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What’s Going On?

Facebook, YouTube (Google), Apple, Spotify, and more have gone on a Lefty Jihad against Conservatives. It is continuing even as conservative voices find other places to be. Since conservatives make up about 1/2 of the population based on voting patterns, I suspect it is a very bad idea to piss off 1/2 your customer base.

Google / Alphabet is large enough and pernicious enough with ad revenue that it will take a long time to show any impact from YouTube declines. FaceBook however is a one trick pony. I’m sure it isn’t related / important but…

FaceBook 1 year daily chart from 14 Aug 2018

FaceBook 1 year daily chart from 14 Aug 2018

That’s a loss of one year of gains almost overnight, and conversion of a strong uptrend into a downtrend. Some companies never recover from that kind of thing.

There are plenty of alternatives as we discussed here:

Kilauea volcano is taking a break from erupting. Nothing much new there, but at any minute that could change.

The Mueller Witch Hunt continues to go nowhere, but that doesn’t stop the show. It does slowly expose the depths of depravity and hate among the conspirators on the Left in the FBI and DOJ. Strzok got fired, so one more down. I think it ill take another 7 years to get the swamp cleaned up enough to notice.

Repeating from last posting is the rain issue: Massive rain and floods along the American East Coast.

Climate Paranoids are trying to keep the Ponzi afloat, but without American Cash are finding it difficult.

Then there’s the Turkish Lira. In a hard core free fall down about 15% in one day, 18% in two, 38% in 4 months. That’s gonna leave a mark… The ECB fears “contagion” (as they are going to lose bad in any tariff war with the USA and a “bad deal” or “no deal” BREXIT will stuff them more than Britain (as Germany is THE big exporter to Britain and the EU has a big trade surplus to lose); I’d be worried about contagion too. But likely not to the same countries as the ECB is worried about.


ECB Fears Contagion from Turkish Lira Collapse, Bank Stocks Plunge
Posted on August 11, 2018 by Yves Smith

Yves here. Apparently some Fed insiders have been arguing for more measured rate increases due to the fact that hot money exiting risking emerging economies could put them in a world of hurt, witness that Argentina and Pakistan have gone tin cup in hand to the IMF. But Turkey sits in a critically important location, and Trump’s tariffs have had the effect of kicking the country down the stairs. Turkey has already been Russia and the Chinese have meaningful stakes in the country.

On the banking front, the EU implemented the very badly flawed Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive, IIRC in early 2017. It’s a blueprint for creating bank runs. First, there’s no EU level deposit guarantee, and national deposit guarantees are supposed to get to be better funded, but now pretty much none are adequate. Second, it requires bail-ins, meaning creditors take a hit rather than taxpayers. That in theory might be a nice idea but banks are far too opaque for creditor to make intelligent decisions about them. so they can’t effectively discipline management.

In fact, CoCo bonds, one of the instruments designed to help ease conversion of debt to equity looks to have decreased rather than increased financial stability. From Bloomberg in March:
Now even the ECB is beginning to fret about the potential impact the plummeting Turkish Lira may have on Eurozone banks that are heavily exposed to Turkey’s economy via large amounts in loans — much of it in euros — through banks they acquired in Turkey. Given the plunge in the lira, companies have trouble servicing their euro loans and are beginning to default. And loans in local currency are plunging in value along with the currency. This is how the currency crisis in Turkey, which is turning into a debt crisis, could set off contagion effects among banks in France, Spain and Italy — a risk we have been exposing for two years.

The ECB is concerned that Turkish borrowers might not be hedged against the lira’s weakness and begin to default on foreign currency loans, which account for a staggering 40% of the Turkish banking sector’s assets, the FT reported. Turkey leads all other major emerging markets on total foreign-currency-denominated debt (including public debt), which hit nearly 70% of GDP last year (up from 39% in 2009).

Banks in Spain, France and Italy have estimated exposure to Turkey’s banking sector of around €135 billion. Spanish lenders alone reportedly are owed just over €80 billion by Turkish borrowers in a mix of local and foreign currencies. French and Italian banks are respectively due just under €40 billion and €18 billion.

Turkey is also funding some of the “Rebels” in Syria so that’s on the rocks, and then they wanted to buy a bunch of Russian military gear and that will be much harder.

Looks like that whole “Dictator in charge” thing with purges and arrests isn’t working out all the well for them.

In other news, the USA Economy is thriving and employment has risen to the point where hiring managers are finding they may have to actually offer better salaries and be less picky about hiring. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and even White Males (last on the Politically Correct Preference Quota List) are finding jobs at record rates. Hoist a glass of cheer to that!

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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153 Responses to W.O.O.D. 14 August 2018

  1. ossqss says:

    Facebook? ;-)

  2. Another Ian says:

    August 15, 2018 at 3:56 am

    Interesting piece AND comment section (read right to the end):

    “Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention? BECAUSE….



  3. jim2 says:

    “The stronger the economy gets under Trump, the more desperate his critics are to hand credit over to Obama. Even if that entails changing the past,” says an Investor’s Business Daily editorial. “A recent New York Times story says it all: ‘An economic upturn begun under Obama is now Trump’s to tout’.”

    Things were not always thus.

    “We seem to recall that the economy was stagnating in 2016 after the weakest recovery from a recession since the Great Depression,” the IBD editorial noted. “In fact, The New York Times itself described Obama’s economy this way in August 2016: ‘For three quarters in a row, the growth rate of the economy has hovered around a mere 1 percent,” the IBD editorial recalled. “In the last quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, the economy expanded at feeble annual rates of 0.9 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively.”


  4. jim2 says:

    All this YSM-created Russia BS is distracting us from the most serious threat to the US and its values (other than the “tech titans”): China.

    Yet even for those who have escaped China, surveillance and intimidation have followed. As part of a massive campaign to monitor and intimidate its ethnic minorities no matter where they are, Chinese authorities are creating a global registry of Uighurs who live outside of China, threatening to detain their relatives if they do not provide personal and identifying information to Chinese police. This campaign is now reaching even Uighurs who live in the United States.


  5. jim2 says:

    @ https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2018/08/15/w-o-o-d-14-august-2018/#comment-98986

    I can’t get to the comments in that article for some reason.

  6. p.g.sharrow says:

    @EMSmith; I hope you caught Charles Paine on Varney &Company on Fox Business. He is “Shouting” a warning on China’s stock market and it’s effect on the world’s economy and markets…pg

  7. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting item here from The Conservative Tree House


    This would explain why the administration has been dragging its feet about fully releasing documents into the public domain even though we know leaks have occurred.

    Now the question is when is the big reveal going to happen, where the pretty girl pulls the satin drape off the flashy new car.

  8. H.R. says:

    When the “Brand New CAR!” is revealed, it’s not going to be an AMC Pacer. Its going to be a paddy wagon and there should be a lot of swamp critters getting the honor of a ride.

  9. Larry Ledwick says:

    Will be interesting to see if the major media cover his event.

    Jewish man nearly killed by an ANTIFA protester. Sucker punched then strangled for no reason.


  10. Larry Ledwick says:

    The new car may be waiting in the wings.

    From twitter
    Harold Finch ❌ Retweeted

    6 minutes ago

    Boom @PressSec just announced Brennan got his clearance removed.
    @hfinch61 @drawandstrike @_ImperatorRex_ @almostjingo
    Hear her announcement, she destroys him. Fabulous

  11. Larry Ledwick says:

    Who says global warming is bad?

    Recent hot dry weather in the UK is revealing hundreds of hidden archeological sites lost to the ages until now. The extremely hot dry weather is showing differences in soil moisture, compaction and soil type due to buried traces of old structures.

    From twitter:
    Reuters Top News
    5 minutes ago
    After this year’s unusually dry and hot summer dried up huge parts of Europe, strange sights began to emerge in the English countryside

  12. jim2 says:

    @ https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2018/08/15/w-o-o-d-14-august-2018/#comment-99022

    this is a good argument for a national stand-your-ground law accompanied by Constitutional concealed carry.

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve not seen it, but China is going to be great right up until it collapses. It is fundamentally a corrupt power driven empire. Living standards will improve as they rush to modernity, but then the easy gain will be over and the whipsaw at the stagnation point will be brutal.

    Trump cutting off the 1/2 $Trillion / year surplus is definitely going to hurt. Enough for a collapse? Maybe…


    Eventually someone will die at the hands of Antifa and the Police will be allowed to do their jobs.

    Until then, faux rage will rule over calm speech.

    Do Note: Berkeley has about a 20%+ deficit in staffing as MANY officer resigned over being told to watch Antifa & Fellow Travelers commit crimes with impunity. They have discontinued special units and community policing to focus their remaining staff on “car patrols”. (Think a Vice Detective is happy being back in a patrol unit?) Since then, the Chief Of Police and City Council approved new rules to let them selectively Mace & Taser bad actors (as Antifa Supporters in the public meeting comment period argued it would be a bad idea and only broad use gas canisters ought to be approved – not wanting police to just whack the folks causing trouble…). AND recently, after arresting a batch of Antifa, published their photos… So if Berkeley government can learn, any can.

    Like I’ve said before too; folks adapt. I now have a “Cowboy Hard Hat” and I’d wear it to any meeting / event. Doesn’t look like a helmet. Similarly my all black nylon padded motorcycle jacket doesn’t look like anything either, certainly not like the light armor it is. No patches. Add my Karate class “cup” and some nice steel toe shoes and I’m pretty much set. (Eye protection in pocket when needed; not sure where to carry the respirator.) So someone tries to do something, I am unlikely to have much come of it; yet will not look like much other than an old guy in funny clothes. So I’d choose to stand between everyone else and just behind the “Proud Boys” in the front row; if needed.

    Thus “the crowd” armors itself against attacks.

    The Jewish man’s mistake was going solo, unprotected, and unprepared.

  14. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well this is interesting – if true : The FCC has shut down the Alex Jones Shortwave Liberty Radio operation. It apparently (according to the article) was a pirate station, operating without a license.

