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As if the several thousand channels in the ROKU Store were not enough, they have “Private Channels” too.

Now I knew about these in a general sense, but the description tended to sound more like a private company training channel or channel for members of a rock polishing club. I read the description and how to “do” them, and it sounded like something for later, and more than I cared about when I’d first gotten the ROKU.

Besides, I had all those thousands to sort through. Well now it’s a year later. I’ve gotten down to just 274 channels that are mostly free and looked like they might have some interest to me. After a year I’ve watched at least a minute of each one to assure it worked and wasn’t horrible. Yet I’ve only watched a dozen of them for any length of time. Just not really enough time and motivation for digging into some of them. Also I learned that some “channels”, like Pluto and CBS All-Access are really collections of dozens of channels inside the box. Others I just didn’t get to yet.

Like the “Sherlock” channel. I like Sherlock Holmes shows. I really do. Yet I’ve not found the time to actually watch anything on it. Looking at it, it has “Sherlock Holmes , The Case of the Shy Ballerina”, but also a lot of non-Sherlock shows. “Secret Passageways”. “On the Loose”. “Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome”. Not enough Sherlock and too much “Horror” movie. Then me having too little time to bother.

So given that, why would I want MORE channels?

Well, sometimes a fella just gets curious.

So after a web search I found this page that claims to have sorted out the dead and inaccessible private channels, only having the live public ones… But Wait! A public private channel?

One of the things I learned is that for many channels, they would love to be in the Roku store, but don’t meet some criteria for acceptance. For example, there’s a block of porn channels. Then there are others where it’s less clear who is likely to complain. But I did find a few “Conservative” channels in the list. O’Rielly is there.

After Fox fired him, I had said I thought he ought to start a Roku channel. Seems he did, but it’s in that “not in the store don’t call us” group.

The list of all public working private channels looks to be about 180 long. 20 per page and 9 pages. (Not counting porn sites that are in a separate list).

I’m going to paste in the description of a few of the channels. No big pattern, just what gets my fancy tickled. I have no idea if I’ll ever watch any of these. Have to read about them and evaluate a bit first. Accessing a private channel is fairly easy. They each have a “code” (a few letters that uniquely identify it). You just log into your Roku account, select the “add private channel” button, and enter the “code” for the channel you want to add. Some might ask for an email or some other payments, while others are entirely free and polite.

FreeJack TV (Conspiracy HQ TV)
Conspiracy-related talks shows, movies, video series, and live streams

MultiLive (
Live TV streams from France, Netherlands, Cyprus, Haiti, Lëtzebuerg, and Berlin

Bill O’Reilly
Premium subscribers get full access to the daily No Spin News podcast; free show excerpts available without a subscription

Spanish Time
150+ Spanish channels from Latin America ($)

Live streaming Bulgarian, Moldovian, French and German channels ($)

El Cartel TV (ChibChombiaTV)
30 TV channels from Colombia, South America

Space Time Free
Regularly updated video content from space agencies around the world

Israel Channel 10
A live feed of Israel Channel 10

Live feeds from Israeli radio and TV stations

Boxing matches, interviews, and training videos

Cannabis Channel
Videos on medical and other non-recreational uses of marijuana

Maiden Network Private
Female-led action/adventure and drama movies, series, comics, and audio books

Military training videos

We Like Shooting
A podcast that centers around guns, public education and gun safety, general discussions, and governmental legislation

A Japanese-based news program that is televised in English, covering both local and international stories

Goats Live
Weekly video highlights from the goat cam

Grid Free Survival
Videos about survivalists and ways to live self-sufficiently

iTunes Podcasts
Browse, search, and enjoy the entire iTunes Podcast library!

The Map Channel
Explore hundreds of maps around the world and Solar System

Weather Graphics
Radar and satellite loops

LiberTree TV
Video clips of conservative pundits

Skitter TV
Local television service on your Roku

Looking over the list, some make sense. Things from foreign countries so a niche. Things with a very narrow interest group like “The Cannabis Channel”. Or that might cause too many phone calls like the “AR15 Channel”. But others far less so. NHK News is on a local PBS station. (Maybe it is a contract license thing…). Or “The Map Channel” – can’t see the controversy in Maps. Yet I find it odd that both O’Reilly and “LibreTV” are in the Private group yet I didn’t see many (any?) “Progressive” or “Liberal” channels. One wonders if “Grid Free Survival” also sounded too conservative or “country” to make the Roku Channel Store…

Some of these are calling my name, so I’ll try them at some point. “Goats Live” sounds cute.”Space Time Free” having video from various space agencies ought to be cool Then “Maiden Network Private”? Things with women in lead roles? Why isn’t that in the Roku Store? Are Female led “Action / Adventure” shows not PC enough?

So OK, it is a bit more bother than just clicking the channel icon in the Roku Store. I’m OK with that. Especially if I can get some interesting and different content; or even just some balance in the progressive dominated media world.

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4 Responses to ROKU – Private Channels

  1. philjourdan says:

    This post was blocked at work (banned material – Marijuana). So I had to find out how ROKU was related to pot. Then I saw your review of the cannabis channel.

    I remember back in the 90s when our “filter” (working for a school system then) blocked Middlesex COunty Public Schools (sex in the name – but same state!) and also blocked the Clinton court testimony! (explicit sexual content).

    Ah the joys of bots and blocks. I am not too worried about them taking over any time soon.

  2. catweazle666 says:

    “I remember back in the 90s when our “filter” (working for a school system then) blocked Middlesex COunty Public Schools”

    This is known in the computing industry as the Scunthorpe problem!

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, a few folks here have been tossed into the SPAM bucket for nothing I could find… until I looked for substrings in words… Though I think generally WordPress avoids most of those issues.

    It’s an interesting point we’ve reached where there are so many channels I can’t even survey them all or really effectively decide which ones to try. But it also tends to leave room for interesting but otherwise “questionable” content to find a niche where it can survive. It’s got to be a nightmare for those folks who want to be censors…

  4. jim2 says:

    Haven’t gotten a bill yet, so there’s that, but one cool thing about DirecTV Now is it has On Demand. Wife and I have been watching The Expanse on Prime when it’s free. Now we can watch the first two episodes this season. Love that show. Better than Star Wars.

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