstruction of Justice” ( RT was talking about the Chinese “Belt & Road” initiative and geopolitical implications instead ).

Reputedly, Trump was coercing Comey to let Flynn off the hook and end his investigation pronto. He did this by saying “Flynn is a good guy” and “I hope you can let this go” (As per several outlets including the NYT in a ‘memo’ where Comey wrote his notes about the meeting).

So let me get this straight: Someone who may not like you so much can make a “memo” (supposedly to himself and the files) claiming you were a character witness for a subject of an investigation and had hopes that it didn’t lead to the “good guy” getting whacked; and THAT’S “obstruction of justice”? Really? And here I thought that was what every defense lawyer did at trial.

Now here I thought obstruction required something like burning records, destruction of evidence, meeting for 1/2 hour on an airplane with the A.G. when you wife is under investigation and then the AG the drops it…


If that really is the state of our Legal System, then The Swamp is in much more serious need of draining that I’d thought (and I thought it was “big league” in need of draining before.)

Even McCain is out there pumping for this. Guess his fragile little ego couldn’t take an insult or two during the campaign. The Three (used to be “the big three”) Alphabet Networks (ABC NBC CBS) are 4-walling this as the end of civilization and grounds for an immediate do-over of the election… well, maybe only impeachment and running out of town on a rail…

So “hound from office” is the plan, then. Set a pack of wolves onto anything and everything. Create fantasy Russian Threats and then attack anyone who says “show me evidence” or ever drank Vodka. Attack the children. Attack the friends. Attack being a character witness and expressing hope.

If we can not express hope, then the result will be despair. The result of Deplorables In Despair can be seen in Venezuela today. I “hope” the RNC and Republicans can see that supporting the President Of The United States is better than that outcome. If they think The Deplorables in the USA are going to accept legal-based political assassination of their Last Best Hope, they better be ready for never having another vote from them again.

All I can really speak for is myself. For me: ANYONE who participates in this POTUS Take Down, or even just stares into their coffee cup doing nothing while it happens, will NEVER EVER get a vote from me. I’ll vote for Bernie first and just try to ride out the Socialist Collapse to the recovery side before I’ll support a traitor.

If the RNC is worried about the result in the election based on Democrats nattering in their ear about how “bad this looks”, they better realize there is a very large and very quiet group watching. The same folks who didn’t answer polls about the election, and then elected Trump. Silent does not mean irrelevant. Silent does not mean agreement. Silence is what a big cat does just before it pounces on a fearful rodent.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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65 Responses to Hope & Character Witnessing – Obstruction? Really?

  1. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Hi Chief. With all the mudslinging and ‘he said she said’ going on this last week everything looks like a big shiat Storm is Coming. Several blogs say the only way Trump’s Administration can stay in power a little longer is to jump into a big war as a distraction to the public and bonus to the neocon warmongers. Then this latest ‘lets impeach him, save the country’ nonsence. Whats really incredible is a group of elites, soros, neocons, and dem o craps think this will turn out well for them! i can promise it wont, heh.

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  2. M Simon says:

    I posted this comment at a “Conservative” site. You should have heard the screams. (So much for silence)


    14-Year Veteran Undercover Cop Exposes Truth About The Drug War: “I Used To Believe I Was Doing Good”


    “When I went into policing I thought addicts had made the mistake of trying drugs and had no willpower to stop. Actually, problematic drug users – or at least all the ones I knew – were self medicating. Most of the heroin users I knew were self-medicating for childhood trauma, whether physical or sexual. As an undercover officer I spent a great deal of time getting to know these people.


    I have been saying that for over 12 years.

    What I’m looking for now is a Christian explanation for making war on abused children.


    The fight over this War is looking to me more and more like the disagreements leading up to the 1860 to 1865 unpleasantness.

    Trump (assuming he has any control at all) is losing the support of youth.

    What moves them (youth) more – some argument about Federal personnel policy or “will I (or my friends) get arrested ? ”

    For what ever reason Trump has decided to support prohibition. A policy diametrically opposed to his thinking 27 years ago

    Trump was right 27 years ago – a piece by the decidedly Right Wing “Orange County (California) Register”

  3. jim2 says:

    I’m absolutely, totally, completely, and balls-to-the-wall disgusted with the Dimowits.
    I’m even more disgusted with the ReDimowits.

