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P2P Video Sharing – YouTube Alternatives

YouTube has recently taken down a lot of sites, many conservative ones. In general, Alphabet Corp., the parent of both YouTube and Google, has been on a Jihad against Conservative sites lately. Hiding them in search results and taking down their video channels. Folks need to know about the alternatives. Continue reading

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The Incredible Strength Of Apathy – Over Hyping?

The Public just don’t give a damn about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”. That’s a very good thing. There is nothing so hard as getting an apathetic person to care and be active. Inertia is now on the side of the Skeptic. Continue reading

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Unbiased Search Engine

Is there an unbiased search engine? It looks like Mojeek just might be one. Continue reading

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W.O.O.D. – 26 July 2018

W.O.O.D. for 26 July 2018 – Weekly Occasional Open Discussion Continue reading

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