Discovery vs Enterprise vs Real Trek (TM)

I’ve finished re-watching all of the Enterprise Trek series. (Yes, it was a bit of work…)

I’ve come to the conclusion that the basic problem with both of them is the same, though Discovery has more of it.

It has three parts.

1) Grumpy Crew.

One of Gene’s “things” was that the Bridge Crew ought to get along well with each other. There was camaraderie between them. My Spouse pointed out to me that she LOVED to watch the emotional and social dynamic between the crew members and it was missing. Now it shouts at me. Archer goes negative at his crewmates way too often. In Discovery it is all very negative story lines as the various crew have “Drama” between them. In short: The Bridge Crew ought not to be “Drama Queens”. Period. Find your “drama” somewhere else. The Crew is supposed to be a family. Occasionally with “family complexities” (like Picard picking up with The Doctor or Deanna and The First Officer having “history” together) but they ought NOT to be combative with each other.

2) Failure to follow canon.

In both shows they trot out all sorts of aliens, technology, and “crap” that is NEVER EVER SEEN in ST-The Original. Now as both are supposed to be BEFORE ST-The Original, how in hell can that stuff happen? It’s just offensive. They could have had all sorts of “back fill” stories that fit canon and were already written in the novels. A good decade of shows could have been filmed based just on that. It is offensive to me that they were so stupid as to put “LOOK AT MY NEW VISION!!!” ahead of the canon and fan base. Thus they died in a couple of seasons. (Instead of the 7 that were there for those that followed the Roddenberry Doctrine.)

3) Re-treads and Plagiarism.

Each show has a return to the alternative universe “Evil Empire” idea. There is just so much rehashing of old plot lines it is boring. Alternative universes. Other “time lines”. The “time war”. I’m sorry, but at what point does “It is old hat” sink in for you folks, eh?

I realize that #3 is in conflict with #2 as canon says it happened, but really, no other story line available? And you didn’t even make them agree?

Then there is the whole “tardigrade” thing. It is clear plagiarism from the video game. Plus, the idea of a mold, pardon,. mycelium, network throughout space is just Fantasy BULL SHIT. Here I am expecting Science FICTION and you feed me FANTASY? (Look up the definitions on your own time…)


So here it is Monday. On Sunday the “series final” ran. Maybe I’ll watch it by Wednesday….

What kind of “franchise” is that? I don’t give a Damn enough to bother to see the “finale” in a few days? As your “hard core fan base”? Yeah, really…

I’m an effing “Hard Core Trekkie”. And the spouse is worse than me. She owns EVERY Star Trek book there is. I’ve lost count of the videos we own. She does not like Enterprise and will not watch Discovery.

Trigger warning: If you can ne accept reality, nor speak the truth, nor stand a few wee words of perdition, get ye gone lad or lassie, get ye gone as ‘yer already lost!

Yet Another Fucking Reboot? ( YAFR? )

Are you fucking kidding me? How the hell do you reboot the PAST of an iconic FRANCHISE?

The “Idiots In Suits” is strong in this one….

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26 Responses to Discovery vs Enterprise vs Real Trek (TM)

  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    So you are not impressed with the new Trek renditions? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I haven’t even bothered. Guess I’ve been lucky. I can’t figure why writers feel that they must recreate a story line that all ready works. Maybe they are too lazy to study up on the old formula and just decided to invent a new story line to fit their idea of new concepts. This just reminds me of the guy that insists on fixing something that works. He succeeds so well that it no longer works at all….pg

  2. jim2 says:

    Well … I don’t remember what “Discovery” even is ??? But tardigrades are pretty radiation resistant and get sucked up in thunderstorms! What’s not to like??

  3. jim2 says:

    “Research has found that tardigrades can withstand environments as cold as minus 328 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 200 Celsius) or highs of more than 300 degrees F (148.9 C), according to Smithsonian magazine. They can also survive radiation, boiling liquids, massive amounts of pressure of up to six times the pressure of the deepest part of the ocean and even the vacuum of space without any protection. A 2008 study published in the journal Current Biology found that some species of tardigrade could survive 10 days at low Earth orbit while being exposed to a space vacuum and radiation. ”

  4. pouncer says:

    p.g. says: “new Trek renditions? ,,,,I haven’t even bothered. ”


    Two reasons — A. Reading is just FASTER than watching. The hundreds of “official” novels and (good ghu!) the oceans of unofficial fan fic are just easier to pick up, get into and put down. B. Writing for readers seems to demand a sort of logical consistency that writing for TV (or movies) doesn’t. And not just from story to story — when a plot requirement introduced in the first ten minutes is REDEFINED in the last ten minutes in order to allow a resolution, I’m out. TV’s ST:TNG was so bad with that sort of awful plotting it put me off the franchise — except in recommended fic by fans who respect property more than the property owners themselves.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Seems that there is a video game that has 6 foot tall blue tardigrades that can instantly move you all over the universe… Then S.T.D. (talk about your bad acronym…) just happens to have 6 foot tall blue tardigrades that move you all over the universe instantly… but it isn’t plagiarism…. Yeah, right.

