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Unacknowledged – Netflix and IMDB, Review

A short review of the movie Unacknowledged that I watched on Netflix this morning. It is a UFO evidence summary, that also explores questions of government conspiracy, coverup, and corruption. Heavily laden with film and documentation, it has a believable quality. Yet in an age where CGI creates believable Vulcans, what can be believed? Continue reading


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$3/4 Billion for Palestine? WTF?

$Billion to Palestine? For what? Dear Mr. Trump: Just stop sending our money to people who hate us. Please. Continue reading

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Dry Canning – 1 Year Report

One year of storage, and noodles, rice, and other Dry Canned goods are quite acceptable. Continue reading

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W.O.O.D. – 3 January 2018

Weekly Occasional Open Discussion thread for 3 January 2018 Continue reading

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