Faith Goldy – I Love You…

Not in a creepy stalker kind of way, just as a Fellow Traveler “I feel your pain” kind of way….

I started writing this piece one day, but now as I’m about to finish, find Faith Goldy was fired by The Rebel. Shame on The Rebel for that. So I’ve added that bit in the text below.

Now, the big question, can I “repeat the chain” of connections that got me here for proper attribution…. (One doesn’t know they will need attribution until they reach the end of the chain… sometimes that’s too late…)

First, the attribution for the picture of the car heading into the crowd down below, and for the “The Rebel” update:

The picture is from:

reached from a link here (h/t Another Ian):

That Faith was “let go” showed up from here:

Found from here:

I have no idea what was in the “offending” podcast:

I was upset that she went to the Charlottesville protests, despite my direction to her not to go in any capacity.

But we all screw up — you don’t throw someone overboard for making a mistake. Each of us are second chancers, our whole company is a second chance.

But then I saw the news that she went on a podcast from the Daily Stormer, and it was just too far. So we said goodbye.

To me, it looks more like the “editor” wanted to muzzle a “reporter” AND have exclusive control of them. Hard to be an independent journalist under those rules.

So given that Faith is now “out” there, I’m seeing my comments as more “supportive in time of need” than when first written. But back to the main thread…

Another Ian (H/T!) here:

Pointed at this article:

That mostly points here:

Which has a video and the text transcript of a very good “rant” about how the Racist Insensitive Left (my words…) is causing and exploiting various racial tensions for their own gain.

What’s the text? Hit the link… but a sampler:

Charlottesville, In My Own Words
Faith GoldyRebel Host

A candid response in the wake of my on-the-ground reports from the so-called Unite The Right rally in Virginia this weekend:

But before I begin, a word to the hundreds of individuals who reached out expressing concern and gratitude for my reports. I am now safe and sound, and I can’t take credit for having done anything extraordinary. I simply kept my camera rolling.

It breaks my heart that a young woman left her house on Saturday morning and will never return. It’s horrific. Her family is in my prayers.

And I condemn James Field’s alleged actions in the strongest possible terms. I thank God for having been spared from the carnage.

Now, a word to the growing chorus of haters who have called me every slanderous name, threatened to dox those closest to me, and many of whom have wished me dead:

You do not define me.

So, allow me to define myself:

I do not bathe in tears of white guilt. That does not make me a white supremacist.

I oppose state multiculturalism and affirmative action. That does not make me a racist.

I reject cultural relativism. That does not make me a fascist.

I think the false song of “social justice” has rotted the West from the inside out. But I have never called for violence against any of their adherents.

I love my country and want its borders protected. That does not make me Alt Right.

And for Pete’s sakes, I work for a Jewish boss and am a Christian advocate for the one-state solution for Israel— I am not a damn neo-Nazi.

When I said that the Charlottesville Statement was a thoughtful document, it was not an endorsement. It was my sense that there were grounds upon which to engage in conversation — NOT PHYSICAL COMBAT — with the Alt Right, something I made very clear in my interviews, even encouraging the left to make a rebuttal to the 20 point manifesto.

Clarity. Understanding of context. Understanding of cause. Unflinching resolve to support truth.

Faith: I love you. Unconditionally.

(Do realize I’m married. Very married. So at most we can gaze longingly at each other from afar… provided you like old, overweight and somewhat geek like guys.. who bring their wife to events..)

But I do love you, unconditionally and with all my being. (Hey, it’s a “guy thing”. Happens a couple of times a year, so don’t read too much into it… even though I would die defending you… it’s what guys do…)

The Video:

It looks like Rebel Media is somewhere I need to start watching. (UPDATE: Or maybe not… now that they have shown they toss honest good people under the PC bus…)

Is it really so hard to understand that:

We love our history, even the crazy uncle who did bad shit.

We love our country. No, we don’t want to be some kind of Euro Lite.

I can love other races, yet not want to have my kid raised in a stew of “white guilt” for no reason.

