Indulging A Fantasy Conspiracy Theory

This posting is very out of character for me, and breaks some of my own rules. Then again, it is good to get out of your usual character from time to time, and rules are only interesting if you find out their actual utility by seeing what happens when they are broken some times.

I generally do a “put down” on any “conspiracy theory”. Simply because they typically can not be proven, are full of fantasy bits, have little relationship to objective reality, and are generally driven by some strong agenda and not by a dispassionate examination of the known facts.

I also generally avoid “making stuff up” when there is real data from that objective reality to work with.

In this posting I’m going to indulge, shall we call it “fantasy facts”? Things that “fit”, and very well might be, but for which the only evidence is a fantasy.

In this posting I’m going to present a “Conspiracy Theory”. Pure and simple.

Why? Well, some times an interesting idea grabs hold of you by the fancy and won’t let go. This is the stuff that interesting novels are made of, and it is a valuable art form…

So unlike the usual “Data, analysis, conclusions”, I’m going to do “Given this conclusion what assumptions can we draw?”.

The Setup

One of my favorite movies is “3 Days of the Condor”. A plot based on the idea of an international conspiracy to control oil, and reaching high into the ranks of Government. Even controlling agents inside the C.I.A. There is a sub-plot of assassination, and another of romance.

This fantasy rests lightly on that setup as a starting point. It asks: “What if the Agencies control the USA / EU?”.

Elements of this plot have been around in many forms. From the Illuminati to the One World Order to others as shadowy extra-national elites running the world. Generally the image is of them controlling politicians and other well connected folks. But what if it ran the other way, too? What if the TLAs (Three Letter Agencies) of the world decided to select and control who got elected, who stayed in power, who ran the world (nominally, at least), who made $Millions and €Millions? Folks have hinted at this; what with Daddy Bush being CIA and Putin being KGB; asking if perhaps they put their own out front due to the needs of the moment.

The Images, Seen Dimly

What are some things we know, or likely know?

There is an entrenched global elite.

They work in coopetition with each other. (Cooperation while competing)

They prefer stability and control (and making a personal fortune) over fair play, freedom (of the people), or morality as popularly understood.

Most of them like to stay out of the public eye. Long ago they learned that attracting attention brings envy and attacks.

They have no allegiance to any given country or culture or language. (This has been true since European Royalty and days of Empire).

A free people with the USA Military and TLAs under popular control would scare the hell out of them. Almost as much as the Communist Empires being out of their control.

The Democrats always accuse others of doing what the Democrats have actually done.

What are some likely plausibles?

The USA has had at least one major party completely captured by them (Democrats) and the major party machine of the the other under fair control (Republicans).

During the fall of the USSR, their TLAs took over and have been basically running Russia since.

Money Talks, and the House Of Saud has a LOT of money. They bought their way in after the Arab Oil Embargo of the ’70s didn’t work out all that well. They are playing a double game. “In the Global Elite” and comfortable making compromise deals, while at the same time working to destroy it via expanding global Islam so as to “take down” the western elite and their countries.

Old Family Europe runs the EU. It was created as a counterbalance to the USA / USSR power centers, and then the old political elite took over. The ability to vote for things in the EU being largely symbolic (why let the serfs run anything?) being a big tip-off.

There is a highly coordinated attempt to remove National Sovereignty via Treaties and Agreements. From TTIP to Paris to TPP and more. They are clearly structured for a targeted and planned goal, not just independently negotiated. That requires organization, planning, and money. That the whole Global Warming Industry has one goal is obvious, and that it is pushed like heroin and with $BILLIONS behind it is also obvious. It isn’t about saving the planet, the science, or even the morality. It is about control and money; truth be damned.

And now for some Conspiracy Theory Seasoning:

John Kennedy was getting out of control and threatened to take down the entire world. We were hours or minutes from global thermonuclear war. It is likely that the CIA worked with the Secret Service to expose him to risk, and with the Mafia to do the actual work of removing him. Johnson working to arrange it and take over. (At the time, the CIA was known to work closely with the Mafia and had since W.W.II). This was the moment when it was realized it was essential for the TLAs of the world to prevent the people and the politicians from burning the earth to a cinder. So they stepped up to the plate and “took care of things”. From that point forward, it would be obvious they would never go back to the high risk behaviours of before, letting the people select any old person to be running the place, and worse, picking the head of the TLAs…

Once they controlled the King Making, they controlled the President, and that lets them set their own TLA leadership “from the club”. Folks on the “in” list who do their bidding well, get made rich. (See Clintons as a prime example). Folks who stray, get “nudged” back in line via anything from arranged scandals (Julian Assange being charged with rape for having mutually agreed sex with a couple of Swedish dishes… ) to Special Prosecutors, to in the extreme, an assassination ( note that the populist Ronald Reagan was shot when his 2nd in command was a TLA guy… Just sayin’…)

Now once you have control of, say, the EU and the USA (and their TLAs) you can set about doing “take downs” of most any minor government that doesn’t play ball. (Scratch Libia, Syria, etc. etc. etc.) and replace governments as needed (see the long list of “Color Revolutions”). What’s not to like?

