Skripal Assassination Attempt – The Mirror Approach

So on Sky News they are nattering about What To Do? about the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter. With such onerous possibles as expelling some diplomats or even forbidding travel to Putin’s Closest… except the top tier have already been banned for several other things all to no effect.

breathlessly asserts it was a hit approved by Putin, so says his opponents…

‘Vladimir Putin ordered the assassination of spy Sergei Skripal’, claims Kremlin opponent
RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin ordered the assassination of double agent Sergei Skripal to send a chilling message to his political rivals, it was claimed yesterday.

While other folks are saying things like “It MUST be Putin, as nobody else has a motive”. Completely missing the potential for those of the Left West Cabal who are running an anti-Russia and Trump “collusion” campaign to be just evil enough to run a false flag assassination pointing a finger at Putin and painting him as Evil Most High.

Now I can’t even offer an opinion of which is most probable. Putin The KGB, vs Soros & Friends Evil Manipulators. Either could “go there”, IMHO.

What I can do is address the “what to do” about it.

IF you can not with high probability ascribe guilt, you can’t punish anyone. In those cases you can only look to how to prevent future actions or catch future perps. So a future surveillance, vetting, or police effort.

However, IFF you can ascribe guilt, then it is possible to apply “Be The Mirror” philosophy.

In particular, IFF Russia can be clearly fingered as the perp, there’s a simple Mirror solution. Skripal was part of a “spy exchange”. Traditionally it was understood that once exchanged, no assassination or repatriation (kidnapping) attempts would be made. This violates that, so it is now “off the table”. That means that the simple tat for this is to assassinate the spy that was exchanged. Oh, and maybe one of his close family if both Skripal and his daughter bite the dust.

If the exact person exchanged is not available (say they are already passed away from other causes), a similar “value” target is selected. For bonus points you can ‘do them in’ with the same method.

Is this moral? Not really. But it IS the mirror placed to the face of immorality. Biblical in basis, and an ‘eye for an eye’ yields a “spy for a spy” in this case.

Will it just end up with a string of dead bodies? Well, that would be entirely up to Putin. He would know that for every one he orders killed, he loses one. When would he tire of that? Hard to say. However, in living by this philosophy for a while, I’ve generally found that folks really really like to win, and when “winning” turns into “at best a draw with pain”, they stop.

It is absolutely essential when dealing with folks of low morality and willing to go to any ends to win, that you make it absolutely clear to them that if they attack, they will have as much damage or more in return. Such folks respect power, so you must demonstrate strong power. They are ruthless, so respect a ruthless response.

Think of it as the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) doctrine on a small local scale. “Yes, you can destroy here; and in return you will have destruction at home.”

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14 Responses to Skripal Assassination Attempt – The Mirror Approach

  1. I suggest it was an aggrieved Russian mafia person who wants to set up Putin. Putin has some smarts. What is in it for him to make such an obvious killing? It is possible that the PM of Ukraine may have had a hand it in. Ukraine is a can of worms with their own mafia.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    And, At the moment, Ukraine is busy nationalizing Gazprom assets…

    I can see that as a possible…

  3. Sandy MCCLINTOCK says:

    “With such onerous possibles as expelling some diplomats or even forbidding travel”
    I wonder if there was the threat to send home the kids at nice universities in the USA / UK. .. Not all the kids of course, just the ones that put pressure on Russian decision makers.

    I heard that this was the threat that finally stopped the tribal wars during the Kenyan election in 2007/8

  4. p.g.sharrow says:

    This looks to be a smack down by the head Oligarch to get the others attention. Get back in line or we will GET you! There are much quieter ways to bump off an old spy…pg

  5. oldbrew says:

    Ten alleged spies were exchanged. They may be feeling nervous. ..

  6. Rhoda Klapp says:

    The only place in the UK where they keep nerve agents (for defensive purposes of course) is eight miles from Salisbury.

  7. philjourdan says:

    It is absolutely essential when dealing with folks of low morality and willing to go to any ends to win, that you make it absolutely clear to them that if they attack, they will have as much damage or more in return.

    Sounds like the left. Which is why I suspect a false flag and another media lie.

  8. J Martin says:

    Could be a false flag action by the CIA to get the British politicians all excited about Russia thus effectively backing their fake Russians influenced the US election and or Trump. No doubt the Russian security services are not fully under the control of Putin, and I would think the American sypecurity services are even less under control.

    Could also have been done by the British security services. Or indeed any country with the necessary resources that stood to gain from stirring up things between Russia and the UK.