  4. philjourdan says:

    Redimowits is right. As is E.M. EVERYTHING the democrats are claiming about Trump is true about Hillary and Obama! and they did nothing for 8 years. They are trying to hang Trump with the previous administrations crimes.

    If they do, the American Revolution will have a re-enactment.

  5. Jon K says:

    @ Phil
    I fear you are right. I have a feeling I’m going to have to dust off my pitchfork in the near future.

  6. Serioso says:

    When a man is asked by his boss to do something said man believes is illegal or unethical, and who then goes home, writes an entry in his diary describing such conversation, and who then asks someone else to witness and date said diary entry, such evidence is generally considered by the courts to be very nearly as good as a tape recording, especially absent any malice aforethought.. Evidently Mr Comey is as cautious as he is honorable. Who would you rather believe: Trump or Comey? In a civil suit I’d bet 12-0. In a criminal suit, 11-1, with the Chief as the only holdout. Some people are born blind. Some people learn it out of an obligation to a certain view of politics. Shameful!

  7. mkelly says:

    Serioso says:

    You forgot to mention that as an officer of the law Comey was required under law to report to the AG any obstruction charge when it happened. He did not so it was not.

  8. philjourdan says:

    @Serioso – Honorable? Ask Hillary. And there was no question about doing anything illegal – as the memorandum proved! Had their been, then Comey’s actions would have been illegal! As he is required, by law, to report such illegalities and did not!

    So how is he honorable again? Might want to rethink your talking points. You are looking foolish again.

  9. Another Ian says:

    And this

    “Tips For Reading Washington Post Stories About Trump Based On Anonymous Leaks”



  10. jim2 says:

    Comey also did nothing about the Seth Rich murder, even though he had to know it wasn’t the Russians who hacked the DNC. Comey is an “honorable” partisan hack, is what he is.

  11. Alexander K says:

    Truth is indeed a fragile flower!

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    Dear Serioso:

    So If I make a diary entry tonight saying you solicited me to commit a murder, then get a friend to witness it, I can have you put away for attempted murder because ‘it is as good as a tape recording’. Hmmm… Nice to know…. (Need to see if Jake is available for signatures tonight…)

    Oh, and when you get a chance, look up the video of Obama, saying in public, that Hillary was a good person and the charges / investigations against her ought to wrap up… Goose, Gander, and all that… Just sayin’… One goes down, the other needs a whack…

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    Per what I’ve seen of the WH Secret Sharing story, what was shared included nothing about “sources and methods” and consisted basically of “We know ISIS is making bombs that can fit in laptops and we recommend banning them from airplanes”.

    Given that we know Bin Laden used a video camera bomb to take out a rival. Given that we know they have tried damn near every other package (including shoes and underwear). It isn’t much of a ‘leap’ to having a laptop with a custom made battery. Just enough to boot and show the machine works, and initiate the detonation, and the rest filled with a pound or two of explosives. I’m pretty sure I could design one.

    So per all reports, that’s the kind of thing (and specifically the laptop thing) that was shared. This to someone who is supposedly our ally against ISIS and also under attack and lost an airliner to a coke can bomb.

    I don’t see a single thing wrong with that. Heck, even putting it on the nightly news seems OK to me. (Leaving out any specific details that might have been given to the Russians about exact sizes and packages that might be an issue for an agent…)

    That the entirely Non-Tech Muggles in the press are going bat shit crazy over it just says they are batty and full of… well, you know…

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    The Trump revolution is getting killed in the crib in the back room.

    View at Medium.com

  15. Zeke says:

    Sean Spicier‏ @sean_spicier May 14

    The entire administration would like to wish a very special Mother’s Day to the mother of all mothers:

    Mother Russia

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    Personal documentation is only as trustworthy as the person making the note. I have personally seen this sort of slow motion sabotage take place in government. After meetings those in the know quickly got in the habit of sending confirmation emails to other attendees in the meeting.