The Particulars Right Now

So now we can look at some particulars and ask if they fit the above Conspiracy Context, or not.

Trump was NOT supposed to win. It was supposed to be Baby Bush #2 (Jeb) or Hillary. Both from “the right families” and it was “their turn”. We were to be given a choice of Tweedledee or Tweedledum. But folks were just too fed up with nothing ever changing, so were voting Sanders or Trump in droves. The Democrats, being fully pwned, forced Hillary to the front and shit on Sanders. The Republicans thought they had a good enough “indirect” control and pushed every button and pulled ever lever; but as soon as anyone was anointed as the Approved Candidate, they got shot down by The People. In the end, Trump was The Guy.

OK, so Hillary is going to win.

Everyone told us so. All the polls. All the news. All of EVERYTHING, including Republican Senators, told us the only choice was Hillary.

But Trump won.

Oh Dear.

So what comes next?

The Great Russian Scare!!

But we KNOW the NSA and their other TLA friends can put the “fingerprints” of Russians on their hacks and operations. Their leaked tools show it.

We KNOW that the Democrats were in full control of the Government, it’s Agencies, and their minions just prior to the swearing in of The Donald.

We KNOW that the Democrats were quite happy to indulge in dirty tricks and rigging (see Sanders…) and that they were well entrenched in The System after all those many many years of appointing folks and running the place.

The latest intel on “The Russian Hacking The Election” shows that the places attacked were voting machine vendors AND county voters registration operations.

We KNOW the Democrats want to do demographic packing and redistricting games and (via leaked emails) moving lots of folks around to vote twice, They also LOVE the idea of letting felons and illegals vote (their core voters?…) and generally like to keep voters on rolls long after they have died (see Chicago history for loads of dead folks votes…)


Now stir and let simmer…

How would a Russian in Russia benefit from hacking the County Voters Registrations? How many Russians could fly over during the election week, as “John Jones”, to vote anyway?

How would the Democrats benefit from hacking the Voters Registrations? Oh, the way they do by all their OTHER shenanigans….

The Conspiracy Theory:

Did the Democrats, through their control of the TLAs, “hack” the voting machine companies and attack the County Voters Registration officers for the purpose of adding more voters and votes for The Approved Candidate? Using the tools in hand to plant the “evidence” that it was Russians wot dun it so as to point away from themselves. Qui Bono? The Democrats and the Global Elites. Who did NOT benefit? The Russians and the Republicans.

Yet it STILL wasn’t enough. Trump was elected. (Maybe they didn’t get the electoral college figured right and concentrated too much on popular vote; or believed their own polls about the States Hillary skipped, and lost).

Now, faced with The Wrong President, and the prospect he might start replacing Their Guys as the heads of agencies and courts, they implement the disaster recovery plan. It starts with accusing the POTUS and Republicans of everything the Democrats actually did. Russia is the boogie man (and their TLA guys are sure to endorse that conclusion faster than it can be announced). The whole Color Revolution script is rolled out. “Illegitimate” is being branded on everything as fast as possible. “Collusion with the Russians” (knowing they had already arranged the ‘evidence’) the battle cry. Special Prosecutors and Investigations in the tool bag. Rent A Mob protests coordinated nicely and with full cooperation of “leadership” at the local level so as not to arrest the “wrong people”…

Go as slow as possible on any and all appointments. Try to gin up a impeachment, and delay and obstruct until something, anything, can be manufactured. Coordinate with all the lap-dog media to push the corruption / illegitimate / incompetent story line 24 x 7.

All because they dare not lose control of who appoints the folks who run the TLAs…

Further, the Republican Party Machine is doing it’s damnedest to assure that Trump is NOT seen as a Party Leader. Can’t have an outsider deciding who gets to run for what…

It does kind of fit with the known knowns. It fits with the news flow and the personalities of the folks in charge. It fits with Putin not “playing ball” with the Western Elite, so they want to smear Russia, Putin, and anything connected to them. Nothing like smearing two of your targets with each other…

So that’s my minor Conspiracy Theory Fantasy. The Neocon Republicans and the Democrats colluding to swap which of their Approved Candidates gets elected POTUS, and both getting caught with failure this cycle. Democrats controlling the government in the prior 8 years using every branch to assure Hillary was given her assigned prize. Republicans planned on giving Jeb his shot at it, if Hillary was just too greasy for voters to accept; not realizing voters had noticed that Bush POTUSes were just Clinton Lite.

Then Trump spit in their punch bowl and pointed out their candidates were stupid, self serving, and slime balls; and got the votes of We The People. Now TPTB are smearing, slime-ing, and “investigating” like crazy while they 4-wall the Concern Troll “News” of it and try to hobble then drive from office the current POTUS. All while using their TLAs to finger the Russians as a spit in the eye of Putin for not playing ball with them (and to cover their use of a Russian Ruse to cover their own voter fraud tracks).