    It is the most HOKEY and STUPID plot device and their writers had to plagiarize it from a B grade video game with no following? OMG stupid.


    The spouse has not bothered either. Despite my glowing praise ( 8-) sarc/;) she has avoided my iron discipline to watch every Trek…


    The spouse is with you. Owns EVERY Trek book written. A whole wall of the bedroom of them. I think maybe she is brighter than me, but don’t tell her! ;-)

    Her great complaint is that with so much well written stuff, why in “heck” did they have to write such crap non-canon stuff instead of just making 14 years worth of series out of the books…

    Oh Well.

    To give you-all a feeling for my intense interest in “Discovery”. The season Finale was supposedly on Sunday. I’ve not yet bothered to watch it. Maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow. Out of some misplaced since of obligation… or completion…

    Oh, and the spouse hated the “reboot” of the Klingons Yet Again. Seriously, you have an already defined alien species and you can’t not F with it? Just OMG stupid. Then everything they say is in Klingon so you must read captions AND the Klingon they speak is full of lisps and crap from the dental appliances to give them crazy teeth so that the fan base that DOES speak Klingon can’t even understand what they are trying to say. Just stooopid…

    Oh Well. At least now the season is over so I no longer have to dread my obligation to actually watch it.

  6. Robert says:

    I find the older series characters far too one dimensional and goody goody to be interesting. Discovery at least has more interesting characters following and developing along arcs – though they sadly killed off the best of them. Don’t bother with the finale – trite.

  7. A C Osborn says:

    Two of my biggest criticisms of the original series was that
    1. They never ever kept or learnt from any Scientific Advancements they came across or were made to the Enterprise.
    2. They never learned not to send top crew members in to danger (Hero complex).

    Of the later Scii Fi series I preferred Babylon 5 to the the majority of the others.

  8. Steve C says:

    It’s pretty much the same phenomenon wherever you look: the goodness of a popular show is wrung out of it in a string of sequels and/or “prequels” and falls off exponentially.

    “Something”, whether it’s a well-turned series like Star Trek or Doctor Who or film like Star Wars or (ahem) Blade Runner, touches some nerve in the public and does really well as a result. “Somebody” sees this success and (often repeatedly) tries to emulate the “feel” of the original with none of the inspiration, but with enough hype and merchandising it still returns a profit. Repeat until jaded.

    A passing thought: Wouldn’t those “6 foot tall blue tardigrades that can instantly move you all over the universe” be better called tachygrades? ( (c) here, now. All rights reserved, we’ll split the profits when Hollywood calls. ;-)

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    Agree on Babylon 5 (the original)…

    Also really like Star Cop (only on PBS a short time here) and even Drakes 7. Despite the low budget special effects.

    Yeah, one of my pet peaves… Oh, Look we can now to time travel… and never seen again… then Oh Look we can go Warp 14… never again…


    I think part of it is the desire to put “their own stamp on it”… I saw this in an odd place. Securities Analysis by Graham and Dodd AND in “Joy of Cooking”. Once the original author died, the “left overs” got to put in all the small changes of language they wanted; and killed the quality of the “read”. In both cases, the content, technically, was essentially the same. They just “modernized” and screwed up the literature of it…

    I have cherished older editions of both.

  10. philjourdan says:

    I have no desire to watch discovery. But something was not right about Enterprise. At first, I chalked it up to the fact we had the original (and it was just plain better), so why regress? But you nailed it! As you say, Roddenberry’s vision! The bridge team was a family.

    There will not be any more good Star Treks. When Roddenberry died, his vision died with him. I did like TNG, DS9 and Voyager. But the split with Roddenberry died during DS9. You can tell when he died if you watched the series.

    I saw all the 10 movies from TOST and TNG, but felt the movies died with the 3rd TNG one. I have seen the 3 new ones – but not in the theater. And they are not worth watching more than once.

  11. John Robertson says:

    Loved the first, Capt Kirk ranging the universe,hoping to hump it’s leg.
    The story was; human nature, space the backdrop.
    The next series was slick and boring.
    Never bothered with the last series yet.
    I recommend; Red Dwarf.
    A much better “Space” story.
    If you like Brit humour.

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    @John R:

    Absolutely love Red Dwarf!