    “Per our discussion today, I believe we are all in agreement that xyz should happen as soon as practical by the most practical means available. If you have any additional concerns on this topic or corrections please let me know.”

    If your summary of the meeting does not match with the recollections of others, they can respond with corrections, creating a contemporaneous record validated by others in the meeting.

    A privately held log book / diary has value only as long as it represents the true feelings of the author, but some government types are well aware of that and become adept at placing self serving notes in the record that serve their real agenda and might in fact intentionally misrepresent what was said at the meeting. Hoping that in time only their documentation will survive and they can fall back on it as corroboration of an event or evidence of an intent that never took place.

    In one case, an employee was accused to missing important meetings for no reason, when he could show in maintenance records that the alternator of the government vehicle that was to get him home from a field trip failed at 5:00 am on the side of the road 100 miles from home. Luckily the repair was done at an authorized repair shop for state / federal vehicles and it could be documented that phone calls were made that he was stranded until the repairs were made.

    The original accuser dropped the issue when he realized that there was an official record documenting that vehicle repair. But those sort of games happen in government (and corporations) all the time, and people learn to “leave tracks” in various ways to block that sort of back stage sabotage.

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    President Trump just shot the whole obstruction and Russian influence gambit in the foot, as a highly respected former FBI Director is named as a special investigator to look at Russian influence in the election.

  18. Larry Ledwick says:

    Dick Morris comments on the special prosecutor.


  19. Serioso says:

    Chief: May I suggest you withdraw your comment on your willingness to commit perjury. The law does not look kindly on those who lie in court, and your comment could well be use against you in any court of law, criminal or civil.

    [Reply: /Sarc; impaired, I see. And unable to read the word “if” in the preamble. Nope. Not withdrawing my hypothetical example illustrating the flaw in your reasoning just ’cause you can’t see that it IS an illustration. -E.M.Smith]

  20. Tom says:

    Former United States Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has uncomplimentary commentary regards Comey:


    Comey previously testified while under oath at a Senate hearing earlier this month, denying any interference in the agency’s investigations.


  21. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Hi All. On the other hand … Don’t you just hate three-handed commenters. Haha.

    Remember the Cliven Bundy Affair a few years ago. The FBI spent a lot of time and money trying to prove that it was a pre-arranged organized event. After a few million taxpayer dollars they concluded ‘No, it was spontaneous support from militia.’

    There may be three or more camps of Elites that are trying to run the country and globe. We should consider that this was a test to see how committed the silent majority is to supporting Donald. Based on the results they will try to exercise the next step in their glorious plan.

    Meanwhile here is an interesting post from Charles H. Smith.

    Charles Hugh Smith analysis …

    The system is disintegrating, and slapping a “reformist” coat of paint over the dryrot cannot renew the structural timbers that have rotted to their very core.

    I confess to being amused by the mainstream media’s implicit view that everything would be peachy if only Trump wasn’t president. Memo to MSM: the nation is fragmenting for reasons that have nothing to do with who’s president, or indeed, which party is the majority in Congress, who sits on the Supreme Court, or any other facet of governance.

    The nation is fracturing and fragmenting because the Status Quo is failing the majority of the citizenry. The protected few are reaping all the benefits of the Status Quo, at the expense of the unprotected many.

    As I have outlined many times, this unsustainable asymmetry is the only possible outcome of our socio-economic system, which is dominated by these forces:

    1. Globalization–free flow of capital, labor arbitrage

    2. Nearly free money from central banks for financiers and corporations

    3. Pay-to-play “democracy”

    4. State protected cartels that privatize gains and socialize losses

    5. A system stripped of self-correcting feedback and accountability

    Once you understand the inputs and structure, you realize there is no other possible output other than unsustainably expanding debt and wealth/income inequality. 

    … link to rest of article …


    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  22. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Hi All. Victor Hugo said …

    Invading armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.

    That idea being,

    ‘Time to drain the Deep Swamp.’ … Dont get in the way!

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  23. Another Ian says:

    “Comey, Yates and Russia: Red Scare or Red Herring?”