    I find it hard to believe that the Obama administration would not have shut him down long ago if that was true. The FCC generally has no sense of humor over unlicensed operations, and will show up on your door step if you are doing something unlicensed and seize your equipment in a heart beat.


    By the same token I find it a bit incomprehensible that he would do that given his public exposure. Either an intentional bait operation to the FCC to force them to shut him down for the street cred it would give him, or just stupid arrogant.

    He has a commercial short wave radio operation on WWCR which is in Tennessee and having call letters would have been FCC licensed, so this is a puzzle.

    Click to access WWCR_Program_Guide.pdf

    Did he intentionally also run a pirate radio station, or is this fake news from Time?

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    Or was it a “revoke your license then”…

  16. Larry Ledwick says:

    My suspicions have been confirmed this is highly questionable info on Alex Jones shortwave liberty radio
    From twitter

    Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec
    4 minutes ago
    Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 Retweeted The Spectator Index
    This is false, it was one station, and it is temporary

    The Spectator Index @spectatorindex
    Follow @spectatorindex

    BREAKING: The Federal Communications Commission has shut down Alex Jones’ radio show.

  17. Larry Ledwick says:

    This could be some random pirate radio station that happened to use Alex Jones feed as program material and be totally unrelated to his official shortwave outlet at WWCR.

    Maybe even a setup to create this news given it is in Austin Tx a very liberal city.

  18. E.M.Smith says:

    Austin Texas? Used to be a good town then it got “Universitied” and Apple moved there. Sudden jarring left turn.

    My guess would be a student doing it so as to get shut down to then lever that to attack all the radio operations. The opposite of “sue and settle”; “conspire and throw mud”.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, I’ve found I like the morning news from David Knight (hope I got the name right). Relatively plain spoken. No shouting. IIRC, it’s about 6 to 9 AM PT and that would be 8-11 CT and 9-Noon Eastern.

    So Infowars has picked up a new viewer out of this, even if I don’t watch Alex Jones ;-)

  20. Larry Ledwick says:

    That is kind of what I am thinking. An intentional violation to muddy the waters and created just enough truth to support disinformation operations to smear his short wave operations. Most folks will not look beyond the head line to see if it makes any sense.

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ flagship radio station.

    The Austin American-Statesman reported Wednesday that the pirate radio station, Liberty Radio, was hit with a $15,000 fine and at least temporarily pulled from the airwaves.

    The newspaper reported that a lawsuit filed in federal court in Austin alleged that Liberty Radio had functioned without a license since at least 2013, and had been transmitting from a tower at an Austin apartment complex.

    Liberty Radio stopped airing on the radio in December, but still streams online.

    The Associated Press reported that Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick were named as the defendants in the lawsuit, and the apartment complex where the station was transmitting from is linked the pair.

    The Olenicks reportedly told the FCC that they would not pay the fine and would treat any agency representatives as trespassers.

    Jones, a conspiracy theorist who founded the site Infowars, has recently been banned by several platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

    So looks like 2 folks in an apartment, either very pro-Infowars and a bit daft, or “false flag” set up.

    The linked AP story says it’s a pirate:


    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Federal Communications Commission has shut down a pirate radio station that served as the flagship outlet for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

    The Austin American-Statesman reports the FCC also has fined the station’s operators $15,000 — a fine the FCC says in a lawsuit the operators are refusing to pay.

    The lawsuit filed in federal court in Austin alleges Liberty Radio operated on a channel without a license since at least 2013. The lawsuit names as defendants Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick.

    Court documents show the FCC had tracked the transmissions to a 50-foot tower at an Austin apartment complex owned by an entity linked to the Olenicks.

    A message left with the Olenicks wasn’t returned. According to a letter the FCC entered as an exhibit in its lawsuit, the Olenicks refused to pay the fine or recognize the FCC’s authority, saying they would regard its agents as trespassers should they return.

    A search on the Olenick’s ought to be interesting… Wonder if they have a Facebook page? 8-)

  22. E.M.Smith says:

    Infowars on the ROKU is saying AVG software is now claiming the Infowars site is “malware”.

    This is getting way crazy…

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like WWCR is on the East side of the country…


    WWCR is a shortwave radio station located in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. WWCR uses four 100 kW transmitters to broadcast on about a dozen frequencies.

    WWCR mainly leases out its four transmitters to religious organizations and speakers. However, it does air a few hours of original programming per week.

    F.W. Robbert Broadcasting also owns the AM (mediumwave) stations WNQM in Nashville, WMQM and WLRM in Memphis, WITA in Knoxville, and WVOG in New Orleans. Some of WWCR’s programming is also broadcast on these local stations.

    Not seeing Austin Tx in there…

  24. Larry Ledwick says:

    I expect you will find they are a couple of wacko sovereign citizen types who were locally rebroadcasting the infowars broadcast to flesh out their station programming. Probably completely unknown to Alex Jones, as he would have seen an unlicensed operation as a huge exposure and excuse to get raided by the Obama administration (note they started broadcasting in 2013).

    What is bothering me the most, is the near simultaneous cascade across the board moves to silence conservative voices on all the major information sources they depend on.

    This is reminiscent of the first things that communist revolutionaries did when they over threw third world countries. Literally one of their first actions was always to take control of the radio and TV stations and shut down outside media access, and news paper publishers unless they were willing to publish the approved propaganda. That happened just before they surrounded the seat of government with tanks in most cases.

    This sort of coordinated moves do not happen by accident, someone somewhere is pulling strings.

    It makes you start wondering about if there will be a Bolshevik (ANTIFA) mobs in the street moment, with torches and pitch forks just before the elections next.

  25. E.M.Smith says:

    Per that Palestinian connection:

    I’d wondered why Islam and Muslims were being promoted and all Christianity was under assault. I think, now, it may be due to the fact that Muslims are obedient to Authority. IF you want a compliant population that takes order from Authority, cranky Evangelicals are not your folks; but Muslims are.

    Don’t know if that’s what’s going on, but mix that with a few $Billions of Saudi money…

  26. Larry Ledwick says:
  27. beththeserf says:

    As our OZ PM sets Agenda 21 suss-stainability program into L-A-W. making
    our energy punitively expensive, came across this video by Rosa Koire,
    surprisingly she’s a democrat, but gets what’s going down re Agenda 21.

    Her research cross references my reading on Soros’ Supra-state action and
    K-12 values ‘education’ on sustainability and what I read here on ‘git Trump.’
    but she covers more re land use. It’s happening here in our once great southern
    land in city development and increasing land use restrictions.The video is long
    but insightful and I do hope you have time to check it out..

  28. philjourdan says:

    I’d wondered why Islam and Muslims were being promoted and all Christianity was under assault. I think, now, it may be due to the fact that Muslims are obedient to Authority. IF you want a compliant population that takes order from Authority, cranky Evangelicals are not your folks; but Muslims are.

    Following this line of reasoning, what the left is seeking is a new slave class. Which is believable. It is kind of amusing (if they were not so violent and reminiscent of the Brown Shirts) that Antifa now plays that role. But I suspect the powers on the left are growing a little leery of this Frankenstein monster and thus want a more directable class of slave.

    And that could well be what the left is doing – at least some of them. But not Soros.

    Soros is trying to create the crises that will lead to more calls for bigger and more powerful government. Just like Rahm and Obama did 10 years ago. Muslims are merely the tinder to the end of an all powerful world police force to cow the population into submission to a new world order.

  29. E.M.Smith says:

    Alex Jones is now reporting on the radio station shutdown – it WAS a clandestine operation by someone unrelated to him and without his knowledge.

    His assertion, of course, leaps to the Conspiracy Theory that this is an attempt to paint him as a criminal and get his legitimate channels shut down. “A planned concerted effort to silence us ahead of the ” giant false flag that he says is coming in October…

    Alex also then listed the number of legit stations that carry his show. I didn’t catch the number but it was something like satellite distribution of his show to hundreds /thousands of local UHF stations and other radio stations (under licensed distribution not him running the stations).

    It will be fascinating to watch how this plays out. Do they actually move against his legitimate TV / radio outlets (and thus prove him CORRECT about the conspiracy…) or not, and let him be heard (and correct the BS being said about him)?

    It’s fun to watch, in a creepy kind of way. Creepy how? Two ways:

    1) He could be right, and this is a very abusive government / corporate conspiracy against all I hold dear and the USA of my ancestors.

    2) He is imaging daemons where there are only a bunch of hypersensitive over reactive leftists making a lot of dumb errors… yet it is believably presented and then the wacko’s attacking him ARE acting nutty and ARE telling lies and ARE getting him abused.

    No matter which way you go, it’s creepy.

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”… but sometimes the amount of stupidity needed becomes unbelievable and inadequate…

  30. Larry Ledwick says:

    In view of all the heavy stuff being discussed lately, we need a bit of lighter reading.

    Stories of military on leave often have interesting out comes. Enjoy

  31. ossqss says:


    I extracted this from my driveway camera a decade ago when I was getting harrassed by this Raccoon. He could have been in the WWF the way he tossed a full/heavy can to the ground after wheeling it from its resting spot. This proved to be his last hurrah upon my reviewing the recorded evidence! May he keep resting in peace ;-)

  32. philjourdan says:

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”… but sometimes the amount of stupidity needed becomes unbelievable and inadequate…

    Agreed. Even morons have heard of the Streisand Effect. And all the latest antics have done is give Alex Jones more publicity. While I have seen some incredibly stupid leftists, this begins to stretch credulity as being contributed to that trait. Hate is a very powerful emotion that does make people do stupid things. So perhaps they are just taking steroid enhanced stupid pills.

