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Are Ice Age Glacials Caused By Orbital Inclination?

Is the 100 k year cycle of ice age glacials caused by orbital inclination change relative to Jupiter, not eccentricity? Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s as Type 3 Diabetes

Is Alzheimer’s just a varient form of diabetes? Evidence leans that way… Continue reading

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Tips – August 2017

Tips page for August, 2017 Continue reading

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Interesting compact log-periodic antenna

Interestingcompact antenna design and patent. Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery – Trailers and Fan Movie Issues

Star Trek Discovery trailers. Also some discussion of “Fan Movies”. Continue reading

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Pi 3 Sound – It’s The G-Damn HDMI Adapter

I’ve been fighting sound failure on the Raspberry Pi since my Pi 2 B and then my Pi 3 buys. Just couldn’t get sound out, no matter what I tried. Turns out it is the DVI / HDMI adapter / my monitor not getting sound. Pi on the new HDTV, sound is fine. Continue reading

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Netflix – Black Mirror

Are the “Netflix Original” shows any good? What drives viewer choices and how I’m making mine. What to do, what to do… Continue reading

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