How Could I Have Missed These – or – WT?

It has been a week of some odd challenges and issues. Nothing particularly major, just not a week full of joy times. So I hit YouTube (as one of the non-joys has been that despite 2000+ channels of movies and TV I just wasn’t finding what I wanted…)

So I’m on YouTube. Just watching an open window from the last video posting. Pretty soon that “one thing leads to another” effect of YouTube happens and I’m watching stuff I like. That’s Different. That’s NEW (despite some of it being from the ’70s and before). Now I’m thinking: How can I have never seen something from the ’70s? Er…

So, OK, it’s an eclectic mix of “What?…” Yet it is the stuff that got me out of the doldrums… Go Figure…

Oh, and some of these are fairly straight music & dance, while others would be better with “enhancement” (Simon, we’ll wait for you to light up ;-) being from the ’70s…

Feel like dancing? Really, anybody can dance ;-)

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Long Way Down

Then, this voice, for real? It’s, well, unexpected…

AMANDA LEAR – Enigma (Give a bit of hmm to me) (Live @ Festivalbar 1978)

It’s gotta be a lot of tobacco and whiskey straight…

Amanda Lear – Follow me

So introduced in Italian, sung in English, by a Black group. Strangely fun.

BONEY M – Rasputin (Live @ La Sberla 1978 – Long 12” Version)

Got them ’70s acid glasses ready?

Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood – Official Video

Then a bit more normal…

Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

I tend to like Spanglish, and there isn’t a lot out there in it, but this is one of my favorites. The Island Flair doesn’t hurt either ;-)

Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song (Asereje) (Spanglish Version) (Official Video)

So some party time comes to mind… or just something to “take away your pain” …

Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca

One of the most upbeat songs ever, sung by someone I knew not could sing:

Irene Cara What a Feeling

Then, a sort of fusion of Euro Styles, or something, but fun. The refrain is in some language I can’t quite sort out, but the main lyrics are English (yes, I like mixed language songs)

Atomik Harmonik – Turbo Polka (ZDF Sommerhitfestival)

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why it has Russian Title. It’s in German, but easy to follow (think Old MacDonald Had A Farm… but not…) And it’s just sort of fun.

Три немки своей весёлой песенкой докажут вам, что немецкий язык не такой уж и грубый

(Three German women with their cheerful song will prove to you that the German language is not so gross)

I could comment about Russian vs German but I won’t. Both of them “have issues” compared to French…

And now I’ve completely forgotten why this week was whatever it was… ;-)


Olivia Newton John Xanadu Original Version Remastered HD (1980)

It’s a Xanadu World now, I think. I mean, with dancers on roller skates (not rollerblades) and rope dancers and a spinning trapeze and … Now that’s entertainment.

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4 Responses to How Could I Have Missed These – or – WT?

  1. Steven Fraser says:

    I found myself on Youtube this weekend, following links to Tesla Coils and weapons-grade railguns. Fun to watch! One guy even had a back-pack powered and controlled, hand-held coil, very Ghostbuster-y.

  2. Larry Geiger says:

    I found this today:

  3. Steven Fraser says:

    I like the Mendelssohn very much.

  4. jim2 says:

    For those who are hallucinogenically inclined:

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