    @Discovery & Enterprise issues:

    Ponderous Foreboding Drama Queens gets old fast. That’s tonights insight.

    The common thread through Enterprise and intensifying in Discovery is the desire for Drama. There’s a foreboding negative brooding aspect. Gone and lost are the funny Trek episodes. The introspective ones. The curious intellectual explorations of the human condition. The exploration of human relationships (think about when Beverly and Picard were sharing thoughts, or when Kirk was on the planet of Indians trying to blend in to that culture).

    No, it’s all Drama Queens All The Time! But salt looses it’s taste if there is not a bit of occasional sugar and some plain water to wash the pallet…

    Endless scenes of folks walking in formation into dire circumstances or standing barking crabby lines at each other gets boring fast and does not entertain. Folks thrust into alien danger in each episode has little to offer after the first few. It become stale formula.

    ST The Original was hokey at times, but you never knew what an episode might explore. What is human going to do when they become a God? Can there be “distributed life” in giant cells? Can an autonomous doomsday machine run amok? And how to kill the un-killable.

    Enterprise spent a whole season and then some chasing Xindi. A wasted year, IMHO. Then tossed in a recurring time traveler theme, but never explained why that was unknown to the Federation of The Original. Oh, and they had T’Pol become an Emotional Vulcan. Say what? All while the bridge crew is sporadically snippy with each other.

    Now Discovery has had one basic theme. Klingons bad. One sub-theme: Earth is in desperate condition. One style: Drama Queens Behaving Badly. All wrapped in a dark motif. In stead of snippy, we have animosity and strong language. No real organization would allow that.


    I’m going to finish the Finale, even though it is, at the 1/3 mark, as Robert described it. Trite. In a foreboding brooding negative desperate drama kind of way….

    The fact that it’s several days post release while I’ve only now gotten around to turning it on, and I’m happy to pause it while I type on the computer ought to say something…

    I’m absolutely certain there will be no real surprise in it. No sudden introspection. No examination of human spirit. No outburst of humor nor shining idealism. Just some token PC vignettes mired in Dramatic Tension that is no longer tense but instead tedious.

    Frankly, the Fan Movies are better. No, not as good in the SFX department nor costumes and sets, but way better in Being Trek.

  13. Steve Crook says:

    > Her great complaint is that with so much well written stuff, why in “heck” did they have to write such crap

    Science fiction film production does seem to suffer from the problem of employing non science fiction writers. It’s not just Star Trek. Often they can’t even do an adaptation of an existing story without making a pig’s breakfast. ‘Alien’ prequels suffer from exactly the same technology issues as Enterprise and Discovery.

    IMO they’d have been better off running the series in the alternative timeline/universe created for the Abrams reboot. Opportunities to poach from the original series without having to stick too closely to canon. Perhaps what should have happened was to just say up front that they needed to make a break with past Star Trek and that the new series might incorporate races and events from old trek, but would be its own entity dealing with new friends and enemies and was not intended to show continuity with the past.

    Then again, if you’re going to do that, why not just say enough!!! and get on with something different. Perhaps Neal Asher’s Polity series…

    OTOH, are people not too precious about the original? It wasn’t *that* good, exhibiting all of the flaws we’ve come to expect of series drama, almost to the point of self parody in some cases.

    On a completely different note, am I the only one who has failed to find any largely positive male role model in Discovery?

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    @Steve Cook:

    Spouse & I discussed that all the main roles were women and that the men got killed off or mangled while being subordinate roles. The male Admiral gets killed right off in the binary star battle being an idiot, replaced by a female Admiral. The main Klingon male lead gets mangled into human form then becomes a simpering idiot emoting about himself, the Discovery Captain is annoying and turns out to be an evil impostor. Saru is quasi male and his big feature is being afraid all the time. There is no hero. PC Homage crap end to end emoting itself into ennui.

    They would have been better served with both strong male and female main characters and a romantic tension between them.

  15. John Robertson says:

    Thanks E.M I will not bother wasting my time watching Enterprise, always nice to get heads up on watching paint dry series.
    As a side note I was watching a Rob Zombie cartoon ,damned if I remember why, but pure bubblegum horror shlick, but funny.
    Fitting reaction to the grim foreboding future meme.
    May explain Southpark,Robot Chicken type shows success.
    Gene R’s original episodes were always surprising, the human condition indeed.
    I would argue his single dimensional characters contributed to the show,allowing the aspect to rule rather than the personal drama.

  16. beththeserf says:

    Agree EM,
    gender politics trumping biology,
    nanny didactics don’t work well
    in the arts.