Do I believe that? No, not really. Yet I also don’t NOT believe it. It could easily be accurate and true. There just isn’t any information to let you prove secret meetings happened, or didn’t happen. To prove Hillary conspired with Democratic Elites to get Sanders sidelined… oh, wait, we do have proof of that one… ;-) Well, we can’t prove the Bushes are entitled well connected TLA insiders with marginal skill so mostly getting those plum jobs via insider influence and old money ties… oh, wait…

Well, in any case, we can’t really PROVE that all the rich and powerful who gather in secrecy at places like the Bilderberg confab are not just there for the free coffee and cakes… and are there to conspire in private to dominate the world for their own benefit; that just happens by accident…

On this thread only, feel free to make up an amusing Conspiracy Theory, connect the unconnected dots (and even the unconnectable dots ;-) Toss mud at the Rich And Powerful, or the shady and bought. Just remember to do it all in good fun. This is an indulgence of the wacky and the crazy theories of the world, not a role model. I’ll not be chiding folks for failure to “keep a tidy mind” nor exposing the missing logical undergirding of any particular thesis. Since the reality is all hidden from sight behind locked doors and run by shady self serving characters anyway, I’m pretty sure the realty can’t be better than the random “crazy talk” theory… just different in the details.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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51 Responses to Indulging A Fantasy Conspiracy Theory

  1. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Bravo! With a little Plumping up here and there this could be made into a best seller and next year a feature-length movie haha. I did enjoy Three Days of the Condor also.

    The book State of Fear by Michael Crichton was written to highlight using CAGW as a scare tactic when we no longer had Russia to use.

    The most visibly outspoken climate expert was James Hansen. In 1986 and 1987, he created a minor stir among those alert to the issue when he testified before a Congressional committee. He insisted that global warming was no vague and distant possibility, but something that would become apparent within a decade or so. His group of climate modelers claimed that they could “confidently state that major greenhouse climate changes are a certainty.” In particular, “the global warming predicted in the next 20 years will make the Earth warmer than it has been in the past 100,000 years.”

    A lot of marketing Studies have shown that happy contented citizens do not by very much stuff. So the plan is to keep them worried and anxious and buying stuff.

    So what do we expect going forward?

    At least more activities to cause chaos, fear, anxiety in the general population. Specifically little police action Wars in various foreign countries. Probable guess right now would be Venezuela and possibly some Central American countries where Russia and China are having a big influence dumping money on infrastructure projects.

    … more as others post to the stew …

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  2. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Bayes Theorem – In probability theory  and statistics, Bayes’ theorem (alternatively Bayes’ law or Bayes’ rule) describes theprobability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event. For example, if cancer is related to age, then, using Bayes’ theorem, a person’s age can be used to more accuratelyassess the probability that they have cancer, compared to the assessment of the probability of cancer made without knowledge of the person’s age.

    Or in other words you have the probability of seeing smoke is 30%. The probability in general of seeing a fire is 30%. Using Bayes theorem if you see smoke the probability of seeing a fire goes up to say 80%. This kind of thinking can help you realize some things that are true (or mabe just 90% likely) in conspiracy theories even if you don’t have written or video proof.

    Go Alex!

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  3. hillrj says:

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H. L. Mencken
    The idea is to do two things.
    1. Suggest the next hobgoblin (assuming global warming is losing its savour)
    2. Pick a hobgoblin that has some merit
    I suggest Asteroids.
    We can scare the people and encourage space exploration

  4. rms says:

    Superb analysis. Puzzle fits.

  5. philjourdan says:

    You do not state, but do imply, that the Ruling Elite are infallible. That is a mistake. While they are very powerful, and they control most of the information, in the end they are still human and prone to make mistakes.

    Thus, the statement “not enough” on the vote hacking done by the Obama regime (under the direction of the ruling elite) is not quite true. As we know, Hillary did “win” the popular vote by many. However, they relied on the machine that Obama put in place, which was composed of his SJW friends, who have the brains of a slug. Oh, they fixed the vote in many states (notably the states where they are the strongest – like NY and California), but forgot that people do not elect a president, States do.

    One other point. To propose a scenario that fits the facts is not necessarily a “conspiracy theory”. It may become one as more facts are learned, and not incorporated into the scenario. Thus, we know what went wrong with the election and the ruling elite. That is not a conspiracy theory. Merely an observation of the known facts.

    So your record is safe so far.

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    Well, Lord Monckton did warn in advance that Prime Ministers Stephen Harper (Canada) and Tony Abbott (Australia) were likely to be removed because of their opposition to AGW. Their 2 replacements are fervent believers in AGW.

  7. jim2 says:

    I don’t know how coordinated or planned it is, but much of what you describe happening these last two years is true. On a global level, it certainly appears Soros is one of the main puppet masters.