(My family tree includes a large dose of Irish. We Irish Mob were brought to America largely as “indentured servants” which was theoretically 1/2 step above “slave” as you theoretically could buy your freedom. The reality was that your “debt” to the “patron” was ever growing, not shrinking. BTW, the Germanic / English said we had tails, were lazy, and were sub-human… so just why ought I feel “white guilt” again? Oddly, the rest of the family tree includes a lot of poor sailor English and Germans via Amish who were also not “owners” of much of anything, let alone people.)

So I reject entirely the whole idea of “White Guilt”. Why ought I, from a lineage similarly subjugated, who never had any slaves, never advocated for same, and generally have been on the bottom of the “ladder of shit” for generations, take onto myself the sins of MY oppressors? Eh?

BTW, my grandchildren are 100% at this point “mixed race” of an unknown in the specifics mix. (Nobody has cared enough to sort it out…) My mother and father have a modest number of grandchildren and great grandchildren at this point. They are an odd mix. Near as I can tell, we have American Indian, Spanish, Puerto Rican (may include black to some degree), Irish German French Italian and English (who have been trying to kill each other for at least 1000 years) and some amount of “Unknown” in the grandchildren and great grand children. So just who am I supposed to be “racist” toward, eh? My Grandson who is racially mixed? My Grand Niece who has hair and eyes black as coal and a spirit that could light a bonfire?

Yet, as a “dark ash blond” hair color person with skin transparent due to the ‘red head gene’ so “VERY white”, I have no doubt that the RACISTS in ANTIFA would want to attack me. Would I drive my car into a crowd of them if assaulted? Can I get back to you on that?…. I haven’t thought through my “respond with all possible force to attacks” vs “WTF are they attacking me for?” paradigm…

Now look at this photo of the car in question about to ram folks. Gee, looks like almost all white faces to me. Just how is it RACIST for a WHITE guy to run over WHITE PEOPLE? There’s one guy in a hoodie that might be dark, but I can’t tell if that’s just the shadow of the hoodie. In a video I did see at lest ONE Black Guy running out of the crowd. One. Maybe other folks can find more. But it is quite clear the general ANTIFA Mob are almost all WHITE.

Car about to run over ANTIFA group

Car about to run over ANTIFA group

In the sprit of Full Disclosure:

My first crush was at about age 4. My Dad sold stuff “door to door” and I was doing a ‘ride along” in his Chevy Station Wagon (filled with stuff to deliver or sell). At one home, there were some kids playing in the back yard. An “older women” of about 5, was running in the yard. She had long braids down her back. She ran like the wind. Slim and athletic. And the sun made her skin glisten like ebony. She was blacker than black and I was in love. (Did I mention it’s a guy thing? Happens a couple of times month when young, a couple a year when older? Women think guys don’t really love them, but we do. It’s just that it happens so often…)

Two decades later, my “date” to the High School Reunion was a Chinese girl. I’d had a crush on her from about 5th grade to 12th. We were born one day apart, in the same country hospital, and had spent our first days one bassinet away from each other. I’d “made my move” prior to the reunion, only to be informed that she was “in love with a black guy”… so we went to the reunion together. Me as “cover” for her very “unacceptable to parents black boyfriend” and she as “Me with the hot Asian chick” to get back at all those clods from High School.

I had paid $50 (about $150 in current dollars) for an “Afro” hair doo prior.. so picture a blondish tech nerd with an Afro and an “Asian Babe” at the reunion… Yeah, it was worth it… even if she didn’t really want the white guy when a hot black stud was on offer… How she explained the Black Dude to her family was something I never investigated…

The Point? Well, pretty simple. The two Japanese Guys in my graduating class married / had the hots for, a German Blond local and an Italian Hottie Local. The Very White Prom Queen married a Black Guy from out of town. My story you have already heard. Basically, we were ALL getting in each others pants and nobody cared what color or language or race or ethnicity you were. My Social Studies teacher in high school was married to my 3rd or 4th grade teacher (I’m a bit fuzzy on exact year…). She was a red-head and he was Japanese. I didn’t realize he was Japanese until about my Junior year. Yeah, we were that race blind in my racist home town…

So “color me racist” as I think ANTIFA thugs ought to be arrested and put in prison for violence and incitement to riot. Call me racist as I’m very very white… just don’t do it when I’m with my Puerto Rican /Dutch mixed somewhat easily tanned-brown daughter-in-law (whom I love and is a great person) or my mixed race grand-kids.