    If you can access it

  24. richard verney says:

    What secret is Trump meant to have disclosed to the Russians?

    The MSM were reporting on the laptop story back in March. For example:




    So how can this be any great news to the Russians? People (including the Russians) have known for months that the terr0rists may be using a new tactic of hiding devices in laptops etc. Have Bloomberg and The Washington Post etc compromised US security by reporting on this story in March 2017?

  25. Paul Hanlon says:

    I hope they now appoint a special prosecutor to look into the actual leaks. Face it, if it is left to the Trifecta of the House, Senate and FBI, absolutely nothing will get done, just like the Seth Rich case. The leaking is the only demonstrable act of law-breaking.

    That prosecutor should also have the power to bring charges for disseminating classified information. A few media critters need to go to jail to start getting this back into line. There also needs to be a postponement of the daily press briefings.

    Reagan had to take on the airline pilots, Jackson, the judges. PDJT has to take on the media, or he is doomed. Taking away the power to set the narrative, so that he becomes the one who sets it, is the first part of draining the swamp.

    There’s something somebody could help me with, because I don’t have the same access to the US news. Has Comey actually confirmed the existence of, and content in, the memo? So far, from what I hear, it was two “friends” of Comey’s from the “FBI” who leaked the memo to the NYT, and from there, it took on a life of it’s own.

    Trump fires Comey. Comey leaks that PDJT demanded “loyalty”. PDJT tweeted “tapes”. Comey announces that he just wants to be left alone for a while. The Seth Rich story comes out, and within minutes, the “obstruction” memo is announced. All hell breaks loose. But nowhere have I seen where Comey actually confirms it. And you would think if he did, it would have been leaked.

    It opens up the possibility that Comey comes up before the house hearing (kangaroo court, notice that they set the date for when PDJT is in another country), and denies the existence of the memo, or the contents in it. Reaching, I know, but I don’t think anything would surprise me at this point.

  26. gallopingcamel says:

    Trump got pummeled this week so that an unholy alliance of five Washington groups has been emboldened to openly challenge him. Here they are in order of impact:

    –The deep state (mostly three letter agencies such as the NSA, FBI etc)
    –The media
    –The Democrats
    –The RINOs including the GOP leaders (Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham and many more)
    –The “Never Trumpers” such as the NRO

    Right now it is looking bad for Trump but there is push back. Trump gave an inspiring speech to the Coast Guard cadets today in New London, CT.

    Unlike George Bush, Trump will operate in “Campaign Mode” to keep reminding us why we voted for him. Thus the media lies will consume them rather than the president.

    Lou Dobbs (Fox Business Channel) recognized that war has been declared so let’s fight back:

    I don’t listen to Sean Hannity on the radio as he comes across as a whinger. However he can be pretty good on TV. This evening he was brilliant:

    All the nonsense about impeaching Trump will get nowhere because his agenda has immense popular support and that support will grow because he is working for the American people while the ruling elite (the five groups listed above) are working for themselves.

    The Trump WH looks pretty inept thus far but he will fix that. At every stage of Trump’s rise to power he has been underestimated. Most likely he is being underestimated now.

    What is going on was well understood by politicians in the 16th century. Trump is innovating and that is a perilous undertaking:
    Those who by valorous ways become princes, like these men, acquire a principality with difficulty, but they keep it with ease. The difficulties they have in acquiring it rise in part from the new rules and methods which they are forced to introduce to establish their government and its security. And it ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, then to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.
    Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new. This coolness arises partly from fear of the opponents, who have the laws on their side, and partly from the incredulity of men, who do not readily believe in new things until they have had a long experience of them. Thus it happens that whenever those who are hostile have the opportunity to attack they do it like partisans, whilst the others defend lukewarmly, in such wise that the prince is endangered along with them.
    The Prince, Chapter VI, Nicolo Machiavelli, 1532

    People like Trump have great difficulty gaining power but once they secure it they retain it with ease. Look for a Trump landslide in 2020, just like Ronaldus Magnus.

    However “We The People” need to speak up at times like this. Tell your elected representatives to respect the result of the 2016 presidential election. If they don’t like President Trump insist that they explain what part of his agenda they oppose.