  33. gail combs says:

    Wolfmoon reposted this information that clears up some puzzling things in this great analysis: Who Wrote the Trump Dossier

    Wolfmoon: Another Treeper posted about the model they use – it’s likened to SCISSORS. I repeat for the benefit of all Treepers to SPOT communist scissors:

    Covadonga says: August 14, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    “The abilitites of the CPSU to engage in active measures, espionage, and all other forms of subversion abroad were virtually all split between the Chekisti (Chekists: KGB, NKVD, OGPU, etc.,) headquartered in the Lubyanka (Moscow Centre) and the GRU (Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Soviet Army General Staff,) headquartered in the Aquarium.

    The main exception would be subversion via individual Westerners who visited the SU for business or vacation and there got caught in various types of honey traps or other compromising positions when they encountered covert representatives of the RU (intelligence directorate) associated with the particular military front of the Soviet Army of the locality where they visited.

    The thing I don’t remember off the top of my head is to what extent a believing Communist from the UK, France, US or wherever could interact with actual CPSU members via the Comintern (“Communist International”,) vs. Chekist officers masquerading as political people in various KGB-controlled front groups. If they were high enough up (e.g. Harry Hopkins, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss,) to meet a real live non-Chekist Party member, I think that would be the only other exception. Guys at that level all had either Chekist or GRU controllers already, so it might be a moot point.

    You can bet that following the well-planned, carefully executed post-Reagan strategic retreat which, under Communist influence, the Western government/media/academic complex is pleased to call the “collapse” of the Soviet Union, that all of that, Chekist, GRU, RU, Comintern, whatever, is currently concentrated under Putin. Only the names have changed, to protect the narrative.

    I suspect, following Diana West, that the whole Browder pro-Magnitsky Act, anti-Putin/Veselnitskaya anti-Magnitsky Act, pro-Putin thing is a flamboyant piece of puppet theater that follows the old Soviet-model “scissors strategy”:

    “Two blades, turning at a common fulcrum point, wielded by the same hand”.

    Severe Western economic sanctions, that apply only to Russian oligarchs who have exiled themselves from Russia, force those oligarchs back to only major country where they can still do business, Russia. Thus, they must make their peace with Putin, and go contribute their brain power and investment capital to the Russian economy, rather than to ours.

    So Comrade Browder, just like his grandfather, could very well in fact be carrying out Moscow’s will.

    Imagine the laugh they must have gotten back in Moscow, knowing that their agents were sitting down in Trump Tower to argue against the American law that was instigated by their other agents, at a meeting designed to make Trump look like he was “pro-Putin”, especially if they knew that the whole thing was being recorded as part of a FISA operation led by their other agents, led by Comrade Brennan.

    The only difference between a Communist influence operation and a pair of scissors is that a pair of scissors only has two blades.”

  34. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting development over on twitter – I am going to post a series of tweets here to archive the comments.

    RexValachorum’s best friend

    Regarding Twitter conservative purges: it is OUR fault we allow them to do this to us. We conservatives are responsible. Twitter is a corporation run by CEO @Jack ass who employs a bunch of far left fascists who falsely believe they are in charge.

    They are not, because the ones who are ultimately in charge are the shareholders. The shareholders are in it for the money, not for politics. They can boot out @Jack ass and fire all his fascist minions if we send them the right signal: mass boycott.

    We conservatives represent 50% of Twitter users. We the users are actually the product Twitter sells to their advertisers. Twitter makes money from us, not the other way around. This is their business model. They are not doing a favor for allowing us to use their platform 4 free

    Twitter is using us to generate revenue from advertisers. It is our ad impressions and clicks that make shareholders buy and hold on to Twitter stock and made @Jack a billionaire

    Now please tell me if you would be one of those stock shareholders and learned that the revenue just decreased by 50% within the last week because the company lost 50% of its product (users) would you hold on to Twitter shares?

    If all of us conservatives would migrate to another platform Twitter would lose 50% of its advertising revenue, their stock would crater, and the shareholders would boot out @Jack ass the very next day because remember: shareholders buy stock to make money not to make politics

    Don’t don’t think of leaving Twitter as a permanent departure. Don’t delete your account, just stop using it. Start using http://gab.ai for a while if you are addicted to the social media.

    Don’t don’t think of leaving Twitter as a permanent departure. Don’t delete your account, just stop using it. Start using http://gab.ai for a while if you are addicted to the social media.

    Then come back if you wish, but only after @Jack ass gets his own permanent suspension as Twitter CEO and his fascist minions (which in their large majority are imported from 3rd world countries) either lose their jobs or pledge to correctly understand respect the First Amendment

    Remember: shareholders buy stock to make money not to make politics. We the users are Twitter’s product he sells to advertisers. @Jack is using us and makes billions out of us.
    How much money did YOU made out of using Twitter?

    This is a very good suggestion. Does anyone know when Twitter’s next earnings report is due?

    Joseph Loomis Descendant


    Replying to @RexValllachorum @jack
    A mass boycott starting about 45 days before the next earning report would be extremely effective. And don’t relent until after report, even if they cave. It would roil the stock and the company and teach @jack a lessen he desperately needs.

    Twitter (TWTR) Reports Earnings on Oct 26. Shares are down 13.1% since reporting last quarter.

    RexValachorum’s best friend

    Let’s make September 1st the #FireJackDay

    12:46 PM – 16 Aug 2018

    RexValachorum’s best friend
    23 minutes ago

    Retweet and tag September 1st 2018 is #FireJackDay to all influential conservatives on Twitter

  35. gail combs says:

    philjourdan says… Alex Jones….

    Dan Bongino had a decent explanation.

    Trump helped shoot down Net Neutrality.

    The Left NEEDS real control of the internet AKA Net Neutrality. TOTALITARIANS HAVE TO CONTROL INFORMATION. So they put the squeeze on Conservatives on Twatter, Farcebook, Boobtube, and I understand GAB has been de-platformed by Microsoft and WordPress kicked off a conservative group ?Freedom of the minds?

    By doing this ESPECIALLY before critical midterm elections they have put Conservatives in a NO WIN situation….

    They hope.

    Either cry for GOVERNMENT control or LOSE the midterms and the DemonRats impeach Trump.

    Of course there are election contribution campaign finance laws….
    And the old Decree forbidding Republicans from suing DemonRats about voter fraud just died…
    DNC v. RNC Consent Decree | Brennan Center for Justice

    So thing are going to get even MORE ‘interesting’

  36. gail combs says:

    I am going to repost your comment a couple times over at the Tree House. It has a VERY large following and the shadowbanning et al is a major concern

  37. Larry Ledwick says:

    Thanks Gail – wide distribution is important – as early as possible so folks can get setup on gab.ai if they are not already on there.

  38. Larry Ledwick says:

    You may also want to repeat my gab.ai links starter kit posts for people who might be new to gab and not know who to follow.



  39. philjourdan says:

    @Gail – Ask the Chinese and Iranis how controlling the internet goes. They can try, but short of pulling the plug (the NK solution), it is impossible. Yes, they want to control it. But they have no clue what it is. They remind me of RIAA and MPAA – they want to control movies and songs. But they long ago lost control. They are a walking corpse that the legs have not gotten the message that the brain is dead.

  40. E.M.Smith says:

    As an insurance measure, should gab.ai get deplatformed, there’s also Twister


    Free Speech

    Because twister is completely decentralized no one can censor you. No one can remove your posts. Your account cannot be blocked.

    No Spying

    Private communication (Direct Messages) are protected with end-to-end encryption. Both content and metadata (the recipient address) are protected.

    No IP recording

    The IP address you use to access twister is not recorded on any server. Your online presence is not announced.

    I’ve not tried it yet, but then again, I’m not a bit “Social Media” guy…


    Exploring their site, looks like it doesn’t run on Windoz. Just Linux, with a working Android and Mac ports that takes some work to install.


  41. gallopingcamel says:

    “I’ve not seen it, but China is going to be great right up until it collapses. It is fundamentally a corrupt power driven empire. Living standards will improve as they rush to modernity, but then the easy gain will be over and the whipsaw at the stagnation point will be brutal.”

    I concur. The PRC was headed for economic collapse……it would have become North Korea on a much larger scale when capitalism was discovered (Deng Xaioping). It turns out that the Chinese are very good at it.

    Unfortunately, the PRC is still corrupt by which I mean that people who are well connected politically can seize the assets of those who are not:

    There is a very revealing statement near the end of the NPR feature confirming that it pays to be a communist party member. This sort of thing over time becomes a huge problem (see “Why Nations Fail” by Acemoglu and Robinson):
    “Yen Hongchang told us he started a couple businesses over the years, but the local communist party took them away once they became profitable. He also said that the new new factories springing up around Xiaogang these days are largely empty, and haven’t created many jobs.”

  42. gallopingcamel says:

    Institutional corruption in the PRC is a huge problem don’t get too cocky.

    The institutions in the USA have become increasingly corrupt and the trend accelerated under Obama. Thus it is that the many have to pay more so the few can get richer. The many pay more for their drugs so that “Big Pharma” can pay their top executives $10 million per year or more while paying off politicians with $30 billion/year (chump change to Big Pharma) to see things their way.

    Similarly, subsidies to power companies for green energy projects paid for by the many via higher electricity costs and tax dollars.

    I could go on but you probably could make a long list without my help.

  43. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting item from Gab:

    Xenomorph Queen commented
    Andrew Torba @a PRO
    12 hours ago

    This is what they think of you. Let her know what you think of this: https://twitter.com/laurajsilverman/status/1029873380491550720

    That points to a comment by a Laura Silverman:

    Laura Silverman
    ‏Verified account @LauraJSilverman

    Take a look at Gab to see the cesspool of hate/active radicalization of lonely young white men desperate for a scapegoat &a ‘purpose.’ I know this has been going on heavily on other platforms as well. Pay attention, cuz these people are dangerous. Gab is a Dylann Roof factory.
    4:32 PM – 15 Aug 2018

    So looks like the assault on speech will spread to any site with any conservatives allowed… Won’t take long for them to start gunning for Gab.

  44. Another Ian says:


    Why history needs revision (/s)

    “Racist Democrats”


  45. gail combs says:

    Good article documenting Alex Jones was targeted by the Left.