    “”It is a collusion of human traffickers, Brussels bureaucrats and the organizations that work in Hungary financed by foreign money,” Viktor Orban told public radio on Friday.
    “Let’s call a spade a spade: George Soros finances them.”

    It’s obvious to me that importing millions of Middle Eastern peoples will ruin a Western culture.

  8. A C Osborn says:

    EM, I know you have looked TTIP but have you read UN Agenda 21, Sustainabilty and DICED.
    All you have talked about here fits nicely in to instigating those.
    It is a truly frightening future that they plan for mankind and the “Hunger Games” are not that far fetched.

  9. Jon K says:

    I think you may be on to something, and I don’t think “they” like it. I keep getting some weird ad-loading thing that keeps crashing this post that definitely has not bee a problem until now :)

  10. Richard Ilfeld says:

    EM, not sure where you are going with this, nut the key is, you don’t need a conspiracy.
    You need a lot of like minded individuals in their own spheres, who, given an opportunity, will push matters in the proper direction. There are thousands of voting jurisdictions n the country. There are a number of methods to corrupt/manage the vote. We had ex-convicts electing the comedian in Minnesota (Frankenstein), and voting in droves in Va. (per Mcauliffe). Now, while it is possible there is contact, and Mcauliffe was a DNC chair there did not need to be any contact for both to know that a rich source of D votes is the disfranchised. There did not need to be contact for both to know to bend, or break the rules to make stuff happen.
    There need to be no coordination between the “ex-cons should vote” and the “voter ID is bad” folks for them to know enough to pull their oars in the same direction.
    In fact, we know a national playbook won’t work; the same offenses that made California a one-party state have resulted in a loss of power in Wisconsin. The unionists in Sacramento and Madison share the same goals, and would certainly come together to share authoritarian power if they could cobble together a national win….
    But I see them much more as relatively independent churches of the same denomination, with some central funding mechanisms due to national fundraising, than fully coordinated bodies.
    In fact, if you expose the coordination, and call it conspiracy, it can offend even the true believers.

    I think the small people on the left (Useful idiots) have a dim realization that if the power is central, after the win the small players will be marginalized….thank you for your participation and now go home and be a good soldier. Some of the Bernie people know they were used. Union rank and file
    folks are beginning to catch on they they are expendable. The coalitions of the left are usually shorter lived that those of the right, because they consume their own on he way to power by not valuing the individual at all. Foot soldiers are the broken eggs in the omelet.
    Which brings us to the difference between the US right & the US left.

    The left is animated by power, which, when gained, will be exercised at the expense of the foot soldiers. The “ideals” that support the quest for power are platitudes whose meanings are truly fungible; it is the power & control that are important. Under the left, a cause your wrap yourself in is a motivational tool for the moment, not something you believe in. In fact the causes of the left are usually hijacked, then morphed.

    Old folks like me do wonder how a civil rights movement one of whose seminal cases destroyed the concept of “separate but equal” can now, in the intellectual fantasy-lands, be demanding separate but equal. How equal opportunity can have become equal outcomes, where the talented must be handicapped so the mediocre can prosper.

    The rights has a basis more clearly defined. While all the abuses of the left in the administrative state are mirrored to a large degree on the right, a right leaning person will, at some point usually respond to a plea to “just leave me the hell alone, and I’ll take care of my self, and my neighbors and family.” The entire animating philosophy of the right, at its base, is to restrain government.

    The fears have always proven realistic.

    SO, EM, you’re not paranoid. They really are out to get you. But its not a conspiracy, its a fractal. Any random subdivision of the left will demand centralized control, and the need to manage your life while the rules are merely an inconvenience for theirs. Even if you you get as granular as, say, a homeowners association, there will be a couple of folks flogging the needs of the collective, unaware that they are, in a larger society, supporting the ghost of Lenin.

  11. pearce m. schaudies says:

    New Constitution- the states finally convene a constitutional convention this September. After 7 days of being incomunicado, they come out with the new constitution.

    Some features of the new constitution:

    1. unicameral form of government, Senate only. Aged 45 to 60, then retire.

    2. States will be allowed to secede from the Union. States remaining in the Union will pay a fixed fee every year to cover their defense, interconnected Highways, communication, and up keep.

    3. Defense Department only. No wars of aggresion, humanitarion intervention, etc.

    4. Every voter issued a mini-14, like sweden.

    5. hmmm

    Before the ink drys, California secedes. Followed by New Cascadia (Oregon, Washington, Idaho), Republic of Dixie (Georgia, No So Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee), later …

    So if you’re unhappy with your state govt, move … vote with your feet.

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  12. cdquarles says:

    @ pearce, well, an Article V convention likely would not result in the “Articles of Confederation v3.0”. We already know that form didn’t work early on and it didn’t work when tried again nearly another century later. We’re not likely to go that route again. This is why I am not afraid of an Article V convention doing anything but proposing generally (though not universally) acceptable amendments only.