  27. E.M.Smith says:

    @Paul Hanlon:

    Note that under “TV” on the top bar, there are links to US News from networks AND US News from local stations all over the country. Also many name papers in the USA are on line and available. US news is globally available now.

    FWIW, I’ve not heard Comey say a word since he left office. So it he did, it didn’t reach me.

  28. cdquarles says:

    We have a religious and a fundamentalist religious, at that, ruling class now. They call themselves “Progressives” and they are imposing “Jim Crow” on us once again.

    The White House is anything but inept. The reporting of same is inept, inapt, and revealing. We have a nation that is of lawyers, by lawyers and for lawyers.

    Quit blaming corporations. commercial or otherwise, government corporations excepted. We have been going down a bad path ever since ordinary business became ‘illegal’. That started with “Bull Moose Progressive” Theodore Roosevelt and mostly completed by his fascist “Progressive” cousin Franklin. The drug war naturally follows from government being able to tell businesses where they can operate, how they can operate and how successful they can be.

    One other thing, Marx may have called himself a classical economist, but I say he was neither classical nor an economist. He was some thing else entirely.

  29. gallopingcamel says:

    pearce m. schaudies, 18 May 2017 at 5:20 am

    Thanks for that interesting analysis by Charles Hugh Smith. He sounds like our noble leader.

  30. pearce m. schaudies says:
  31. philjourdan says:

    @Serioso – if Discussing hypotheticals on a blog were the basis for prosecution, you would spend the rest of your life either in jail or under indictment.

  32. LG says:

    Let’s go to the Video Tape.

    … and there is this: (relevant segment 3:29 til 4:10)

  33. Jon K says:

    Leaked FBI memo :)

  34. Another Ian says:

    “This isn’t the first time James Comey placed himself at the center of a partisan attempt to oust a top Republican. He did the same thing in 2007. ”

    Link at


  35. Paul Hanlon says:

    Hi Chiefio,

    Thanks. I’ll definitely be looking them up. I loaded up LibreELEC onto an RPi3, and I’m still working my way around Kodi. I notice they have quite a lot of live streams of channels like Fox News. I’ve also got FreeSAT (I’ve completely cut the cord), but all I get from that is CNN, Sky News (owned by the same people as Fox News – Murdoch – but suffering badly from TDS), BBC News (awful), France24 in English (not bad – only moderately anti-Trump), and RT (Love Crosstalk, but the rest is a very mixed bag).

    So much has been going on over there in the US of A that I’ve actually caught a mild dose of anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome. I think he is absolutely knocking things out of the Park, but the way he is being treated by the five forces that @gallopingcamel mentions, makes me want to see them not just shown to be wrong, but utterly humiliated. l think I probably need to work on that :-).

  36. E.M.Smith says:


    Note that the links under the TV tab are web sources, so any device will do (I use my tablet).

    Also, PlutoTV is on many platforms and is also a Roku “channel”, but is more like a small cable service. It has lots of news channels on it.


    I probably ought to mention that Pluto has more stations that you get if you subscribe (and pay, I think). The ones listed in the 1000s block after the 900s music block in the guide. At least, those are the ones I don’t see on my free service…

    An example browser link to a 24/7 news channel:


    I’ve watched it on the Roku and via the android ap on my tablet.

    RT, MSNBC, CBS News, NBC, NewsMax, Newsy, Bloomburg, Sky, France24, weather Network, and more. It is a nice, portable consolidated source cross many platforms and free.

  37. E.M.Smith says:


    Oh, and can you give a performance report on Kodi or LibreELEC on Pi?

    I installed, IIRC, OpenLEC and Kodi but never could get sound to work so gave up and bought the Roku. Then found out my monitor can’t do sound over HDMI as I use an HDMI to DVI adapter… so would maybe work fine driving my new HDMI TV…

    Basically, I’d love to know it really works with proper HDMI TV, then I’d put one on the livingroom TV. As things stand now the many hours of fiddling sound settings for nothing leaves me reluctant. Silly, since I now know I have a cable adapter issue… but discouragement is like that.