    Note that Alex Jones and Breitbart were targeted by Hillary.

    Hillary Vows To Shut Down Breitbart/Infowars If Elected! » Alex Jones’ Infowars
    h t tps://www.infowars.com/hillary-vows-to-shut-down-breitbartinfowars-if-elected/

    What Constitution? Hillary Promises to Destroy Conservative Website as President

  46. Larry Ledwick says:

    Apple got hacked by a 16 year old kid
    Would be interesting to know how he got the authorized keys?


  47. gail combs says:

    Phil Jourdan,
    All you have to do is look at the 4 chan and 8 chan Autists. Do you REALLY want to make that group your enemy? And those chan techies and the kids @ Reddit are the SAME techies you are hiring into your firms to do your computer work…

    The fact the Commie-left is resorting to censorship is a concern, but the creative backlash is going to be fun to watch. I would not be surprised if Twatter, Farcebook and UBoobTube are a shadow of themselves a year or 2 from now.

    Actually I think we are watching the left implode.

    The old guard, David Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, The Old king of Saudi Arabia, have died off. Others like Queen Elizabeth, Queen Betrix, Prince Phillip, George Soros are very old. The newer crop that has seized the reins are not as stealthy or as careful or as intelligent. They thought with the Trans-Pacific Partnership and ‘Queen’ Hillary they had won. Instead they find China is a really nasty Dragon with it’s OWN AGENDA, and nationalism is rearing it’s head not just in the USA. The totalitarian left got cocky and they revealed their plans for the world. People had a looked at those plans and rejected them before their position was secure.

    Meanwhile I think all those corporations that got burned by China’s intellectual theft are having a re-think about whether they REALLY want to do business with a Chinese Dragon that has shown it likes to eat people and businesses AND views all other races especially whites with contempt.

    Lessons of history: China’s century of humiliation

    China Picks at the Scab to Keep the Wound Fresh

  48. beththeserf says:

    Gail re ‘resorting to censorship… Rosa Koire about 20.00 into the video,
    the new consensus, a publication, ‘Sustainable America. A New Consensus.’
    .via ‘neutralization of the opposition.’

  49. E.M.Smith says:


    The big clue:
    “He also had access to authorized keys, the kind that grant log-in access to users ”

    Says he had a phish or human factors approach to either get the keys directly or more likely, an indirection entry and then interior net pwn of a desktop.

    It looks also like he got into the financial side of the house. Not the Engineering side.
    “and hacked Apple’s servers for about a year”. Not a lot of production servers in Engineering.

    Now I’m way out of date ( I’ve not worked at Apple for about 28 years ) but when I was there, there was an Engineering shop ( I ran it ) and a corporate side run by a group called Information Systems And Technology (and abbreviated ISnT and pronounced “isn’t”…) The IS&T side of the house ran a lot of different machine types. Not just Apple / Macintosh. I expect they continued to do so. DEC Vax was one of their favorites and they had some other mainframe class stuff. I’d not be at all surprised to find they had some amount of Microsoft stuff there too (as for reasons I do not understand V.P. Finance guys just love it and few exec mgt. sorts want to learn any new system).

    So the leap to the notion that this was Apple architecture “servers” is entirely unwarranted.

    Now the way I would approach this kind of hack is to phish and get some identity information, then leverage that into a “how do I log in remote, I’m in a hotel in Australia on business and left the doc on my desk” call to desktop support (once you know the right name to drop and enough info to pass – like maybe badge number and desk extension; but a failed attempt one month lets you know what’s required to get the rest). Now you get a remote login prompt to the network. It might take some repeated attempts to find a weak password, but that’s the key bit.

    Once inside the network, all sorts of sniffer stuff can get further login info as little is encrypted.

    How did we prevent that on my side? SecureID cards (magic number changes every minute.) No card, no number. We knew all the folks in Engineering personally or had someone from their team authenticate them if special “hand out info over the phone” was needed. So no spoofing who you were to the help desk and no getting in with stolen creds without the physical token / card. We had correct knowledge of: Who you are, what you know (passwd/acct.), and something you had (card).

    IIRC, the IS&T side didn’t like the cost or complexity of the cards…

    Sidebar: It is also possible he camped outside the Australian office and hacked a weak WiFi setup. Ether a clandestine one (common) or just a weak set-up (also common). Big sites do regular WiFi site sweeps for clandestine servers or a laptop “sharing” the network. Remote offices often don’t. Part of why I say a perfect network security record is no longer possible. Any damn fool can put a WiFi hole in your security.

  50. Larry Ledwick says:

    On the question of China:


    Meanwhile Russia is also deep into modernization efforts, in the various reports you see repeated mention of dates from 2020 – 2050 for various steps to be completed.


    I personally think both of them are moving on a common time line and plan to be in a position to directly challenge the west in about 2020, and are now just shaking things down and trying things out (Ukraine Syria etc.)

    They have stolen a march on us and know their window is rapidly closing and President Trump moves to rebuild what Obama wasted, wore out and and neglected.

  51. Larry Ledwick says:

    The only completely secure computer based communication system is the one never used.


  52. Another Ian says:

    A comment from


    “Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:
    August 17, 2018 at 4:06 am

    Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media”

    Links to


  53. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    There’s open source alternatives based on Firefox run by hard core privacy / freedom folks; so this just means those variations no it ill gain more users. When Mozilla got pissy about the name, we had IceWeasel, SeaMonkey and others arrive on the scene. Mozilla eventually relented and FireFox-ESR (Extended Support Release) replaced IceWeasel on Debian. So just expect to see IceWeasel or maybe under a new name, return.

    That’s the beauty of Open Source. Somebody does something evil, you find a bypass appears.

  54. p.g.sharrow says:

    Cannabis in your morning coffee?
    CBD infused not THC enhanced. California Coffee provider Flower Power Coffee co.;
    I prefer brandy or whisky in my coffee. ;-) ….pg.

  55. llanfar says:

    I’ve been using Charlotte’s Web (CBD oil) for a few months now. I no longer take my anti-seizure med due to this.

    My wife has also been taking it for a few months. She has a history of migraines (15+ days/month) dating back decades. It did not cure them, though it does appear to have reduced the number/duration.

  56. E.M.Smith says:

    There was a “4th hour” of the Alex Jones segment of Info.wars today, hosted by the guy who started realvideo discussing various browser and search and video security / privacy / censorship issues. I’ll try to find a video of it at his site later (it just ended, I think).

    One bit I’d not noticed (not being a big user of Opera) was that it has been sold to China:


    Opera browser sold to a Chinese consortium for $600 million
    The Norwegian company has sold its browser, performance apps and name.
    Opera is the fifth most popular desktop browser with a meager 1.9 percent share, but it does hold a very respectable 10 percent of the mobile market. The company has been especially innovative in that arena, having introduced built-in ad-blocking, data and video compression and a built-in VPN. It’s unclear if the new owners will continue that trend, but current CEO Boilesen will reportedly head the firm under its new ownership. The deal is still subject to regulatory approval.

    Note that compression aspect. Opera has a “Turbo” mode where pages get cached and compressed on their servers then sent to you faster over your slow link. It can be nice when in Hell & Gone on a slow wire. I have an ‘Opera Beta’ on the Mac (that never has advanced… now I know why, they were too busy being sold to do development work) that I’ve used for just that purpose.

    Now I’m not worried the browser is dodgy, since it is old and never updated, but if you wanted to spy on folks or insert malware, having their web traffic route through your servers where you “condition” it would be an ideal operation.

    It is unlikely such operations have already been built, tested, and inserted; but it is about the time post buy when new management is in place and personnel turnover accomplished; so new plans in place and working to completion. So I’m likely timely enough in getting the message.

    The bottom line is that Opera now is a “Do Not Use” risk, especially the “Turbo Mode”.

    Oh Well.

    They did recommend Vivaldi and Brave browsers. I’ve seen another review about Vivaldi being the preferred browser for the Pi, so it’s on my “to do” list to install and try it. I’ve not found Brave for the Pi, but have not done a lot of digging.

    As the only browsers I could find for this (very old) MacBook were an old Opera Beta, Safari, and an old back level FireFox, it may be rapidly approaching the EOL on usable browsers (as it is stuck on a back level OS level). All of which means that day when I have to deal with the arcane Linux install for it is approaching…

    FWIW, there are Linux installs tailored to Chromebook laptops that cost about $150 to $200. That is a fairly low cost and easier path to a working modern laptop with Linux than a Mac conversion. That’s a fairly secure product when done, too. You replace the boot code and install Linux and it’s pretty clean. (Some of the Chromebooks are Intel and some ARM so performance varies…)

    I’ll likely just keep using the old FireFox (pre-buggery of site blocking plans that have been announced) and just cope. Why cope? In some places that intercept your start-up and demand a login (StarBucks) or just do a “agree and click” (Petes) the FireFox hangs. I’d use Opera to get past that point. Now I need a different workaround or see if Safari works…

    Oh Well. All things must end someday…

  57. Another Ian says:

    “Something Very Rotten In California”

    “I have hesitated to discuss California temperatures until I had tools in place to analyze it properly, and I do now. NOAA shows maximum temperatures in California rising rapidly, and particularly a big jump after 2012.”


  58. philjourdan says:

    “Gab is a Dylann Roof factory.”

    Interesting she did not say Anders Brevik factory. Since the RCA of his killing spree (much larger than Dylan’s) was the LACK of an outlet to express his rage. So he acted it out.

    This is why I say that liberals are stupid. They never learn. It is not that they cannot, it is that they refuse to.

  59. philjourdan says:

    I had Brave. My problem with it is that it would get funky and lock you out of tabs after a period (you could not switch to them). Crashing it and restarting it restored the functionality. That lasted 2 years (through multiple versions). So it is not a mainstay.

    Palemoon is. Now my browser of choice (based on a very old FF version). It just works.

