I Could Not Agree More

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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16 Responses to I Could Not Agree More

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    Pretty much sums up my feelings. When we were in travel status near the end of the Vietnam War we were urged not to wear our name tags while in uniform due to the antiwar folks filing false complaints against service men. Later service members were encouraged not to travel in uniform at all, even though regs said you were supposed to be in uniform while in travel status. One of our shipmates got a shattered knee when someone threw a beer bottle at him from a passing car while he was walking on the side walk.

    That sort of treatment is remembered. The antiwar protesters of the Vietnam era did the same sort of virtue signalling as the foot ball players in public but they were violent and vicious when they thought they could get away with it. Condone that behavior in a high profile public setting and you are encouraging the blind side attacks and other cheap shots. The NFL needs to get their heads out of their butts and realize they are running an entertainment business and letting their entertainers snub their customers is just plain stupid.

    Just like waitresses are getting fired for making political comments on restaurant bills, those players should be suspended with out pay for a couple game on the first occurrence, and dropped from the roster on the second.

  2. RCB says:

    As a fan of the Cowboys from their very beginning I have not watched a single game this year. As a 50 year plus fan I will not watch any NFL games until they grow up and quit this nonsense.

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    I watch sports for escape from my daily cares (including political ones) and for entertainment, not immersion in rebuke and insult. They have stopped providing the product I buy.

    A very good Democrat friend liked the Raiders (season tickets…). We’d go to games together to drink beer and ignore political differences. A common ground sharing. Take that away, we don’t go. Interesting to note that as an Air Force Veteran, he is more livid at the knee-crap than I am…

    Lately we’ve shifted to beer in his living room and watching Science Fiction shows instead… there is always an alternative…

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    I remember those “good old days”. Every time we left the base at Alameda we were in civies.
    One time though, I went in full dress blues to an Oakland produce packers business to collect for 3 loads of potatoes that he had owed my family’s farm for 3 months. He gave me a bunch of bs about how the check would be in the mail. I set on his desk and told him I would wait there for a bank casher’s check ! He went off grumbling, about 30 minuets came back with the check in full. I thanked him for his co-operation and left. ;-) If I had of shown up in civies he would have likely called the COPs , 8-)…pg

  5. philjourdan says:

    The NFL is committing suicide by proxy. Apparently the owners and commissioner is not smart enough to understand that. Those they are catering to are not their fans.

  6. J Martin says:

    Replace the NFL with rugby. A much better game and none of that silly padding that NFL players wear.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    @J. Martin:

    I agree! Soccer is for woosies and American football is for lawyers and padding salesmen… but Rugby, now there’s a Man’s Game!

    (“Give Blood, play Rugby!”)

    It was one of the few team sports I liked and was good at. Something about short legs being really good in a scrum and having big farmers hands with ‘smith arms’ giving a bit of a grip ;-) That, and I’m relatively insensitive to pain so…. ;-)

    I also heal well… Kind of drives the spouse a bit around the bend as she is less so. On Turkey Day I got in a hurry stripping the bird. The ceramic knife only slipped a little, but left a cut back of the index finger tip knuckle of the opposite hand. Bled some… rinsed, put on bandaid… 2 days later was washing dishes without it. Sealed enough to hold. In about a week, not even a scab. Just some pink cartilage like stuff gluing it shut. That will be gone in a few weeks. In a couple of months I’ll likely not be able to even find the spot. I used to heal faster when I was a kid ;-)

    It’s important to heal well in Rugby ;-)

  8. D. J. Hawkins says:

    My oldest has discovered Dr. Who. My wife just got the 10-season boxed set. We unlock a season for him each time he makes the principal’s list. Of course, there’s no restriction for the adults. Perfect replacement for Any-night football. Or basketball, come to that.

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    Only 10 seasons? Hasn’t it been on for half a century? Their ought to be at least episodes from before people were in space for the starter ;-)

  10. Seth Roentgen says:

    Since about 1964. Rivetting stuff. I watched the first episode and can still remember the plot and the setting. A savant child started at a new school. Two teachers followed her home to a police box in a scrapyard. I was 12 at the time.

  11. A C Osborn says:

    As an outsider in the UK I couldn’t agree with that Marines sentiment any more, it was spot on.
    Of course over here our own bloody Government disrespects our Armed Forces, Police and Fire.
    They chase the Soldiers for so called war crimes regardless of whether they have any credence or not.
    They continually seriously underfund them, reduce their numbers and sell off their armaments.

  12. philjourdan says:

    @J Martin – Oh, I do not know about that. I kind of like Australian Rules Football over Rugby. Got hooked on it back in the 80s when ESPN actually carried sports and not political opinions.

  13. beng135 says:

    Don’t watch football anymore. The culture is unprofessional & infantile. Can you imagine a professional golfer moon-walking across the green after making a long putt? How about a baseball player shucking & jiving around the bases after a home-run? I remember watching the last winter Olympics & was enjoying it thoroughly. Then there was an American bob-sled race and the Americans were jumping around/dancing like idiots after a good run & the crowd was booing their antics. I agreed w/them — Americans must be immature idiots. And I’m an American…

  14. Glenn999 says:

    Love me some NHL. Right now you can watch one game a week absolutely free at NHL.com. Just sign up and start watching. I must admit there are some games played slow, methodically, and too defensively; but the games that are fast with uninterrupted play, and high number of shots/saves, and of course throw in the hits, checks, and occasion fights, well those are heaven!

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    I had season tickets to The Sharks for a bunch of years ( my son was into it a lot… so I indulged him a lot ;-)

    Took me a while to catch onto it. Like play not stopping for some kinds of penalties and things being ignored if they weren’t that important at the moment. Then it dawned on me:

    THE fundamental objective is to keep play happening and fun and NOT stopping the game.

    Compare to the NFL where every play goes to the lawyers upstairs to “review” and report to the audience what they allowed to happen. Now it seems like 3/4 of the game time is spent in haggling over rulings and reviews and similar garbage. Frankly, even the traditional “run out the clock” where you just stop playing and get an automatic win now bothers me. In Hockey, you keep playing to the last second and play doesn’t stop just so folks can argue over rules. (Well, most of the time… some of that is creeping in… but mostly when play has already stopped for some reason like reviewing marginal goals or after a foul was called and protested.)

    When I first went to a game, I wondered why everyone went for snacks at the break between periods instead of sneaking out when their was no line. Then I realized I’d “missed the whole game” when the only score was made while I was getting a beer refill… Light Bulb! This is NOT baseball where you can miss a half hour and not miss anything… nor football where you can get a 10 minute beer run while the lawyers argue over the last play. You have 3 x 20 minute periods of “everthing is happening NOW” and you damn well better be “butts in seats” or you are missing the game.

    Now all the other “team sports” just seem way to slow and way too over-managed.

    I especially liked it when my son explained to me that “sure there was a foul the ref didn’t call, and he knows it, but it would have slowed the game too much; don’t worry, he’ll let one go for the other side in a little while to keep it fair”… and the reciprocal “Yeah, it was a bad call and the ref know it. He’ll call something on the other team to make up for it”. No lawyer time outs here – just action and a ref fixing his own screwups and NOT stopping the game for it.

    And the boxing isn’t too bad either ;-) though their wrestling is kinda tame…

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