  13. pearce m. schaudies says:

    @CdQuarles- only the Shadow knows what evil lurks in the minds of constitutional convention members!
    mwaa haa ha ha

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  14. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    It is good to get out of character and think new thoughts. Another blogger said that historically speaking Trump’s role as 0president is most liked that of Abe Lincoln, a thought that turns out to be far more rational that I had expected. May Trump’s term in office not end the same way!

  15. wizz33 says:

    a quarter of total reddit beliefs this after 2 years of heave handed pro SJW/clinton / anti trump, propaganda and heavy censorship

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    The first step of emergency planning is to imagine what is “possible”.
    Looking at history, nothing you have posited is out of bounds of the possible.
    Since powerful groups tend to aggregate power and attempt to push their agenda, nothing you posted falls outside normal human patterns of behavior either.

    The only problem with it, is that large intentional conspiracies are very difficult to control and steer, tending toward random twists and turns as events unfold. I doubt that such an intentional conspiracy could hold together long, but the unintentional conspiracy of like minds all tending to move in the same direction, like technology and magic it is hard to differentiate between behavior of a crowd of like minded individuals and a planned action.

    Certainly bits and pieces of this scenario have been popping up in various story lines from time to time (JFK theories), and history documents some elements of it as having actually happened so that makes it very difficult to say this scenario is impossible, and hardly improbable (think historical grand conspiracies of European monarchs and the Pope or similar).

    Interesting read and something to ponder.

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    The notion of “group think” as driver rather than direct organization has been raised a couple of times. My thought on that is pretty simple:

    Look at how much effort goes into the Psych side of the Global Warming arguments and politics. Audience profiles on the news (complete with real time graphs). Folks nattering about “framing” and how best to package the goods for marketing to the masses.

    To me, all that could easily be explained as the visible side of what I’d call Directed Indirect Conspiracy. What Chomsky described as “creating Necessary Illusions”.

    So what I would envision is a tight core with direct collusion on the key points of orientation, indirect collusion via shared belief systems, and perhaps some “coercion” of any folks who get out of line (might explain the illicit sex party stores from the Clinton’s Camp… just video the whole thing and you have your instruments of control).

    These folks then work through “influence” to the rest. My guess is you could work this with a tight core of about 1000, with staff to about 10,000, then leveraged out to 100,000 via their organizations. With two more levels of influence, you are at 10,000,000 and that is more than enough to control the globe. Working the other way, of the 8,000,000,000 people on the planet, about 1,000,000,000 of them are in countries that really ‘matter’ as the source of authority. Figure about a 1:10 “span of control” average (typical per my operations research class, though 1:100 can be had in things like sewing shop floors and 1:4 may happen in highly focused areas). So with a layer of “serfs” at the bottom, and then a layer of 1st line Managers and Group Managers, you have 1000 of them just “getting things done”. You are now at the 1,000,000 level (left to account) for upper managers and department heads. IF you controlled every one of their bosses, that only takes 100,000 folks, and that number is available within our first three levels. (1000 core elite, 10 staff each, 10 directly controlled organizational placements each)

    So no need for GE to call up the NBC news staff and issue orders, they can come “directly” from the guy running NBC News division as a “trusted soldier” (who may know they are being “run”, or may just have been selected to be “trustworthy” and “with the right ideas”.)

    All up, at most I’d say 10,000 need to actually be aware of how the organization works and be “in touch” on major events. Gee, just about the number needed to interlock all those Boards Of Directors that share Oh So Many Directors around the world…

    In short: I don’t see it as an either / or on Structured Conspiracy vs Like Minds In The Gutter. I see it as a small one of the first arranging the second…


    Um, I don’t think they are perfect. I went out of my way to show errors in the story line above. From Trump getting elected to running a silly stupid candidate choice of Hillary despite her being essentially despised by many folks. IMHO, had they run Bernie Sanders, he would have won. (Then again, maybe he isn’t ‘Inside the temple’ enough…)

    Now they are running a “Disaster Recovery Plan”… that they NEED to run one implies they were not competent enough to avoid the disaster…

    To flesh it all out a bit more: I’d even assert that they only have effective control in the EU and USA plus a few small places around the world. They are trying to rope in Russia, but failed (so Russia went from ‘new frontier’ of capitalism and democracy in the ’90s to USSR Evil Redux now… I remember meeting with Russian representatives of industry during the thaw / USSR collapse and the push was to train them in the western ideals). They have let in The House Of Saud (and likely Jordan and a couple of others) but broke their teeth on taming the Shiia when they lost Iran (Peacock Throne fall). The whole “bring Islam to Western Modernity” is a giant C. F. Pile IMHO with Islam not blending in so much as submerging until dominant demographic overthrow (Lebanon model).

    Then there is China and India. Greed pushed the attempt to drag them in both in one go in the ’90s to ’00s. That has stagnated western economies and created an uncontrolled China with huge rise of military goals. It’s an open question if that can be managed or if it is another massive stupid brainfart.