  60. p.g.sharrow says:

    Kilauea is quiet, only a few quakes per day. The lava outflow has stopped from the East Rift, but there is a quake swarm going on about 20 miles down. This is at the west end under the Kilauea rift, far too deep to be in the island. When I first noticed it, it was around 25 mile deep. Maybe the next pulse from Pele’s hot heart…pg

  61. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I left a comment there that I thought it was “shaping their ends” of the data series, then averaging.


    Why would they want “to learn” when that would interfere with The Agenda?

    I tried to install Brave and Vivaldi on my Mac. NoGo. To old an OS release…

    Maybe the Pi will do better…


    Now we wait. Is it done? Or was that just throat clearing for the big one?

  62. Larry Ledwick says:

    A not so small summary of the President Trump accomplishments to date:
    REAL TRUMP NEWS updated (08/26/17)


  63. Larry Ledwick says:

    Oh this is going to leave a mark! Appears HUD is filing formal Discrimination charges against Facebook for facilitating discriminatory actions by advertisers in housing.


    I think big social media is about see a multipronged push back from the administration on their practices. (lawfare can work both ways if the victims are willing to fight back)

  64. Larry Ledwick says:

    On the economy one of the best leading indicators of the economy is heavy truck sales. Just about everything moves by truck at some point in the production / sales cycle. More truck orders mean more orders and deliveries expected.


  65. Steve C says:

    Re. Larry’s comment earlier this thread about the archaeological sites showing up in our dry British summer, probably the finest of them all was found across the water in the Emerald Isle. The author of the “Mythical Ireland” blog and a photographic friend went out with their drones to see what they could see and “just happened” across a whole new Neolithic henge, just down the road from the Newgrange site (already UNESCO) but forgotten for many centuries. Stunning stuff. See here on “Mythical Ireland”.

  66. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve found an alternative browser that DOES work on my old Mac OS level. IceCat.

    It is a Libre version of FireFox (so minus the bogus bits) and will not be doing the filtering / tracking / whatever that Mozilla org is headed into.


    Is the place to get a copy. They have many options:

    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0-gnu1.tar.bz2	2015-07-14 00:08	190M	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0-gnu1.tar.bz2.sig	2015-07-14 00:08	287	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2	2015-07-14 00:06	 42M	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2.sig	2015-07-14 00:06	287	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2	2015-07-14 00:06	 43M	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2.sig	2015-07-14 00:06	287	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.mac.dmg	2015-07-14 00:06	 31M	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.mac.dmg.sig	2015-07-14 00:06	287	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.win32.zip	2015-07-14 00:07	 36M	 
    [   ]	icecat-31.8.0.en-US.win32.zip.sig	2015-07-14 00:07	287	 
    [   ]	icecatmobile-31.8.0.en-US.android-arm.apk	2015-07-14 00:08	 39M	 
    [   ]	icecatmobile-31.8.0.en-US.android-arm.apk.sig	2015-07-14 00:08	287	 
    [DIR]	langpacks/	2015-07-14 00:32	 -	 

    So source tarball, LInux, Mac, Windows and Android. FireFox without the crap. I can live with that.

    Posted from IceCat, BTW ;-)

  67. E.M.Smith says:


    That housing discrimination thing could be the precedent for “You are a publisher not a conduit”…

    On my “Florida and back ricochet run” just about every truck and a few billboards were advertizing for drivers wanted. Don’t know if it is a hot economy, or just that driver requirements were tightened too much ( I could no longer be a driver, though once I could) but there is a crying need for more drivers.

    @Steve C:

    Interesting what a little (lack) of water can do. Perhaps a whole new discovery method. Modulate the water on a field and see what shows up…

    Makes for a pretty landscape too ;-)

  68. E.M.Smith says:

    Interesting… The IceCat (being a GNU product) is VERY sensitive about the issue of “non-free” software; so it has a “complain” tab on the right side to “complain” to web site operators that their page includes “non-free” (as in no source code published) JavaScript.

    I’d seen the complain tab and just wanted to remove it. Found a way to do so:

    ( far right 3-Line controls button, click “add ons”, go to “extensions” select “GNU LibreJS” and select disable)

    But along the way, it points to why they do this. It is an interesting read:

    Since it is complaining about me and my site, and there’s nothing I’m running, so nothing I can do to stop it, I’m going to shut off the complain button: But it is interesting how much “stuff” is being stuffed into JavaScript…


    After shutting it off, and reloading this page, I got the ‘click to accept cookies’ prompt / bar at the bottom. My guess would be that was what was triggering the “complaint”…

  69. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, so far I’m quite pleased with IceCat.

    The video extension lets you set videos to NOT auto-play and NOT pre-load, saving time, memory, and network bandwidth.

    I’ve loaded up all the tabs I had open in Safari and FireFox and looked at each one (loading it) and still didn’t run into the memory / swap issue as in FireFox. After that, on playing a video, I did see some swap artifacts as the video loaded, but nothing too bad. Not nearly as “totally unusable” as FireFox – more video would jitter and skip some, but not the whole thing hang and spinning meatball.

    It may still eventually run into the same issue, but it is at least it is a long way further off ;-)

  70. Another Ian says:


    On US temperatures

    “Sheldon Walker
    August 19, 2018 at 9:46 am · Reply

    I would like to invite people to read my latest 2 posts. They are:

    1) Warming in the USA since 1900 (using NOAA’s new ClimDiv temperature series).
    With a focus on the periods:
    a) 1900 to 1950
    b) 1930 to 1980
    c) 1970 to 2018

    2) Warming using Tavg, Tmin, and Tmax (also using NOAA’s new ClimDiv temperature series).”


  71. Larry Ledwick says:

    Some of you may enjoy this 8 minute time lapse of the night sky shot over 3 years and 20,000 images.

  72. E.M.Smith says:

    Trump Tweets saying he won’t let internet censorship of conservative voices stand:

    includes a segment from Fox about political shadowbanning of Republican representatives (interview with Congressman Matt Gaetz about him being shadow ban in search) talking of the FCC taking action.

  73. Another Ian says:


    You probably ought to have a read

    Canadian Observer
    August 19, 2018 at 12:42 am

    Kate originally supplied a link to this ‘live earthquake site’ a week or so back, I have spent more than a few hours on it since. Both his commentary and subject knowledge are excellent.

    With the deep 8.2 quake a few hours ago in the Pacific, he is forecasting doom and gloom around the entire Pacific as the stress from this massive quake is discharged down the line. Geez, an already reeling Indonesia just got hit with a 6.3 as I type this.


    If you live anywhere near the Pacific, keep your eyes open the next 7-10 days. Be prepared.”


  74. Larry Ledwick says:

    I have always found the idea that earthquakes tend to walk down the line of stress as each large quake relaxes tension in one area, and transfers peak stress to a new location along the fault complex. Seems like a reasonable concept. Too much noise in the data for it to be neatly proven but it seems to follow from the basic processes involved.

  75. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting article on how the Weekly Standard and Bill Kristol might be one of the early principle players in the Russian Collusion narrative.


  76. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well it is almost 4:00 am here in mountain time zone – sitting here baby sitting a job that blew up while the dba and support try to find what is broke.
    Unfortunately even twitter is quiet this time of the morning on a Sunday.

    Interesting article on the Trump Economy and how it might change world economic balance.

    I got to thinking with record low unemployment rates across the board (women, teens, minorities) and major investments by steel companies to refurbish mills etc. I wonder how that will change the future funding short fall predictions of Social Security as the base of workers paying into the system suddenly expands? It should push back that 2035 technical insolvency some although probably cannot balance the books unless it continues for a couple decades.

  77. H.R. says:

    @Larry re Milky Way time lapse: I enjoyed that one very much. Thanks.

    Early in the video (less than 1 minute?), in the lower right corner of the frame you can see meteors going up as though they were rockets being shot from Earth. I don’t know when that portion was shot, but as best as I noticed it was the only time meteors were zipping past the camera from that direction. I don’t recall seeing a path like that being captured and shown before. Captured, yes. Shown, no.

  78. Larry Ledwick says:

    I just enjoy the majesty of the milky way in all its glory only the camera can really capture it, unless you are in dark skies areas you can’t really see it all with the naked eye.

  79. Larry Ledwick says:

    Interesting numbers here:
    Jobs created by new tariffs out number jobs lost to the tariffs at a 20 : 1 ratio


    I saw another interesting comment yesterday on twitter that gave a bit of pause, by increasing revenue from tariffs, President Trump is effectively shifting tax burden from the pubic in the US, to foreign trade partners.

    I wonder how that will change the pay down of the 20 T national debt?

  80. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve run into my first problems with IceCat. It doesn’t want to play videos from BitChute or Real.video. Don’t know why yet, but likely BitChute & Real.video use some level of “standard” not yet implemented in IceCat. HTML5 is an ‘evolving standard’ so will have such teething issues for a while. Lots of programmers have not yet learned that one needs to stay a safe distance behind the “bleeding edge” of change.

    So, OK, I’ll need to use something else for watching my Politically Incorrect video sources on the Mac. Why I keep multiple browsers installed anyway. To bridge compatibility issue.

    China owned and “all your data flows through our compression and examination site if you set turbo mode” Opera? Or “We will decide what you can see” FireFox of the future? Or “You thought IceCat was old, wait until you see a decade old tech in Safari!”? Decision decisions…

    For now, I’ll just be using IceCat for everything else and FireFox (as it is an old one and not yet contaminated by their future planned censorship “feature” and for that matter can’t be upgraded on this platform anyway so good until web site tech moves to an incompatible point) to watch those videos.

    As Opera can at any time (or may have already) start snooping inside their “Turbo” compression servers, I’ve turned off the “Turbo” mode and will NOT be upgrading the (old) release. It takes time to compromise software, so this ought to be “good enough”.

    Since this Mac can’t be upgraded past about 5 year back OS level, Safari is pretty much doomed to be useless on it going forward. Brave and Vivaldi don’t work on it either for the same OS level reasons.