Call me racist, just don’t ask about my two first loves. The Glistening Black Athlete nor that Lovely Chinese who rebuffed me for the Black Dude. That none of us gave a crap about race might taint the narrative…

That’s the thing that bothers me about the Antifa and related folks. They just don’t get it, really. MANY of us have actually lived the “multicultural” dream. We know they are weak tea driven from some kind of fake guilt.

I happen to know that a couple of “regulars” here have mixed race marriages. I’ve spent the night in the home of one (how we got back from the bar and then how more Scotch was applied and we lived is beyond me ;-) Yet the simple fact is that we are all “OK with that”. Conservative beliefs are very race blind.

One of the more conservative folks I’ve known was a black guy married to a Pilipino lady living in Texas… But they moved to a Korean USAF air base last I heard… (Can you say “really multicultural” ? I knew you could…) Tellas, if you are out there, I miss you bro!

My point? Two of my “closest friends” have been a Mexican Kid and a Black Guy. I grew up with the first one and worked with / hung out with the second. Yet because I am white other White ANTIFA assholes would attack me if I wanted to preserve our history, and talk about or understand that many on the Confederate side were loyal to their State and had no interest in slavery, one way or the other.

There is an attempt by the Left and the Democrats (who largely ran the Confederacy…) to make all things about the Confederacy and the Civil War things about race, and to use it as a ‘wedge issue’ to divide people. I refuse to be divided from my mix-race family nor from my multi-race collection of friends.

I also will remind folks that the War Between The States started as a States Rights issue. To prevent an overly strong oppressive Central Authority rising to power. Looking at D.C. now, I wish The South had won. Slavery was NOT an issue until the North was getting into trouble. Lincoln did NOT want to abolish slavery until he was losing. Then he made it an issue to gin up support for an unpopular war.

Slavery was also race blind. There were black slave OWNERS too. In other countries, various races were enslaved, including the raids by dark Muslims on Celtic and British villages.

But by the 1800s, slavery was dying out. It still isn’t quite dead, it lives on in parts of Africa and Asia, mostly. But the Roman style of a society based on a majority of slave labor was ending under its own weight globally. The British were losing control of their slave plantation islands as were the French and others. That, BTW, is why the Caribbean Islands and some in the Pacific have a large black population. It was going to die out in the USA too. “Civil” war or not. Most folks knew that. The economics of it were failing.

THE major impetus for the War Between The States was an economic / Central Authority one. The North wanted to economically dominate the South (and succeeded even if it did take a war). The Hamilton Central Power folks finally beat the Jefferson Libertarians. Using race as their motivator to rile up the folks on both sides to kill each other for them. The Confederate Statues are NOT promoting racism, they are promoting valiant freedom minded folks fighting what they saw as oppression by a financial elite who wanted to control their States. A fight I think is still worthy of promoting.

Now look at the economic and Central Authority bias of ANTIFA and their fellow travelers. They are PRO Central Authority, wanting a strong Socialist system to force their view of ‘fair’ economics on everyone (with Dear Leader and Friends Of Dear Leader making a bundle…) Golly, Hamiltonians. Look at those who are defending the Confederate Memory: They are for individual freedoms. And once again, race is the bait for the wedge. Backed and funded by George Soros, a strong Central Authority promoter pushing his Socialist Ideals globally via Color Revolutions.