  17. Robert says:

    In happier news; we are seeing a real renaissance in Sci Fi TV. The Expanse and Altered Carbon are excellent (though not flawless). Enjoying this long form tv more than popcorn superhero movies and re-heated sci-fi franchises. Economics now seems to favour high production value episodic-with-an-arc binge-watch shows, with intelligent writing (or based off good books). Ringworld and Snow Crash also being turned into TV.

  18. Robert says:

    EM, I liked the evil captain, seemed like he might be a somewhat Machiavellian Utilitarian foil to the usual and at times grating star-fleet ra-ra zealotry about prime directives and whatnot (which seems far more ‘logical’ to me when the stakes are high). Then they spoiled it by turning him into hitler towards the end.

  19. E.M.Smith says:


    I rather liked the evil captain too, at least until they turned him into an Alternate Universe Evil Manipulator. Like you said, sand in the gears of Star Fleet Goody-Goody…

    Just finished watching Altered Carbon. Some of it a little predictable, but enough was novel and the acting / sets / story pretty good. The Expanse is on my list. Watched some of it, need to get back to it.

    Started Sense8 and liked it, but got side-tracked. Don’t know how it will hold up in the long run, but a few episodes was a nice run.

    There’s rather a lot of good Sci-Fi out there, and Netflix line-up is strong. Some on Amazon too.

    Oddly, I’ve gotten interested in some of the foreign language films. The 3% from Brazil was interesting. Not Sci-Fi but “Mar del Plastico” (Spanish) is a good murder mystery. The particular Spanish is hard for me to follow, so I’m on the captions in English. They have a very fast dialect. The Gypsies in it are even faster – like there are some syllables left out and word breaks all gone. The South American Spanish is much easier for me to follow (watching some shows from there).

    Then Black Mirror is just stellar.

    Only reason I watched Discovery was to review it and out of some Aspe sense of obligation to completeness. Maybe a bit of misplaced hope it would improve. Unlike all the other Treks, I already know I’ll never bother to watch this one in reruns. I did re-watch the Enterprise series (for the first time since first airing) just this last few months. It was a little better in a binge (mostly as the year-of-xindi didn’t take a whole darned year!) and the first and last years were a little better than I’d remembered. By the time I got to the 4th year the first time, I was already soured on it. This time the expectations were lower and the year-of-xindi didn’t sour me so much…

    I will watch The Orville again. It isn’t in the great category, but it’s fun and nice. I originally was put off as I was expecting a comedy. It’s more of an Altered Trek with some humor at times. Seen that way, as a TNG with self deprecation at times, it works.

    At this point, I’m not planning to watch season 2 of Discovery as it airs. I’ll just wait for some long weekend with nothing of interest going on, get a big bottle of Tequila (do deaden the pain and make it seem much better in the plot department ;-) and binge it. (The show, that is, not binging the tequila… well, unless season 2 is dreadful 8-x}

  20. mkelly says:

    I am willing to watch “7 of 9” anytime, anywhere, do anything, on any series.

  21. David A says:

    I have one pet peeve with most all Trek versions. Why are aliens almost universally ugly?

    Yes, the PC crowd would call me a biggot, yet I disagree. Where are the Art Noveau aliens, exotic, very different, but striking and beautiful?

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A:

    Really? Orion “Slave girls”? T’Pol? (Love the Vulcan ears…) Even an Andorian or two in Enterprise (though maybe one needs an antenna fetish… ;-) but the one from the sub-species at the pole wasn’t even blue…)

    I think there’s room for more, but the category is not empty…

    But yes, far too many plastic goobers stuck on wrinkly faces and called aliens…

    Oh, and Deep Space 9 had Jadzia Dax and Kira Narys… not hard to look at…

  23. David A says:

    Yes, there are some, but few and far between. Vulcans have always been cool. Yes the green girls, and Kira and a few more that are essentially human with pointed ears, or green skin, or Borg implants.
    Yet the ugly is extensive and overwhelming. I just thought that they could go far more exotic
    and alien, yet still have beauty in male and female, and avoid the diseases leprosy look.

  24. David A says:

    Yes, there are some, but few and far between. Vulcans have always been cool. Yes the green girls, and Kira and a few more that are essentially human with pointed ears, or green skin, or Borg implants.
    Yet the ugly is extensive and overwhelming. I just thought that they could go far more exotic
    and alien, yet still have beauty in male and female, and avoid the diseased leprosy look.

  25. Larry Ledwick says:

    Saavik was not bad in the star trek movie Wrath of Kahn and in Universe played by a younger Kirstie Alley.

  26. philjourdan says:

    Oh, and Deep Space 9 had Jadzia Dax and Kira Narys… not hard to look at…

    Don’t forget Kes (Voyager).

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