    So I think it’s workable for the next year or two…but in the next year I need to work out that “install LInux” process… I tried it once, but it is complicated and arcane. (Driver are strange and with no wired internet, you must get the WiFi driver in and working before you can do much else…) Or maybe I’ll just declare it dead in a year or two and use something else as my laptop / portable… It’s 1/2 dead already what with the SSD gone and the (known issue of poor plastic) keyboard having the keys wear through to white spots… Screen and CPU are pretty good though! ;-)

    Wonder how hard it would be to make it an “organ donor” and use the screen on a Pi based portable? ;-)

    But all that is in the future…

    In trying to get the videos from BitChute & Real.video to run I’d enabled the “auto run next” and “pre-load” and other video fiddling settings on IceCat. Then booted up at Peet’s Coffee (first reboot after that) opened the browser and was met with a cacophony of sounds… seems lots of other tabs had video things in them and they were ALL “auto running”… Took me a while to remember I’d fiddled the settings (wha?… If only I had finished my coffee… but I just got here!!!… 8-0 )

    I now REALLY appreciate their “don’t do video unless I permit it” feature.

    So, OK, I’ll use old FireFox for renegade videos and IceCat for everything else for the next year, while I continue to explore the browser space. I suppose if I really cared I could just take the IceCat source (based on older FireFox) compare them to the FireFox source for this release (also old but not as old), and apply the needed fixes… But with FF announcing they are joining the Dark Side, there will be a thousand and one folks better than me doing that already as they flood to other platforms. The only real question is will any of them care to make sure it is backwards compatible with 5 year old OS levels…

    Oh Well… I guess I could just get a newer “broken and free” Mac if I really cared ;-)

    They joys of living on cast off equipment… I probably wouldn’t do it but for my “never waste things” ethic and the fact I enjoy the tech challenge of it at times. Besides, you really ought not be required to throw away a $1000+ of equipment every few years “just because” someone is uncareful with their coding.

  81. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    IF you live on the Ring Of Fire, you must always be prepared anyway. Cascadia can do a 9.x at any time and wipe out Portland to Seattle with about 5 minutes to escape to 100 miles inland… The San Andreas and related faults can dump an 8.x-9.x into anywhere from San Francisco to Los Angeles basin with ZERO notice. It’s just part of the turf here. Literally.

    But yeah, something big goes off, other places often follow. Cascadia and Japan seem to have about a decade lag oscillator going on, and San Andreas / Calaveras-Hayward too.


    At PG’s place the Milky Way was glorious! Hadn’t seen it that way in years.

    To get to his place you take the road to Hell & Gone, then turn right. After a few miles winding through mountains you reach the end of the pavement and the “End of Road – avoid edge of world” sign. Then you go a bunch more miles of gravel road and turn again onto the dirt road. That continues to the string of forking “cow trails with tire track” until you run out of dirt at his place. ;-)

    With no moon up it was so dark I could not see my feet and I’m known for not needing a flashlight at night… I just stood there looking up for a while… City folks have no clue…

  82. Another Ian says:

    Tremors of a different sort

    “Rebel numbers swell: Carbon emissions poised to bring Turnbull down a second time”


    ” Labor commits to 45% emissions reduction & Turnbull wants to do a deal with them
    Monday, 20 August 2018

    It takes exquisitely well developed ineptitude to be losing to this.”


  83. ossqss says:

    Many sizable shakers in just the last few days.


  84. ossqss says:

    Well that filtered link didn’t populate well…. Not sure what happened there, maybe to long? Sorry about that.

  85. Larry Ledwick says:

    Works if you highlight the whole thing word press decided the link was complete when it ran into the quote marks.

  86. E.M.Smith says:


    See: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/urls-html-unicode-wordpress-antics/

    for why and how to get around it (as painful as that process can be…)

  87. ossqss says:

    EM, thanks for the painful understanding, I think. One would hope after 5 years there was room for improvement. Oh well. Off to Monday :-)

  88. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ossqss:” I just copy the whole thing and pasted it into a new window tab. It came right up.

    @EM; Glad you enjoyed the view in-spite of the Spartan conditions. We greatly enjoyed the conversation and company that evening as well as am thankful for your help the next day in moving that dresser. This weekend we completed the move with the big cabinet and shelves. The room is newly painted and M’lady is pleased with her new work space. I have GAINED work space in my shop! Now I need to move the Disk and the Great Coil out to their test area, and setup a new smoke test. First up is to relight up the plasma jet and get the photo that I missed the first time it lite up. ;-) … pg

  89. E.M.Smith says:


    Not Spartan, “Rustic” ;-)

    Loved the way your garden is laid out too. Long boxes around the contour of the hillside. Nice paths for access. Easy to work and productive. I got a few ideas for the future from it.

    When next I make a garden, I’m going to put up some tall trellises in the back and grow some very tall beans on them. (To freeze, can, dry, etc.) and those can also be a visual screen to the less desirable parts of the garden grown shrubby things. I’m fond of Runner Beans and the Scarlett Runner make a really beautiful wall of flowers. You had cabbages and cole vegetables in that position, and that makes sense as it keeps them a bit shaded and cool in California heat ( I’ve “had issues” with mine in too much direct sun). Then I’d put the shorter things in front. Then again, I’m on flat land and you had a hillside working in your favor.

    I also need to get off my duff and do the whole potting shed / greenhouse thing. Yours clearly does a great job of starting things and lets you maximize growout of vegetables in the boxes.

    But the next year is “letting go” and “cleaning out” as we get to the minimal set for a Florida move… so I don’t get to do that garden thing for a while… (Though maybe after I clear all the “volunteers” out of my back yard that moved in while I was in Florida, I can get a quick garden done one season…) I fear my ambition is exceeding the clock and the body… Maybe tomorrow ;-0

  90. Another Ian says:

    “Procrastination is my sin
    It gives me grief and sorrow.
    I’ll have to give it up one day
    I think I’ll start tomorrow.”

  91. Larry Ledwick says:

    Item here on censorship / de-platforming of another scientist who does not conform to the PC science world. I’d never heard of this guy but might be worth looking into. They are saying he has a track record for predicting major geophysical events like earth quakes and volcano erruptions.


  92. Jon K says:

    This is an interesting thought about Trump “Crossing the Chasm” https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-20/luongo-trump-crosses-black-chasm-ends-democrats

    The term applies to marketing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossing_the_Chasm , but I think his point has some validity as elections are really marketing campaigns for ideas.

  93. Pingback: 7 Words? Candace Who? | Musings from the Chiefio

  94. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like Maduro chopped 5 zeros off the Bolivar in an attempt to end hyperinflation via fiat…

    That’s been tried before in other countries. It doesn’t work. It usually means the end is near…

  95. E.M.Smith says:

    Per France24:

    Brazil has shut their border with Venezuela and ordered troops to the border due to some kind of riots in border towns…

    Looks like the exodus is now large enough that the breakdown may be in the final stages.

  96. Larry Ledwick says:

    That’s been tried before in other countries. It doesn’t work. It usually means the end is near…

    When the paper it is printed on and the ink used to print it is worth more than the face value, you will know the final swirl around the drain is beginning.

    I am quite frankly surprised it has lasted this long all things considered.

  97. Larry Ledwick says:

    Will they have to give STEVE a different name?

    Researches say a type of light emission in the sky named STEVE is not a type or Aurora as they previously expected. It has some novel origin apparently unrelated to particles striking the atmosphere like Auroras are produced.


  98. Larry Ledwick says:
  99. jim2 says:

    Greg Gutfeld tosses out some great ideas for a Trump Museum:

  100. jim2 says:


    I’m for renaming Steve BOB. Bright Obstreperous Beam.

  101. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like Poland is giving Soros NGOs and orgs the old heave ho too!


    SOROS Booted from ANOTHER Country: POLAND Deports Top Soros Organizer and Agitator Back to Ukraine
    By Pamela Geller – on August 19, 2018

    Poland strikes back — fresh on the heels of Hungary throwing Soros out of that country, too. The great defenders of individual freedom and liberty are coming from countries that have lived under boot of totalitarianism and oppression They know what freedom is and they know it it is to lose it.

    Now if Trump will just recognize that Russian International Warrant for his arrest… ;-)

  102. E.M.Smith says:

    From the “Don’t Mess with Texas Department”:

    Texas mom shoots man trying to take car with her kids inside at gas station: ‘I hope that woke him up’

    A Texas mother said she didn’t think twice about shooting a would-be carjacker when the man jumped into her vehicle at a Dallas gas station while her two sons were in the backseat.

    Michelle Booker-Hicks was at the Shell station along Interstate 35 around 10 p.m. Wednesday when Ricky Wright, 36, attempted to steal her vehicle while she was paying her gas bill, police said. Booker-Hicks told FOX4 Dallas her two sons, ages 2 and 4, were sitting in the backseat at the time.

    “I proceeded to jump in my backseat and told the gentleman to stop, to get out the car. He would not get out of the car. He turned around and looked at me. I reached over the armrest to get my glove compartment and that’s when I fired at him once I got the gun from my glove compartment,” Booker-Hicks recalled to the news station.

    Never get between a Mama Bear and her cubs…. Especially if she’s packing heat ;-)

  103. H.R. says:

    Looks like the Mrs. and I will have to keep a sharp eye out for alligators when we got to Hilton Head Island in October. The alligators are low on groceries and snacking on what they can find. (Link is to The Island Packet; the local rag. Good test of your ad blocker, but no registration required.)


    Seriously, I’m surprised there aren’t more alligator attacks on the island. There are lots of ponds and lagoons and many, if not all, have alligators. There are lots of tourists with kids and dogs (a very dog-friendly family vacation spot). Combine those ingredients, mix well and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    Oddly, this lady was a local, so I’m surprised she got caught out.

