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Faith Goldy – I Love You…

Speaking truth, consequences be damned. I love that. (That it’s a cute blond woman doesn’t hurt ;-) Continue reading

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Tired of Joyless, Crabby, Bitch-Slapping, Cranky, PissWater Leftists? Then Dance!

Are you tired of the joyless emotion draining ennui of The Socialist Left? Do you need some honest joy in your life? Are you tired of being berated for actually appreciating sexuality and differences? Fear Not, brothers and sisters, Just DANCE! Continue reading

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Making A Pristine Build Builder

How do you make a clean “sandbox” or “clean room” system to use to build your own systems? How do you prevent “contamination” from the Internet or Bad Guys from crawling into your build process? Nothing is perfect, but you can get close… Continue reading

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W.O.O.D. – Weekly Occasional Open Discussion

Weekly Occasional Open Discussion Thread. If it’s happening now, feel free to talk about it. Continue reading

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Notes on Devuan on Disk on R.Pi Model 3

I’ve moved several of the operating system filesystem bits onto a Real Disk. This is on my Raspberry Pi Model 3. It is noticeably faster, and I’m liking it. Continue reading

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The Ocean, By Other Means – Air Temperatures

How much ocean does it take to hold all the heat in the atmosphere? Not very much… Continue reading

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WTF? – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

A semi-review of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – an excellent movie. Continue reading

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