California – June Snow & Rain

Yesterday it was a bit dank and there was a bit of drizzle, but I figured “Hey, it’s just an odd extreme event”. Today the drizzle was heavy and at times like a light rain. That’s quite odd.

Silicon Valley California is generally dead dry in June. It has rained here before, but not very often. The record was set in 2005, per Wunderground, but they also report the average as 0.0 in.

Now the spouse has lived here since she was 3. I asked her if this was something she remembered from when she was a kid. The answer was no. But she did remember it raining in June or August VERY rarely. Like once ever few decades rarely.

So here I am, under cool overcast sky, with a very not-summer like chill in the air, dealing with rain. I spent the morning driving around on various tasks. There was enough of it to make wipers mandatory. Roads wet and slick. This isn’t an “odd mist”. Oddly, Wunderground is not yet reporting rain for today, nor predicting any for the rest of the day. I have it dripping from the eves…

In the Sierra Nevada, they are predicting snow. Rain here is usually snow there. Yet in June fierce sun is usually melting the last of the snow off the mountains and folks are not talking of skiing, but of camping. (Sometimes Spring Skiing can run a bit late, but Spring is not Summer and nobody here calls it Summer Skiing.)

Two resorts look like they are still open and reporting, it would seem:

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
California, USA
Last Updated: 6/ 8
	80" - 230"
Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows
California, USA
Last Updated: 6/ 4
	0" - 161"

I’ve skied Squaw when it was barren at the bottom and snowy at the top of mountain run. 6200 ft at the bottom, 8200 feet at the top. It can be a glorious run, dropping a couple of thousand feet in a few minutes. 161 inches is about 13 1/2 feet. 4 meters. That’s decent snow. Mammoth has more…

Sacramento Bee June 2017 Rain Map

Sacramento Bee June 2017 Rain

It rained today. Is that normal?

By Dale Kasler

Yes, a cold rainy day in Sacramento in June is unusual. But hardly unprecedented.

The mild storm that greeted morning commuters Thursday was the first June rainfall in Sacramento in two years, when two days of wet weather briefly interrupted the drought. Before that, the last time it rained in Sacramento in June was in 2013.

In fact, Sacramento gets an average of nearly two-tenths of an inch of rain in June, according to the National Weather Service. “It’s not unheard of to get some late season storms…particularly in the first half of June,” said weather service forecaster Brooke Bingaman.

No, not unheard of, but very unusual. Far more likely to have hot clear days of dry with 95F and time at the pool. I grew up in the Central Valley near Sacramento. Cut-offs, flip-flops and swimming typically defined June, July, and August. (Shirt optional)

Bingaman said the weekend storm will be noteworthy in at least one respect: It’s expected to bring snow, not rain, to the Sierra Nevada at elevations as low as 5,000 feet. Not that it will be a heavy snowfall.

“There could be an inch or two,” she said.

Any additional snow, however, could mean more hassles for campers, hikers and others wanting to visit the areas of the Sierra that got inundated with snow during the wettest Northern California winter on record.

The National Park Service said Highway 120 entering Yosemite National Park from the east remains closed because of the winter snows. The highway, also known as Tioga Road, frequently stays closed through late June or early July following a wet winter. At Lake Tahoe, the Forest Service said several campground openings have been delayed by snow in the Tallac region, including Bayview, Blackwood Canyon and William Kent.

Now what happened to the perpetual dry hot drought we were promised by the Global Warming True Believers?

Yes, this isn’t an unprecedented cold and wet, but it IS entirely at odds with the Global Warming Hot Drought narrative we have been fed to 30 years.

In short, this is a wet, cold, snowy year. At the other end of the sigmas from hot dry years. With a dozen feet of snow still on the ground, some ski areas were talking about shooting for a very unusual full year skiing season. And that road into the backside of Yosemite? I’d not book camping from that direction prior to August…

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12 Responses to California – June Snow & Rain

  1. omanuel says:

    Having hidden from the public the source of energy (neutron repulsion) that made our elements, birthed the solar system and sustains every atom life and planet in the solar system for the past eighty-two years (1935-2017), it is not surprising that weather patterns are a complete mystery.

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    Well, the weather is a bit odd in Washington State this weekend — Cool, damp, maybe snow?
    I was near Mt. Rainier working on a trail — not where plans originally had us. That area is still closed — too much winter.
    The DOT did open Chinook Pass this morning. However, snow was predicted so I went lower, via White and Cayuse Passes, open for a few weeks now.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Right now, here, it is far more like March than June… I’m tempted to run up the mountains just to see how much snow is still there. Projected vs actual Oroville Dam runoff might be a decent proxy…

  4. Larry Ledwick says:

    Here in Colorado we have southwest flow from the desert southwest, will be in the 90’s this weekend.

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  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    Mid June and still need a heater, this is less then cool! ground still wet from yesterdays 1/4″ rain.
    Did do a Burnt Offerings&Libations to the StrawBerry Moon as the clouds parted last night. Perfect alignment up the garden path. Salutations to the GOD of carbon and life!…pg

  7. Zeke says:

    Well I praise the God of Nitrogen, and of nitrogen dioxide, which is the only available nitrogen to plants, trees and microorganisms, because He constantly rains down NO2 with his lightning bolts! And with sprites and elfs and dwarfs, and auroras, and other brilliant electrical discharge displays. I raise only a small tiny glass to carbon.


  8. Another Ian says:

    Gives a whole new slant to the opening lines of John Stewart’s “Had I been born in New York City”

  9. kneel63 says:

    “… but it IS entirely at odds with the Global Warming Hot Drought narrative…”

    No, you heathen, it’s not! Global warming err, that is climate change causes all bad weather – hot, cold, dry, wet, windy, calm, you name it. It’s the one magical thing that produces all.

  10. p.g.sharrow says:

    The Cult of Human Caused climate change / and other geophysical disasters is as old as mankind and is the basis of all their argument for power and wealth control.
    Stupid is as stupid does, there is no cure for stupid, stupid is the easy way out as it takes no effort from the fan…pg

  11. philjourdan says:

    Well, weather back east is fairly normal. Not oppressively hot, but a run of a few days in the 90s with high humidities, then 70/80s for 3-4 days. All in all, it is supporting my latest hypothesis that CAGW causes normal weather back east.

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    When President Trump declared he was pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement everyone was shrieking about disappearing ice. Seem the ice pack did not get the memo.
    Global warming study called off because the 2 meter thick ice was too thick for the research ship to get through and due to high ice conditions it was needed elsewhere.

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