Amazon Prime Video on Roku FAIL!

Since sometime last night the Amazon Prime Video on the Roku stick has been a big fat FAIL!

It isn’t my Roku configuration as it failed on all of them at the same time; and I’d not touched the configuration.

It still has my watch list and all that, so the ap is there and working (sort of). Just it only offers to let me purchase things OR sign up for Amazon Prime… Except when I click the “sign me up” button (figuring maybe we needed to re-enter our creds) it goes nowhere. So you can’t even sign up for Amazon Prime.


Doing a web search on Amazon Prime Roku failure gives results from 2011, 2013 and I stopped looking after that.

It would seem that periodically Amazon has trouble working with the Roku.

Every OTHER service we’ve signed up continues to work fine, so I strongly doubt it’s a Roku problem. (Besides, my last software update screen says it was last December so nothing changed last night…)

But it’s all OK. We’ve got months of stuff queued up to watch on Netflix. Besides, we only got the Amazon Prime Video as a “freebee” of sorts since it was bundled with the shipping thing that was the real reason my spouse signed up.

One clear thing out of all this: Amazon Prime is just not as well run at Netflix.

Amazon does a lot more “upselling” with a “free” to Prime folks first year of a series, then want you to pay for subsequent years. Movies can be very expensive ( IIRC it was $17 for some Disney movie the spouse wanted to see, so she’s buying the DVD instead ), though some are cheaper (like $4).

So all that and it seems to periodically drop out of service? (Per the prior “doesn’t work” web results).

Were I paying for this service as a specifically purchased thing, I’d be pissed. As it is, it’s a minor annoyance. IF this runs out to a week+ of service outage, well, then it will start being a real bother and I might even bug whatever they have that passes for a service desk…

For now, I’ll just see if there’s an update to the Ap involved, however one does that. I thought the Roku did that automagically when it did it’s own software updates, but maybe not.

This site references the current problems a little:

But it isn’t just on the Roku:

Is Amazon Prime Instant video down on Thursday March 8, 2018? If you cannot stream or have other issues, then leave details on your country and device being used below. This will help others find out they are not alone when using the same platform, or having streaming problems in certain regions.

When major outages take place with Amazon Prime, then our editors will also list official statements in regard to scheduled maintenance or surprise downtime.

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James T Kirk

Prime video won’t load. Only solution I have found is to uninstall and then reinstall which requires me to enter login again and then it works. As soon as you leave though you have to reinstall.
Been like this for about a week and a half.

Anyone get AMAZON prime working on their LG TVs yet. Neither LG or Amazon customer service have been much help
Faye Hester

I tried to rent numerous Oscar nominated movies available, it lets me click rent HD, but then it goes right back to the previous screen over and over in a loop, you never get to actually rent a movie. I tried going out of Amazon and back in, I tried turning my Sony TV off and on, I tried it with 6 different movies, all the same result. WI, USA.

Faye Hester

I also tried it with the nonHD rental, same issue.

Sandy Cuttone

It is definitely down for the Samsung tv

Kevin Ritchey

We are experiencing same problem of not being able to use our TCL Roku tvs to watch the updated Prime Video says there is no internet connection. Verified the internet and firmware uptodate on both TCL Tv’s. It worked yesterday as Prime Video but not today. Have network connected directly to old Vizio that has Amazon prime and everything is working just fine on Vizio so we can watch in the other room for now. I deleted Prime Video and reinstalled but made no difference on the TCL tvs. Have high speed fiber 50G. Other services like Sling are working just fine on the TCL Roku.

TCL smart tv not able to watch Amazon TV. Error message says Internet connection error. it is working on my fireTV stick but also a bit glitchy. This error needs to be resolved by Amazon.
Stephenie Swope

See “Internet Connection Error.” on Amazon Prime Video app on Roku. There appears to be no help or solving the issue through Amazon Help. I can watch Netflix/Hulu with no trouble. There is no internet connectivity issue. The problem is obviously Amazon.

Looks like there is another Amazon Prime Video outage today everyone. How long has downtime been for you?

Amazon prime down on both my Rokus. Everything else is working on my Rokus, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube.
Its working fine on the fire
stick and fire tv, and on my phone and chromebook and tablets.

What a way to run a business…

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