Just say no to Soros, and ANTIFA, in their attempt at a Color Revolution and “take down” of Trump. Don’t take the Race Bait. See it for what it is. “The Russians Did It” failed as a strategy (and has mysteriously and suddenly dropped out of the news all over all at the same time…) just when Confederate Smearing As Trump Supporters hits the news 24 x7. Accident? I don’t think so.

In Conclusion:

I hope Faith Goldy gets picked up at a new outlet. Having only just found her voice at The Rebel, I have no idea where to look for more of her articles.

I wish well and hope for a bright future for her.

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18 Responses to Faith Goldy – I Love You…

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    She may take the same path as Joe Posobiec and Lauren Southern and go independent.

    Joe left Rebel media too, so it appears there is some agenda being played out against independent minded journalists. Did not hurt Joe P. a bit, he got retweeted the other day by the President.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I think you need to take what Faith said – “You do not define me”. You are justifying what does not need to be justified. A “pure white” family in America is definitely in the minority. Like you, all races are in my family, and that is just in my generation to my grandkids. I have a Chinese cousin, black nephews, Latino children and grand children. We are not the racists.

    The left is. And always has been. The Media will not report it. The establishment will deny it. But they do not define me. Nor you.

    Charlottesville was merely 2 factions of the left facing off and one died. It is not the first time. It will not be the last time.

    The right is not involved. It is the left who has the stains of blood on their hands.

  3. Another Ian says:


    I’ll reckon you can keep track of Faith via comments etc at Small Dead Animals. Some comments in ” Readers” link below


    TimR | August 18, 2017 11:48 AM | Reply

    Scott Adams has a blog post up that is worth reading.

    How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble

    The most visible Mass Hysteria of the moment involves the idea that the United States intentionally elected a racist President. If that statement just triggered you, it might mean you are in the Mass Hysteria bubble. The cool part is that you can’t fact-check my claim you are hallucinating if you are actually hallucinating. But you can read my description of the signs of mass hysteria and see if you check off the boxes.”

  4. Glenn999 says:

    I think they didn’t want Faith at an alt-right rally. Don’t know why, but maybe it would look bad in their eyes.
    I listened to her interview with Storm??? at The Krypto Resort – Episode XXII: The Charlottesville Putsch 8/14/17
    I didn’t think it was over the top….I thought she was trying to continue her coverage of the alt right rally story by talking with those involved. News in news, unless it’s fake news msm-style

    Just my 2 cents

    also, here is link to something similar I saw last weekend about the car crash.

    I’m not trying to justify any actions, just trying to figure out things. Most people try to stay out of serious trouble, but when violent people attack, things can go bad quickly.

  5. jim2 says:

    If you have on the one hand a rascist who has never hurt anyone, vesus a non-rascist who has killed someone who did nothing wrong – which is morally worse? Obvioiusly, the murderer. Rascism per se isn’t the worst problem in the world.

  6. catweazle666 says:

    “But by the 1800s, slavery was dying out. It still isn’t quite dead, it lives on in parts of Africa and Asia, mostly.”

    Not in the UK, unfortunately.

    Nor in any country where there is a significant Islamic presence, as slavery is permissible under Sharia law.

  7. M Simon says:

    The editors job is to muzzle reporters that reduce audiences or annoy advertisers.

  8. philjourdan says:

    @Glenn999 – Just like Baltimore, the DA is over reaching and building up expectations that the courts cannot keep. He will be convicted. But I suspect when all is done and over with, the conviction will be a lesser manslaughter charge. The other charges – if they even go to trial on them – will be ruled not guilty.

    He is guilty. Of Bad judgement. But that is not a criminal matter. He is guilty of vehicular Manslaughter – he did kill the woman. For that, the DA only has to show that he did it, not what his intentions are. But for the other charges – Murder 2, etc. they have to show intent. And any competent lawyer will be able to use those videos – and the rhetoric – to show it was a tragic mistake. Not a criminal intent.

    Then you are going to see the left erupt again. And there may well be deaths from that. Will they be prosecuted? My money says no.

  9. YMMV says:

    For more (lots more) about the founder of The Rebel,

    The Rebel is against Islam, that seems to be what defines “the far right” in the eyes of the left.

