For Beth – Nobody’s Serf – Dance!

So, I love dance, and Beth loves dance, so… by the transitive property of dance do we love each other? Well, I donno… but I do know that this posting is all for Beth, as she loves dance.

(FWIW I’m like the “no waist” balding Neanderthal type in the opening… I can understand the process, but without a waist how can you wiggle like a Cro Magnon?…)

Dance in Movies – C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat

So, Let’s Dance!

Safety dance [Multifandom]

Alan Walker – Faded (Remix) & Shuffle Dance:

So, just for those folks thinkn’ Country is all about cows and losing y’er Gal…
Strong Women? Strong Men Love ’em:

Then everything old is new again and Let’s Swing!

Sweet Sisters Hit the road Jack

(Pay close attention to the “girls” in the opening sequence…)

The Speakeasy Three – When I Get Low, I Get High – ( Official Video )

Now, just as some “Comdy Relief” I had no idea Sad Clown had been on America’s Got Talent or that they were clueless as to who he was…:

Sad Shy Clown With His Mind Blowing Version of Sia’s “Chandelier” | Week 1 | Ameri

Dance? Sing? Is there really a difference?

Sing Sing Sing

By now I’m sure folks have notice my fascination with all things Hispanic and in particular Shakira, like:

Shakira – Ojos AsĂ­

BUT, there is another Shakira how has won my heart and soul:

Britains Got Talent – little Shakira

What can I say? I’m in love again… (Have I mentioned it’s a guy thing?…)

Stepping away from that…

Africa meets White People in:

Bongo Dance! Safri Duo Played Alive

Guys in motion to Sia (We can almost move as well as women – if only we had hips..):

Move Your Body – Sia ft Kazaky

Then, dance as ritual combat, and love:

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)

OK, now to “cool out” a bit and unwind from the hotness…

Can you do the impossible? In the movie (5th Element), they hired a trained opera star with exceptional range, then used a frequency booster to add the low notes. Now while this is a bit light in the low note volume compared to the movie, in fact, it is supposed to be impossible for any human to do:

The Song Was Written Impossible For Human But She Nailed It. Charismatic Jane Zhang!

So, Beth, can we agree that women are much more interesting and skilled than men? (though we are trying… very trying… ;-)



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18 Responses to For Beth – Nobody’s Serf – Dance!

  1. beththeserf says:

    Wow, chiefio, I’m chuffed! Yes – women are pretty good.
    demonstrate some neat footwork when the occasion
    calls fer it, but say, where’d we be w/out yous men?
    Takes two ter tango… )

    Harvest Dance –
    Neolithic tribes began it to invoke fertility,
    stave off famine. Egyptians on the Nile
    continued mimicking the sun in a ritual dance.
    Visigoths and Greeks and Gauls also did it,
    sliding in a circle round some focal symbol,
    maybe fire or idol or tree or may-pole,
    while chilly Lithuanians and Letts up north,
    likely imbued it with a bit more energy,
    tempo multo-vivacissimo.

    Meanwhile down south, leaping high as the corn,
    tribal Africans surpassed them all by their riotous,
    mimetic and ecstatic variation.

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    You can’t have possibly watched all the videos yet… but OK take your bow ;-)

    and spend a while enjoying the Dance!

    (FWIW I had a dance class at U.C. so I have some modest skill…)

  3. beththeserf says:

    Jest came back to watch some more. )

  4. beththeserf says:

    That Speakeasy Three, they got harmony, beat and sync!
    Coming back to hear more.

  5. waterside4 says:

    Aw com’on chiefio, where’s Riverdance?

  6. beththeserf says:

    Folk dance :) I luv it so.

  7. philjourdan says:

    Do a little side step. Best little Whore House in Texas. One of my favorite movies.

  8. E.M.Smith says:


    One must wonder how many furious tiny steps they are taking to look like they glide without moving… ;-) Just amazing…



  9. cdquarles says:

    Oh I am a fan of folk dance. Russian folk dances are among the most intricate that I know of. Love them :D

  10. waterside4 says:

    Thank you sir, the auld oirish, we know how to move it.

  11. beththeserf says:

    Cossack Dance.

    Height of the Cold War, I remember
    in one of those bleak news reels
    my father used to watch on TV ,
    in the middle of filming troop movements
    and views of subdued people in grey
    industrial towns, the camera moves in
    to focus on soldiers, a smiling Cossack.
    Suddenly he’s down on his haunches,
    in a puddle, does the famous
    cossack improbable movements, defiant
    dance against the elements, O Kalinka
    -and everyone’s entranced.

    – Not a cossack dance but another street surprise
    contra Charlotteville. T

  12. Larry Ledwick says:

    What a fantastic way to bring great music to average people!

    When I was in junior high school they had a music appreciation event where they bused us down to Denver and filled an auditorium with students and The Denver Symphony Orchestra played for us.

    Porgy and Bess, American in Paris, several selections from the great composers. To this day I remember how impressive a full Orchestra was when seen in person.
    Every once in a while when I need some music therapy I put on some appropriate symphonic music and crank it up until you can feel the base section in your chest.

  13. Larry Ledwick says:

    Here is the way the Japanese commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the first playing of Beethoven’s 9th symphony in Japan.

  14. beththeserf says:

    Larry, crescenndo @7.53 -> ‘Yes and Yes.’ )

  15. Larry Ledwick says:

    Flash mob Hallelujah chorus

  16. beththeserf says:

    Oooh yes. What will the anti-western-nannies say to that!
    Maybe La Musica street-surprises a way of asserting our serf
    heritage right ter culture, an open-society-comeback to those
    Rules fer Radicals Antifas?

  17. beththeserf says:

    “Bright Shines the Moon” – more like the wind off the steppes blowing
    across the wheat fields.A serf has danced ter this, lol. I’ll stop now,
    and thank you, EM.

  18. Verity Jones says:

    Great set of videos – sure got my feet tapping.

    Jane Zhang – amazing.

    The Speakeasy Three’s version of ‘When I get low’ is a bit slow for my taste. Try this street version from New Orleans:

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