Mid-May, South Of France, Thoughts Turn To … Snow?

Snow In France In May


eteos @Meteos_  Ce lundi matin, belle couche de #neige (autour de 40cm) entre #HauteLoire et #Ardèche aux #Estables à 1320m d'altitude via https://www.lamontagne.fr/  12:07 AM - May 14, 2018

Ce lundi matin, belle couche de #neige (autour de 40cm) entre #HauteLoire et #Ardèche aux #Estables à 1320m d’altitude via https://www.lamontagne.fr/
12:07 AM – May 14, 2018

In Pictures: Southern France hit by May snowfall
14 May 2018
10:27 CEST+02:00

Spring might have already brought unseasonably warm weather France’s way but it seems like winter is still holding on in parts of the country, with snowfall hitting some southern areas on Sunday. Here’s a look at the spring snow in pictures.

It’s hard to believe we’re still talking about snow in the middle of May.

Nevertheless, parts of the south east have been hit by a late blast of winter with snowfall hitting the south eastern departments of Lozere and Ardeche and the south central department of Haute-Loire over the weekend and into Monday.

The three departments remained on orange alert — the second highest warning — for snow and ice on Monday morning,
according to France’s national weather agency Meteo France.

Well, that’s Global Warming for you. Piling up so you have to shovel it away…

More photos at the link.

Here in “Sunny” California, I have overcast sky (for several days running now) and mornings just barely reaching 50 F ( 10 C ). The afternoons have tended to nice, reaching warm enough to run the BBQ and not needing a jacket. It’s just the nights that are still too cool.

The good news is that unlike prior years where I’ve had to run A/C sometimes even in April, this year my A/C use has been zero. It looks set to continue at zero well into June. (All of two weeks away…)

I’ve been tempted to run the heater in the mornings but have resisted. Opting for jacket and / or thermal blanket (loose knit lots of trapped air warm light blanket). I presently have one draped over me as I sit on the couch, having morning coffee, and contemplating another cold morning. But at least I don’t have to shovel snow.

Strange thought, that:

“It could be worse, I could be in the South Of France”…

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5 Responses to Mid-May, South Of France, Thoughts Turn To … Snow?

  1. philjourdan says:

    We finally seem to have left winter behind. Forecasts are now for 80s (with an occasional bump into the low 90s – typical for this time of year) for the next couple of weeks. April was cold. But with the breezes, now is the time for folks to visit the area – before the humidity spikes during the calendar summer hits us.

    At least I am not in Southern France.

  2. Steve C says:

    In 1975, Derbyshire were playing a game of cricket against Lancashire in Buxton (in Derbyshire, in the Midlands) a few days before midsummer. Play had to be abandoned for the day when six inches of snow landed on the pitch.

    Dickie Bird, one of the umpires on this occasion, was (still is) a wonderful character and loved by everyone in the game – even when he was admonishing them on the field. Things happened around Dickie. Every umpire gets to rule that “rain stopped play”, but AFAIK Dickie Bird is the only umpire ever to have ruled that “sun stopped play”. (Someone had opened a roof light on a commercial greenhouse a couple of miles away, and the sun was reflecting straight into the batsman’s eyes, at a low angle.) I do hope his retirement is proving a little less eventful!

  3. kneel63 says:

    Here in the antipodes, we just had our first taste of “cold” – it actually got below 10C (50F) for a few nights, and daytime temps stayed below 25C (77F). That’s freaking COLD here! Only a few weeks ago we were seeing minimums around 20C (68F) and maximums in the low 40C (104F+)
    Actually used the heater….

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Loved my time in Australia / New Zealand! Partly as it was essentially the same climate mix as California… just 180 out of phase ;-)

    So Hell Yeah! I know that 50F / 10C is *COLD* despite what those folks in Minnesota and Chicago say! 8-0

    Today it barely broke 78 F or so here, it was quite cold for May. (What folks in places like Atlanta don’t appreciate is that the 78 lasts for about 20 minutes and it’s closer to 50 F / 10 C for about 16 hours of the clock… so if you are not outside at just the right time, you missed that one warm moment… )

    Essentially it was jacket and blanket weather until nearly noon. Nice from noon to about 3 PM, then back to cool and jacket needed. Now, with the sun down, headed back to 50 F / 10 C quickly. So yeah, “Yet Another Shitty Day In Paradise” compared to 50 F / 10 C all day long, or 110 F in the shade and there ain’t no shade in Texas… but we all have our crosses to bear ;-)

    @Steve C:

    “Game called on account of sun!” what a great story!

  5. Here in SW France we had a hailstorm on Sunday. I’ve been lighting a fire the last few nights, too. Not really what I expect for mid-May here. The start of May was however much nicer and I thought that maybe service was back to normal and we’d have a good year for a change.

    Since I remember well the headlines from the ’70s telling us we were heading into an Ice Age, I expect we’ll soon be getting those again, and of course it will be because we’re generating too much CO2. It will be interesting to see how the about-face is handled, and the use of memory-slots to change what’s been claimed.

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