    For his part, Levant said The Rebel “generally” distinguishes between Islam and Muslims. “Muslims are people,” he said. “Islam is a religion, a political doctrine, a set of ideas. We believe that any idea should be open to criticism, especially one that is so controversial, and that is cited by its adherents as the authority for so much violence.”

    Faith Goldy wrote something about The Jewish Question (which I have not read), evidently not pro-Jewish. Ezra Levant is Jewish. I’m thinking that’s what got her fired.

  10. jim2 says:

    I think it’s time to deploy a new term: political racism.

    “Anti-Trump activist ‘executed his Republican neighbor with two bullets to the head in a long-running dispute’

  11. Glenn999 says:

    is there a link to the actual speeches, maybe even transcripts, from yesterday’s freespeech rally in boston?

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like Right Side Broadcasting was there (and in Texas) covering it live. That usually also means recorded. I’ve have gotten the specific link but the top level (that showed it in the background) was popping up an obnoxious “Subscribe for notifications” box and I NEVER CLICK STRANGE BOXES… so I can’t watch RBSN now. Maybe it will eventually go away…

  13. Glenn999 says:

    it was 7 hours long. I skipped through to see if the speeches were covered, but it seemed to be just crazy lefties chanting. I was hoping to understand the event, but if you listen to the left it was about stopping the haters and white supremacists; nothing to do with free speech for all.

    If anyone knows who was speaking and what they said, that would be cool. thanks

  14. richard verney says:

    @philjourdan says

    He will be convicted. But I suspect when all is done and over with, the conviction will be a lesser manslaughter charge.

    I do not know US law, but I have watched the video, and I can foresee that even a manslaughter charge may not stick. Whether it does may well depend upon the political bent of the jury.

    It is very dangerous to seek to reach conclusions without seeing all the evidence. But consider:

    (i) You are driving a LHD vehicle through an ugly crowd of protestors with balaclavas and baseball bats.
    (ii) You see in front of you to the left (ie., on your side of the vehicle) a man coming at you wielding a baseball bat.
    (iii) You consider that the bat he is wielding is going to hit you in front of the windscreen or through the side window and splatter you with glass. This perception might be a correct assessment or incorrect assessment, but one that is genuinely held by you, the driver.
    (iv) to avoid the perceived danger of attack, you speed up the vehicle, the result of which is that the violent demonstrator assailant does not hit the windscreen/side window of your car, but instead bashes the rear end of the car.
    (v) there is either insufficient gap, between your vehicle and the car in front and/or the vehicle in front slows so as to not safely permit your vehicle to speed up and a collision occurs. You the driver had insufficient time to analyze matters since your attention was directed to avoiding the assault on you by the violent demonstrator assailant.

    If you had a genuine fear for your personal safety is it manslaughter to act in a way so as to seek to preserve your personal safety?

    Since self defence is a valid defence to murder, it seems to me that self defence which did not intentional cause harm to anyone could well be a valid defence to manslaughter.

    It could even be involuntary action in the sense that it is a reflect action, ie., when someone comes at you with a baseball bat, it is instinct to take some avoiding action. This avoiding action could be swerving (ducking and diving) or speeding up to avoid the attack. Was there any conscious thought to the consequent of the act that the driver took?

    The issue here may well depend upon whether the driver can sufficiently convince the jury that he was genuinely concerned as to his safety.

  15. philjourdan says:

    @Richard verney – notice I said what he would be convicted of. Not what he is guilty of. The incident is too political for justice to be blind in this case (the guy is a nut case in any event). I could see him getting off with even a lesser charge. But I doubt it. He did kill the woman. Of that, there is no question.

  16. richard verney says:

    Here in the UK, the MSM is only anti Trump so one never gets to see the demonstrations and the tooled up demonstrators, nor the video of the car.

    You are probably right that because the incident is highly politically charged, he will get convicted of something. Without knowing the full evidence that might be the right result, but then again it might not be..

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