    So, IMHO, Hubris has lead the Western Elites to destroy the west in their quest for Global Dominance and Global Money. How this ends, nobody knows. Already we’ve had the War On Islam from North Africa to Syria and Yemen to Iraq. (Neatly bypassing Saudi…) Will The House Of Saud or Turkey be the leader to control the New Caliphate? How will that blend with Western Elite Control Goals? We have China starting to enjoy the fruits of Monetarist Rape of the Western Economies, and just how will THAT culture accept Western Elite direction, hmmm?

    No, I don’t see them as perfect. Quite the opposite. They have marginal thinking skills (but good at devious manipulation), weak grasp of broad historical sweeps, can’t control their greed, have so much avarice and egotistical self image and pride beyond skill as to be very very dangerous and likely to lose the entirety of Western Civilization in their quest.

    Mostly they have hubris and dogged determination on their side. IMHO. A nice psychopathic tendency to use any means available and never never never stop. It will end when huge numbers are dead and any capacity to act is gone, not before. (Model: The French Revolutions)

    Now with Brexit and Trump there is a major fire in their home camp. No tools will be left unused in the attempt to stop both. Oddly, I find myself wondering if a nice little conflagration by any of: Russia, China, N. Korea, Islam, etc. might be enough to cause their house of intrigues to collapse. Who will be the Barbarians in this collapse of the Roman Empire Redux? And who the Nero?…

    At least, that’s the way I’d write the story…

  18. Larry Ledwick says:

    That is the core structure of traditional KGB style disinformation. A small group of skilled message creators, putting out news items and memes that fit their objective (basically no different than an ad agency selling a hot new car), then a first tier of sales men who push that narrative like the comedy central, and Saturday night live comedy shows and three letter news outlets. Then a tertiary ring of like minded social media active supporters who fill out all possible versions of the story line.

    This is what Scott Adams (Dilbert author and student of persuasion) calls “pre-suasion” where you precondition the subject to go where you want him to go with leading suggestions then just the slightest push of real events sends them down that track.

    What ever you do don’t think about pop corn – – – –

    Now how many of you want to get a bowl of hot popcorn and a cold drink right now?

  19. Zeke says:

    I agree, we are off of “Their” script now.

    Praise God and pass the tax and spending cuts (:

  20. akaLogic says:

    You have good eyes

  21. jim2 says:

    You would think the shooting this morning would stop Trump headlines for a while. But no. Now it’s been leaked, probably from the Dimowit supports hired on by Mueller, that Trump is under investigation for obstruction. CNN and WaPo both reporting this. The Republicans have to figure out a way to neuter Mueller. It’s a real cluster F for Trump and his team.

  22. pouncer says:

    Conspiracy theorists love talking about “The Delphi Technique” — a method by which groups of people are led to a consensus determined for the group by invisible controllers.

    There is a kernel of truth in the discussion, and that allows a grey area between “Conspiracy” and “GroupThink”. All the members of all the agencies aren’t, and can’t be, part of the decision making, share in the goals, or pursue ends by the same means. But groups of independent thinkers will reach different conclusions in modern meetings conducted with modern methods than they did, or would have, or might have done, meeting under Roberts’ Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

    Have you been in the meetings where you are given a set of different colored paper sticker dots — and encouraged to wander a room full of posters and stick red or green or yellow Likes and Dislikes on various propositions? A room where all the discussion is confined to small groups who produce one memo, given to a “facilitator”, who then “summarizes” the various memos into one “general working paper”? Or just a room where you are dis-permitted to sit with folks you know from before and with whom you share some like-minded history, (a simple form of caucus) and instead are assigned seats at pre-assigned (by whom? Who knows?) preassigned tables of strangers, at which half the meeting time is devoted to small group “getting to know you” games and “celebrate diversity” exercises?

    Honestly I think every “agency” is hiring consultants who come from the same sort of theoretical background promoting these sorts of decision-making efforts.

  23. Sera says:

    Q: Who really gave that order?

    A: Control

    Good stuff…

  24. beththeserf says:

    Prometheus gave humans fire,
    Gods didn’t want us to have it.
    Coal released serfs from slavery,
    Elites don’t want us to have it.

  25. catweazle666 says:

    “Everyone told us so. All the polls. All the news. All of EVERYTHING, including Republican Senators, told us the only choice was Hillary.

    But Trump won.”

    Same this side of the Pond too.

    The EU Referendum, Cameron had assured his puppetmasters in Brussels that the fix was in, the British were going to do as they were told and put their crosses in the correct box.

    But they didn’t.

    Then there was last week’s General Election, the Conservatives – indeed the entire Establishment –
    were convinced that Theresa was going to win by a landslide. After all, how many people were going to vote to an antisemitic self-confessed supporter of the PIRA, Hizbollah and Hamas with the most innumerate shadow cabinet in the history of the Universe?

