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Just a place to discuss the things coming up in Trump’s Trip. (So it doesn’t fill up tips)

On the CBSN online CBS news they had live coverage of his tour of the museum that had been the home of the Saudi King when he was a child. In the central courtyard they had the “Dancing Of The Swords”. The whole thing was impressive and somewhat surreal.

A central area, with a low wall (maybe a meter high?) around it that could be easily vaulted, surrounded by a walkway 2 or 3 people wide, then the surrounding rooms. Trump and the King in the lead of the party, Melania and the rest of the party following. all of them surrounded by a mixed security party of Saudi royal guards and Secret Service. The party stopping at photos on the wall where the King would point at something ( I’m guessing describing some aspect of his life from the photo ). So what made it “surreal” even a little bit?

Well, first off, you have a few dozen clearly athletic men, waving swords around, all of a dozen feet from the U.S. President. Then it’s a traditionally “Males Only” sort of thing in a country where women wear loose fitting black tents and can’t go out without an escort, and where for some reason they have a fixation on women’s hair as a sexuality thing, and there is Melania is a … well, not quite ‘slinky’ but definitely “close fitting” red dress, beautiful and with flowing hair.

So the dancers are trying very hard to not “notice” Melania, but some folks from time to time seem to sneak a peek. The Saudi royal guards are in modern uniform (dark, western style, uniforms – sharp looking) while the royals and their group are in those long white robes with the red hat/scarf thing. The dancers in traditional Arab garb, though I don’t know the period, looks like about Laurence Of Arabia era to me, but someone who knows can correct me. US Secret Service in their usual “blend in” western suits standing out like crazy.

So this ring of Saudi Royal Guards is moving with the party, keeping a bit out from them and facing outward. Their are some US Secret Service mixed with them, their are a bunch of Saudi Family (my guess, white robe red hat guys) looking at the party from the courtyard, and then the dancers (different head cover) waving their swords around to rhythmic drum music and variously swaying or having a group moving in rotation together. Then the King being blissfully engaged in his showing off of photos and remembering, Trump trying to be engaged with him, but sometimes looking over at the guys and swords, Melania standing out as a tall beacon of red in a sea of bland looking, while the ‘audience’ Saudis are looking at ‘them’ (and I suspect more at Melania…) all while the Secret Service guys are looking intense and focused and the Saudi guards are looking almost as tense.

From the King being blissfully unconcerned to the guards looking OMG Who Planned This!? to Melania doing the Catwalk Regal Disengaged to the Saudi Audience men all facing that way (backs to the camera to hard to say who they were looking at) to the dancers doing their thing (but looking a bit stern for some, bored for others, or maybe it’s part of the show to look stern) trying not to look at the party (and occasionally failing). All to a strong rhythmic drum beat and with more swords in one place than I’ve seen in ages.

It was also a bit odd to see the Secret Service AND Saudi royal guard mostly focused ‘outward’ yet sometimes ‘inward’ and occasionally looking askance at each other. Who DO you defend against in that context? You KNOW the guards and Secret Service are all armed.. or do you? And if NOT armed, what do you do with a dozen guys against 30 swordsmen? But it’s all in a “safe” place … You could just see that playing out on the faces of the different guards / Secret Service. So a ring of guards / Service would move forward, doing the look outward thing, but sort of nervously checking each other out, and glancing behind them. Cat’s and firecrackers come to mind…

And here I am, 1/2 a world away (10 time zones, so not a metaphor!) watching it all live on TV from my couch. Feeling a bit like a kid who was supposed to have gone to bed, sneaking a peak at the party I’m forbidden to attend.

I’m sure more will crop up during this Trump Trip, so feel free to add bits.

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15 Responses to Trump Trip Tracking

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Saudi introduction to Trump’s speech happening now. I notice Ivanka and I think her husband (both Jewish) in the party behind the Trumps… That’s got to be an interesting dynamic.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Things do seem different when leaders greet each other as equals and not subservient to the other.

