Election Over, Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Matter Anymore?

Just a minor “Negative Space” observation:

Now that the election is over and nobody is “pushing it” anymore, Black Lives Matter seems to have completely evaporated from the news.

Now isn’t it odd that something that was being pushed by the collective Yellow Stream Media with at least a story a week during the lead-up to the election and with organized mass marches in the streets (in conveniently important election districts) has simply gone silent?

Now it’s all Trump and Russia, Russia and Trump. What about Putin & Obama? What about Hillary & Russia? Oh, so “last year”…

Sigh. This morning I tried to do a “news cycle”. It’s Saturday. News Reporters are hung over from the party last night… All the “news” is stories recycled from earlier in the week. I swear, if World War III broke out on a Saturday morning we’d not hear about it until Monday afternoon… (once the hangover wore off…)

Status of Venezuela? Nothing in the “news”.

Oil price crashed, economic implications? Crickets.

Turkey having a 1 year Faux Revolution Purge historical review? Mentioned as a parade opportunity on some international news. Analysis of the purges (ongoing) what 100,000 Turks tossed off their jobs for political orientation or practicing free speech might mean for a NATO member? Nope, just 4 walled images of Trump shaking hands in France and even a count-down timer of how long he spent doing it with Macron… Any explanation of what the folks being purged might believe? Missing entirely…

The wiki has:

It has initiated forums for interfaith dialogue. It has substantial investments in media, finance, and for-profit health clinics. Despite its teachings that are considered conservative even in Turkey, some have praised the movement as a pacifist, modern-oriented version of Islam, and as an alternative to more extreme schools of Islam such as Salafism.

Oh, the horrors… /sarc;

So we are quite likely to end up with Turkey pushing to re-form the Ottoman Empire on a harder Islamic core, facing off against Russia trying to re-form the Russian Empire, with ISIS / ISIL / “whatever” trying to form a different Caliphate all three going at it (and against The House Of Saud & Emirate Friends), and us and the EU getting sucked in as NATO members (perhaps on more than one “side”) as Turkey turns back to a despotic non-democracy pushing a harder Islam and aborting western freedoms of thought, association, and speech… and the “news” is fixated on Donald Jr. actually talked to a Russian lawyer and said “Is that all you got?”… (I’ll believe something substantial was discussed when Hillary gets an arrest warrant issued… Until then, anything discussed was “milk and cookies” level.)

We’ve got China setting up a military base at the mouth of the Red Sea, putting a navy to sea to take control of shipping in Asia, and preparing to dominate from the Indian Ocean to Kamchatka; India likely to end up in combined navy and land battle when China is ready to start something, and the “news” is upset at how long Trump takes to say goodby to Macron? Really?

One gets more real news from the “Click Bait” on various random pages… or the Checkout Tabloids… (Did you know Beyoncé had twins named Sir & Rumi? Yeah, that gets more coverage than the death of Yet Another Clinton Adversary just before scheduled to testify…)

So after all that, I was thinking back to a year ago when the news was more, er, exciting. Riots. Cop killings. Then it hit me. The silence is deafening. With no election and no need to rile up Blacks with an election agenda, Black Lives Matter just doesn’t matter to the “news” or the Democrats… They’ve got 3 more years before Blacks matter to them again.

I suspect just doing a “compare and contrast” between leading headlines and stories of the quarter before the election vs now would be highly informative as to what was being pushed as propaganda efforts to gin up the vote by Democrats… Since the “media” are dominated by them, their hand is visible, even if as the negative space shadow. Since Republican points of view are blocked, they can work invisibly. Hmmm…

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16 Responses to Election Over, Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Matter Anymore?

  1. Gary says:

    Last week I saw a short filler piece on local news TV about a police organization suing leaders of BLM for inciting violence against law enforcement officers. BLM was arguing that it was a movement and not an organization that could be sued. The court was trying to sort out the question.

  2. cdquarles says:

    About Democrats and the LSM with respect to black Americans, that movie has been playing for more than 60 years, ever since the Ds wanted to part black Americans from the Republican party. SSDD in my book.

  3. Larry Ledwick says:

    Noticing the ebb and flow of those sorts of news stories does make it clear how managed the news is. One day it is non-stop wall to wall coverage, a few weeks later, you can’t find mention of it in the news.

    Clearly someone is sitting in a media focus strategy meeting somewhere, deciding which dials to turn up to boil and which buttons to push. It is not news stories driven by events that are news worthy but rather events driven by a story board plan of how to play a certain story line coverage to create the events that they want.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Under California joint and severable liability, IIRC, any leaders or organizers ought to be liable for the full bill, even if only 1% liable… so that whole “I am not a big fish” approach fails… just need to show that : sure it was a movement, but you were a leader or promoter of it…

    SSDD Same Shit Different Day. (Had to look it up…)

    The Dems desperately try to bury that they were the party of southern slavery and Republics did the liberating of slaves… overcompensating in public, still using blacks for personal and party gain in private. Only unclear bit is why Blacks don’t noticec and vote for someone else…

  5. Larry Ledwick says:

    If anyone could get the movie made I think the best way to raise that issue is with a movie similar to “Roots” only telling the real story of Southern Democrats oppression of blacks.