  38. Paul Hanlon says:

    Hi ChiefIO,
    I had the same problem, I bought a Dell monitor that can take both HDMI and VGA, but didn’t have inbuilt speakers. So I tried plugging in an ordinary set of computer speakers into the Pi3, and found a setting that allows you to specify that the sound does not come through the HDMI. Once I did that, the sound worked perfectly.

    Unfortunately, I used an old SD Card, and just now on booting, I got the message that the file system was corrupted, and to cancel it fixing the filesystem within 120 seconds. I didn’t cancel it, and it fixed the filesystem, but all my settings were lost. I did see somewhere that it might be possible to get back those settings, but I’m thinking I’ll just reload a new OS on a clean SD Card.

    I haven’t used it very much, but what I do find is that the interface is a little slow. It could be that it is loading the new signatures of the various channels, and once it has them it will be quicker, I’ll just have to use it more and see if I’m right, and report back. Once I do get to it loading a film, it’s great. There was no jitter or buffering. I watched Gravity on it, and was totally immersed.

    Once I get my new SD card, probably today, I’ll load LibreELEC on to it, and report back on the steps I took to get it up and running. I saw one tutorial where by downloading Fusion and using the add-ons within it, you can load pretty much everything else through it. I’ll get back to you with more detail later.

  39. jim2 says:

    What with a special counsel of course there are potential risks to Trump. But I have read Mueller abhors the leaks as much as Trump. Since anonymous leaks form the basis for most of the smoke, Mueller would have every right to investigate the leaker. I’m thinking this might dry up the daily dribble of anti-Trump information. This paired with Trump’s overseas trip could have a very positive effect soon. Let’s just hope Trump hasn’t done anything illegal WRT the Russians. I get the impression Mueller won’t try to twist an innocent act into an impeachable offense.

  40. agimarc says:

    Democrats have a short memory. Saw this sort of thing with the Florida recount in 2000, the only time in my memory that the dems tried to steal an election and didn’t close the deal. As it dragged on, some of the dem loudmouths on cable started getting death threats. A bunch of them quit talking and went into hiding for a while – Bob Beckel was rumored to be one.

    EM is right. There are a lot of us out here who aren’t going to put up with this very much longer. Cheers –

  41. jim2 says:

    From the article:

    “So he’s going to have a wide berth to pursue issues. What that means is that Congress is going to have to back off on a lot of stuff, and maybe you’ll stop having these high-profile hearings. Maybe that will mean Trump can go on his foreign policy trip, which is a big trip starting this weekend, and maybe he gets some movement on health care, and tax reform, and all the other stuff that he committed to do,” McCarthy speculated.

    Marlow asked if Mueller’s appointment might reduce the huge number of leaks coming out of the White House.

    “It’s certainly within his mandate, Alex, to pursue that,” McCarthy replied. “I actually think one prosecution would do the trick. If they could just get the unmasking of Flynn and find out who gave that name to the Times.”


  42. Larry Ledwick says:

    A contrasting look at Trump that is the full on opposite of the picture the media is trying to sell.


    This description matches my expectations of what a successful businessman would do.
    If he was checking out a new property he would sit down with the current landlord or manager and ask probing open ended questions which target specific objectives.

    (in a business venue – how do we drive more traffic to this site, what is your biggest challenge? etc.)

    It is also nice to know that at least some appreciate the blood and treasure expended to try and free those countries from oppressive governments.

  43. Larry Ledwick says:

    Gateway pundit article on the behind the curtains plan for the Democrats to control the messaging in the coming years to “keep Trump unpopular”.


    This sounds like a target list for the kids at /pol/ and others who might be inclined to pee in their cheerios to me.

  44. gallopingcamel says:

    Another Ian, 19 May 2017 at 9:14 am,
    Thanks for that Pointman link. IMHO his most brilliant EVAH!

  45. Another Ian says:

    “President Trump’s Mid-East Peace Coalition Prepares for Historic Summit….”


