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There’s a dreary boring pattern to much of the domestic news, and many of the international (especially European) news sources.

Reuters, in particular, seems fixated on the Talk Dirt On Trump pattern. I’ve taken to just hitting “skip” (right arrow on the ROKU) as soon as a story starts in on Trump Trash Talk. I don’t remember how many that was today. 3? 4? Given that they typically only have 7 or 8? stories in their “30 minute” coverage choice, it was somewhere near 1/2. I patiently give them the “benefit of the doubt” on their POTUS stories. So far it’s been near 100% Trash Talk. (ONE video was just the video, no talk, so I watched all of it).

I didn’t even bother with the usual triad of ABC NBC CBS as they seem to largely just focus in more depth on one of the Reuters stories and with stronger vitriol, not even trying to couch it as Damning With Faint Praise or Concern Trolling. I’ve also reduced the time spent on Sky and France 24. Generally good news from them, except with Trump in Europe, they went full on Trump Trashing.

So what’s a guy to do to get a little Positive Trump News, eh?

RT was decent, until Washington & The Yellow Stream Media started hard core Russia Bashing. That chilled what could have been an opening for real dialog and openness with Russia. Since then, RT has been “pouty” about Trump. Not trashing him, but just sort of “Fey. We could-a had-a thing” sniditude.

Al Jazeera is busy naval gazing. What with their post-imminent demise being demanded by Saudi and Qatar being under economic and political attack, oh, and war from Syria to Iran to … Well, nice if you want that POV, not so useful if you are wondering about the USA.

Well, there is Right Side Broadcasting Network… but they have taken to putting up a Popup Solicitation for some “sign up” crap or other. Since I never respond to popups and don’t click the close box (as that can trigger an attack from malicious sites), I’m just not going to have a “sometimes habit” for security, picking and choosing when to have a safety rule… besides, they are just a PITA crap in your face way to operate a site… disrespecting the customer. So I can’t watch them since I can’t get anything I want. (After a more-than-5-seconds 5 second long “probe” of my browser to see if they like it, THEN I get a damn popup? Sorry, gotta go…) Maybe some day they will be good again.

So what else? Well, the Roku has a channel…


Be warned: Their “top page” has a VERY high page weight image. Nifty video like fades and scan of a background behind Trump. Slick. Made for watching on a newer PC with many GB of memory on a local ethernet… It will suck a R. Pi to it’s knees… and give a belly ache to any older hardware on slow WAN networks. I was at about 350 MB of swap used, disk light blinking like crazy, and only barely able to kill the page so I could get things done in this window… The good news is you do not need to go to their site. It is on the Roku (and on Fire) as a channel.

Watching it for a few months, it seemed to end a month or so back. Then now has some new stuff again. My guess is a “one man show” and they took a vacation ;-) The new stuff all has a “wh.gov” tag in the corner. It looks like most of it is just captures from that site. Clicking it, sends you to “whitehouse.gov” where there are both press releases AND a video library with the same stuff as on makeamericagreat.tv and more:


That link is found at the bottom of the top site index page, down near the one for “Briefings” and “Live” under “Briefing Room”.

So there’s your choices. Fire, Roku video on the TV, or straight to the White House video gallery on computer or tablet.

I very much enjoyed watching Trump sign the Space Council order and give the pen to Buzz Aldrin… Really got the feeling we were going back to space for real this time… Saw it first on the Roku, then found the same video at wh.gov.


The whitehouse.gov site includes a “download” button

 Download MP4 (386MB) MP3 (11MB)

Looks like MP4 is significantly better compression than MP3…


In Conclusion

So there you have it. Some places to just bypass the Lame Stream Media and go straight to the source for some positive POTUS news. You can even save it as MP3 MP4 downloads if you like. Heck, a fellow could even wrap video commentary around them and make a whole TV station of just Positive News & Commentary.

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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6 Responses to Positive POTUS News & Video

  1. jerry l krause says:

    Hi E.M.,
    I consider a basic problem of this time to be is anyone can have a ‘voice’. There are no filters like the one you have just tried to provide to your readers.

    And too many have had a big voice who should have never had a whisper. You have studied Stonehenge and must certainly know about R. J. C. Atkinson, who wrote Stonehenge which was published in 1956. Somewhere, I remember not where, he wrote that oxen could never been used by the builders of the stone portions of Stonehenge to move large stones. This because oxen were just too clumsy. I am sure you know that oxen were the preferred beasts of burden to pull the covered wagons along the Oregon Trail as pioneers (farmers) from the East came to the Willamette Valley of Oregon Territory to homestead the free land available there during the 19th Century.

    Such is no different than the voice that Al Gore enjoys in ‘intellectual’ communities today. It just seems that too many people cannot not accept the possible truth of Einstein’s statement: “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”

    Have a good day, Jerry

  2. LG says:

    I’ve recently discovered Lionel of Lionel Nation on youtube.
    I find it to be insightful commentary on the MSM (or is it YSM ?)

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    Thanks for thevlink, I’ll check it out.


    “filters like the one you have just tried to provide to your readers.”

    Um, I’m pointing at UNfiltered sources. I don’t see me providing a filter here. I’m looking to remove the MSM biased commentary and editorial filters…

    Maybe you could call that a filter in that it is removing the bias, but I see it more as bypassing the contamination and adjustments to get unfiltered data.

    Don’t see what you are leaping to with stonehenge and Atkinson, but lots of folks have unprovable ideas about stonehenge. Archeology is full of it. The best explanation I’ve seen for moving the stones is “rowing” them with teams of levers. A 12 tonne model was moved that way, easily, so it is shown to work. Oxen have issues due to the load size, drag force, and lack of roads / wheels big enough. Perhaps what was meant by clumsy…

    But to the general point: Any supression of speech has a bad outcome. That all can now have a voice means the best ideas can win, not just the fattest wallet that can buy the most ink, or air time…

  4. LG says:

    Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) lends his perspective onto CNN’s coverage.
    (the first 15 minutes or so of the clip)

  5. philjourdan says:

    @E.M. – you are providing a “recommended” filter. You are recommending filtering out the biased and untrue sources and going for the more open and factual sources.

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