    She won, but without enough seats to form a majority government, and the Egregious Corbyn and his arrested adolescent VIth form Commies gained enough seats to seriously damage both her credibility and her authority.

    Interesting times…

  26. Power Grab says:

    @ Pouncer: Hmmm…I haven’t been in precisely that sort of meeting you described. However, if I were, I think the purpose would be to frame the experience in such a way that the participants aren’t in contact with elements/people they already have decided they understand (or trust)…or that they don’t understand (or trust). They will have to be suspending judgment for at least part of the meeting time.

    I think the effect would be to make the participants keep having to refer to the clues and direction emanating from the moderator(s), even though on the surface, the moderators aren’t really supposed to be telling them what to think. I think the bottom line is that they do.

    It reminds me of what I don’t like about Common Core. Have you seen those math problems used in Common Core? They strike me as being set up in such a way as to make everyone equally inefficient in working them out. If you don’t write all the goofy little steps out, you fail, even if you get the correct answer. It makes me think they’re trying to handicap the bright students who can do math in their heads.

    If you have watched the original Star Trek series, this sort of thing reminds me of the episode where the identical androids get so confused by the conundrum posed by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock that they freeze and keep repeating, “Norman, coordinate. Norman, coordinate.” Norman is like the central controlling computer that they seek guidance from if their own memory banks lack sufficient information to act in a situation.

    I also see this in my work. My old software tools are more efficient than the new, Windows-based/cloud-based tools. Tasks that take me only 10 minutes using my old tools and let me spend my time on other tasks at the same time are my favorite. The new tools require me to touch every single extract every time I refresh them. I have to restrict myself to only those tasks whenever I’m dealing with the Windows-based/cloud-based systems. My gut feeling is that they don’t want anyone to touch any data without having that touch logged, even if you only view or download it. I figure that logging function is what makes those newer systems slower to respond during interaction, even though the Windows-based computers and servers are much faster than the old ones were.

  27. Steve C says:

    Since, as we all know, the world ended on Dec 21st, 2012, there is obviously no actual world left for these theories to refer to. I suppose this hologram thing is supposed to satisfy us until we evlove to the next level.

    However, most political conspiracy theories seem to be simple variations on the theme that political systems in general run most smoothly on the purest turpitude, trickling steadily down from above. As such, they do embody a deep eternal truth, and should therefore be taken at least as seriously as anything you hear elsewhere.

    And, for Heaven’s sake, the “hologram thing” is supposed to be a perfectly respectable theory, no conspiracy involved. It’s hard to be sure what is the Dance of Maya and what is the Dance of Shiva sometimes.

  28. YMMV says:

    Since you brought up JFK and TLAs, you might be interested in reading this, with some belated updates on that.

  29. pearce m. schaudies says:

    3- this is my third conspiracy! Ya’al better get busy, heh.

    This Labor Day weekend a small team controlling custom drones from several tall buildings in Chicago fly there drones in a spiral pattern and cover all of downtown and greater Chicago suburbs with weaponized Ebola virus.

    During the collapse of the Soviet Union many bio-weapon Labs were closed and samples and staff went to other countries in order to maintain their lifestyle.

    7 Days Later the hospital’s get overwhelmed with unknown patients. When it is discovered that the problem is Ebola the whole area is put under quarantine. National Guard and Military called-out. The country placed under martial law. As things unfold it is discovered that North Korea is responsible for disaster. Later it is found out House of Saud paid for the Korea technology and contract agents to disperse the virus.

    There are no flights in or out of Chicago, vehicle traffic or foot traffic is not allowed in or out.

    As a first retaliatory measure we bomb all military nuclear weapon Centers in North Korea. After we find out about Saudi involvement we take some weaponized ebola and cover the capital city of Riyadh as Payback.

    Flimflam Pharma makes billions in profit on unproven anti- ebola vaccine.

    To be continued …

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  30. pouncer, I thought that the Delphi Technique was a method of forecasting. You get a group (mainly professionals) of diverse skills and education and get them to forecast technical advances or break-throughs. Long ago I was in such a group. The forecast for heart transplants was out considerably occurring in a few years instead of the predicted 15-20 years. The same for technology such as computers, communications (mobile phones etc), but break-throughs on Nuclear power have not yet been achieved nor for space travel. Politics is the problem by directing research money for such crap as solar and wind power instead of nuclear, On the other hand huge money has gone into health and welfare . I wonder if soon some one will pull the plug on robotics. I suppose Soros would like to be a brain on an artificial body but is that a benefit for the rest of the world?

  31. pearce m. schaudies says:

    4- The biggest problem the Elites face is the planet is in overshoot. There are about six billion people too many for the planet to support comfortably. The other problem is the population needs to be reduced rather quickly in order to be effective. Wars will not do the job fast enough. So we will have to consider some additional techniques. One that has been considered is agricultural Biowarfare to induce mass starvation.

    For example the big feedlots in Chicago and Central California could be infected with bovine encephalitis. Large hog farms could be infected with swine flu. Large chicken farms infected with bird flu.