  104. E.M.Smith says:

    France24 has a story “ranting” about the horrible sale of precursors to chemical weapons being sold to Syria. Just HOW could this happen? What other reason could there be for these chemicals being sold? Clearly it is just a violation…

    The chemical?

    Rubbing alcohol.

    Isopropanol. That stuff on the shelf in your bathroom.

    Sigh. I really really wish it were mandatory that news readers have at least passed a chemistry class once in their life (and editors ought to have a year of chemistry & physics and pass with a B or better…)

    Iran is up to their eyeballs in gas and oil. These are what you use to make isopropanol. Syria is a client of Iran. Converting petrochemicals to isopropanol is nearly trivial for any organic chemist and SOP for Chem. E. majors.


    Isopropanol (IPA) Production and Manufacturing Process
    05 November 2007 13:47 Source:ICIS

    Two commercial routes to IPA are used. The older method is based on the indirect hydration of refinery-grade propylene using sulphuric acid to form isopropyl sulphate which is then hydrolysed with steam to form sulphuric acid and IPA. The crude IPA is distilled to the desired purity.

    A more modern route is the direct hydration of chemical grade (90-99%) propylene avoiding the need for sulphuric acid. Propylene and water are heated and the liquid-vapour mixture under pressure passes into a trickle flow reactor containing sulphonated polystyrene cation ion exchange resins. Alternatively, the reaction can be carried out in the gas phase over a phosphoric acid-based fixed bed catalyst. There is also a liquid phase route employing a soluble tungsten catalyst. The IPA is obtained from the aqueous solution by distillation.

    So you can use crude refinery run propylene gas, or you can clean it up first ( Iran has oil refineries so have propylene) and then either add it to hot steam and run it over a (trivial to make) catalyst bed; or treat the rougher gas with sulphuric acid (major byproduct of desulfering operations in refineries…) and hit it with steam.

    I could likely make a fair shot at the rough process (given access to refinery byproducts) and some stainless steel pots and pipes. Once done with the sulphate reaction I’d bet you could get by with simple copper or iron vessels until the sulphuric acid reforming stage. (Enamel lined iron would likely work, given the right enamel).

    Do Note:

    My complaint is not about putting a barrier between Iran and ANY resource. Iran is not our friend. My complaint is about the way Rubbing Alcohol is being portrayed as chemical weapon precursor.

    By their reasoning, water is a chemical weapon precursor as it is used as steam in the above reaction series.

    At some point you just have to call it stupid and point out this is a garden variety material about as common as salt. ( I have more rubbing alcohol on hand at the moment than salt…)

  105. Ralph B says:

    With your plethora of postings Tips fell off your front porch. Thought this was interesting in having the magnetic field flip in potentially a lifetime. Of course if it does flip, our lifespans could be affected.

  106. E.M.Smith says:

    It is still there:

    Just hit the “tips” category on the right up top and the most recent is always the top listing:


    Per Magnetic Flips:

    I’m not worried about it. Humans came through the last “excursion” (very fast flip and back) just fine. The “flip” is more like a “turbulence” anyway. N and S “poles” pop out of the surface at different places. It’s not like we go to zero magnetic field.

    We’ve got a bit of that already off Argentina that has a minor effect on satellites.


    A geomagnetic excursion, like a geomagnetic reversal, is a significant change in the Earth’s magnetic field. Unlike reversals, however, an excursion does not permanently change the large-scale orientation of the field, but rather represents a dramatic, typically short-lived change in field intensity, with a variation in pole orientation of up to 45° from the previous position. These events, which typically last a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of years, often involve declines in field strength to between 0 and 20% of normal. Excursions, unlike reversals, are generally not recorded around the entire globe. This is partially due to them not being recorded well within the sedimentary record, but also because they likely do not extend through the entire geomagnetic field. One of the first excursions to be studied was the Laschamp event, dated at around 40000 years ago. This event was a complete reversal of polarity, however, as it later turned out, though with the reversed field 5% of the normal strength. Since this event has also been seen in sites around the globe, it is suggested as one of the few examples of a truly global excursion.

    It’s the notion that the Earth normally has a fixed N and S pole where they are now that is the broken idea. If flips, flops, wobbles, goes multi-pole and generally looks more like the patterns we see on the sun sometimes. Just on a very very long time scale that we don’t notice much.

    FWIW, there is some evidence for an occasional short blip of such a node of magnetism popping up near Bermuda… and is likely the genesis for the stories of compasses going nuts. Sometimes it makes it above the surface, but often it doesn’t and compasses are normal…

  107. Larry Ledwick says:

    If you have not been watching the news 7.3 quake near the coast in Venezuela, and they put out a tsunami warning a while ago.

    M 7.3 – 20km NNW of Yaguaraparo, Venezuela

    2018-08-21 21:31:42 (UTC)
    10.739°N 62.911°W
    123.2 km

    US GS latest earthquakes

  108. E.M.Smith says:

    That could make for an interesting problem… “rescue” efforts in a country where everyone needs some kind of rescue, most want to just leave, and the government doesn’t want any strangers coming in…

  109. Another Ian says:


    “That’s been tried before in other countries. It doesn’t work. It usually means the end is near…”

    That is why a lack of knowledge of history is necessary for “socialist progression”

  110. Another Ian says:

    “wolfmoon1776 says:
    August 23, 2018 at 1:25 am

    Gab is telling Microsoft to jump in a lake – a great David vs. Goliath story:”


  111. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    That’s great news. Gab is showing the way to do it.

    Start an immediate recandle to a new service, while at the same time saying “NO!” to the cyber-bully PC Assault, and setting the stage for a “He threw me off” defense to any “we had a contract” assertion…

    At this point it ought to be obvious to ANY conservative or even centrist voice that they need to be actively duplicating their service on BitChute, Real.video, Gab.ai, etc. etc. Not only does it provide “insurance” against a sudden Left Wing Attack, but it moves revenue away from those behaving badly (Google / Alphabet / Youtube – whatever they call themselves today… ; Twitter; Facebook)

    “We had a contract for raw computes; not one for censorship ‘services’…”

    I’d also point out that in their announcement of “Russian Hackers” Microsoft stated they had “seized domains”. When did Microsoft gain police powers? How can a private company “seize” an international domain? I didn’t vote for Microsoft to seize commercial properties…

    Now it may well have been a good thing ( IF in fact these were illegal hackers ) but it sets a precedent that can be evil – what happens when a parody site offends someone? What happens when “hate speech” (that is entirely a fabrication of the snowflake mind…) is the target? Since I find advocacy of “hate speech” laws and the enforcement of censorship offensive and hateful, can I demand that all sites advocating for “hate speech” laws and enforcement be “seized”? If I incorporate and provide some minor web hosting can I then run around “seizing” domains? Just so wrong.

  112. Jon K says:

    Good comment over at the Treehouse…

    I’m going to go make sure my torches are well stocked and my pitchforks are well oiled and rust free.

  113. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jon K:

    Ah, the old “Sexually explicit comments” that now can mean “Hey, want to hook up?”.

    Yeah, character assassination du jour. Only reasonable response is to shout it down as so last year and passe.

    BTW, I always thought RUSTY pitch forks were best? No? ;-)

    (Perhaps left stuck in dirt for a while…with dung pile duty…)

    Seriously though, the incredible stupidly of the Marxists in this case pushing for their “Revolution” is they forget that the Trump Counties have all the guns and all the food…

    So yeah, bring on “The Revolution”… Fine with me. I’ll just sit here guarding the corn patch and hog farm while you figure out where breakfast and dinner are coming from… Mind the roofing tar wagon, it’s hot and ready to go… What, you snowflakes never used roofing tar? Here, let me show you how it works…. ever seen chicken feathers?…

    What they seem to have missed is the Cold Fire in the belly of traditional conservatives. We hired Trump ’cause we figured he was a Big Enough Bastard to not back down. So far so good. What they have missed is that if they succeed in a take-down on him, it’s all the rest of us Deplorables who are pretty much ready to “burn it all down” (metaphorically at least). “Gotta Get a Bigger Bastard” comes to mind.

  114. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Seriously though, the incredible stupidly of the Marxists in this case pushing for their “Revolution” is they forget that the Trump Counties have all the guns and all the food… “

    And their poor schlubs revolutionary army doesn’t even know which bathroom to use.

    “What?!? I’m supposed to go behind a tree?!?
    OK. Gimme a roll of toilet paper….
    What?!? I’m supposed to use leaves?!?
    Can’t we just chant the other side to death or something?


  115. cdquarles says:

    Leaves? No, those are for eating. You use your left hand ….

  116. H.R. says:

    Them’s is wintertime rules, cd. The green leaves of summer are OK. They just better hope their SJW edumuhcation included plant identification.

    There are occasional tales of city folks needing to relieve themselves in the forest, and being unable to recognize poison ivy or poison oak or poison sumac, suffer tragic but non-fatal consequences.

    If they invade the desert and still insist on using leaves, it will be a very short revolution.

  117. Larry Ledwick says:

    I think you will enjoy this:

  118. H.R. says:

    👍👍😁 Thoroughly enjoyed, sir. You thought right.

  119. E.M.Smith says:


    Clearly someone who knows me has made that chart after watching me BBQ and eat ;-)

    Yuppers, Mikey Likey!

  120. beththeserf says:

    Char-fried sausages, mashed potatoes and steamed green vegetables, mmm…
    and a glass of wine to wash it down… which reminds me. )

  121. Larry Ledwick says:

    Very interesting read on the Las Vegas mass shooting and the investigation.
    Laura Loomer is the lone journalist who is really following this event and the aftermath and is one of the few legitimate investigative journalists now carrying the load the Major Media should be doing.


  122. jim2 says:

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading a five-state coalition that on Thursday won an $839 million judgment against the federal government in an Obamacare lawsuit, a massive blow to the Obama administration’s namesake legislation.


  123. Larry Ledwick says:

    Okay now that the full thread is available I will post here in the proper thread. I accidentally put the first link on the earthquake thread rather than here.