  3. hillrj says:

    The key issue mentioned by Trump a year ago or more is “how do you tell good Muslims from bad Muslims” He is effectively asking Muslim leaders to address this issue.

  4. Tom Harley says:

    Ivanka did a deal for the leaders to start a fund of 100 million to help women start businesses. The whole 2 day scenario was a stark contrast to the previous administration’s dealings with the middle-east.

  5. beththeserf says:

    Fascinatin’ commentary, E.M. Lawrence 0f Arabia, 21st century.
    Wish the video was available in my country

  6. David A says:

    “how do you tell good Muslims from bad Muslims”
    Perhaps a better question is how do you separate the “good” from the bag Muslims. Certainly many humans under the repressive yoke of Islam would, if the thought it safe, welcome reform.

  7. tom0mason says:

    What no presidential ring-kissing like Obama? This can’t be much of a state visit! (/sarc)
    Seriously, Trumps speech appear to be littered with irony, innuendo and maybe a touch of sarcasm.

  8. Wayne Job says:

    Your new president is a breathe of fresh air in a world of corruption and BS.

  9. waterside4 says:

    Aw! folks get real. I am a president Trump fan …but to make Saudi Arabia his first overseas official visit infuriates me.
    I have stayed and played at his wonderful Turnberry golf resort, but to kowtow to the person whose avowed objective is to establish an international calibrate by wiping out Christians and Jews by funding Islamist terrorists and funding mosques all over Europe is just too much.
    By selling the military weapons to further this cause should make every true American ashamed of their birth right.

  10. Paul Hanlon says:

    Man, if I have half his energy when I’m his age, I’ll consider myself lucky. Hell, I’d settle for half his energy now :-). This is only Day 126. One twelfth of his term.

    On this trip he will have spoken to some 85 national leaders, or about half of the “nations” that are countries, the three leaders of the Abrahamic religions, EU, G7, and NATO. And he didn’t gladhand them. He spoke plainly, eloquently, and honestly, without waving a big stick. Absolutely Historic!!

    On the home front, I think things are going to get a little better going forward. I read this, which is the best description of Comey’s path to leading the FBI, that I have seen. I now “get” Fast and Furious.

    It is long, but well worth a read. It uses publicly available information and ties it together to show a less favourable ideation of Comey. Also, did any one notice Clapper and Brennan throwing Comey under the bus at the congressional hearings? I don’t think he will be liking the media attention he’ll be getting so much, now.

    Of course it is all relative, because as soon as PDJT senses any sort of retreat by Congress, he’s going to be pressing forward on his agenda, putting things into further “turmoil”, all the while ordinary Americans feel somehow safer, and more confident. I saw a rumour that second quarter GDP will be up over 3%. I don’t think I could take eleven times more of what we’ve seen so far.

  11. Wayne Job says:

    Waterside4, Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is wise. President Trump has been dealing with mongrels in business for a long time, dealing with dodgy kings will be a piece of piss.
    The content of his speech puts it back on the king to stop the crap. Business men good ones that is play the long game, it would not surprise me if in about a years time he gives the king a hurry up just short of a threat. Be not ashamed of being a yank America has a glorious past I can not imagine your future being lessor now you have a real leader. Keep him safe.

  12. jim2 says:

    Already, the drumbeat of anti-Trump crap from Congress seems to be subsiding. The new special council may end up getting a few Dimowits in his net and they know it. On top of that, Dowdy is threatening the out-of-control intel community with defunding if he doesn’t get answers. I just hope they don’t protect Congress from spying and leave the rest of us twisting in the UnConstitutional wind.

  13. cdquarles says:

    @ Paul, nice find.

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    interesting medical tech if it stands up to testing.
    Using designer viruses to trigger a strong immune response to key proteins which only exist in cancer cells. This triggers a full on immune response to the cancer rather than the suppressed immune reaction normally seen with cancers.

  15. Larry Ledwick says:

    Just for the record. Unlike Obama, President Trump is going on record that the systematic slaughter of Christians and other non-Muslim communities in the middle east must not be allowed to continue.

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