    And then there’s all that Fusion, Steele, Democrat thing. Which brings us back to the CIA who may well have wanted to silence the ex Russian spy.

  9. Steve Crook says:

    Speculation here has been that Skripal had been dabbling in things he ought to have left behind when he was exchanged and that this made him a viable target. Though in view of Putin’s previous remarks about the fate of traitors to Russia, I’m not sure that exchange is any guarantee of safety.

    What interests me is the nature of the nerve agent. I’m beginning to think a binary of some sort. The security forces are shifting an awful lot of stuff, including flowers from the grave of Skripal’s son and wife. I wonder if the payload was delivered in two stages, initially on food or other household items and then the second part as a spray at the shopping centre.

    That said, it’s still not clear to me if the policeman who also got ill was affected after visiting the Skripal home or attending the scene in the centre of Salisbury.

    @ JMartin. False flag? Occam first and foremost.

  10. catweazle666 says:

    Given that any half-competent chemist in any reasonably equipped lab can easily synthesise nerve agents using information freely available on the Internet, the proximity of the event to Porton Down is a red herring IMO.

    The fact that the individual in question was somehow involved with ex-MI6 spook Steele, the man responsible for the dodgy dossier on Trump’s involvement with Russians my money is on the Clinton gang,

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    At one time, organophosphates were common at farm supply stores. Haven’t looked in a few decades, and California has been busy banning anything that works… but even if you can’t but them OTC anymore, it’s not hard to make them.

    I would suspect something from this family:

    Description of Novichok agents

    The first description of these agents was provided by Mirzayanov. Dispersed in an ultra-fine powder instead of a gas or a vapor, they have unique qualities. A binary agent was then created that would mimic the same properties but would either be manufactured using materials legal under the CWT or be undetectable by treaty regime inspections. The most potent compounds from this family, novichok-5 and novichok-7, are supposedly around five to eight times more potent than VX.

    One of the key manufacturing sites was a chemical research institute in what is now Uzbekistan, and small, experimental batches of the weapons may have been tested on the nearby Ustyurt plateau.

    Mirzayanov gives somewhat different structures for Novichok agents in his autobiography to those which have been identified by Western experts. He makes clear that a large number of compounds were made, and many of the less potent derivatives reported in the open literature as new organophosphate insecticides, so that the secret chemical weapons program could be disguised as legitimate pesticide research.

    Interesting structures. Florine,phosphate, small organo backbone, some N andCl.


    Some insecticides, including carbamates and organophosphates such as dichlorvos, malathion and parathion, are nerve agents. The metabolism of insects is sufficiently different from mammals that these compounds have little effect on humans and other mammals at proper doses; but there is considerable concern about the effects of long-term exposure to these chemicals by farm workers and animals alike. At high enough doses, acute toxicity and death can occur through the same mechanism as other nerve agents. Organophosphate pesticide poisoning is a major cause of disability in many developing countries and is often the preferred method of suicide.

    I’ve used parathion and malathion, and seen carbamates used on farms. At one time I had a quart glass jug of malathion in the garage. IIRC it is still used when The State decides to carpet bug bomb some area for an alien invasive pest.

    So yeah, not hard to get or make.

  12. Steve Crook says:

    They’re saying today that they had to destroy the table that Skripals sat at in the Italian restaurant. Apparently so contaminated there was nothing they could do with it.

    Speculation here is still that it’s a rare neurotoxin, only made in a couple of government labs worldwide. Everyone still staring balefully in the direction of Moscow.

    Still no word on what or precisely how it was delivered.

    The table thing reminds me of a story told by Terry Pratchett. He used to work for the CEGB in the UK and at one point visited one of the UK’s nuclear power stations. He had the honour of being the first person to ever set off their radiation detectors on the way *in* to the site. They ended up sending a hazmat team to his house and confiscated his office desk.

    It turned out that in an earlier life it was used in a factory where they assembled instruments for aircraft and was heavily contaminated with nuclear material from the ‘glow in the dark’ paint. The desk finished its life as nuclear waste…

  13. Steve C says:

    I reckon Rhoda’s point (9th at 9:30am) is the most relevant. Shady at-least-double agent whacked with nerve agent eight miles from Porton Down, Russians obviously to blame. Yeah, sure. But then, given that this sort of thing is the playground of the cunningest bastards from all countries, I don’t believe a word I hear about it anyway.

    @Steve Crook – Love that Terry Pratchett story! If true, it has just the right amount of unexpectedness to fit into his fiction. One in a million. ;-)

  14. Rhoda Klapp says:

    It seems the Novichok family of agents is suspected.

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