Main Street Station

So a gringo walks into a bar and orders sushi….

It’s pushing midnight. I’m stuffed on sushi. GOOD sushi. Pluss 3 x 22 oz beers at about $5.25 each I think, but don’t care… What happened?

It all started with a 420 SEL Mercedes….

I bought one in Florida as it was cheaper than a rental car. We loved it. But all things must end, and so did my contract. Back in California, sans 420, the Banana Boat died. Wandering Craigs List, was found a Great 420 with perfect interior in my desired white with light interior… in Las Vegas… only $1500 (The Florida one was $1800) so I hop a flight…..

Frontier Airlines, $90 and with seats with a plush 1/2 inch of almost cushion over plastic board seats….

But it is only 1.75 hours… AFTER the 2 hour boarding delay as the incoming went through Denver,,,

So I’m in Vegas… The car is cream yellow, not Alpine white. The interior is Chocolate near black, not light honey brown. The small crack in the passenger lower corner windshield is a spiderwib of about 3 feet of cracks. The Great Condition interior is worn through drivers seat and stitching letting go rear seats, with dash cracks, and the 133k engine sounds like a low rider with a miss….

Oh, and an unknown history of the last tune up with oil leaks that are who knows what… but it shifts well…

So at 8 PM I’m trying to figure out how to get home without this fine car….

At 9 PM I book the Grey Dog, leaving a 3:45 AM as it arrives home faster than all the airlines that don’t leave until late afternoon the next day… and walk over to the Main Street Station for dinner.

Well, a better experience could not be had. It is a brew pub casino. With a sushi bar. I love sushi.

The sushi chef is a slightly chubby Hispanic woman. ( NEVER eat food from a skinny chef!!! ) She makes sushi as good as I had at Wolfgang Puck’s in Disney World. I am certain the 66 ounces of great brewpub beer had nothing to do with my assessment! Nor the fact that the party that broke out when I ordered a plate of hamachi sashimi for the guys next to me at the sushi bar had them pick up my tab!

The simple fact is that I had a great time with great sushi at modest prices AND enjoyable conversation with the staff and other guests.

It is now midnight, and I have 2 hours to get to my bus for boarding. I think I can do that… Only one casino stands in my path….

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, stray from the overcrowded end of the strip. Go north to the Main Street Station. Well worth it.

I had their light standard beer, good, their middle weight ale, great, and their IPA.. I’m still standing… the initial experience was a bit too strong and citric… but about 1/2 way through, it was fine….

More after a 2 more hour wait in a casino and 12 hours on a bus…

FWIW, the tap ShockTop beer at the next casino has me wanting for the brewpub… that closes at 11 PM. Yes, something in Vegas that has a closing time… Who Knew?

Spouse waiting at home, knows my dissapointment at no car… Brewpub status not so much :-)

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4 Responses to Main Street Station

  1. andysaurus says:

    You alerted me to the fact that most beer is American now. I recently discovered a fabulous IPA made by what appears to be a small independent brewery here in Aus. It is called Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer and comes in half liter cans at 6%. Strongly recommended when your next down under. Mind you, each can costs about the same as a cheap bottle of wine. Worth it for special occasions.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I have no plans to go to Las Vegas again (I do not gamble – want to bet on it?), but should I find another English couple who thinks the perfect wedding is in a Chapel in Las Vegas, I will take your advice about the head to the north end of the strip.

    It almost sounded good enough to warrant a trip for that reason alone.

  3. wyzelli says:

    Japanese food cooked by an Hispanic chef in America…
    Reminds me of the time I had Thai food cooked by an Indian chef in an Irish pub in Australia…
    Always helped by good drinks!

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