    The picture I have in my mind is an old black man (or two) sitting on the porch telling a young black kid the real story about what happened with flash back episodes. It could be very powerful if done right (Clint Eastwood are you available?).

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    In a slightly related way – – from twitter:
    Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸‏Verified account @JackPosobiec 16m16 minutes ago

    Jack Posobiec

    🇺🇸 Retweeted AntifaHunter

    Big if true
    AntifaHunter‏ @HunterAntifa

    Thanks to an anonymous source 25,000 names of Antifa I will release tonight from Germany Austria France Denmark @Chicago_ARA @TorchAntifa

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    That doxing name list could be very interesting…

    But anyone with a uniform dress code, official positions, and roster is unclear on the meaning of anarchist…

  8. u.k.(us) says:

    Only amateurs stop drinking long enough on the weekend to get hung over, true professionals are hung over Monday and 1/2 of Tuesday :)

  9. philjourdan says:

    A week ago we had a Klan rally where I was working (about 4 blocks from the building). As I was working, I did not see much. But I do remember the black T-shirts with the BLM on it. (the counter protesters who outnumbered the klan 20-1).

    Interestingly, the only arrests were of the counter protesters. And it was pretty quiet for the most part. But tear gas was used, and the snowflakes are upset.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @U.K. (US):

    Well, guess I’m an amateur… or the spouse just won’t let me show up drunk at church…

    (But dear, they serve wine there so it MUST be OK… )


    The Klan still exists and has rallies? Who knew…

    Yeah, the Antifa and BLM folks have not yet learned that being a PC prat does not give you a free pass on assault and ‘failure to comply’ laws… Were I a “blue suit”, given what I’ve seen in the news about their behaviours, I’d have reached the “just toss their asses in jail and let the judge explain it” point a while ago. I wouldn’t care if a conviction happened. It would just be “You don’t get it about being an ass in public? OK, how about a night with Bubba and a record to ‘splain it to you…”

    You can think anything you want and you can advocate for any position you want, but you can’t hurt other folks, start fights, wear masks in public, and ignore police orders…

  11. cdquarles says:

    About why so many black Americans don’t notice? I say they, or many, do; but they don’t change their vote due to peer pressure. Shame and ostracism work and sometimes work too well. That’s why PDJT actually appealed to them by saying the ‘unthinkable’ and it worked but not well enough.

  12. philjourdan says:

    @E.M. – Yea, they are still around. The “official” count was 50 klansmen and 1000 counter protesters. The klan seems to be more a social group these days. I am sure their favorite topic concerns hate towards one group or another. But about the only thing they do in these parts is cause the opposition to go bat sh*t crazy and get arrested.

  13. cdquarles says:

    Can you imagine this happening at a major university today. More than 40 years ago, the Klan would show up on campus early in the academic year and hand out fliers. They’d hand them to anyone willing to take it. I want to say that they handed them out even to black students ;p. They had an interesting, if flawed, point of view (directly drawn from the ‘natural aristocracy’ of one John C. Calhoun and others) spiced with Darwinism. As with much of human ideas, some points were sound and others not so much.

    Imagine this, too. There were no protests nor riots.

  14. Wayne Job says:

    Talking to a tradie friend the other day, he said ” you get better news and science in a titty bar”
    That is aussie for a tradesman and a bar where the girls go topless. I tend to believe he is correct.
    I am now in my 8th decade and the world to me now is in a dire straight compared to fifty years ago, the bullshit science and the political correctness is drowning the western world. When the shit hits fan it will be up to the western world to try and sort it out. WW111 I fear will be a menagerie of idiots from all directions. As our most famous bushranger said just before that hung him,”Such is life”

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    @Wayne Job:

    I suspect we’re seeing a battle for global dominance with the Globalists trying a soft coup against western democracies, the Jihadis going for a mix of cultural jihad, hard jihad, and financial subversion, China going straight empire build, and everyone else trying to keep their national sovereignty

    The Globalists think if they just corrupt democracy enough and put enough government Central Authority in place they can control the world. That can never work (for complicated data flow reasons and social reasons involving cultural differences.)

    Eventually these different forces will collide spectacularly, or the Globalists will “win” and discover that ends in collapse and failure.

    In either case, we end in a destructive blowup back into smaller modular countries again, just minus a lot of people and treasure…

    I just hope we can hold it off for another 40 years or so… but it’s looking more like 10 and done.

    BTW, we have ‘titty bars’ here too by the same name. But you won’t get much intel out of them, the clients tend to be sales and tech guys not talking much and just drooling while the music is too loud to talk. I was in one once about 20 years back with a sales guy. Didn’t particularly like it. Can’t get to know anyone and “look don’t touch” isn’t my thing…

    But yeah, talk to the trades and you know about what’s going on. Who’s adding shop, who’s moving to smaller digs…

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