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Interesting Science Bits

Grab Bag of science bits that caught my eye. From a Dachshund Gene involved with cancer, to repairing spinal cords, to Yellowstone, to crop evolution pushing back agriculture a few thousands of years and transparent solar cells. Continue reading

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Manafort & Gates Under The Bus

Brown stuff impacting rotary spreader… Manafort and Gates now getting splattered. “News” sites convicting on sight. “Russia” the bad guy / fall guy; yet the money Manafort got was a decade ago and from Ukraine. Must be Trump’s fault… Continue reading

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Open Source Hardware Development Board Available

You can now buy an Open Source open design SOC and development board. Presently about as fast as 1/2 a Pi, but soon to be Quad Core 64 Bit once someone fabs up a board. Continue reading

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W.O.O.D. – 27 October 2017

Open discussion thread Continue reading

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