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Friday Videos (no TDS allowed)

Some selected videos for music, dance, watching, talking, or just forgetting the 4 walled TDS in the news. Friday, party time! Continue reading

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Hope & Character Witnessing – Obstruction? Really?

So Trump says Flynn is “A good guy” and he “Hopes” the investigation can “let go”. This is then Obstruction Of Justice? OMG is the legal system screwed up. Continue reading

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WanaCry Ransomwear Attack

A Ransomware attack by a worm named WannaCry, exploiting an NSA hack, has taken down many NHS sites, FedEx, and a couple of Spanish and Portuguese telecoms, among others. This is a place to discuss it. Continue reading

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O’Reilly On Newsmax?

NewsMax has a poll about Bill O’Rielly and ought he be back on cable news. One wonders if this portends things to come… Continue reading

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