Looks Like The Canadian Free Trade Union Just Died

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On This, The 100th Anniversary Of National Prohibition
April 19, 2018 Kate Political Animal

It is a stunning decision if you consider what it means, in ruling against Gerard Comeau, the Supreme Court of Canada said that it remains illegal for a citizen of this country to buy a legal good in one part of the country and move it to another part of the country.

We aren’t talking about illegal substances, we are talking about the widely available product known as beer.

What a country.

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Supreme Court criminalizes beer to save milk

April 19, 2018 Staff Canadian Politcs

It is a stunning decision if you consider what it means, in ruling against Gerard Comeau, the Supreme Court of Canada said that it remains illegal for a citizen of this country to buy a legal good in one part of the country and move it to another part of the country.

We aren’t talking about illegal substances, we are talking about the widely available product known as beer.

It seems the temperance movement is alive and well.

In coming to their decision, the court not only relied on the shoddy and controversial Gold Seal precedent, one arrived at via political interference in 1921, but also by looking to how the law being struck down could impact other laws.

At the core of this argument is what section 121 of the constitution means. The section itself is pretty easy to understand, it is plainly written.

All Articles of the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of any one of the Provinces shall, from and after the Union, be admitted free into each of the other Province

Which sure looks to me like it says “No screwing around with inter-province movement of goods and trade” as “free” pretty much means unencumbered. But that seems to be inconvienient for the Mad Controlling Class who just can’t stand being told “Don’t DICK WITH IT!” about anything.

That clearly means the Fathers of Confederation did not want trade barriers between the provinces, a single economic unit was one of the main arguments and reasons for Confederation. Yet the judges make clear, early on in their ruling that they are concerned about the political fall out of reading the constitution and taking the words at their plain meaning.

[3] The answers to these questions have broad implications. If to be “admitted free” is understood as a constitutional guarantee of free trade, the potential reach of s. 121 is vast. Agricultural supply management schemes, public health driven prohibitions, environmental controls, and innumerable comparable regulatory measures that incidentally impede the passage of goods crossing provincial borders may be invalid.

The justices are signalling here that political considerations will trump all when it comes to their decision.

Oh, gee, being “free” might jeopardize the Bureaucratic Controlling Elite and their desire to control things by vast blankets of laws from coast to coast handing out favors like chocolates in exchange for a bit of back scratch…

Well, at least it’s nice to see the Canadians taking some lessons from the gold ‘ol US of A. Keep that up, they might have to lose some of that air of smug superiority (that they would have if they weren’t so damn polite all the time, eh?) /sarc; ;-)

It does give me a bit of a chuckle, though… Now any time some Canadian asks me an embarrassing question about how our corrupt bought and paid for government “works”, I can counter question about how having trade prohibitions between provinces works for A country…

This also raises the rather sticky question of the UK Trade Deal. Will the UK need to strike a deal with each and every Province to assure free passage of goods? If not, could an enterprising beer maker in, oh, British Columbia “export” his beer to the UK and then “import” it back to Quebec? Duty free? Just sayin’… Stupid laws (or in this case stupid rulings) lead to strange consequences.

A related question: Will each of the Provinces now need to negotiate “Free Trade Agreements” with each other?

In short:

Oh! Canada…

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6 Responses to Looks Like The Canadian Free Trade Union Just Died

  1. Another Ian says:

    Comment at SDA

    ““Mad Max” hits one out of the ballpark !
    Maxime Bernier‏Verified account @MaximeBernier
    We can’t go from one province to another with alcohol. We can’t send oil
    across provincial borders. But illegal migrants can cross our national borders
    without problem. And we’re busy signing free trade agreements with the whole
    world. What’s wrong with this picture?”

  2. philjourdan says:

    @Another Ian – well look at it this way. Canada is stating firmly that people are NOT products! :-)

    And folks in the lower 48 wonder why the NRA is constantly mindful and aggressive in fighting Anti 2nd Amendment laws. Witness Canada. Where their Constitution no longer is the supreme law (if it ever was). The courts are. Creeping incrementalism.

  3. cdquarles says:

    The NRA, the oldest (per them) civil rights organization, since the 1870s, I think. Just checked the literature. Yep, since 1871.

  4. John Robertson says:

    Interesting days indeed.
    Strangely enough our Supreme Court is totally oblivious to what they just ruled.
    Canada is not a country.

    We have no law and are governed by a Kleptocracy that cannot be reformed,via civilized forum.
    You cannot use your own highway tractor,licensed in your own province,to haul a load coast to coast,every province,different rules on axle loads,configeration,rated horsepower..it is endless
    The silver lining of Trudeau Two is the final collapse of the charade.
    Look at the map of North America, Northern BC,Alberta and Saskatchewan all get better trade service North South than East West.
    Thanks to the Supremes, this will never change, so what use do we have for the parasites who currently feast off of our produce yet actively seek to destroy our production..
    With “comrades” like this we need no foreign enemies.

    Time for a referendum to seek status as the 51st State of the USA, where we might find a military willing to protect our sovereignty,have property and civil rights and a real dollar to work with.
    I have more in common with my cousins in Montana than those in BC.

    Being taxed into slavery so that some lisping,simpering nitwits can spend and waste at ever increasing levels does nothing for my future security.
    The great cull is coming and I suspect it will get truly ugly about the same time as USA closes our common border due to the lawlessness of Canadian Officials.
    Canadian Elites working for that 40 cent dollar.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Robertson:

    Well, I’m not sure we’re all that much better, but if you wanted to join up, I think we’d be fine with that. I’d suggest, though, that instead of “51st State” you go for one State per Province. Remember you get 2 Senate votes per State, and being fairly low population you would not get that many Representatives in the House.

    If you bring Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavute with you that would be 12 Senators or about 10% of the total; a fair representation (as opposed to just 2 and irrelevant in most years). That would also give a very nice Alaska to Florida land axis for driving anywhere you wanted to go.

    Just one thing… Could we give Washington and Oregon to Canada in exchange? (California is already going to Mexico… ). I’d even vote to toss in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts… ;-)

  6. Graeme No.3 says:

    John Robertson:
    Have you considered the advantages of Union with Australia? We offer 12 Senators per State. It is true that most of ours are party hacks or (slightly unusual)* but what an opportunity to ship certain politicians 12,000 miles away where there are some of the World’s most poisonous snakes and spiders and man eating crocodiles and sharks.

    * Politically correct description to avoid giving offence. We even have 2 who advocate smaller government, lower spending, balanced budgets and personal responsibility for your actions (they are ignored by the MSM of course).

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