    Of course only a small outbreak in America for cover. The main targets would be China and India.

    Has anybody read ‘Cobra Event’?

    GMO crops might be a conspiracy to control food supply and make huge profits. Farmers have to buy special seeds and fertilizers. Hmmmm.

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  32. pearce m. schaudies says:

    @cementafriend- as a tool, the Delphi Technique could be used for good or evil. Their goal instead of how to make a cheap mechanical heart was how do we reduce the world population by five or six billion in the shortest amount of time with the least cost and leave all the elite still alive.

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  33. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Remember the West Africa ebola outbreak in 2014? It typically stays around Zaire, central Africa. In one of
    the articles from that time the Bill Gates Foundation had a BSL4 lab in a hospital there to study ebola cures. hmmm, you dont suppose …

    Opinions and beliefs expressed in the following article are not necessarily those of the person posting. Please be aware.

    this first one juicy, mentions Tulane, Harvard, USAMRID, others.

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  34. beththeserf says:

    The UN ‘n Eu
    a connvenient focus
    for power-machination

  35. Steve C says:

    @pearce m. schaudies – “One [technique] that has been considered is agricultural Biowarfare to induce mass starvation.”

    It looks like you’re a little behind the curve here, Pearce. I was just reading an item on Pravda about how the Pentagon has already spent >$1,000,000,000 on 400 bio laboratories which “just happen to be” all round Russia’s borders. Given the Pentagon’s raison d’être and the US’ deep state’s sick obsession with Russia, that is not a neutral or benign move.

    My solution to the “overpopulation” pseudoproblem (if we must have a cull) would be, not ~6,000,000,000 from the poorer end of the human race, but what? 100,000? 500,000? from the arrogant parasite (‘TPTB’) end, and give the rest of the human race its wealth back. That would both immediately remove at source many of the greatest problems we now face, and free enormous resources to solve any remaining, genuine, problems.

  36. David A says:

    This planet is well capable of supporting above the current population for a very long time.

  37. pearce m. schaudies says:

    @Dave- so your conspiracy is the planet can support 15, 30, 70 billion by feeding those over 50 into a shredder, add seaweed, compress into soylent green food bars? hmmmm, yummy!

    @Steve- and your conspiracy is we’ll always have enough oil, even though the majors have been cutting exploration an development drastically since Nov 2013? Lets see where we are Dec 2020, heh. Since 2010 each years new discoveries are smaller.

    Chiefs last paragraph …

    On this thread only, feel free to make up an amusing Conspiracy Theory, connect the unconnected dots (and even the unconnectable dots ;-) Toss mud at the Rich And Powerful, or the shady and bought. Just remember to do it all in good fun. 

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  38. gger says:

    Trump bombed the Syrian airbase in April to punish Assad for a chemical weapons attack. It made no sense for Assad, who is no dummy, to aggravate the US by using chemicals. If Assad wanted to wipe those people out he had dozens of MiG-23s at his disposal. If Assad didn’t do it, who killed those 80 people? Who pulls Trump’s Strings?

  39. Wayne Job says:

    Well done EM your thoughts are always worthy of thought and probably right.

  40. David A says:

    @Pearce, what are you talking about?

  41. David A says:

    Also Pearce, I suggest you actually read the links Steve C provided.

  42. pearce m. schaudies says:

    @Dave- what did you understand the Chiefs last paragraph to mean? I understood it to mean I could make stuff up and depart from reality if I wanted to up to and including flying pigs haha.

    … relax … chill … enjoy …

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  43. pearce m. schaudies says:

    Heres one hi-tek conspiracy to implement Steve C plan to eliminate ONLY elite.

    At the bilderbugger hotel and the Davos Resort you have to plant some radon gas bottles in the air conditioning system that goes to each room. In about six or eight weeks they will all come down with lung cancer.

    The second leading cause of lung cancer America after smoking cigarettes while riding a horse is radon.

    Pearce M. Schaudies.
    Minister of Future
    Falling Skys &
    Wolves at Door

  44. Larry Ledwick says:

    Not much of a fantasy theory, but the practical fulfillment of known documents on civilization Jihad for the west. One possible view of the long term objective of Islamic civilization Jihad in America.

  45. E.M.Smith says:

    I did, in fact, encourage unreal and fictional speculation. Also said I’d not criticise uncritical thinking. (Thus the lack of my usual pouncing on the notion of resource limits or a near carrying capacity limit).


    Because many of TPTB clearly do believe things like that, and very well might act on them, even if wrong. (Thinking of a certain prince desiring to be rencarnated as a lethal virus…)

    So indulging irrational premises is necessary to predicting irrational responses, of which the world has many.

  46. p.g.sharrow says:

    dealing with normal people is often an exercise in dealing with the irrational…pg

  47. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jon K:

    Wonder if a dna test on his chewing gum would show Cuba markers… ;-)

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