$3/4 Billion for Palestine? WTF?

The latest blow up over Trump seems to be because he has questioned the wisdom in giving $3/4 Billion to folks who want us dead and complain about us not converting to their religion, while killing and maiming “infidels” whenever they get the chance (remember that Arafat invented the airliner hi-jacking and blowing up for ransom process…)

My question is just WHY in hell are we giving them ANY money?

(As a sidebar, I’ve seen the number $1 Billion stated as what we give Egypt.. IMHO another total waste).

Looking into it is at best confusing. Al Jazeera stated it was about $3/4 Billion. Other sources just say “hundreds of Millions”. One source says $300 Million directly to Palestine and another huge chunk to UNRWA – a UN agency that seems to exist only to fund free medical care, food, and schools for Palestinians. Hey, how about some of that for US Citizens, eh? WHY are our students up to their eyeballs in Student Loans, and our citizens forced to pay $THOUSANDS/year for “medical insurance” (that then hits them with more costs in co-pay fees and fractional coverage…) when we give free medical care to folks in another country? Insane doesn’t begin to cover it. Complete Patsy starts to get there.

Near as I can tell, it’s about $1 Billion PER YEAR we ship off to Palestine to folks who hate us and everything we stand for, want us dead, and mostly just cause trouble in the region. I say just shit can the lot of it and “re-visit” the issue in a few years, if needed…

The New York Times has some information in it (even if drowning in “progressive thought” surrounding it). For example:


Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program, more so for the UN:

Why was Unrwa set up?

The agency was set up in 1949 to provide humanitarian aid in the wake of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, which left hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced in the Middle East. Unrwa was initially intended to be a temporary agency, but it has continued to provide support for Palestinian refugees for the better part of six decades. Palestinians are the only refugee group whose support is not handled under the broader mandate of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

So let me get this straight: For almost my entire life, over 1/2 century, we, the USA, have been the major funder of a UN Agency who’s sole purpose is to funnel OUR money to free medical treatment, education, food, etc. for Palestinians?

Man oh man what a con job!

What does Unrwa do?

Unrwa mainly provides services and funding for those registered as Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. (The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is responsible for Palestinian refugees outside Unrwa’s areas of operation.)

Nearly the entire population of the Gaza Strip receives aid from Unrwa. The agency acts almost as a de facto government there, responsible for the majority of schools, health care facilities and some public services.

In Jordan, which hosts more than two million registered Palestinian refugees, hosts the largest number of people who are provided aid by Unrwa.

More than half of Unrwa’s budget for programs goes toward education, and in 2016, 17 percent of the budget was set aside for health care. On Wednesday, the agency pointed out the role that it plays in the region, while also highlighting the United States’ contribution to those efforts.

My spouse works in the local school district. They are presently deciding just which schools to close due to insufficient funding. This is in California in the USA.

So we are spending money to provide schools to folks who hate us, while closing our own schools for our own children.

Insanity doesn’t even come close to capturing the stupid in this.

This is just ONE group. Just ONE set of the money suckage out of the USA.

Dear Mr. President Trump: Please go to zero based budgeting for ALL such money transfers out of the USA. Establish a requirement that ALL USA students, families, and citizens must have THEIR needs for food, education, and healthcare met before ANY money is shipped off to foreigners. It makes no sense at all to rob the American poor to pay foreigners.

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5 Responses to $3/4 Billion for Palestine? WTF?

  1. There’s really not any way that areas like the Gaza strip can survive without external money supply. There’s not a lot of good farming land, and AFAIK it’s the densest-populated area on Earth. Not exactly able to support itself either by producing enough food or services to pay for the import of food. A while back I saw a guy there complaining that there were no jobs for his 100 grandchildren. Mind you, I suppose if there’s nothing else to do there…. Point is that there’s nothing to do except f*** or fight for the majority of those citizens.

    I suspect that the UN/US support was more of a sop to a bad conscience, given that those Palestinians were displaced in order to form Israel and give the Jews their homeland back. Fix one injustice by doing another one…. The Palestinians will of course want back the land their fathers gave them (that way back in history was taken from the Jews) and it’s the sort of situation where there isn’t a good or equitable solution given that even buying the land would not be acceptable. That’s without considering the religious aspects, where passions run even more strongly than inheritance considerations.

    Still, despite the conditions in the Gaza strip, they still manage to find the money to buy rockets to fire into Israel. Given the financial situation, those rockets have to be subsidised by the UN and USA…. Electricity comes largely from Israel, and IIRC the bill often isn’t paid. Cement and rebar import is tightly controlled by Israel, since it’s diverted to building tunnels under the border to attack Israel.

    Overall, quite a mess. AFAICT the Palestinians won’t settle for anything less than to get the land of Israel back and to kick the Israelis out, and the Israelis will never agree to that, and so the people on the ground there will be at war until it goes one way or the other and one side is effectively wiped out. There are some bright spots, since there is one university where Palestinians and Israelis work together, but with such a lot of resentment in the under-educated sections of the communities and the excess fecundity and overcrowding in the poorest (and of course where the votes go) that I can’t see a political solution happening for several generations if not centuries. The Irish have after all kept grudges against the UK alive for centuries.

    Possibly there will be a solution in future, with the Gaza strip getting indoor intensive farming (needs cheap energy and some technical competence in the people) so that it can support itself without the external infusion of money. This is asking them to beat their Kalashnikovs into ploughshares (or at least vertical farms) and move on from the historical injustices. Maybe too big an ask for this generation.

  2. Rhoda Klapp says:

    Israel seems to get by on a neighbouring strip of desert. Palestine cannot. This shows that the longed-for two-state solution is not a solution at all. On the other hand, maybe the current impasse could not continue if a bunch of mugs like western taxpayers didn’t enable it.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    There is only one solution to the Palestine/Israel problem. The single State solution.
    The Muslim World Demands the single state solution and will settle for nothing less.Twice their armies tried to force this solution on this area and failed.
    For nearly 70 years the two state solution has been tried and failed at massive cost to everyone involved. Time to end this experiment and move on.

    The Palestinians are the Remanent of Islams occupying Army and must leave the area.
    As long as the West tolerates the existence of this enclave of their invading army, the Muslim world will continue to use it to make war, to the last Palestinian!
    Time to give them what they demand. A single state solution. To the last Palestinian. ..pg

  4. philjourdan says:

    Do we ship it on Pallets in the middle of the night in Swiss Francs?
    (yes /Sarc)

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like $Billions for Pakistan on the chopping block today…

    If this keeps up, we might stop looking like money dripping fools…

    RT just announced China and Pakistan going to use Yuan instead of $ for trade between them.

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