  46. Another Ian says:

    “The lawyer who filed a class-action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and its ex-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz nearly a year ago tells RT that there has been a “mainstream media blackout” of the fraud case stemming from the 2016 primary. ”


  47. Wayne Job says:

    I hail from Australia and have taken a keen interest in the election of your president. My opinion would be that the left are sore losers , they thought they would rule America forever. Your system of electoral collages saved your country from a fate worse than death. This president you have no matter what his flaws has the capacity to set up America and prosper for the 21st century. Protect him for mediocrity is not America, when your country prospers the west booms.

  48. ZZ says:

    I hated Comey for his constant attacks on privacy and fiercely distrusted the FBI. But even as a Trump voter, I’m concerned about this president. Perhaps not over this Russia issue (likely cooked up by the deep state to protect their bullshit jobs) – but certainly over his grasp of reality – even truth.

    I want Mueller to to a good job with this investigation so the air can be cleared….but I fear this poor guy will ultimately turn into the pooper scooper man charged with divining the facts after the Trump clownposse slithers into the room.

    We’ve needed a real battle to take down the deep state for some time ….but I can think of no one I’d rather not have on our side than Mr. Trump. It will be difficult to oppose this ongoing coup by defending this individual.

  49. Graeme No.3 says:


    Trump is the best President you’ve got. Whatever his faults, and how ever much they are exaggerated by the media, he is your only leader. Don’t try to put distance between him and you or the Swamp will surge through the gap and you will have them forever.

  50. Paul Hanlon says:

    Hi ChiefIO,

    Please feel free to move this to a more appropriate thread.

    After getting LibreELEC onto a microSD Card, I plugged it into an RPi, along with a HDMI connector, a USB to USB hub for keyboard and mouse (Makes it easy if I want to try another board for something else), Ethernet, the computer speakers to the audio socket, and power.

    On first boot, it resizes the SD Card to its full capacity, and then reboots. The Kodi interface comes up almost immediately, on 17.1 it is different to what came before in that there is now a navigation panel on the left with three icons above. Clicking on the middle one (the Gear) gets you into settings, and from there, select System Settings. There are two things that need to be altered.

    First, go into Audio, click on Audio output device, you will be given a choice. I chose Pi: Analogue, and that got the speakers working.
    Second, scroll down to Add-ons, and in its panel, enable the button for Unknown Sources. This will enable it to get the signatures for each add-on.

    I know this is super lame, but there is a 16 minute video (and it is only that long because she waits until she thinks you have done something), that helps to navigate through the various settings in order to get the most used add-ons. At this stage, I can’t add more than that, but it really is simple.

    From downloading the image to watching something on it, took half an hour. The new SD Card is a class 10, and Kodi seems notably more responsive than with the old card. In the same time it takes for my normal TV to get booted up, I’m already in Kodi. The same with channel selection, the only thing that makes it slower is the vastness of the choice.

    I’m right now watching a Youtube video streamed through the interface, lip-syncing is perfect, 22″ monitor 1920 x 1080, although the video is not 1080P, but looks grand. Too early to tell, but so far, no adverts. Anyway, as I navigate through it, I’ll keep notes, and add them in to a more appropriate thread. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do this sooner.

  51. Paul Hanlon says:

    My apologies, links

    LibreELEC for RPi2/3
    Kodi Tutorial on Youtube

  52. philjourdan says:

    I read this morning that the left is trying to claim Trump bowed to the Saudi king. It was the best laugh I have had all day!

  53. Another Ian says:

    Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
    May 23, 2017 8:36am

    The ABC’s guardian of media standards, Media Watch host Paul Barry, shows how quality journalism is done.

    No idea if this is true … claim that Trump impeachment process has begun https://t.co/ZYBSGGSIfM
    — Paul Barry (@TheRealPBarry) May 22, 2017

    Barry links to a fake news conspiracy site of the Left. Its “exclusive” is complete bollocks from beginning to end.

    But what the hell. Repeat it even if you have “no idea if it’s true”. ” (ABC in Oz)


  54. jim2 says:

    Now WaPo is reporting Trump went to two different intel officials and asked them to “deny” collusion with Russians. I’m so tired of this. Comey cancelled his meeting with Congress so he could discuss with the SC first.

    The devil is in the details, specifically Trump’s intent.

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