Shooting of Republican Congressional Baseball Practice

Looks like the Hysterical Left has resorted to violence in the shooting today in Virginia

This is “rapidly evolving” and the police briefing was very short on facts.

1 shooter in custody. Some unknown number of police injured. 5 transported via ambulance. 1 congressman (Steve Scalise, Republican House Whip) in hospital and surgery, prognosis for full recovery ATM.

As it was a Republican practice and the shooter asked who was practicing, it is pretty clear it was partisan.

I’m very surprised that with the number of congress members involved they didn’t have stronger security. An interview with one of the congressmen (Ohio?) who was on the field where the shooting was happening, said many took shelter in the 1st base dugout and a security officer started shooting back (toward the 3rd base dugout) and that it “wasn’t a fair fight” when you have “pistols against a rifle”. Even local police now carry AR-15 rifles in their vehicles and high end security details have bullpup auto Personal Defense Weapons under their coats; so a few brave officers with pistols seems light to me. Then again, it was early in the news cycle and the perp got taken down fairly quickly, all things considered.

A “man on the street” interview with a person watching from a gym across from it all said the perp had an AK like rifle “with a curved magazine”.

Of course, the Democrats are already calling for “gun control” ( Virginia Governor said there were “93 million” lost to gun violence each day in America… did it a few times before being corrected to “93” no million…) and of course little Chucky Schumer the camera hound was in front of one as soon as possible. (I don’t know he ranted on gun control, but he always does. I changed the channel as soon as his face hit the screen…)

So look for The Usual demands that individual constitutional rights be removed. Never mind that it was an assault on Republicans from The Progressive Left.

Watch out for copy cat shootings, and probably a good time to avoid high profile behaviours and events.

Figuring one congressman, one shooter, and a couple of cops injured, that leaves one additional injured TBD.

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19 Responses to Shooting of Republican Congressional Baseball Practice

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    POTUS Trump has stated in his remarks that the shooter is now dead.

  2. Lynn Clark says:

    More on the shooter (click on the “Read More” button on the page):

    A facebook group he belonged to celebrates the attack:

  3. philjourdan says:

    For once I agree with the gun control maggots. Since most of the mass shootings are by democrats and liberals, it is time to take their guns away. Gabby Giffords, Pulse, now Arlington. All by wacko left wing nut cases. And that is but a few. Over 80% of the mass shootings in the past 20 years have been done by registered democrats or their constituents.

  4. cdquarles says:

    Plus, they are, for the most part, taking place at buildings that have ‘no guns/weapons allowed’ signs or in jurisdictions that frown upon the general public bearing firearms.

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    He also had an arrest record for violence against his girl friend, so not the most stable personality out there.

    Will be interesting to get the weapon purchase info.

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting read and possible source of leads for further investigation.

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Looks like this guy was an accident / incident waiting to happen and should have been locked up a long time ago.

  8. Zeke says:

    The apartment tower in London
    One resident said no fire alarms went off.

    Rog Tallbloke @RogTallbloke
    What do they think linked the fire between 20+ floors within a matter of minutes? The footage tells a clear story.

  9. Larry Ledwick says:
  10. clipe says:

    “Fears were raised that green energy concerns were prioritised ahead of safety as it emerged that cladding used to make the building more sustainable could have accelerated the fire.”


  11. Larry Ledwick says:

    I seem to recall that another sky scraper fire I think in Asia was also due to exterior building materials not having good fire spread behavior when mounted in a vertical position but passing fire standards when tested as a horizontal panel or something similar. In any case the fire in that case also crawled up the exterior of the building

    Perhaps this one:

  12. Larry according to my reading the tallest building the Burj Khailifa is of reinforced concrete construction which does not burn. I recall an engineer saying it involved Australian construction companies which have lot of experience with pumping concrete. Concrete is the cheapest and most energy efficient construction material. It should be used more for reasons of cost, safety and long life. But the greens do not like it because CO2 is emiited in making cement. I recall talking to n engineer on a highway construction site and asked why they used bitumen for the surface when over the life of a road (miminium 50 years) concrete was cheaper through little maintenance. He replied that in fact on a first off capital cost the concrete road was cheaper but the Government head of main roads wanted bitumen (and suggested that he had good relationes (aka bribes) with oil companies. Look at the life of some of the Roman roads and bridges. By the way did you know that some of the Eygptian Pyramids were made of poured concrete blocks? They have not burnt down.

  13. richard verney says:

    As regards concrete roads, they are better for driving at night since the headlights perform better on the light surface compared to bitumen.

    However, concrete roads tend to be more slippery when wet and therefore more dangerous.

    As usual, swings and roundabouts.

  14. philjourdan says:


    More proof that Terry McAuliffe is an idiot and a political hack.

    You are just learning this? Sadly we have had to suffer this for the past 3.5 years.

  15. catweazle666 says:

    “Larry according to my reading the tallest building the Burj Khailifa is of reinforced concrete construction which does not burn.”

    It wasn’t the building that burned, it was the polyurethane thermal insulation cladding that was fitted to the whole of the outside of it in the interests of “sustainability”, that would happen whatever the main structure was made of.

    It seems likely that fire safety regulations don’t apply in respect of “upgrades” fitted in the cause of “saving the World”.

  16. jim2 says:

    It’s not enough that Dimowits are shooting Republicans and making up impeachable offenses out of thin air. On PBS just now I saw a bit on a Jared Kushner building project that built near in “poor” area. The area was defined by some government entity or another, so whatever sort of breaks were thus obtained were legal.

    But after the fact, PBS examines the neighborhood and the immediate area around the building looks prosperous. Could this be due to the building there? PBS didn’t ask that question. Instead it walked a few miles from the building where the neighborhood was run down. They stopped a few residents and asked if the building helped their neighborhood. Of course it didn’t! Did they know anyone with a job at the building? Of course not! Anyone who got a decent job at the building probably moved out of the run-down area. Did PBS look into that possibility? OF COURSE NOT!!!

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    Stefan Molyneux

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