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So back from my week in Chicago and thinking maybe my Spanish needs some polish, I’ve been watching more Spanish TV. Usually I watch a bit every so often, typically news. This time I decided to go for a series, and not just Sabado Gigante or … OMG, we need a sidebar!

Sabado Gigante, iconic Univision program, is ending
by Mariano Castillo @CNNMoney April 19, 2015: 9:16 AM ET

After 53 years, Spanish language television channel Univision says it is ending Sabado Gigante’s run.
The longest-running variety show in television history — Sabado Gigante — will end its 53-year run in September, Univision Communications announced Friday.

The show is near and dear to many Spanish speakers, but even those who don’t know the language are likely to recognize the program.

OMG! I’ve watched this thing, on and off, for half a Century, they just CAN’T end it!!!
But it seems they have…

A variety show with buxom babes, sappy comedy, music, and more. It has been part of my life since near the beginning at my Best Friends Casa …

Well, OK, so I’ve not watched much in the last decade… still, that’s not enoogh to can it….

But, as I was sayng… Watching La Equina del Diablo (The Devil’s Corner), a police show about an undercover lady cop infiltrating drug gangs, there’s an interesting non-PC moment. It comes at about 38 minutes into Season 1 Episode 5 (yes, I’ve been binge watching it… swapping languages is a bit of a pain and I’m kind of prone to staying in Spanish once I’ve swapped, so several hours now…) there’s a very non-PC thing happens that gives me hope.

The plot has an Arab guy, somewhere in a Hispanic country, and the Drug Cartel; and the Drug Lord is trying to swap Meth for “T4” (which I assume is Spanish for C4) explosives. The cops are onto the swap, and skipping a bunch of detail, the cops Boss says to the cops direct supervisor, per the Arabs, “And look out for me because those Arabs are messed up” (in translation).

Well, I have to say, it is rather refreshing to see such non-PC commentary in the middle of a “Crime Show”. Never mind that it stars a “babe with guns”, OK? That’s just a personal fetish… Here there is a simple recognition that even with crime lords dealing with Arabs, “those Arabs are messed up”.

There’s hope for the world yet!

IF an Hispanic show can have “babes with guns” and recognize that Arabs are “messed up”, I’m all for open borders with Mexico and South America!

FWIW, in general, paert of why I like watching Spanish Language TV is that they are NOT infested with PC Crap. Babes are babes, lots of cleavage and all, Men are Men, muscles and pants bulges and liking women and all. Guess what, I’m OK with that. So (of all things) I watch Spanish TV for a dose of normality. The only problem is that my audio error correction isn’t as good as with English so I have to run the sound louder.

That they “have clue” about the risks of an Arab Invasion (or Islamic Cultural Genocide) is just gravy on the pie.

FWIW, the cultural rot, PC crap, and cultural collapse seems much less in Hispanic Cultures and Russia, far higher in German Speaking and English derived countries. If only Russian and Hispanic places were less enamored of Socialism….

Well, with that, back to binge watching Devil’s Corner….

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7 Responses to NOT PC – La Esquina del Diablo

  1. philjourdan says:

    I have watched several shows on Univision, but Sabado Gigante was not one of them. Now I will miss it. Darn.

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    … stars a “babe with guns”, OK
    Yesterday, a picture of Giovanna Ralli appeared

    [ My brother and Raúl Castro are the same age, 86. In my brother’s case, health has become an issue during the last 3 years.
    Bus driver, Nicolás Maduro has driven his bus about as far as he can.
    Meanwhile, ‘The Donald’ has made life tougher for these two linked societies.
    Unlike “climate catastrophe”, I think I will live to see big changes in these places. ]

    [The other “issue” place is home to the dumb little fat guy (or whatever John McCain called him). ]

    All of these places need a good woman with a gun.

    Texas woman shoots, kills home intruder

  3. Zeke says:

    The plot has an Arab guy, somewhere in a Hispanic country, and the Drug Cartel; and the Drug Lord is trying to swap Meth for “T4” (which I assume is Spanish for C4) explosives. The cops are onto the swap, and skipping a bunch of detail, the cops Boss says to the cops direct supervisor, per the Arabs, “And look out for me because those Arabs are messed up” (in translation).

    Here is more on an Is11mic connection with South American governments, and Venezuela in particular:

    Retired CIA Station Chief, Brad Johnson Aug 1 2017 Part II
    Vlad Tepesblog
    dur 30:47
    remarks at 16:48

    Actually it is Peter Hitchens who has been most dogged in researching the extensive drug use of these terrorists. It is very difficult to get the data but he has amassed quite a bit. Is11mist supremacists not only make money in host countries with drugs, but they also are using drugs to do violent crimes, like mowing people down and then running into a building with a knife. It isn’t just “extremism” you know. And if you want to see truly inhuman brutality look at M s I 3 and related gangs.

    You will also note that excessively violent and psychopathic priesthoods in South America used drugs such as cocaine. It is actually demonic and requires shutting off all humanity, conscience, and rationality.

  4. Zeke says:

    Some information on Middle East-South American connections, remarks at 16:48.

  5. Zeke says:

    From the not-so-way-back machine, on the growth of moos11m holy war against the West.

    Julian Jones commented:

    “But how about this, a German Jew promoting jihad in 1914 : “Denkschrift betreffend die Revolutionierung der islamischen Gebiete unserer Feinde (“Memorandum on revolutionizing the Islamic territories of our enemies”) of October 1914. The memo argued for enlisting the Sultan to call on the world’s Muslims to engage in a Holy War against the colonial powers, France and Great Britain. To develop the necessary propaganda, the Nachrichtenstelle für den Orient (Intelligence Bureau for the East) was established in Berlin. Oppenheim became its head. ” (”

  6. Zeke says:

    Venezuela illegally issued 10,000 passports to Syrians … – Miami Herald…/venezuela/article145081049.html
    Apr 17, 2017 – Within the span of a year, Venezuela illegally issued at least 10,000 passports and other documents to citizens of Syria, Iran and other Middle …

    Venezuela illegally issued 10000 passports to Syrians … – Fox News…/venezuela-illegally-issued-10000-passports-to-syrians-iranians-rep...
    Apr 17, 2017 – A former director of Venezuela’s Office of Identification, Migration and Foreigners said that during his 17 months in the post, the socialist …

    Venezuela issued roughly 10,000 passports to Syrians and Iranians ……/venezuela-issued-roughly-10-000-passports-syrians-iranians-a...
    Apr 18, 2017 – Venezuela may have issued up to 10000 illegal passports to citizens of Syria, Iran and other nations.

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