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Down The Tech Rabbit Hole – systemD, BSD, Dockers

I’ve been wandering around in the forest below the surface in the tech rabbit hole. Some interesting bits of fluff. Continue reading

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Soros Funding Move To Kill Brexit

Little Georgie Soros doesn’t want Brexit to happen and he’s willing to throw $Millions (or is that €Millions?) at a campaign to undo it. Continue reading

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A Modest “Global Warming” Test Idea

Can rate of change of temperature from peak to low on the daily data for the same day of the year, over years, illustrate if global warming exists? Continue reading

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“Not Even Hurricane Season” Bogus News

Is there a “hurricane season”? Does it land neatly on our calendar month boundaries? Is it right for the “news” programs to be banging on about how this latest Tropical Storm “Alberto” is happening when “It is not even hurricane season”? Continue reading

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