    Hmmmm – I wonder if this explains some of the 45,000 sealed Federal indictments sitting out there?
    Maybe a huge mass charging event prior to mid terms to send a message and support he narrative of illegal voting?



  124. Larry Ledwick says:

    Hmmm this would put an interesting twist on the Las Vegas story if true.


    Was the shooters girl friend an FBI asset??

  125. E.M.Smith says:

    The whole Vegs thing just stinks. Smells like a false flag to get gun owners / red necks against Trump and the republicans. But sorting out all the back room connections is a full time job..

  126. H.R. says:

    E,M.” “But sorting out all the back room connections is a full time job..”

    …and the FBI will not accept any applicants for the job. SPIT!

    For now, the FBI is worse than dead to me. IMO, they are actively engaged in suppressing the interests of America and are no longer even remotely associated with their original purpose for existence. They are no more than well-paid maids for the GEBs, tasked with sweeping under the rug any dirt detrimental to their EB Masters. SPIT!

    Don’t bother asking how I really feel about the FBI, as the answer may cause E.M.’s blog to be shut down.

  127. E.M.Smith says:


    You mean to imply that the F.B.I. are largely toadies to whoever is in power at the moment and have no spine at all and do not adhere to the rule of law and are largely lackeys of the Globalists?

    “Shocked! Shocked I say, t find gambling is going on…!”

    The FBI has no idea how much their lack of “Rule Of Law” has caused their reputation to be dirt…

  128. H.R. says:

    “Here’s your winnings, Director Wray.”

  129. E.M.Smith says:

    My Florida Friend is having Angioplasty and multiple bypasses.

    It is unclear what is on the cards.

    I am going to be on the road while the spouse had Doggy Duty in California.

    All things are in flux for a while as who is on what coast when and why is up in the air.

    I will post what I can when I can, but a friend in need overrides all.

  130. Larry Ledwick says:

    Safe travels and following winds! Best wishes for your friend!

  131. cdquarles says:

    Ah, prayers for your friend being made. [I had my own near brush with death this past Monday morning, so extra special prayers this time.]

  132. Steve C says:

    “a friend in need overrides all” – Absolutely. Safe journey, and goodwill flowing across the Pond from me to YFF. See you later.

  133. H.R. says:

    I know, I know… hope is not a strategy, but in these situations I can only hope for the best for your friend and a safe return (with good news) for you.

  134. Larry Ledwick says:

    cdquarles your [ ] comment above sounds ominous, hope all is well in your world as well.

    In other news we have more signs that the monolithic black liberal voting block is beginning to come apart.

    From twitter:
    Duke Selden and 3 others liked

    Sharika Soal 🇺🇸
    ‏Verified account
    17 hours ago
    I am not a conservative.
    I am an ex-resister
    I resisted for 2 years what I thought was the KKK and future genocide of blacks.
    They said Donald Trump was Hitler. I was afraid.
    I am an independent who saw the truth


  135. beththeserf says:

    All the best, EM and to you, cd.

  136. H.R. says:

    Re Larry’s post by Sharika Soal:

    Definitely by the 2020 election, there will not be the automatic 96% black vote for Democrats. I would think that by then, black voters will mirror the general population and there will be the roughly 25% that will vote Democrat no matter what.

    But what Sharika said is entirely understandable for someone who just stepped outside the gates of the Democrat Plantation, in essence, “I don’t know where I’m going, but it’s not back on the Plantation.”

    Sharika, and others who have come to the same realization she has, are going to be a tough sale when it comes to politics as usual. They will be carefully reading between the lines before they pull the lever.

  137. Another Ian says:

    What a cv to wave in front of potential business partners!



  138. H.R. says:

    McCain died.

    Let the YSM spin begin.

    I’d be hard put to recall anything he had done that didn’t enrich him or his cronies.

    I will not speak ill of the dead, but if the opportunity presents itself, I will piss on his grave.

  139. Larry Ledwick says:

    Senator John McCain has died (8/25/2018)
    I wish his family and friends well and hope the pain from their loss passes quickly.

    He was an enigma. He will be mourned as a war hero, but there is ample reason to believe he was battling many daemons and I find many of his actions either puzzling or troubling.

    Unfortunately like all public persons we will not know his proper legacy for another 30 – 50 years as all the stories are told.

    Some military saw him as a model of honor and valor for his POW status in Vietnam, but it would be negligent to not acknowledge that there were POWs who knew him will who thought he was less than honorable. Same for some aircrew he served with that felt he was responsible for the USS Forrestal Fire that killed 134 sailors and injured 161.

    Although I voted for him in 2008 it was more a “not Obama vote” than a vote for McCain.
    Having never met the man, or had close exposure to his deeds I will reserve judgement (that belongs to a higher authority) and hope he can Rest in Peace.

  140. H.R. says:

    @Larry: I know more than enough about McCain to cause me to keep silent, since he is now gone from this world. Lord only knows I’ve got my own sins hanging over me, but I’m confident that there’s enough good I’ve done to provide someone with 4-5 minutes of material for a nice eulogy.

    His passing will cause sorrow to some, and I can sympathize with that, having lost my share of beloved friends and family. May their pain be assuaged.
    I didn’t vote ‘for’ McCain either, though that was the lever I reluctantly pulled.

  141. jim2 says:

    I wish he had exited government earlier and gone fishing. Sorry to see that he died, but he was off the conservative political rails and had become a liability to us deplorables.

  142. jim2 says:

    IIRC, Bill Gates’ company had a reactor design called ‘traveling wave’ and made up of sold fuel. But now it appears he’s pushing molten salt reactors. From the article:

    The Department of Energy linked to a detailed description of how its Oak Ridge National Laboratory and other federal labs are teaming up with Southern Company, a big coal utility with several nuclear plants, and Gates’ TerraPower to test and develop a type of reactor that uses liquefied sodium “as both coolant and fuel.”

    These liquid-metal reactors are sometimes referred to as nuclear batteries because they are small, self-contained units, which theoretically can be deployed anywhere, although the version being tested at Oak Ridge appears to be one requiring a permanent structure and housing.


  143. H.R. says:

    jim2: “These liquid-metal reactors are sometimes referred to as nuclear batteries because they are small, self-contained units, which theoretically can be deployed anywhere, […]”

    Hey, that’s some good news if it all works out.

  144. ossqss says:

    So, as a follow up to the discussion on alerts for quakes and space weather, I just got a notification for a K7 and a warning for a G3 or greater event. It should show up here soon on the dashboard.. Those level events don’t happen very often.


    Not quite Carrington level event, but not something we would expect on the downside of the solar cycle where we are. Just sayin

  145. philjourdan says:

    #1 – McCain – Keating 5 – Remember that? McCain’s defense was he was too stupid to be complicit. I never bought it. I did not vote for him in 08 (I did not vote for Obama either). I thank him for his service. But I did not support the man.

    #2 –

    I wonder if this explains some of the 45,000 sealed Federal indictments sitting out there?

    I wondered the same thing. It does present a lot of interesting possibilities.

  146. A C Osborn says:

    I just watched a very interesting BBC News Channel morning programme called Dateline London.
    This is a classic President Trump Bashing programme and yesterday (replayed today) they made a huge mistake.
    They had Polly Toynbee, a Guardian (of all papers) columnist on and they forgot to ask her what she was going to say. She has a very long history of US & Washington reporting.
    She literally shot all their argument against Trump down in flames, telling the UK Public that he can’t be Indicted, it would be a disaster for the Democtrats if they tried Impeachment without a house Majority and explained that as President he was doing EXACTLY what his base voted him in for and they would overlook his morallity problems because of it.
    Add to that the US rep on the program Jeff Mcallister was really knocking the Pres as usual and talking up how well the Democrats were doing in the 2018 election polls and let it slip that “We” were going to get back to a majority and GET Trump.
    The BBC presenter made it clear that the “We” was not the BBC and Mcallister admitted the WE was his Democratic party.

    For those that can get it on BBC Iplayer see

    I bet they would love to bury that programme.

  147. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ACO; once in a while reality intrudes into the Socialist dream world. In spite of their hard push to their left. the worlds general population wants to move towards the proven success of the right way.
    It is up to us to spread the truth, Democratic Socialism ALWAYS leads to disaster. Rule by the Educated Elite empowered through MOB RULE over the weak, Always leads to slavery for all under a Supreme Leader that cares only for his own aggrandizement. Only a Constitutional Republic limits Mob Rule and protects the weak from the excesses of the mob and prevents over reach of their leaders.
    This Internet is the only means of communication not under control of the socialist Elites and their constant attempts to rewrite history and push the agenda of their wonderful dream, World wide Democratic Socialism, Communism, under their benevolent guidance over a docile general population. We don’t need them! Free men can rule themselves….pg

  148. Larry Ledwick says:

    It looks like it is about time for us to enter Election Crazy Season.

    ECS is that time where prospective candidates begin staking out territory and laying the ground work for their coming election campaign strategy by preparing position papers and submitting legislation that has no hope of passing but can be bandied about as a signature effort to solve some problem, often with exactly the opposite effect. (if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor)


  149. p.g.sharrow says:

    Nothing new here with Elizabeth Warrens “New Way of corporate capitalism, It is called Fascism, we been there, done that. Warrens wants to be the next Mussolini or Hitler? Once more, institute the “new” way of capitalism with “special people”, Politicians and their bureaucrats, guiding things, at the corporate level. Political policies molded to enhance “special” corporations, Even wars. Sure that worked out well….pg

  150. Larry Ledwick says:

    Well they already have the (ANTIFA) blackshirts, – it takes time to put together a totalitarian government disguised as “Progress” so that your average moron with no knowledge of history will think it is new and wonderful. You can’t fool everyone right up front, you have to shuck and jive carefully, to fool the populace a little at a time until you reach a critical mass of morons and can force your “New Idea” down the throats of the remaining sane citizens.

  151. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 26 August 2018 | Musings from the Chiefio

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